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“Doctor, what do you think about that?” his patient asked.

He looked at the clock on the wall, and luckily, it was the end of his patient’s time.  “Let me give your last statement some thought, and we’ll start there next week.”

He shook hands with his patient, relieved that he had the next hour open.  Without hesitating, he picked up the phone and punched in the numbers. 

“Jason, are you free right now?  I could use some of your expert counseling.”


Michael sat in the spacious waiting area checking his smart phone, as Jason opened the door to his office.

“Michael, it’s always good to see you.  Please come in and have a seat.”

Jason’s assistant sat at her desk and smiled as the heavy door closed behind them.

The two men took a seat on opposite ends of the couch.  Michael looked over at Jason and sighed.  “I appreciate you giving me an opportunity to visit on such short notice.”

“We’re friends, Michael.  I’d do anything for you.”

“I’ve always tried to keep my ‘iron box’ stored safely away.  But now I have a girlfriend …”

“We’re talking about Carla, of course.”

“Yes.  We all need to have dinner together sometime.  I think Jennifer and Carla would get along great.”

Jason smiled.

“The two of them could talk about legal matters all night.  Every once in a while, they might let us throw an opinion on the fire,” he joked.  “Jennifer practices criminal law, right?”

“That’s right, and if I remember correctly, Carla practices real estate law.”

Michael nodded.

“But we’re not here to talk about our women, are we?”

“Jason, we’re both Dominant males.  And I know the popular discussion today is nature vs. nurture when the talk moves into the direction of where our need to be the Dominant or submissive originated.”

“Not everyone agrees on the answer to that question.  We’re all wired differently.”

“Well, that’s my worry lately.  I think my wiring could be faulty.”

“Michael, I’m not sure I understand.  You’re the most grounded person I know.

“That’s because you don’t know about my family.”

Jason moved closer on the couch and spoke in a soft voice.  “Since when did you start worrying about your background?”

“Since I fell in love again and want to be the head of our household.”

“Why don’t you start by telling me about your family?”

Michael looked at his watch.  “I don’t think we have time to get into that right now, Jason.  I have an appointment in a half an hour.”

“Your office is only upstairs.  We have at least fifteen minutes for you to get started …”

“I’m going to need a lot more time than that, my friend.”




“So, when do we get to meet the new guy in your life?” David gently poked his little sister in the arm. 

“Yeah Carla, don’t you want to introduce him to your big brothers?  You aren’t ashamed of us, are you?” Tom, the middle sibling, smiled as he teased her.

Carla’s face turned a bright shade of red.  She’d stopped by the family’s business on her way home from work to say hello and get some old fashioned bar counseling.  Of course, there would always be a little ribbing from her siblings.  Theirs was a close-knit family, and she adored her two brothers, who in many ways, helped raise her.  Her mom and dad worked such long hours, that David and Tom took turns caring for her when she was a kid.  Both brothers turned out to be good listeners; it was an occupational requirement when you owned the local watering hole.

“So what brings you by, besides missing the two of us?”  David wrapped an arm around her shoulder.

“Of course I miss you, but more importantly, I wanted to discuss plans for Christmas.” 

Tom looked puzzled.  “Carla, what’s different about this year?  We’ll all get together Christmas Eve at Mom and Pop’s place and then do it again the next day.  What’s there to discuss?  We’ve been doing the same routine all our lives.”

“I was thinking about bringing Michael this year.  He’s special in my life, and I’d love for him to get to know everyone.”  She paused.  “And I was hoping this would be a good time to tell you about our less-than-conventional relationship.”

David and Tom looked at each other, baffled.  But before they could ask a bunch of questions, she sat them down and tried to explain how a domestic discipline relationship worked.  Opening up to her bothers was as therapeutic as talking to Dana.  For her to be happy, she needed her family’s acceptance.

“Carla, you’ve always known what you wanted and why,” David said after she’d finished.  “Tommy and I were the ones who looked for Mom and Pop to validate our feelings, but you were different and usually the one to step outside the norm.  It’s your independence that always set you apart from the rest of us.  We trust your judgment.  If you believe Michael is the one, then we support you.”

Tom nodded in agreement. 

“But I still worry some about what Mom and Dad will think,” Carla confided. “On top of everything else, I’m bringing a Jewish man home for Christmas.”

“Why do you care so much?  You’ve been looking for the right guy for a long time now.  I think they’ll be happy if you’re happy.  We all love you way too much to see it any other way.” David kissed her cheek and wrapped his arms around her.

Tom smiled and joined the group hug.

Carla’s eyes brimmed with tears.  “You’re the best brothers a girl could ask for.”  She reached into her purse for a tissue and swallowed hard.  “When Michael and I returned from Hawaii with Dana and Richard, we decided to live together.  I leased out my place in town and moved into his house in Squirrel Hill.”  This was her last piece of news about Michael and hoped it would be taken well.

Her brothers both shrugged their shoulders.

“Carla, you’re thirty-five. You don’t need our consent to live your life,” David said.

Carla motioned for her brothers to step in closer for one more hug.  Their perspective on life was always so uncomplicated and straightforward. 

“As much as I would love to spend happy hour here at the bar, I need to get on the road.  I promised Michael I would be there when he arrived home from work.”  Carla grabbed her handbag off the stool and attempted to rush out the door.

“We’ll walk you to your car,” they said in unison, each linking an arm in hers.



Michael sat in the kitchen and checked his watch for the third time.  Hearing the front door close, he rolled up the sleeves on his starched white shirt and calmly folded his hands on the table.

Carla walked into the room and quietly sat next to him. 

“I guess I’m a little late.”  She glanced up at the clock on the microwave quickly.  “Since I left work early, I thought there would be time to stop at the bar, but five o’clock traffic was particularly crazy today.” She shimmied out of her coat and placed it behind the chair.

“So how’s your family?” Michael asked, shaking his head in disbelief of her tardiness. 

“Tom and David were both working, and you’re officially invited to share Christmas with us.”  Carla’s hand wringing began as her mood changed.  “God, I hate to end the small talk, but what’s going on?  I’m sensing something different about you lately, and it’s worrying me.”

Michael laced his warm fingers into her chilled ones.  “Your hands are so cold, sweetie.”

“They’re cold because it’s December. And you’re changing the subject.”

“I went to see my friend Jason Stein today.  Do you remember me telling you about him?” Michael looked directly into Carla’s bright blue eyes as he spoke.

“I think so.  He’s a friend and colleague of yours that works in the same building.”  She held his hand tighter, sensing this was not idle chitchat.

“Sometimes, I like a second opinion.”

“Is this about me, Michael?”

“Good question.  I guess right now it’s mostly about me, but since I’m in love with you, that
bring you into the picture, wouldn’t it?” He let go of her hand, only to help position her on his lap.

“You’re not going to share, are you?”  She kissed him gently on his cheek, rubbing her face on his dark stubble like a cat.

“Not yet, baby, but I’m working on it.  For right now, just know that I love you.”

She closed her eyes.  “I love you too.”  Reaching down, her hand moved slowly over his hardening cock.  “Since I was such a naughty girl coming home late, let me make it up to you.  Or would that constitute me controlling the situation?”

“My advice would be to put a hold on the sarcasm, young lady.  You should know that I purchased a new hairbrush for you at your favorite salon today.  The staff was quite helpful and impressed that someone’s boyfriend would go to great lengths in purchasing the proper grooming tool for his woman.  Unfortunately for you, they were a tremendous help.”

“I hope to God you didn’t go with wood,” Carla said. “From what I’ve read, it bruises.”

“Ah, and doing your homework, too? you never fail to amaze me.” He gently moved several strands of wavy hair behind her ear.  “No, it’s made of plastic, but it’s quite durable.  Now. Let’s talk about that small matter of you coming home late.”

He got out of his chair and rummaged through a bag on the counter.

“Please tell me you were kidding about the brush…” Carla began.

“Oh, I wouldn’t joke about something like that, Carla.”  Michael pulled a black and silver flat-backed hairbrush out of a salon bag and presented it for approval.

“It’s lovely Michael and very thoughtful of you.  I promise I’ll use it tomorrow morning when I style my hair.”  She leapt out of her seat in an attempt to pry it from his hands.

He shook his head.  “Flip your skirt up and bend over the table, my love.”

“You can’t be serious.”

“Where did you go after work, sweet girl?”

“I stopped in the bar to see my brothers.”  She looked up at the ceiling and sighed.

“What were my instructions?”

“You said to be sitting at this table no later than six o’clock.”

He raised an eyebrow.  “You have a better memory than that, Carla.  Didn’t you graduate from The University of Pennsylvania Law School, summa cum laude?” His head angled to the side as he twirled the brush in his hand.

“You also said to come straight home.” She lowered her eyes.

“And did you?”

“No, sir.”  She obediently turned around and flipped up her skirt.  Grabbing each side of the table for support, she carefully bent over.

Michael smacked each cheek twice with the palm of his hand before rubbing the flat part of the hairbrush on her bottom as he lectured her.

“You understood the rules and disobeyed them anyway.  Is that right, young lady?”

“Yes, sir.”

He smacked her left cheek with the hairbrush, which caused her to wince and jump.

“Oww, that hurts.”

He paused and popped her right cheek.

Carla grunted and started to stand but Michael’s hand on her lower back kept her in position.

“Your spanking isn’t over, my darling girl.  What did you think would happen if you were late?”

“I would get a spanking, sir.”

He pulled her panties down and rubbed the skin on her warm bottom before giving two more whacks to each side.

“Ahh,” she uttered and flinched.  Her eyes filled with tears ready to fall as she looked behind her.

Michael gently put the hairbrush down on the table and smoothed her glowing backside.  “I thought you wanted more rules.  You were to drive straight home after work, and you deliberately disobeyed me.”

“I’m so sorry; I don’t know what’s going on with me.”  Carla turned around and fell into his arms crying.

Michael pulled her onto his lap, stroked her hair and gently kissed her forehead, nose and lips.  “You’ll get used to our new life - it will just take time.  Are you sure this is what you want, Carla?”

She managed to nod with her head down.  “Yes, sir.”

“Shh, shh, okay.  Now let me see that beautiful bottom of yours.”

She felt his rigid cock underneath her as she started to move.  “Oh my, look who’s up,” she joked through her tears.

Michael gently rubbed two fingers over her smooth pussy, reaching lower to part the soft folds of her labia.  “So sleek, my love, I guess it’s no secret you do enjoy a good spanking.  Let’s bend you back over the table, shall we?”

Carla edged off his lap and carefully removed her bunched skirt and panties.

“Fold them nicely and put them on the chair, please,” Michael directed in a gentle tone.

She complied and waited for him to help position her back over the table.  He smoothed the red spots on her behind and gently kissed the center of each cheek.  “I could look at this breathtaking view all day, my sweet girl.”

“Isn’t giving me pleasure after a punishment breaking one of the rules?” she asked. “I’m sure this would be an issue with the domestic discipline police.”

“I come from a long line of rule-breakers, my dear.” Michael he traced his tongue down the crevice of her bottom, causing her to shudder.  “You like that don’t you, baby doll?”

“Please stop teasing me.” Carla waved her bottom from side to side.  “I’m losing my mind, Michael.”

“Yes, part of the punishment.”  He grinned as he swabbed the juices running down her thighs with the flat of his tongue.  “You are a drenched, naughty girl.”

Quickly removing his pants, he rubbed his thick, stiff cock up and down the seam of her red behind and whispered, “Where would you like your pleasure today?  In here …” He pushed on her small crinkled hole with his pinky finger. “Or in there?” A low guttural sound escaped from his throat as two steady fingers rubbed up and down her slippery, swollen lips, delving deep inside her vagina.

“Michael, I’m going to come with or without you,” she taunted looking behind her.

“Oh, you’ll do no such thing,” he firmly stated, reaching for a condom in his shirt pocket.  Immediately, he kissed the side of her face, rolled the latex on and positioned himself in her drenched pussy. 

“Don’t let go of the table, love.”  Those were his last words as he plunged deep inside her, holding on with one hand, while circling her engorged bud with the wet fingers of his other.  There was an animal urge unleashed within him upon seeing her crimson bottom bent over the kitchen table, which began a series of lustful, hard drives.  With Carla’s orgasm about to explode, he slid his finger into her anus, sending her into orbit.  As she screamed, he gave one last mighty thrust, and his cock spewed a stream of hot seed that pulsed like the steady beat of a metronome. 

“I can’t seem to move, nor do I want to.”

Michael laughed minutes later, as he held Carla tight against his body. 

She moved her head to the side and smiled as they were eye to eye over her shoulder.  “Were you a Boy Scout in your younger days?”

“No, why?” he asked blowing out a final stabilizing breath.

“The condom stored in your pocket, just had me wondering. You certainly are prepared.”


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