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The Billionaire's Desire 2: Dubai Confidental (4 page)

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            “Let’s get one thing
straight.”  He grabbed a fistful of my hair and wrenched my head back so that I
was looking into his eyes.  I had never seen this look.  It wasn’t just that he
was angry; I thought I saw a hint of hurt as well. 
Why would he be hurt? 
He told me not to have any misconceptions about us!

            “You belong to me!”  He leaned
down to kiss my neck and I tried to pull away from him.  He held me in place
with an iron grip.  He leaned down to run his tongue along my collarbone, up my
neck and lightly flicked my earlobe.

            My body betrayed me as I felt
my skin tingle.  I tried to wrench myself out of his grip but he wouldn’t have
it.  The more I squirmed, the harder he pressed against me.  I could feel his
hard length through his suit and his warm breath on my neck.

            “I do NOT belong to you!  You
told me we’re not a couple.  That means I can see whomever I want!”  I still
was trying to get free of his grip but he was too strong for me.

            He held me with one hand while
the other roamed down my body and back up under my blouse.  His hand snaked
around to my back and he unfastened my bra in one swift motion.  His hand then
slipped underneath the loosened cup and started kneading my breast.  He grabbed
my nipple in between his thumb and forefinger and squeezed.  A soft moan
escaped my lips and I stopped fighting him.  My hands gripped his arms and I
closed my eyes as I indulged in the pleasure I was feeling.  His other hand
unzipped my pants and they fell to my ankles.  He dipped his head down to
whisper in my ear.  “You belong to me.”  His deep, husky voice sent my stomach
all aflutter.  

            I was going to protest but his
lips crushed mine in a passionate kiss that left me weak in the knees.  His
tongue fiercely sought out my own and he lightly grabbed my lower lip between
his teeth.  His other hand slid inside my panties to my warm, wet place and my
eyes initially flew open in surprise, and then I relaxed and closed them as I
reveled in my bliss. 

            As his fingers began to
penetrate me I pressed down to feel more.  He let out a groan as one of my
hands fell from his shoulder, grazed across the front of his pants and caressed
his hardness.  He suddenly pulled away from me and stood looking at me.  His
eyes roamed hungrily over my body.

            “Remove all of your clothes.”

            I did as he asked without
hesitation.  I stood naked and vulnerable, hoping he could see my desire for

            “Take off my jacket.”

            I removed his jacket,
revealing his muscular arms which could easily be seen through his shirt.

            “Unbutton my shirt.”

            I stood close as I slowly
unbuttoned his shirt.  I could physically feel the heat the between us in the
small space that separated us.  He removed his undershirt revealing a perfectly
muscular bare chest. 
Damn it, he is a specimen
.  My warm center began
to throb, wanting…needing to be filled.

            “Kneel and take off my pants.”

            I kneeled in front of him and
unzipped his pants.  The outline of his throbbing member was clearly visible
through his boxer briefs and was straining to be free.  I licked my lips as I
thought of what I wanted to do to him.

            “You know what’s next, so do

            Without needing more
instruction I pulled down his briefs and wrapped my hand around the base of his
hard length.  I slowly slid my hand up to the tip, giving it a little squeeze
and then slid it back down to the base.  He let out a soft grunt so I knew that
he liked it.  I leaned in and quickly licked the head before moving my tongue
down to where the shaft met the head.  I licked around the ridge and then sucked
just the head in my mouth.  I rolled my tongue back and forth over the head and
then took him all the way in.  My lips were wrapped around the base of his
throbbing member as I sucked in pulling him out to the tip and then plunging
him back in my mouth.  My hand wrapped around the base again and I stroked his
shaft as my head bobbed up and down over him.  I dropped my hand and put both
hands on his ass cheeks as I drew him in as far as he could go.  I heard a
sharp intake of breath from above followed by a long, low grunt.  His hands
gripped my head as I opened my throat to take him deeper.  He thrust into my
mouth and I was able to take it.  He thrust into my mouth again but this time
not as far.  He held my head in place as he moved in and out of my mouth.  I
pressed my tongue against his shaft with each movement, creating another layer
of friction for him.

            “Just like that,” he groaned. 
His sharp intakes of breath let me know what I was doing felt good.  I sucked
him in deep and heard another gasp.  
I’m doing this to you.

            The walls of my core were
throbbing as my wetness ran down my inner thigh.  I ached and I wanted him
inside me.  We must have known because he suddenly pulled out.  He took a step
back and told me to stand up.

            I did as I was told.

            “Put your hands behind your
back and walk upstairs to the bedroom.”

            I marched up the carpeted
stairs, painfully aware of his eyes on my naked body.  Just when I hit the
landing he yelled out.


            I stood in place on the top
stair and heard Joshua come up the stairs behind me. 

            “Spread your legs and hold on
to the railings.”  His tone was demanding.

            I did as I was told and Joshua
climbed the stairs and faced me.  His smoldering eyes crawled every inch of my

            “Now turn around.”

            I turned around and now faced
the stairs going down.  I heard him drop to his knees behind me and he let out
a groan as his hands rubbed over my globes.

            “You taunted me with this sexy
ass of yours as you walked up the stairs.  Mmmm, what are you doing to me?” 
His low, sexy growl made me tingle all over.

            He kissed one cheek and then
the other before standing and telling me I could turn around.  I could see the
lust in his eyes as he stepped forward, held my face in his hands and whispered
my name.

            “Sexy Sarah.” 

            I thought I would melt on the
spot as his gorgeous eyes searched mine.  He leaned for a kiss so sensual I was
literally weak in the knees.  My hands came up to hold on to his back as he
kissed me.  Something was different about this kiss.  This wasn’t raw like our
previous kisses.  His lips were softly seeking mine, his tongue sensually
dancing with mine.  I could feel tenderness from him as he held me and I didn’t
want him to let me go.  I let out a soft sigh and I think it startled him out
of his reverie.  I don’t think he meant to show the emotion he had just
displayed.  He quickly pushed me away and I could see him try to quickly mask
any evidence of emotion other than lust.  He snapped back into his domineering

            “Lie down on the bed with your
hands above your head and put your knees up.”

            I did as he told me while he
went over to my lingerie drawer and pulled out two pairs of stockings.  I
turned my head to watch him as he tied one wrist to the bedpost and then the
other.  My heart was pounding as this new element was introduced into our
agreement.  He sat beside me on the bed and his hands started at my face as he
slowly traced a line around my lips, pausing to insert his finger in my mouth. 
I sucked it in gently and he slowly pulled it out.  His other hand trailed down
my chest to knead one breast and then the other.  His fingers teased my nipples
until they were hard little buds and then his mouth came down and took one in
his mouth.  His tongue swirled around the hardened bud, lightly teasing it and
then he grazed it with his teeth.  He was squeezing the other breast, pinching
the nipple between his finger and thumb.  He rolled it back and forth,
increasing the pressure while still teasing the other with his mouth.  I let
out a moan and started to writhe against the sensations pouring over my body,
my knees pressed together, my hands held firm by the restraints.   He leaned in
and whispered in my ear.

            “Open your legs for me.”

            My wetness was obvious as I
spread my legs, my body overcome with desire.  His hand left my breast and slid
down between my legs, rubbing the soft flesh.  I couldn’t stay still as I
moaned and twisted against the restraints.

            “I can smell your sex, sexy
Sarah.”  His voice was rich and deep as he leaned down to lightly kiss my
stomach.  “I can feel your need.”  He licked right below my belly button. 
“Tell me you want me.”  He inhaled my scent as his tongue lightly flicked my

            My breathing was reduced to
short pants as I was unable to control my desire. 

            “I want you.”

            His fingers manipulated my sex
as I moaned uncontrollably.

            “Tell me you belong to me.” 

            His fingers rubbed between my
folds, pressing against my hard nub, causing my hips to jerk and press into his
fingers.  His other hand pinched my nipple harder.  I wanted more.   

            “Say it!”

            “I belong to you,” I moaned

            He looked at me, fire dancing
in his eyes.  “Don’t you forget it.”  His lips came crashing down on mine, his
body now on top of me.  His hand left my breast and tangled in my hair as his other
fingers continued rubbing the soft flesh between my legs.  A finger lightly
circled my opening before pressing inside.  I tried to pull my hands from the
restraints so I could touch him, but I was deliciously trapped.  My hips lifted
off the bed encouraging his finger to go deeper.  He pressed another finger
inside of me and caressed my inner walls causing my body to shake and buck
against him.

            “More.”  The word escaped from
lips before I realized I said it.

            He stopped for a couple of
seconds causing me to let out a small whimper.  My body ached for his touch.

            “More, what?”  His tone was
slightly playful, almost taunting.

            “More, please.”  I assumed
that was the answer he wanted.

            “More, please…what?”  He was
definitely taunting. 

What did he want me to say?

            “More please, sir.”

            “That’s my girl.  Do you want
me to make you come?” His fingers started moving inside me again, touching
places I never knew could be stimulated.

            Silently my eyes begged,

            “Spread your legs wider.”

            I spread my legs for him as he
removed his fingers and bent down and slid his hands under my behind.  His face
dipped down between my legs and I arched my back as I felt the light flick of
his tongue on my clit.  Slowly he licked in and around the sensitive folds.  I cried
out as his tongue glided back and forth over my hard bud, applying more and
more pressure on the sensitive flesh.  One hand left my butt cheek and I felt
his fingers press inside my aching opening again, caressing my inner walls.  I
was quivering all over, flooded with sensual sensations.  His fingers, lips and
tongue quickened their pace as they manipulated all the right places inside me
and the tender flesh between my legs.  I felt my body begin to shudder as my
orgasm rose to the surface and a loud cry escaped my lips as I was left a
writhing, quivering mess.  My breath came in short, haggard pants as I lay
there reveling in my bliss.

“Oh, I think you liked that my pet.  But
we’re not done.  Do you want my hard cock inside you, pounding you deep?”

, sir.”  My voice
was hoarse with lust. 

            He removed his fingers from
between my legs and I felt his swollen tip press against my tender, waiting
opening.  I moaned as my walls closed in around him, arching my hips to get
closer.  He groaned as I wrapped my legs around him pulling him in deeper.  I
undulated my hips and he began thrusting into me, rubbing against my clit each
time.  Each thrust caused me to lurch toward the headboard, my wrists straining
to be free. 

            “Oh, Joshua.”  The quiet moan
escaped from my lips and I could see a change come over him as he hammered into
me harder and faster. 
He looks so damned sexy!
  He held onto my
shoulders, pounding me into the bed, grazing my clit as he shouted commands at

            “You belong to me!  Say it!” 

            “I belong to you, sir!”  I
could feel the stickiness between my legs as my wetness trickled down my inner

            “You only have eyes for me! 
Say it!”  He thrust into me even harder and deeper.

            “I only have eyes for you,
sir!”  I couldn’t stop the orgasm that was building. 

            “I want to see you come!  I
want to feel your walls pulsating around my cock!”

BOOK: The Billionaire's Desire 2: Dubai Confidental
9.36Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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