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BOOK: The Alphas Game - Complete Set
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The Alpha's Game




A Shifter Romance Serial By..













“Two Alphas, One Prize... Let The Games Begin!”


Rosie Zuckerman is a curvy female detective with a twist. She also has psychic abilities that allow her to gain the advantage when in the field.


When she finds herself dragged into a case with a handsome FBI agent named Kevin Leonard she has no idea what she is about to let herself in for.


No idea at all...





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JJ Jones
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The Alpha's Game









A Shifter Romance Serial By..



The Alpha's Game




A Shifter Romance Serial By..





The interrogation room was cold and stark with dull gray metal chairs, four of them. Two chairs were on each side of the dull gray metal table that had been bolted to the floor.... There was a scary sort of security to the room, something that wasn’t found in the interrogation rooms used for normal people. There were no cameras, so that there was no evidence of the existence of shifters and vampires that humans could discover.  There was no padding, no comfort, just a hopelessness that in itself was a powerful enough statement to make most criminals a little nervous starting off. I have to say that it’s very much like the interrogation rooms from popular cop dramas, but there are slight differences. For example, the one-way window was a lot larger, taking up almost an entire wall, and it was made out of shatter resistant glass, more powerful than any that the human world knew about,  fortified with magic and secret technology, but even that isn’t enough to protect someone from the wrath of a rampaging  shifter.


“Who were you working for?” FBI Special Agent Kevin Leonard, werelion, looked across the table at his former partner. He couldn’t stand the fact that he had to interrogate the man now, this man who he used to work side by side with on a daily basis. It wasn’t right and that just made him more frustrated by the situation. Kevin’s mane of dark blonde hair was even less under control than usual, but he didn’t even seem to care about his physical appearance. He was out for vengeance. In his mind the man across from him was already tried and convicted of high treason.

“I- I- uh, don’t remember.” The man, who had betrayed his law enforcement career, looked confused and tired, his once proud shoulders drooping and his head hung low. The dark brown hair, once clean-cut,  was now overgrown and fell over his eyes, almost covering the heavy bags beneath  them. His black eyes no longer held the pride that he used to carry with him. He had been in the interrogation room for a little over three hours and the exhaustion was starting to set in.

Kevin was pissed, that much was frighteningly obvious. He rose menacingly from his seat; he was tired of hearing the same arguments over and over. He slammed his palms down onto the table with a great devastating force that caused a booming sound to echo through the room. Rosie jumped back almost three feet, later she would claim that it must have been ten feet; she was behind the one-way window, but still the noise seemed to reverberate through the wall, nearly attacking her ears. “You’re going to get into trouble.” Her warning was an unheard whisper.

“Damn it, Grey. Tell me what you know.” His eyes flashed the same violent hazel green that  accompanied a violent rage.

“I don’t remember anything. I’m so sorry, but I don’t know what I did.” He did look apologetic, but it didn’t seem like he could have known nothing. He had to remember something. “I wish I did, what did I do that was so bad?”

Rosie examined his face carefully whenever he turned towards her. He seemed to be honest, but there was something strange going on with him. His eyes didn’t seem to be focusing properly and his speech seemed to be a little slurred. She narrowed her eyes and examined the traitor thinking that there was no way that he would still be drunk after all of this time, not with the vicious metabolism of a shifter. “What happened to you?” There was no one in the room with her to answer. She ran her fingers through her straight brown hair, lightened by the sun, pulled back into a basic pony tail. “There’s something going on here? Are you being controlled?” She started to examine his demeanor; there was no power behind it. Normally a shifter carries himself with his station, the power that he was conditioned to believe he alone possessed. Most grew out of it as time wore on, but there was always a little bit of it. Grey held himself with none of that. He was ashamed and scared. “This isn’t normal, not at all.” She opened up her phone and sent off a text message, asking her secretary for some advice. Hope knew more about this sort of thing than Miss Rosie Zuckerman, the infamous psychic private detective, could ever know.

Two large men came in to drag the shifter back to lock-up, but he didn’t look like he was ready to go. “What are you doing? What’s going on?” Grey stood up with his chest puffed out; he was ready to fight. He was looking around, still trying, after three hours, to gain his bearings, to figure out what was happening to him.

It didn’t take long for the witch detective to figure out how fast this could all go downhill. She weighed her options to stop it from getting worse, but decided that the riskiest course of action would probably be the best in this situation. If she would have had more time to react the witch might have been able to think about a different way, but she made her living taking risks. She ran out of the room she was in, the observation room, and forced her way through the guards that were starting to move into the room. Bursting into the scene she managed to catch everyone off guard for a moment. The delay allowed her to put herself in front of Grey, her body was between him and the shifters that were trying to advance on him.

Kevin’s eyes narrowed. “What the hell do you think you’re doing?” His voice was low and filled with a dangerous growl.

Rosie shuddered, but held her ground. “I’m stopping you from doing something stupid.” Rosie faced the man, knowing that these fights were a constant thing in their relationship, the woman was confident that the dangerous shifter wasn’t going to hurt her. “There’s something else going on. I’m sure of it. Just give me a chance to check it out before we do something that we can’t take back.” She turned toward Grey, carefully examining his face. When she motioned for him to lower his body the man complied easily.

“Are you sure?” One of the brutes actually seemed to care what she had to say. He had obviously heard of her and trusted the woman’s instincts and abilities.

“I’m pretty sure. He isn’t acting normal, not in the slightest.” She looked into his eyes, paying attention to the way the pupils reacted to the light. “His eyes aren’t dilating right and he’s acting like he’s drunk.”

“None of this is normal; he could be drunk.” Kevin commented,  once again making his opinion very clear.

Rosie was getting tired of the rounds that they were having, but didn’t have a chance to speak. “What is going on?” Grey roared from behind the psychic witch detective, his head reaching over her shoulder. “What is she doing here? Who is this woman?”

Rosie turned to him. “I’m the one who brought you in. Don’t you remember me? You shoved me off of you after I tackled you.”

Kevin smirked. “Well at least she tried.” He was referring to the fact that she had tried to get in a physical altercation with a full-grown  werewolf and might have died over it. Rosie had been convinced that the man wasn’t a murderer, and it worked out well, this time at least.

Mr.  Grey Randolph, former FBI agent who had gone rogue, looked down at his feet. His shoes weren’t shined anymore, and he seemed to investigate the scuffs and marks on them. His face screwed up, trying to remember what had happened previously. “No, I don’t remember anything about a storage shed. What are you talking about?”

Rosie looked back at Kevin. “Just like every other time we’ve been through this, I think there’s something more going on here, and if you weren’t so blinded by rage you would be able to see it too.” She was chastising her temporary partner. It wasn’t going to make him happy, but she didn’t care.

Kevin was getting angrier; his face was bright red with rage. He was ready to fight and it didn’t seem like he cared very much who he took a swing at. He directed his rage at Rosie long enough to shout at her before turning back to his former partner. “Get out of the way. We need to take him to  lock-up.”“I’m not going to ‘get out of the way’.” She made the mocking quotation motions with her fingers  as she spoke. “There’s something wrong here and we need to bring in a specialist. Someone whose good at dealing with this kind of thing.”

“What the hell is going on here?” Grey butted in, not understanding what the other two were discussing. He turned to Kevin, a man that the wolf respected. “Why are you so mad at me?”

“Are you crazy? You can’t believe this. He’s just trying to claim insanity or control or whatever bullshit response he’s come up with now.” Kevin was arguing with Rosie again. He was motioning at Grey, violently indicating his former partner’s guilt.

“Just calm the hell down. You can’t fake all of the symptoms. I say we have him checked out before we put him through much more. The stress of this kind of thing can kill people. You don’t have to take my word for it. All I’m asking is that you call in an expert.” She tried to make it seem reasonable.

“Just where do you suppose we get an expert?” Kevin crossed his arms over his chest, thinking that he had won the argument.

“Are you telling me that you don’t have someone on staff who can handle this, or a consultant that you can call in?”

“We’ve never had a problem like this before.”

“Well now you do and we need to get someone in to check it out.” Rosie was adamant.

The director was just coming into the room. Rosie ambushed him. “You need to get a specialist in here. I think that he’s been controlled.”

Deputy Director Schmidt was a small man of unknown origin. Like most good leaders he surrounded his balding and potbellied form with an air of mystery, using it to carefully maintain the strength of his position among so many powerful supernatural creatures that were on both sides of the desk under his command. “What kind of expert are we talking about?”

“We need someone who knows fairy magic and control.”

Schmidt considered it. “I can’t get anyone here soon. It will have to wait.”

“I know someone who can get here in less than half an hour, and she’ll do a consultation for free.”

“I would need a legal consultant.”

“That can be arranged. My office has been cleared along with everyone in it. My business is technically the consultant, not me specifically.”

“Give her a call.” Schmidt ordered and then he turned to Grey. “Can you wait here?”

“We’re getting our expert. He’s getting examined.” It was agreed and Kevin wasn’t happy about it. He sat in the corner, trying not to get in the way, but not making any effort to help either. He was waiting for the new consultant to arrive.

Hope had brought her case with her. Her blond hair reflected the fluorescent light and her eyes glittered with the possibility of getting out from behind the desk. The case  was filled with several strange smelling concoctions, items that were useful with her specific talents and one of the reasons why Rosie paid her so well. Hope was Rosie’s secretary and best friend, a person that she would always be able to confide in. While the fey-blooded  woman technically was an employee she had proved herself to be a more loyal friend than anyone else the detective had ever met. She had other abilities, ones that no one really knew, except perhaps for her employer and friend.

While Hope wasn’t someone who could undo enchantments of the normal variety, the woman was an expert in fairy magic and Rosie was pretty sure that was what they were dealing with. Between the unknown powers that had been displayed and the wide range of them, it was quite clear that whoever they were dealing with was not a human or shifter. The rumors that the rat informant, Tobias, had brought them just help cement the idea. “I’ll have to see him alone,”she told the man in the room with Grey.

“Are you sure?” The man looked incredulous at the suggestion. “I’m going to have to cuff him.”

“Yep, I have to see him without distraction.” She turned to Grey. Her voice was filled with compassion. It was obvious that she didn’t want to have to put up with this, but was being given no choice. “Will you let him put the handcuffs on you?”


“You got in some trouble during your last time. I know that you don’t want to hurt me, but this man isn’t going to let me work if you don’t let him cuff you. If you’ll be patient we’ll take good care of you. I swear.” Her promise was sincere and the werewolf could sense the emotion that it carried.

He considered the proposition, carefully weighing options and the amount of trust that she carried. He looked up at the man; he had worked with him for years so he knew that something terrible must have happened. “Can you tell me anything?”

Hope frowned a little, wondering how much she should tell him. “Can we talk about that later? I’m not sure that I’m the right one to tell you that, and I don’t think that anyone knows how to tell you, or even what to tell you until after I’m done.” The explanation was pure; the wolf in him could smell that. It was the truth, she didn’t know how to tell him, and even if she did, she didn’t think that she was the one to do so.

“Fine, I’ll do it, but you’ll have to promise me that you’re not going to let them lock me up.” He trusted Hope completely, she smelt of flowers of the forest, of a summer rain, of hope itself. Rosie knew that it was part of the woman’s abilities, but not something that she would use without a very good reason. Charming creatures into doing things outside of their nature was something that fairies were quite skilled at. While Hope wasn’t full blooded she did have some influence, and when she used those abilities there was a telltale sparkle in her eyes that formed. Grey didn’t recognize it, and it was a good thing that he didn’t.

“If you’re not lying to me, you’ll be fine. I promise.” Hope’s voice held a tiny bit of doubt. She knew that he would be fine, but wasn’t sure if he was telling the truth or not. “Let me check you out, and see what I can find out and we’ll get you taken care of, but you have to let me work.”

BOOK: The Alphas Game - Complete Set
6.69Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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