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“That was perfect.” She smiled at him, stretched her arms
over her head. The movement enhanced her breasts and he was about to reach for
them when she rolled aside. “Now it’s time.”

He stood and Clare rose to meet him. Steve slipped his arms
around her waist and grabbed her flaming-hot ass. She was so light he lifted
her effortlessly and she wrapped her legs around his hips. Her nails dug into
the muscles on his back and she clung to him, finding his mouth with hers.
Their tongues met and fought. Steve groaned into her mouth and pumped his hips
so his cock slid next to his goal—her hot slick folds.

“Take me to my bag.” Her words were muffled against his

Steve walked them over and she looked down into her bag of
tricks. He glanced as well and was blown away by the contents. If only they had
more than one night. He watched her fingers sift through the items and take
hold of a condom package. She let her legs drop and slid down his body.

Clare made putting on the condom almost as erotic as giving
him a hand job. He tried not to close his eyes when her palms stroked it down,
sheathing him, and watched her fingers dance on his latex-covered dick.
Pressure welled inside and he bit it back.

“See how the condom slides over your lovely hard cock?” She
smiled and licked her lips. “Now lie down so I can finish.”

He did as she asked. But he was done taking orders.

“Either get under or on me,” he commanded.

“Oh are you the boss now?” She pressed her palm low on his
belly, creating unbelievably exquisite torture, and caught his gaze. “I’m happy
with that.”

Without a word she raised her foot and placed it on the
mattress. Keeping her gaze glued to his, she slipped off the stilettos and
unsnapped each garter. Steve’s attention was drawn to her fingers as she rolled
the fishnets down and repeated the seductive movements on the other leg. She
dropped the stockings on his chest and his gaze followed every move her hands
made. His eyebrows rose when her thumbs hooked into the waistband of her garter
and shimmied it down, bringing the thong with it. Finally exposing her pussy to
his view. He drank her in. Her lips were swollen, firm, and her clit peeked out
between the folds. He licked his lips, dying for a taste.

She stood on the bed again, a foot on each side of his hips
like before. This time when he looked up she was fully naked, visible and
glistening with her readiness. Slowly she lowered herself until she straddled
his hips, her knees wide, offering him a prime view of her pussy. He watched
her descend on him until the heat of her scorched his balls and his penis stood
at attention against her belly. She pressed him to her skin with the palm of
her hand and pumped her hips back and forth before rising and positioning over

His cock didn’t need any guidance. As if it were a homing
pigeon, his cock found her center and Steve raised his hips. She pulled away
and a surge of disappointment mixed with anger roared through him.

He grunted and was just about to say something when she
lowered quickly and impaled herself on his dick. The surprise of her rapid
action left him mindless for a second and it wasn’t until she began pulsing her
hips back and forth did he realize they were finally fucking. Steve couldn’t
lie still any longer and he grasped her under the arms, flipping her beneath
him. He wound the stockings around her ankles and used them as leverage to
raise her legs.

“This is where I’ve wanted you all night.”

She shivered and didn’t resist him. “You switched me up. And
you’re now in charge.”

“You…bet…I am.” His words were barely audible between his
clenched teeth.

Steve hooked one hand behind her knee, pulled a little tight
on the stocking so it raised her leg higher. She opened like a flower and he
drove deep. The headboard knocked against the wall and he didn’t care. She
sucked in quick breaths with every thrust. At this point he didn’t think about
her, so consumed with his own raging desire he lost himself inside her tight
heat. The friction between them hummed through his dick and along his nerve
endings, curling his toes. He reared back, pressing into her at a frantic pace,
and then abruptly slowed, prolonging the bliss. She snapped her legs around his
hips and thrust up.

“Faster! Fuck me like you just were.”

Her words spurred him on and he increased his power. Keeping
his gaze fixed on where they joined, Steve watched his cock slide in and out of
her. He flexed his ass muscles and pushed until he couldn’t press farther. If
he hurt her, she didn’t indicate, so he continued pulling out and driving deep
until the pressure in him became unbearable. Their cadence was perfect. Steve
gripped her hips, the end of the stocking now wrapped around his wrist and
draped over her breasts. An erotic show of fishnets and tits that sent him over
the edge.

No longer could he hold back the orgasm that threatened to
rip him apart. With one last powerful thrust he exploded inside her. His roar
of pleasure filled the room. His cock pulsed and when her muscles clamped
around him like a vise with her own release, he shuddered in drawn-out ecstasy
before collapsing on her.

Clare’s arms fell away and flopped on the bed. He rolled off
her to lie flat on his back, staring at the ceiling, completely and utterly
exhausted. Sleep hadn’t been coming easy to him lately but if he didn’t sleep
like the dead tonight there was something seriously wrong with him.

She sighed next to him, obviously content. What a strange
woman she’d turned out to be, with her crazy suitcase full of toys, demanding
dominatrix ways and lust for sex. An insane combination he didn’t think was his
style earlier. But now he wondered. Neither of their online profiles stated
they were looking for a relationship. No ties or commitments. Just some fun.
And hot fucking sex had been the added bonus.

He breathed deep. The sheen of their exertion glittered on
their skin in the candlelight, and he felt chilled. Steve pulled a sheet over

“So, what else do you have in that suitcase of yours?”

She laughed and turned her head to look at him, a smile
widening her lips. “Anything your little heart desires.”

About the Author


An expressionist through words and art from a young age,
Cristal read her first romance at age twelve. Taylor Caldwell introduced her to
passion and romance that fuelled a craving to read anything she could get her
hands on. Reading long into the night until her father shouted for her to turn
off the light.

Cristal wrote her first story at fifteen and spent many
hours escaping into worlds she created on the walk to and from high school.
Now, ready to experience all life has to offer, Cristal tempts her readers and
takes them on journeys of passion to vivid locations with squirm-in-your-seat
plots. The combination of artistic talent with her gift for the written word
helps Cristal bring to life the characters and stories she weaves.

Cristal lives in a small Canadian town, is a single mom of
two college-aged sons and, yes, they do fly home after their initial excitement
of leaving the nest! Along with her writing, Cristal works full time in the law
enforcement field, loves horses, the outdoors and will jet off at any given
opportunity to see the world. Cristal is multi-published and excited to be an
Ellora’s Cave author.



Cristal welcomes comments from readers. You can find her
website and email address on her
author bio page



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