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            I cried out as my orgasm rose
to the surface, crashing over me, causing my body to thrash and buck against
his.  With a few more thrusts I heard a guttural groan as he shuddered and then
collapsed on top of me.  He gently kissed my cheek as we both lay there for a
couple of minutes panting for air.  He rolled off of me, untied my hands and
lightly kissed my wrists before gently massaging them.  This tender show of
emotion shocked me but I didn’t say anything because I didn’t want him to stop.

            “Are you okay?  The restraints
didn’t hurt you, did they?”

            “No, they didn’t hurt.”

            “Good.  I should get back to
my room.  We will be swamped in the office tomorrow.”

No, please don’t go.

Joshua cleaned himself up in my bathroom and then got
dressed.  I started to get up to walk him to the door and he stopped me.

            “No, you stay here and get
ready for bed.  I can see myself out.”

            I sat on the bed, completely
naked, and completely comfortable in front of Joshua. 

            He walked over to me and
leaned down, placed a finger under my chin and gently tipped my face up to
his.  His eyes longingly searched mine before he leaned in to kiss my cheek. 
Butterflies danced in my belly.  His light scruff felt good as it lightly
scraped my skin.

            “Sleep well.”

            Joshua disappeared from the
bedroom and let himself out.  After getting ready for bed, I thought about the
last week. 
Is this really my life?
  It almost seemed too good to be
true.  I was re-living Joshua’s gentle kisses to my wrist when I drifted off to



            The next day, our staff
meeting was scheduled for 10:00 and my spreadsheet was complete.  I was to make
a presentation discussing my findings on Jameson Industries’ financial goals
and then take any suggestions on how the report should be refined.  I was not
nervous at all during my presentation, and I made sure to write down all
suggestions for improvement.  I had absolutely no ego when it came to work.  I
was like a sponge wanting to soak up as much knowledge as possible.  All of the
people in the meeting had been with the company a lot longer than me, and I
wanted to learn all that I could from them.  We were notified at the meeting
that the big meeting with Jameson, originally scheduled for Friday, was
postponed for two weeks.  I noticed a new face that I had not yet been
introduced to.  She was absolutely beautiful and I noticed her flirtatiously
glancing at Joshua throughout the entire meeting.  Samira saw me looking at her
and rolled her eyes. 
I guess she doesn’t like her
.  After the meeting
Joshua introduced me to the gorgeous woman.

            “Sarah, I would like you to
meet Natalia Wittendale, she works in our London office.”

            “Oh, Joshy,” she playfully hit
his arm, “I think I’m more than just someone who works in the London office.” 
She held his arm, giving me a look to let me know that Joshua was her
territory.  Joshua winced and looked extremely uncomfortable.

Who the hell is this?
I forced a smile and extended my hand.

            She hesitated, almost
sneering, staring at my hand as it is was covered in dirt.  Finally, she gave
me a very limp handshake and dropped my hand just as quickly as she touched it.

            “So, Sally, where are you

.”  I
gritted my teeth as I corrected her. 
What an arrogant…

            “Oh, my apologies.”  Her
voiced dripped with saccharin. 

Why is she being so nasty?

“I am from just outside New York.”  I didn’t want to
waste any more time talking to her.  “So nice to meet you Natalie, but I must
get back to my office to make these corrections.”  I started to turn to go back
to my office.

” she
glared at me.

            I stopped and looked at her. 
I narrowed my eyes and forced a smile.  “
So sorry
,” and I walked away. 
Out of the corner of my eye I saw a smirk turn up the corner of Joshua’s

            A few minutes later Samira
came to my office with three huge files and closed the door.

            “Don’t let her get to you. 
She’s been pining after Mr. Hunter ever since he broke up with her.”  She
plopped the files down on my desk.

Ohhhh, the ex-girlfriend!  

            “Mr. Hunter would like for you
to work on these.  He will be in shortly with instructions.”  Samira hesitated
and then continued on, her eyes bright and full of mischief.  “Ms. Wittendale
has heard a lot about you and is seething with jealousy.  Like I told you, Mr.
Hunter has
brought anyone with him who was not a partner on one of
his long business trips.  And the fact that you flew privately with him?  I’m
sure she can’t stand it!”  Samira was grinning from ear to ear and she made me

            “Samirah, why are you so happy
about this?”

            She quickly composed herself. 
“Oh, I am sorry.  That was wrong of me.”

            “No, no, don’t apologize.  I
just want to know why it makes you so happy.”

            “Ms. Wittendale treats anyone
who is not one of the Hunters, or a partner, like dirt.  She acts as if she
can’t be bothered to even speak to anyone else.  She is very rude and
condescending.  I think every person is valuable and no one should be treated
any better than anyone else.”

            I could see that she was
visibly upset.

            “I agree with you completely
Samira.”  I leaned in to whisper to her.  “I don’t think she likes me very
much,” and I winked at her.

            She held her hand over her
mouth to cover her smile, and we had a good giggle.  Just then there was a
knock at my door.  Samira opened my door to find Joshua standing there.

            “Oh, Mr. Hunter!  I was just
leaving,” and she ducked out.

            He closed the door and sat

            “I want to apologize for Natalia’s
behavior.  She is very territorial and has been asking me all kinds of
questions about you.  Apparently there is a buzz going around about us.”  He
held my gaze and I swear my insides turned to mush. 
He is so beautiful.

            “A buzz?”

            “Office gossip.  Just ignore
it if you hear anything.  Discretion, right?”  His dark eyes smoldered.

            “Of course.”  I wanted to take
him right there in my office.  Being in his presence, in that small office, was
clouding my thoughts.  I literally shook my head and then heard his soft

            “Everything okay?”

            I realized what I had done in
front of him and felt my cheeks flush.  “Yes, fine.”  I cleared my throat. 
“I’m glad you’re here because I wanted to talk to you about your side of the
contract.  We have been here for a while now and you have yet to give me any
formal instructions on specific things I should be doing.”

            His eyes didn’t hide his
amusement as he sat studying me.

            “I have to say, that I love
your tenacity Sarah.  You really are the kind of person we want working with us
at Hunter International.”

Love.  He said it.  Maybe
not the way I wanted, but he said it.
  Okay, now I was losing it.  I was
making something out of what was probably nothing. 
Snap out of it Sarah! 

            “Thank you, I appreciate that.”

            “Okay, you’re right.  It’s
time I gave you more information.  But before I do that, what are your plans
for this evening?”  He had a cautious, yet stern look on his face.

            He knew that I had dinner
plans with Conrad. 

            “I am supposed to have dinner
with Conrad this evening.”  Fire danced in his eyes.

            He did not look pleased.  “I
am afraid that will not be possible.  Since the meeting was postponed, I have a
lot of work for you to do.  I expect you’ll be here until well into the night. 
Your partner training officially begins today.”

            His jealous streak was worse
than I imagined.   But I couldn’t protest because my ultimate goal was to
become a partner on the fast track.  So I just said okay and we proceeded to go
over a detailed list of the people and projects I should get to know and work
on.  He told me that it was important that I get myself in front of people so
they know who I am. 

            “Your reviews and other
partner’s opinions of you are what matter down the line.  They are going to
want to know how effective you are, if you contribute to the Profits &
Loss, and if you have the support of the people you work with.  The best way to
do that is to go the extra mile whenever you a chance.  If someone needs extra
help, extra hands, an extra brain, for anything, you should be the first one to
volunteer.  In the end, the thing that will get you noticed is your work
product, your reviews and your relationships.  This is not a position where you
can take a backseat and silently do well.  People need to know who you are. 
And I have no doubt that you can do this Sarah.  You are extremely bright and
determined.  I look forward to the day that I get to make the call telling you
that you’ve made partner.”

            “You make the call?”

            “Yes, as CEO, I am the one to
deliver the news.  As I told you before, the partners vote on whom to choose. 
Use the information you learn and the skills you acquire in everything you do
over the next five years.  Be sure to volunteer for every project when a notice
goes out that extra help is needed.  Come in to the office early and stay late
often.  It’s not that you will have no life.  It is important to have some sort
of outlet.  Just make sure that work is your primary focus.  These things will
get you noticed and these things will get you nominated for partner.  I know
you can do this Sarah.”

            He was so sincere I was a bit
taken aback.  I could see that he really wanted this for me but I was confused
as to why.  Usually when you care deeply for someone you have a vested interest
in whatever they do and you want them to succeed.  I was just an intern turned
associate, a smart one I might add, but an associate nonetheless with whom he
had amazing sexual chemistry. 
Why did he care if I actually made partner? 
didn’t have time to dwell on that, I had three huge files waiting for me.

            “Shall I get started on

            He said yes and told me what
needed to be done.

            “I am going to need the
results by next Friday for the first two folders and results the following
Tuesday for the third folder.  We will be discussing all three files at the
meeting with Jameson the following day, that Wednesday before we leave.  We
need analysis and figures telling us where Jameson Industries stands
financially.  We need to know how solid their portfolio is.  They want to grow
and we are going to give them the best advice to do so.  The three folders you
are going to be working on contain information on three of their most recent
investments.  We need to make sure they are making sound decisions.  Compile
the data so we can go over it at the next couple of meetings.  We will combine
your findings with everyone else’s findings on their other investments, and
hopefully have a productive meeting with them in a couple of weeks.”

            “When are we leaving?”

            “Oh, I’m sorry.  I didn’t have
your calendar updated.  We leave two weeks from this Friday.  We are taking a
morning flight and all of your bags will be packed for you.  You don’t have to
worry about that.  We also are going to a charity event for autism the night before
we leave.  I take it you purchased an evening gown on your day of shopping?”


            “Good.  I usually am unable to
attend because I am in the States, so I just send a check.  This time, since I
am here, we are going.”

We?  Did he mean everybody
from the office?
  He must have read the confused look on my face because he
answered my question without me having to ask it.

            “Everyone from the office is
invited, and most will attend.  It’s a night for everyone to have a nice
evening out and support charity at the same time.  Samira will make sure you
get an invitation.”

            I wondered if we would be
going together.  I didn’t want to ask because I didn’t want to seem
presumptuous.  Joshua didn’t mention anything more so I decided to just wait
and see.

            “I should get back to my
office and leave you to your work.”  He held my gaze and looked like he wanted
to say something to me. 
Can you tell how much I want to be with you?
waited, but nothing came and he got up and walked out of my office.

BOOK: The Billionaire's Desire 2: Dubai Confidental
12.15Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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