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She settled with gripping him with her hand and pursing her lips over the head. Ethan’s hand was firm against her scalp, her hair tangling over his fingers, although like a true gentleman he didn’t force her onto him. Yet as the minute wore on his breaths became heavier and his moans more frequent. Jasmine sighed onto him, and that must have been too much – for he pulled away and allowed her to fall back onto the pillow.

Ethan didn’t say anything as he hastened to unbutton his white shirt and get out of his rolled up cuffs. He yanked on his tie and cursed on his breath when it didn’t immediately come undone. Jasmine rolled toward him and contemplated touching herself, but she didn’t want to make him lose himself now. Not when she was so close to getting what she really wanted.

“There.” Ethan pointed to the top drawer of the nightstand. He went back to fighting with his clothes.
He should let me do that for him.
Why did she have to keep her dress on while Ethan fumbled with buttons and dealt with a firm erection pointing in his new lover’s direction? Jasmine obeyed, however, opening the drawer to find exactly what she expected.
Large, hm?
She glanced back at him and decided she agreed.

“Shall I?” She held the condom up between her fingers, languishing against the bed with her dress fussed all around her.
Come on ladies, get out there.
She wiggled enough until both nipples were out to taunt him. At least by now Ethan had the shirt open and tie off. “I once did it with my mouth.” A lie, but he didn’t have to know that.

“No need. Just lay there and be beautiful.”

Jasmine could do that.
Being beautiful comes naturally to me.
It was easy to think that with a man like Ethan Cole falling over himself because of her.

He gazed upon her, one hand now around himself while the other opened the package. Jasmine looked back at him as she put herself on display: knees pushing into the air with her skirt up around her waist, front open, and her arms rising above her head to say that she was relaxed in his presence. All she needed to add was an expectant look to tell him to make this part quick. He had needs to tend to.

The wrapper dropped out of his hand. He climbed onto the bed and sat between her legs. The bed barely moved, and yet Jasmine swore it was trying to swallow her up.
Gonna swallow him up.
The more he loomed over her, the more her legs shook and pulled apart as far as possible. Her self-satisfaction quickly disappeared when Ethan finally lost the shirt and tossed the tie beside her head.

“This will be,” he began, running his hands up the outside of her thighs as he brought her hips toward his, “most enjoyable, let me assure you.”

Jasmine whimpered. “I hope you have a good time too.”

With one brief smile flashing on his face, he thrust into her and crushed any humility left.

Before now Jasmine had held back the extent of the pleasure she felt. She didn’t want it to go to his head too quickly. But with him now inside her, his girth pushing deep within her center while his hips thrust it in and out, Jasmine couldn’t take it anymore. Here she was, a normal girl, with nothing more to her name than this cheap red dress and the wits she kept in her head. And yet Ethan Cole had seen her that Monday and decided he wanted this moment with her.
That’s the romantic version.
She wondered if Ethan knew how deliciously dirty she felt right now. He was probably getting off on it – just like her.

“Ah!” It was the first of many cries as Ethan engulfed her with his body, sucking her throat and kissing her wailing lips. When his tongue crashed into hers she tasted his groan and swallowed it into her body. To feel his bare, muscular frame beneath her arms was both entrancing and exciting.
Down there is better.
Ethan sometimes slowed his thrusts, but did not let up on their intensity. Every time he pushed into her she groaned, her body becoming more amicable to the idea of having this man make love to her. It especially claimed her when he sat up, his hands splayed on either side of her head as he gazed into her eyes and saved a smile for her. Each thrust made his muscles react, and Jasmine enjoyed that as much as she enjoyed him inside her.

But this was still all foreplay.
Aren’t I enough for you, huh?
Most men were done by now. Jasmine wasn’t used to one who could go on like this, taunting her, teasing her, and sparing her those cocky smirks as he rocked into her.
I barely know this man, and yet this is the best connection I’ve ever had during sex.
Oh, he was definitely showing off. Jasmine didn’t mind. He could show off all he wanted if it meant more of this.

Ethan, however, could not hold himself back for much longer. He was only human. So Jasmine wasn’t surprised – excited, actually – when he grabbed her by the hips and gave her all the strength he had.

Holy shit, holy shit, holy sh-
He had her now, piercing her core with his tip and making her wetter with his girth. Orgasm was quickly coming. Jasmine had to hold herself up to brace for it, and this only made Ethan fall deeper into her. She moaned loudly, releasing the tension that had been building up inside her for the better part of the night. Her dress may be bunched up around her body, and her modesty long gone out the high-rise window, but by the name of her lost innocence Jasmine was going to enjoy the shit out of this.

She had never come before her male partner in her life. So when she did, abruptly and with no remorse, she was almost too shocked to realize how good she felt.

“Ethan!” She was also shocked she remembered his name, for her climax burst within her, making her shoulder writhe against the bed as her head thrashed left and right in search for something to channel her pleasure through. The man inside her grunted above her cries but did not relent his thrusts.

“Yes, Jasmine?” The last part of her name had barely fallen from his lips before he doubled-over and groaned into her breasts.

He chose to climax right when she was coming down from hers, when she was in that strange headspace of thinking,
Damn, that was a fantastic orgasm,
and still moaning in sheer debauchery. While on one hand she was detached from the idea of more sex, since Ethan had more or less fucked it out of her by now, Jasmine still slammed her eyes shut and took in the sensations of a man like Ethan Cole having his fill of her. Her brain almost shut down when he stilled himself, letting the pulses of his receding orgasm send a wave of emotional euphoria through her. Her brain was almost tricked into thinking they were
in love.

Ethan was not in a hurry to pull out. He collapsed on top of Jasmine, his lips lazily kissing her shoulder as he became more focused on catching his breath against the pillow. Jasmine stared at the ceiling through blurry eyes and wanted to do nothing but sleep after a round in bed like that.

Turned out that Ethan agreed. A few minutes later Jasmine rolled toward the edge of the bed and closed her eyes for the last time that night. She felt his body behind her, pressed against her but giving her some space. The fantasy was over.










Jasmine had a lot to think about.

The thinking began the next morning, when she was barely awake and groggy to the world. Ethan was already out of bed and half dressed, although he left his shirt open, and Jasmine pretended it was to torture her. But he was ear deep in a telephone conversation, and the moment he knew that Jasmine was awake he went into another room.

He informed her that he had a work emergency as she was finishing getting dressed. There were no kisses goodbye or a pat on the back. Jasmine was more or less told that she had to leave, and her parting gift was an actual gift basket.
Is he kidding?

Jasmine toted it onto the bus home. She wanted to open it up and take a look at what the latest lovers of Ethan Cole got for their time and trouble, but was afraid of other people seeing. So she waited until after she walked through her door and fended off the Norwegian cat horde that attacked her as soon as she was aware of the cat’s presence.

“Let’s see what we have in here,” Jasmine ignored the wailing of a cat who could see the bottom of its food bowl. She opened up the basket and wanted to laugh. Beneath the manila folder which was sure to contain the contract Ethan wanted her to sign, was a small bottle of wine and gourmet chocolates that were probably picked out by the last mistress.

She tried not to think about anything as she went about her day. There were errands to run – including feeding the damn cat – and other jobs to apply to. Jasmine wasn’t going to assume right now that she would sign the contract, nor would she assume she would actually get two million dollars out of the deal. She was realistic, and knew that her best bet right now was to keep applying to real jobs.

When she finally did decide to start thinking about it, however, she had already opened the wine bottle and was settling down on the couch with the volume low on the TV. She needed a drink if she was going to read this blasted contract.

Oh, how thoughtful. Ethan was considerate enough to have typed in Jasmine’s name where applicable.

“The party, Jasmine Bliss, henceforth agrees to become the sexual submissive of Ethan Cole.”
Yep, she needed another drink.

“Such an arrangement will last for the duration of six months from the day of signing the contract. After which, if both parties are satisfied, Miss Bliss will receive a total of $2 million to be paid immediately by Mr. Cole.”

That part still almost seemed too good to be true.

Clearly Blackbeard agreed when he hopped up on the couch with his human. After pawing on her lap for several seconds, Blackbeard managed to crawl between Jasmine’s legs and settle as if he belonged there. Jasmine took this as a sign that he wanted to hear about the shenanigans.

All Jasmine cared to read about right now was the terms of being a man’s submissive. She flipped a few pages until she found the terms. After one large gulp of her wine, Jasmine sank farther into her couch and sighed over what she read. “For at least 12 hours every day Miss Bliss agrees to be readily available to Mr. Cole. This means both in the business sense and the sexual sense.” How nice of him to give her a whole 12 hours to herself for the rest of the day. A mere millionaire would’ve demanded 20 hours. “Miss Bliss may decline if she is in ill health or has an emergency. However, both must be cleared with Mr. Cole beforehand.” Great.
But what about the actual sex stuff?

“Before the commencement of any sexual activity after the signing of this contract, Miss Bliss and Mr. Cole will go over an appropriate safe word to use in any situation. It may be used if Miss Bliss does not feel adequately safe or is pushed beyond her comfort zones, which are also to be established before the signing of this contract.” That would be a fantastic conversation. “Outside of the safe word just about anything will go.” Another drink was necessary already.

The contract did not skim on what was expected of her in a submissive and light-BDSM style relationship. There were mentions of blindfolds, restraints, and other such things that Jasmine often saw in the media those days. She had dabbled in them a bit before with previous boyfriends, but nothing in a lifestyle sort of way that Mr. Cole seemed to be searching for. Well, whatever. They could go over what exactly that meant before she signed any contract.

But would she even sign it? Sure, her night with Ethan Cole had been hot and exactly what she needed after a long dry spell. If things were “normal” she may even go on another date with him. That was without all of this contract stuff though. Having him immediately approach her to be a sexual submissive was another story altogether.

By now Blackbeard was completely spread out on her lap, his furry feet in the air as tufts of white fur spilled from his stomach. Jasmine rubbed it and hoped that he would not swat her.
What in the hell am I going to do?
On one hand, she was still enamored with her date the night before, the fantastic sex, and the allure of becoming a millionaire from only six months of dating a billionaire. It almost seemed too perfect. But the other side of her told her that was not only immoral, but a possibly dangerous situation as well. Who knew what Ethan Cole would really ask of her? And if she refused any time, she was afraid that he would not only fire her, not pay her for any of her services, but also give her nothing but bad words to take to other possible employers. That was a nightmare situation. The extremes were so fraught with possible peril that Jasmine didn’t even want to think about them.

But she had to. She had to think about them.

It wasn’t only about the money either. It wasn’t just about how good looking Ethan Cole was or how well he could make love to her. Jasmine could not deny that she was curious as to what else he could do in the bedroom. Restraints? Blindfolds? Sounded good to her! But she didn’t want to be naïve. She had been around a few blocks, seen a few things happen to some friends, and didn’t know how she could take that happening to her. All for some money? Some dick? No matter how long she contemplated it, she was confused as to what she should do, and Blackbeard never once moved from her lap.

“What should I do?” She rubbed her cat’s back and tried to imagine what he would say if he even understood what was going on. “Should I take the money and the sex?”

BOOK: The Billion Dollar Contract: Proposals
6.66Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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