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Joe took out a bandana and wiped the sweat off his face. “No shit. It’s great to have helpful neighbors, but Eric’s jumpy as a long-tailed cat in a crowded roller skating rink. What’s the deal with that? He think you’re gonna jump him just ‘cause you two messed around ages ago?”

Trent couldn’t hide his surprise. “You knew about that?”

“Saw y’all once, out past the Uncle Mike’s place, it was, back then. Couldn’t believe it, but I figured it was boys being boys. Didn’t think it necessarily meant anything,” Joe added.

“Me either,” Trent said. “I know some of the football players talked about jerking off around each other. Eric needs to get over it, and you ought to go check on Diego before he has a mental breakdown.”

The conversation ended when the driver of the ugly car parked it. He got out—a man who looked to be all knees and elbows and lack of grace. He stumbled on his first step, but he had a big smile with a kind of nervous tic at the right side of his mouth.

He also set off Trent’s gaydar.
Maybe this won’t be such a waste of time after all.
He stepped forward and held out his right hand. “I’m Trent Jacek. What can I do for you?”

“I— Oh, I’m Bill Moss,” the man said, shaking his hand.

Not a firm grip, but Trent let that go. Lots of people didn’t know how to shake properly. “Nice to meet you, Bill. What can I do for you?”

Bill had nice eyes, kind of a muddy brown color, and hair a shade darker than that. Trent wasn’t overly attracted to the guy, so if Bill wasn’t interested in messing around later, Trent would survive the rejection—once he’d made a pass. First they needed to get the wolf business out of the way.

Bill shifted from foot to foot. “Um. I’m a wildlife biologist, and I specialize in wolves. They are so fascinating, simply amazing creatures. Anyway. A friend of mine saw an online news story about a wolf being shot here. Oh, I wish that hadn’t have happened.”

“It was the wolf or my brother,” Trent got out with hardly no anger at all. “I’m figuring someone caught the poor thing somewhere and kept it chained, thought they could make it a pet. It was vicious.”

“I’m sorry to hear that,” Bill murmured. “It really is a shame. Are you…? You haven’t seen any other wolves?”

Trent had to bite his cheek to keep from laughing. If Bill only knew the truth. “No, sir. Never hear howling, either. I’d show you the body but it’s been dumped in the silo and burned. Can’t have rotting flesh around here.” Fortunately, they’d hauled a lot of the barn’s rubbish to the cement silo set in-ground, and torched it, after the sheriff had mentioned this particular visitor.

Bill chewed on his bottom lip for a few seconds before releasing it. “I don’t suppose anyone took pictures?”

“No, I’m afraid not. It was a wolf, though. Reddish looking one.” He figured sticking to the truth as much as he could, minus the shifter part, was the best way to go. “Sure surprised us.”

Bill’s crestfallen expression only lasted a moment. He smiled again, and his nervousness showed in the way he fidgeted, fluttering his hands, not able to stand still.

Trent raised a brow at him. “You look like a man who could use a glass of tea. Interested?”

Bill’s Adam’s apple was pretty prominent, and it bobbed as he gulped. “Just…just tea?”

Trent let his grin spread slowly. “If that’s all you want. Or, you can come back to my place, and we can suck each other off.”

Bill turned red but nodded so fast it was a miracle his head didn’t go flying off.

Trent pointed to his truck. “Get in. Your car might fall to pieces if you take it.” He waited until Bill started for the vehicle then Trent turned and gave his brother a thumb’s up. Looked like Trent wouldn’t have to wait until he could get to San Antonio or Austin before he got laid.


Chapter Three




Waking up with a naked man in is bed was something that hadn’t happened to Trent since his college days. Even then, he usually didn’t spend the night with anyone. Bill had promptly crashed hard after they’d sucked each other off the night before, though. He hadn’t even wanted to wake up for dinner. Then once he had, they’d eaten, jacked each other off, and Bill had fallen asleep again.

Trent was ready for him to leave—or almost ready. He decided it wouldn’t hurt to get them both off again. He’d suck Bill to hardness then fuck him until they were both happy.

And Bill would probably pass out. Again. Trent gave a mental shrug. If that happened, oh well. Trent still had a lot of work to do, and he wasn’t going to babysit Bill.

He was going to fuck him, though.

Trent shoved the sheet down and scooted himself along after it. He got his feet on the pillows and his face in Bill’s crotch. The man had a decent dick—nothing to write odes to, but decent and that was good enough.

Trent slid his hand around the plump balls, and with his other hand, held Bill’s cock steady. He licked over the tip of it, nibbled lightly along the rim.

Bill finally moaned, and in an instant, he had Trent’s cock stuffed in his mouth.

Trent gave the man points for eagerness. He sealed his lips tight and sucked. It felt good just being with another guy, even if there wasn’t the kind of connection Trent wanted. He had what he had, and that was another chance to get off with Bill.

Bill tongued his cock, cupped his balls, sucked so hard Trent had to thrust.

When Bill didn’t protest that, Trent pushed in again and again. At the same time, he bobbed his head, taking Bill’s dick almost into his throat then back again. He moved the hand from Bill’s cock to his ass and gave one lean ass cheek a squeeze. He dipped his fingers in the crease, just barely ghosted them over Bill’s hole.

Bill moaned, rocked in deep, and came.

Trent wasn’t prepared for it. He sputtered and a mess ensued. Bill didn’t stop rutting or sucking. Trent quit worrying about what he spat where and forgot about wanting to fuck Bill. The blow job was enough. He let Bill’s cock slip from his lips and gave himself up to the pleasure being handed to him.

“God,” he drawled, jutting his hips, his balls sending pulses of cum out of his dick. “Fuck, don’t stop.”

Bill didn’t. He kept drinking down Trent’s load until his orgasm ended.

Trent panted and tried to catch his breath. He exaggerated it a little, too, wanting Bill to think it was the best blow job ever, even though it wasn’t. Trent believed in building people up, not tearing them down.

Unless they were obnoxious fuckers. Then all bets were off. He flopped onto his back. “Was gonna fuck you,” he said, more for something

Bill sat up and frowned at him. “Oh no, that’s—I only do that with my boyfriend.”

Trent sat up so fast his head spun. Or maybe it was the anger that caused that particular sensation. “The fuck you talking about? You have a boyfriend?”

“Of course I do. I’m a catch. I’m smart and—”

“Get the fuck out of my trailer,” Trent snapped, feeling dirty and used and furious. “Get your clothes on and get out before I throw you out.”

“It’s not cheating if there’s no anal,” Bill intoned snootily. “That’s our agreement.”

Trent got up and grabbed his shorts. “Well, guess what, asshole? That isn’t my agreement. I don’t fuck around with other men’s guys.”

“But I told you—”

“Out!” Trent yelled, pointing at the door. “You have your agreement, and I have mine, and I sure as shit wouldn’t have violated
morals if you’d have told me the goddamned truth!”

Bill stood up. “I didn’t lie!”

Trent growled. “You fucking did too, even if it was a lie by omission. You should have told me you were with someone and let me decide if I wanted to mess with that whole…mess. Now I mean it, Bill. Get your clothes on. If you give me five minutes, I’ll shower and get dressed, then I’ll give you a ride back to your car. Meanwhile, don’t talk to me.”

He worked hard to cool his temper down in the shower and while brushing his teeth. By the time he was dressed, Trent had a handle on it all. He still wanted to throttle Bill, but he wouldn’t. Some people had different morals than he did, and while he really didn’t appreciate not being filled in on Bill’s ‘agreement’ with his boyfriend, Trent could admit that Bill might not have had the brain cells to do the decent thing and inform him ahead of time.

And he might have let it all go had Bill not harped on it during the drive.

“It’s my right to have some fun if I want to,” Bill said, turning his nose right up in the air like some snob out of a cartoon show. “It’s my body.”

“Look, dumbass, my body was involved too,” Trent pointed out. “Get that through your head.”

“But you don’t have a boyfriend, so what difference did it make? I’m the one with the boyfriend and the freedom to mess around some,” Bill argued.

Trent had enough. “For the last time… Your morals aren’t mine. I would never be okay with the kind of agreement you and your guy have and for that reason, I should have been filled in on your relationship status.”

“No, I don’t believe so.”

Trent wasn’t going to listen to anything else the idiot had to say. Bill had passed into the realm of being an obnoxious fucker back in the trailer. “I don’t give a flying fuck what you believe. Get that through your head. You sure as shit aren’t good enough in bed to deal with any guilt I might feel either. You need to work on your technique.”

Bill sputtered and Trent ignored him, speeding up a little so the truck bounced down the road and Bill had to scramble to grab the ‘oh shit’ bar. It kept Bill from yammering.

Trent braked harder than he needed to, and the truck did a one-eighty about ten yards from where Bill had parked. “Get the fuck out. Have a nice life.” Trent leaned across Bill and opened his door. “Out.”

“Fuck you. You weren’t all that either,” Bill snapped.

“Liar,” Trent said lazily. He’d been fucking awesome in bed. One of them had to make up for Bill’s lack of talent.

Bill harrumphed and got out. He slammed the truck door hard and stomped away, his heels kicking up dust from the force of their impact on the ground.

Trent put the truck in park and shut it off. He spotted Joe and Diego peeking out of the kitchen window. They’d get a laugh out of this story, likely a lot sooner than he would. Joe might get pissed on Trent’s behalf for a while, then he’d start cracking jokes and Trent wouldn’t blame him. He’d give Joe shit in the same situation, and what came around went around—it was all fair in sibling-hood.

“What sent him off in a hissy fit? Did you tell him you weren’t gonna put a ring on it?” Joe asked, smirking at him when Trent walked into the house a minute later. Diego was watching them both closely.

Trent kept his expression neutral when he said, “Nah. Someone else already had a ring on it, in a sense.”

That smirk went to a scowl in a flash. “What the fuck?”

Trent wagged a finger at Joe. “Nah, he wouldn’t do that, either. Butt sex is cheating, but blow jobs and hand jobs? Those are okay. As long as there’s no—” Trent made a circle with his left index finger and thumb. With his other hand, he pointed one digit then used it to thrust repeatedly through the circle. “You know it don’t count.”

“How does that not count?” Diego asked. “It’s all sex.”

Trent shook his head and lowered his hands to his hips. “Yeah, well not if him and his boyfriend said it isn’t. I’d have liked to know that shit before hooking up with the idiot. He just couldn’t grasp that it was wrong to involve me in their relationship without mentioning it to me.”

“Guess that’s what he did, sure enough,” Joe rumbled. “Fucker. What kinda relationship is that?”

Trent hitched a shoulder up and down. “Theirs, and hey, whatever works, you know, but you don’t drag someone else into something like that without letting them know—without giving them a choice.” And Trent had had enough of the conversation. He sniffed. “Damn. Something smells good.”

“Coffee?” Diego asked. “Or the breakfast casserole I made?”

“You made a breakfast casserole?” Trent might just have to hug Diego. “It smells great.”

Diego hurried over to the stove. “I prepared it last night. Well, I mixed all the ingredients except for the eggs, and this morning I put it in the oven along with some homemade biscuits.
I ground coffee beans and made fresh coffee.”

Trent fluttered his lashes at Joe. “Please, can I have him? Diego deserves the very best.”

Joe swatted at him.

Trent ducked.

“No, you can’t have him.” Joe moved over to the cabinet and took out three coffee cups. “He’s not something to be given away.”

“Joke, bub. It was a joke.” Trent shook his head sadly. “Your sense of humor has vanished along with your bachelorhood. Maybe we should mourn it properly and wear black for a month. Or a day. It wasn’t really much of a bachelorhood, after all.”

“Ass.” Joe still fixed him a cup of coffee.

Trent took it when it was handed to him. He sat at the table, and the three of them had a companionable breakfast—a very tasty, companionable breakfast. He suggested that Diego be the cook from now on, which got vetoed, but he’d keep arguing for it.

A hard day’s work was what he needed to get rid of the anger still simmering in his gut. He vowed to himself not to bother messing around with any guy who didn’t really flip all his switches in the first place. If he hadn’t been so desperately horny, he wouldn’t have made Bill the offer to screw around—except it had gotten Bill off the subject of the wolf for now. Trent would really be surprised if the guy gave up trying to get some info so easily.

But if Bill thought he’d be traipsing around the ranch, looking for wolf tracks, he was fucking wrong. Soon there’d be search parties out there, looking for the rest of the remains that went with the femur, and there’d be no room for a wolf specialist or whatever the fuck Bill was. Trent would take great pleasure in telling the jerkoff so, too.

“Make sure Diego doesn’t shift,” Trent couldn’t help but nag before he headed home after dinner with Diego and Joe. “Seriously, Diego, I don’t want that jerk showing up and spotting wolf tracks. We’d never shake the bastard then.”

BOOK: Texas and Tarantulas
10.02Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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