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The Billionaire's Desire 2: Dubai Confidental (8 page)

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            “Thank you, Sarah.  You look
very pretty as well.”  I
she seemed sincere.

            “Thank you.  And Natalia, your
gown is stunning.”  I summoned all of the goodness inside of me to make that
compliment sound genuine. 

            She shot me a cool glare,
quickly taking in my complete ensemble. 
Did she just turn up her nose at

            “You’re very sweet.”  And just
like that, she dismissed me.  But I decided not to let her get away with it. 
The men were chatting so I took the opportunity to teach her that I was not one
to be ignored.

            “I had so much fun getting
dressed for the evening.  I don’t know what I would have done without my glam
squad today.”  My smile was as fake as it was wide.

            “Glam squad?  What a nice
gesture for Joshua to arrange that for you for the day.”  Natalia seemed

            “The day?  Oh no, dear.  They
have been with me, every day, all month.  It was very sweet of him to do that
for me.  Especially since I am just the new associate.”  I gave her a coy

            I could see her seething as her
eyes narrowed at me.  Poor Vivienne had no idea how to react to us so she just
stood there, silent.  I shot Natalia a glare right back but curled up the
corners of my mouth. 
Yes, you witch.  Your ex-boyfriend has been treating
me like a queen

            “Vivienne, do you like my new
earrings?”  I sneered at Natalia as I showed off my present.

            “They are stunning.  Were they
a gift?”  Vivienne seemed genuinely interested.

            I looked directly at Natalia. 
“Yes, they were.”

            Her face was so red, I thought
her head was going to explode.

            “Joshua!”  Her voice was
shrill.  She must have realized she should not speak to him that way because
she instantly turned on the sweet voice.  “I apologize for interrupting.  May I
speak with you a moment in private?” 

            He looked a bit annoyed but he
stepped away with her.  For some reason this didn’t bother me.  I felt pretty
good about where I stood with Joshua.  I turned to talk with the rest of the
group.  Jake and I were chatting about business when Conrad heard his favorite
song.  He asked Vivienne to dance and Jake and I were alone.

            “I’m glad we have a minute
alone Jake.  I was thinking about what you told me about Lauren, your college
sweetheart, and I wanted to give you a bit of advice if you don’t mind.”

            “Of course I don’t mind.  I
welcome advice from you Sarah.”

            “Thanks for that.  Now, I want
you to remember what I’m about to tell you okay?”


            “Life is short.  We only have
one chance, one time around.  You found the one thing that nearly everyone
wants to find.  You found true love.  You had it and you let it get away.  No
disrespect to Vivienne, but I want you to go get it.  You deserve that
happiness.  I’ll bet you that Lauren still loves you.  I just have a feeling. 
And Vivienne deserves to find it as well.  I know she loves you, but she needs
someone who loves her the same way.  I’m not telling you to break up with her
right now.  You need to do things in your own time, in your own way and I get
that.  Just think about what I’ve said before it’s too late.”

            He looked at me and I could
see a flicker of sadness in his eyes. 
I can’t wait until I don’t see that
Just then Vivienne and Conrad came back over to us. 

            “If you would all excuse me, I
am going to the ladies room.”  I made my way across the room to the bathroom
and on my way there, in a tiny alcove off of the main hallway, I spotted Joshua
and Natalia in what looked like an intimate embrace.  I was fuming!  I went to
the ladies room and wanted to cry.  But then I admonished myself. 
Pull it together
What did you expect? 
Joshua was a rich billionaire who
could have anyone he wanted. 
Did you really think he wanted you?
starting to think that he wanted me.  I thought his
jealousy was because he wanted me all to himself.  But now, I started to think
his jealousy was all about power and control.  I felt so sad and I was happy we
were going home the next day.  I wanted to get away from him for a while.  I
would continue to work my ass off at work because nothing was going to deter my
plans.  But as far as he was concerned, I wanted nothing more to do with Joshua

            As I exited the stall, my eyes
met the cold, blue gaze of Natalia Wittendale.  She had a smirk on her face as
she wiped off her smeared lipstick.

            “Joshua is so amazing, isn’t
he?  We reminisced about old times and it definitely reminded him of what he is
missing.”  She had a very cocky air about her.

            “And what is he missing,
Natalia?”  I had no tolerance for her snarky attitude.

            “Well, me, of course.  Someone
who is on his level, who understands what his world is like.  Our families
travel in the same circles so he needs someone who is familiar with our
lifestyle.  We are perfect together and I just needed some time alone with him
to remind him of that.” 

            I wanted to knock the smug
look right off of her face. 
So she’s playing the money card.
doesn’t faze me, never has. 

            I held my head up high,
shoulders back and looked her squarely in the eyes.  “You’ve forgotten one
thing, Natalia.”

            “Oh, and what is that?”  Her
snobby demeanor made her such an ugly person.

            “A man, who truly wants to be
with someone, never has to be reminded of anything.”  I smiled confidently at
her as she stewed with anger and I walked toward the door.  Just as I was about
to open it, I stopped.

            “Oh, and one last thing
Natalia.  He will
look at you the way he looks at me,” and I
walked out. 

Ugh!!!  She is such a
  I was glad that I was able to remain composed as she tried to
rattle me.  I was a tough girl.  It would take a lot more than a desperate
ex-girlfriend to really get to me.  I returned to our group and completely
ignored Joshua as I approached everyone.  Since Conrad was waiting for Natalia,
I grabbed his hand and led him to the dance floor.  Joshua looked confused and
then I saw the fire in his eyes again. 
You can’t have your cake and eat it
too, buddy.
If he wanted Natalia, he could have her.  But he wasn’t going
to have me too!  I wrapped my arms around Conrad and watched as Joshua’s face
turned hard and cold before my eyes.  We continued to dance closely until the
song was over.

            “What a nice surprise, Sarah. 
Thank you for the dance.”  He held up both of my hands and pressed the backs to
his lips. 

            I smiled at him and we made
our way back to the group.  It was getting pretty late by this time and I was
ready to leave.  I walked around until I found Samira and I said goodbye to
her.  Then I went back to our group and said goodnight to everyone there before
walking over to Joshua.  I very bluntly told him I was ready to go. 

            “I am perfectly fine taking a
car by myself.”

            He held his composure in front
of the group as he responded to me through clenched teeth.  I saw Jake give us
an odd look and then he ushered everyone away from us. 

            “Nonsense.  I will escort you
back to the hotel.”  Joshua grabbed my arm and I snatched it away.

            “Don’t touch me!  Feel free to
stay with your girlfriend.”  I spat out the words before I realized what I had

            He grabbed my arm again and
this time his grip was too strong.  “Let’s go.”  The curt words cut the air
like a knife.

            When we were in the car he
spoke again.

            “Do you mind explaining that
rude display?”  I could tell Joshua was having a difficult time keeping his
voice calm.

            “I could ask you the same

            “What are you talking about?” 
He seemed genuinely confused.

            “I saw you and your little
girlfriend making out in the corner.  How tacky Joshua, we were at a formal
event for charity!”

            I could not have anticipated
the explosion that was about to happen.

            “Do not ever speak to me like
that!”  His voice roared throughout the Rolls Royce, but the driver was not
fazed at all.  He stared straight ahead and kept driving.

            I suddenly felt that I had
crossed a line and I didn’t know how to fix it.  We rode in silence the entire
way back to the hotel.  I could feel Joshua’s anger and I was afraid that I had
just ruined everything.



            “We’re going to my room.”  I
had never heard him sound like this.  His voice was completely devoid of
emotion.  My heart was literally pounding against my chest as I just dutifully
followed behind him.  We entered his beautiful room and he walked directly
upstairs.  I didn’t want to ask any questions so I just followed him.  As soon
as we walked into his bedroom he spun me around and pushed me against the
wall.  His hard body molded against my back and I felt his hands run down by

            “Watching you, with Conrad’s
hands on you, drove me crazy tonight,” he murmured as his tongue lightly
flicked my earlobe.  I could feel his hard length against my backside and I
thought I would melt into the wall.  “I don’t want anyone else’s hands on your
body but mine,” his lips traced the outline of my ear.   I felt him slowly
unzip my dress and I remembered what I saw in the alcove.  I tried to move away
from him but he was too strong.

            My hands were flat against the
wall when I decided to say something. 

            “I saw you kissing Natalia
tonight.  She told me that you two were getting back together.  If that’s true,
why am I here?”  My voice was very small and I tried to disguise the hurt I
felt, but it was obvious.  I could feel the tears coming and tried to hold them
Don’t cry, don’t cry, don’t cry.

            He stopped, and slowly zipped
my dress up before turning me around.  I leaned against the wall, nervously
picking at my fingernails, looking down at the floor. 
Do I really want to
hear this?
  He put a finger under my chin and gently lifted my tear stained
eyes to his.  He held my face in his hands as his eyes longingly searched mine.
 He then placed a gentle kiss on my lips.

            “What you saw, sweet Sarah,
.  She grabbed me and pulled me to her. 
What you didn’t see was me pulling away from her and telling her there would
never be another chance with us and she should move on.  You’re here because I
want you here.” 

            He leaned down to kiss me and
a light moan escaped from my lips.  He grabbed a fistful of my hair, pulled my
head back and ran his tongue along my collar bone up to the delicate skin
behind my ear.  He pressed his hard body against mine, deliciously crushing me
against the wall.  I felt his hands run down either side of my hips and he
turned me around, his body molding against my back, pressing me against the
wall.  He pushed my hair to the side and kissed the back of my neck.  He let
out a low groan as he started moving his hips against my backside.  I felt him
slowly unzip my dress, lightly planting kisses down my back.  I heard him fall
to his knees behind me.

            “Step out of your dress.”  He
voiced was filled with lust.

            I stepped out of my dress and
stood there wearing my black lace bra, matching thong panty, garter, sheer hose
and Valentino heels.  I heard Joshua’s sharp intake of breath as his hands
roamed over my butt cheeks.  I felt his warm breath against my ear. 

            “You look so fucking sexy.” 
His words elicited a soft moan from me.   “I like that you wore this just for

            I could feel the wetness
between my thighs soaking my panties.  My core ached for him and longed to be
touched.  My forehead rested against the wall as I heard him fall to his knees
behind me.

            “Spread your legs.”

            I opened my legs for him and
felt his lips kiss one cheek, then the other.  I felt his hands push my cheeks
apart, kneading them as he leaned in to trace each cheek with his tongue.  His
warm tongue slowly traced around one cheek, stopping to lick up the crease, and
then licking up and around the other cheek.  I heard him groan as he buried his
face between my buttocks, licking my most intimate opening.  His tongue pressed
inside the tight space and I let out a small cry as feelings of pleasure caused
my skin to tingle all over.  He slowly pulled away from me and walked over to
his bureau.  When he returned, I heard him open the condom wrapper and heard
lubricant being squirted.  I felt his bulbous tip gently press against my
opening.  The lubricant allowed him to slide in easier, past the tight ring, as
my rear walls closed in around his cock.  Our heavy breathing filled the air as
he rotated his hips and I pressed back into him.  One strong arm snaked around
my waist, while the other entwined his fingers in mine.  I felt the wetness
between my legs move down my thighs.  He held me tightly against him and I
squeezed his hand as sensations began to build. 

BOOK: The Billionaire's Desire 2: Dubai Confidental
11.89Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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