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In the Roman Catholic Church, the See is the Pope as Bishop of Rome—the government departments, jurisdiction, and authority of the Vatican.


In the crypts beneath St. Peter’s Basilica, a Greek inscription appears on an ancient wall dating from approximately 160 AD. It reads, “Peter is Here,” marking the burial place of the Apostle Peter. According to ancient tradition, St. Peter was martyred in Nero’s Circus, and buried in the nearby cemetery. His simple grave was remembered and visited by the faithful, and in 324, Emperor Constantine began construction of a great basilica over the tomb.


9. The Arch of Titus is a triumphal arch located on the Via Sacra just to the southeast of the Forum in Rome. It was constructed by the emperor Domitian and commemorates the capture and sack of Jerusalem in 70 AD. The Arch provides the only contemporary depiction of sacred articles from the Temple in Jerusalem. The menorah and trumpets are clearly depicted, as well as what might be the Table of Showbread being carried into Rome.


Opus Dei (The Way) was founded in Spain in 1928 by the Catholic priest St. Josemaría Escrivá. Considered by many to be a secret society, Opus Dei is made up of lay members and priests. Despite its seemingly noble intentions, Opus Dei has stirred up controversy in countries all over the world. The organization’s recruiting tactics are alleged to resemble the tactics used by cultic groups. There membership is approximately 80,000 worldwide.


Skull and Bones, founded in 1832, is an undergraduate secret society at Yale University. Members are selected in a Taping Ceremony, and it normally consists of only notable students e.g., captain of the football team. Members have included George W. Bush and John Kerry, 2001 and 2004 U.S. presidential candidates, respectively.  


Free Masons are a secret society spread across most of the western hemisphere. Their origins are known to go back to the Middle Ages. Eleven signers of the U.S. Declaration of Independence were known Masons, and nine others are suspected Masons.  


Cimitero Monumentale opened in 1866 and contains a wide range of both contemporary and classical Italian sculptures. Many of the tombs belong to noted industrialist dynasties. The main entrance is through the large Famedio, a massive Neo-Medieval style building of marble and stone that contains the tombs of some of the city’s and the country’s most honored citizens.





After marriage, children, and grandchildren, I have seen much of what life has to offer. I am retired from a successful business career, and now spend much of my time writing and playing golf. Luckily for you, I write better than I play golf.


For myself, I want a story with excitement and adventure. It must have the elements of mystery and the unexpected. A story must be fun to write or it will not be fun to read. I want to keep you up all night reading it.


My writing is eclectic and includes both childrens books and novels. If you want to read some of life’s possible adventures, and you are between eight and eighty, follow along.


R. J. Grant




BOOK: The Angel of Milan
11.03Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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