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itting in the main room with all of the club members and my family is the most fun I’ve had in a long time. King, Sniper and Dad are telling stories about when they first met and the crazy things they saw and heard. Dad starts talking about the things he’s done with some of the boys at local bars, and some of the stories included mom. It was enjoyable to hear about another side of mom. I feel Kid vibrating in laughter under me and the feelings running through me are indescribable. 


For the first time in my life, I truly feel strong, as if my voice is here to be heard. I feel like I am indeed deserving of the love I have from my parents, sisters and also brothers from the club, but most of all I feel as if Kid and I were made for each other. He’s given me the strength to bring myself out of my shell and I have calmed the part of him that was unable to let others in. I am sitting sideways in his lap, I need his lips on mine, now.


So, I grab his hair and navigate his eyes to mine so I can show him what I’m needing. He can always seem to tell by my eyes he says. When our eyes meet he puts his hand behind my head and pulls me toward him putting our lips together and giving me exactly what I want. He starts out slow where our lips are just a whisper of a kiss, then he gets harder invading my mouth with his tongue. I give in to him


immediately, since I was the one who begged with my eyes for the kiss to begin with.


He raises up and nips my ear with his teeth, then whispers to me, “Baby, can we still play with your shoulder stitched and hurtin like that?”


Ummm...like I’m gonna say no to him. Is he crazy?


“Yes baby, I can still play. I can still do a lot of things involved in bed. I’m just one arm down. This would be a good opportunity to get creative.” I give him my best seductive smile I have.



He pulls me in for another kiss and this time it’s our kiss before we leave and find a private location. Kid still has his bunk room here so it’s always a possibility. We’ve stayed here before so what’s the difference now. As we are lost in each other I forgot that there are others in the room with us. Up until we start hearing, hoots and hollering such as.


“Get a room!” 


“Take it off”


“Give us a show”



“That’s my daughter you motherfuckers!”


The last one is what caught our attention, we’re use to the guys ribbing us so we usually ignore them. Dad is a whole new ball-game.


We pull apart and Kid tells my dad sorry and yells at the guys to back the fuck off. We start giving each other little touches on each other’s jeans near our sensual places. I start lightly touching everywhere I know that drives him crazy and wild. I make sure the caress is slow and sensual on these parts sometimes throwing my mouth and tongue to add for stimulation. Anything to help get us out of this room and somewhere private. Let’s face it, I’m a horny bitch and I need my man. So I whisper in his ear,


“Babe, if you don’t get us out of here quickly I’m gonna get one of the girls to take me home and take care of my needs myself.”


Kid helps lift me up off his lap and stands up after me. Then he whistles getting the rooms attention.


“I’m takin my baby doll home and givin her pain medication to her. She’s needin it and its long overdue time for it. I wanna help keep her ahead of the pain and were behind. When you figure out time to meet so we can go over the Cassidy situation give me a call. I’ll be stayin with my girl until I’m needed.”



He grabbed my hand, not even letting me say good-bye to anyone and pulls me out the clubhouse and leads me to the truck. I can’t help it, I laugh, I laugh so hard that it catches him by surprise. He looks at me like I’m someone he’s never met before. Then he joins me in laughter. I can’t believe he acted like that. They know exactly why we’re leaving now.


“Kid, since when do you get caught off guard and not know what to say in a room full of your brothers?” He shakes his head, and has a smile of amusement on his face.


“Honest Riles, I think it’s because your dad through me off guard. With the whole, “that’s my daughter” thing. We’ve never made out in front of your dad before and it just. Well, it kinda, it sorta… damn


Riles, it fucked with my head alright.”


“Alright babe, let’s go home so you can do wicked things to me and forget about my dad. I’d rather you ravish my body and let me return the favor and then send us both to heaven with those amazing orgasms we have.”


He opens the passenger door, picks me up and sits me on the seat. Then he buckles me and tells me to watch myself as he slams the door. I guess my guys in a hurry to get home. I’m happy to have assisted him with coming to that conclusion. I watch as he rushes around the front of the truck and opens up his door jumping inside.



He starts the truck, buckles in and were on the way to the house in a matter of minutes.
Hell yes
! Let’s get home and have many, many orgasms. Dreams can come true, because ever since I saw him leaning in the door frame at the hospital, I’ve been dreaming of him giving me my orgasms.


know my baby doll is injured but I can’t help myself from wanting her, especially with her teasin me and wantin me back. We’ll just have to be careful and not damage her shoulder and tear her stitches. I can’t promise to take it easy on her body, after today I have this animalistic need to claim her in every way and that includes claimin her body all over again.



Why I need to re-show her and her body who it belongs to boggles my mind, she’s done nothin to cause this need. Never the less it’s there and I know there is no holdin it back once I get my hands on her body. She’s like a siren who calls to me, my mind shuts down and my body takes over.


My intent is one thing and one thing only, to give her as much joy and pleasure as I can possibly give. Needless to say when I’m not lost in her siren call and were not bein intimate I still have that need and desire to make sure her heart is gettin it’s every desire and a smile is upon her face as much as possible.


My goals in life have changed drastically over the last several months of my life. It used to be club,


pussy, and family, partying and more-pussy. Now my club and brothers isn’t my number one thought or first thought to protect that is Riley’s placement now.


Club and brothers are second and my blood family is third. Riley’s pussy, well, that kinda goes along with Riley so it’s in first place along with her. I feel like if I don’t have that, I don’t have the connection my mind, body and soul require to make it not only through the day but through my life.


Were nearly home and I’m brought out of my thoughts quickly when I feel my dick being pulled out of my jeans. How the fuck did she get them unbuttoned and unzipped without me noticin? Was I that lost in thought that she could sneak up on me


like that? I’ve got to start stayin outta my head more or I’m gonna wind up not payin attention and someone’s gonna get hurt on my watch and that’s the last thing I need to add to my list of things done wrong.


Oh fuck!


She’s done it again, took me by surprise, she’s got her hot, wet mouth and tongue working my dick like it’s the last treat she’ll ever have. I keep my left hand on the steerin wheel and grab her hair with my right in one clump so I can semi-watch what she’s doin. I watch her mouth hollow in suction while I feel the back of her throat as she swallows my head and moans adding vibrations to the mix. Payin attention to drivin is becomin harder and harder the


more pleasure she’s deliverin to my cock.


“Mmmm…Riley, I’m gonna cum down your throat, then your gonna lick me clean and then your gonna use those magic hands of yours to get me hard again. After that’s done its playtime, and I’m gonna fuck you raw and then I’m gonna fuck you some more. You’ve woken the animal that’s been lyin in wait for you baby. I know your hurt in here”


I say as I point to my head.


“But here” I say pointing to my dick “won’t give a damn once he’s started. She’s still slurpin and bobbin up and down on my cock as her eyes are


lifted up looking at me under her eyelashes.


“So you’ll have to remind me, or scream it out at me if you start hurtin in a certain position because baby, you’ve ignited my fire and your-gonna have to put out the flames with that juicy, tight, wet cunt of yours. And damn it if I’m not gonna take you as many places as I can and for as long as my legs will hold us up. So prepare and suck harder cause fuck me were almost home and your just teasin me know baby doll, slowing down and lickin my head. If you don’t make me come by the time I park this truck in our garage, I’m gonna play orgasm withhold again.”


My poor baby doll whimpers and starts working my dick harder and deeper. She even takes her spare hand and starts working my balls the way I like. She


starts by squeezin them and rollin them in her hand. Then takes some of the wet from her mouth and works my balls for some lubricant for her hand. She starts suckin harder and becomes more eager. I tell her we just turned into our housing duplex and she moans again as she deep throats me.


Now she’s really gettin into it instead of teasin me. She moans every time I hit the back of her throat and pulls my balls at the same time. I feel my spine tingle and my balls draw up and know I’m close and let my baby doll know I’m on the edge and not to stop. Were on our street she can’t stop now. As I pull in our drive my-cum squirts out of my mushroomed cock head and down her throat.


Riley does as I asked and swallows and starts to lick


every inch of me clean. She seems to be enjoying it and I’m in no hurry to stop her. I hit the garage door opener and close the garage door to the street so no one witnesses what I’m about to do to Riley’s body. There is no way were makin it out of this garage.










love that I can be me with Kid, and follow my inhibitions and my body’s desires. And in the truck on the way home I was hornier than I’ve ever been. I needed to touch him, even more than that I felt the need to pleasure him.


Some times when I know it’s me that brings him pleasure I feel pleasure myself. I slyly slide closer to him as he was lost in thought. I took my sling off


at the clubhouse when we were getting in the truck to head home, so I have nothing restricting me from doing what I’m aching to do.


While Kid is distracted in his thoughts I pull his button open and it slides easily from its tiny hole that holds the fabric closed. I don’t even have to touch the material to zip down his pants, they slide easily down as I pull the top of his jeans where I just released the button.


I move my eyes to look over at him to make sure he’s still distracted so I can surprise him with the treat I am anxious to give him. My body is humming with excitement to be able to catch him off guard. That’s something that is not easily done. I let my eyes move down his body and make contact


where his humongous package is waiting for me.


I shouldn’t be surprised to see he’s going commando today since he was most likely only thinking of getting his day started to get it over with. He had a huge day ahead of him, he hates to feel any part of himself confined when he’s facing serious situations. He needs to be in control of the things he can, it’s weird but apparently being in his birthday suit is one of the things he can control that the Prez and facing the enemies can’t control.


His commando cock is distracting my thoughts as it’s calling to me for attention. He’s not hard at this time, but I have no issues bringing him to life. Kid is switching from looking in front of him and the driver’s side window. I know he’s trying to distract


himself from driving too fast to get us home. I might’ve made a mistake getting him too worked up and then coming home instead of staying at the clubhouse. I am definitely ready to make it up to him. I slither my body down the seat of the truck to where my feet are still on the floor board of the truck but my body is laying on the seat.


My head is aligned with his humongous, heavy and luscious cock. I make sure my injured shoulder is protected between me and the back of the seat and make my way down and put my mouth on his cock and start to tease him but still make him happy at the same time. He starts talking to me and giving me demands and direction.


It turns me on even more when Kid gives me verbal


demands while I’m either pleasing him orally or while were having sexual intercourse or ‘fucking’ as Kid calls it. I think about how he tells me all the time how fucking can be making love, fucking can be slow and passionate, fast and hard or angry and making up. Any way it goes fucking is him feeling me wrapped around him showing him love by giving him a special piece of me that no other man will ever have again.


I hear him tell me to ‘make him cum in my mouth’ before we park in the drive way or he will withhold my orgasms and there is no way I will allow that to happen again. The last time he did that as my punishment because I yelled at him in front of his brothers at the clubhouse he took me to the edge for days, he always had his.


I swear if women could have blue balls I would have had them. I’m not sure what women’s blue balls are called but I definitely suffered from it. I feel us pull into the driveway as Kid gives me his load of cum in the back of my throat. I am happy and proud of myself for giving myself the gift of orgasms.


No orgasm denial for me tonight, and the fucking till I can’t walk sounds like a privilege I feel I’m entitled to after all I’ve been through. I should be the one receiving all the pleasure the rest of the day and him giving the rest the day. All I did was start his motor. He’s supposed to drive the car home and check the oil and take care of the maintenance. Hello, my body should be his to maintain the rest of the night. I hope he doesn’t expect too much since I took a pain pill as soon as we hit the road leaving


the club.


I must have been lost in my head daydreaming of wanting to place an order of maintenance. How to ask him to care for me tonight, and not the other way around due to my day, but Kid startles me by ripping my door open. He doesn’t talk to me, hell I don’t think he looked at me as he grabbed my legs and yanked me to where my back was laying on the seat and he pulled me where my butt was barely touching the edge of the seat. Holding me where I don’t become bottom heavy and fall out the door of the truck.


He disrobes me of my bottom half of clothing before I realize what’s happening. I look down and have no pants, panties shoes or socks. Kid grabs


hold of my left leg and stretches it over to the frame of the truck and placing my foot there and tapping it giving me a silent demand not to move it.


Then takes my right leg and puts it where the seat belt is on the back side panel and taps my right foot to stay there. I find it sexy when he doesn’t need to be verbal to give me commands. Just certain touches and placements can say a thousand words to me. My heart rate is picking up as I anticipate what he’s fixing to do to me.


Kid takes his hands and massages the inside of my thighs as he moves up toward my sweet spot. I beg silently for him to continue and make the want my body is craving disappear the only way he can. Please Kid, please don’t make me beg. I’m afraid to


beg out loud, sometimes that makes his ego come to life and he starts playing a game of ‘How long can Riley hold on before she loses it without an orgasm’. I need my man alive, and after the last few weeks, if he denies me and plays his games I’m liable to take that knife from his hip, and force him to give me what my body needs.



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