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The Billionaire's Desire 2: Dubai Confidental (9 page)

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            I wanted to bring him pleasure
first.  I undulated my hips, pressing back against him.  His jagged breaths
told me I was doing something right, so I increased my pace.  Joshua increased
his pace with me as he began to thrust into me.  I had one hand on the wall as he
held me tight, increasing his thrusts.  I felt his body tense and then heard a
loud grunt as he shuddered and came loudly.  His forehead rested against my
back as he caught his breath.  He slowly pulled away from me.  My throbbing
center was begging to be touched.  Joshua grabbed my hand and walked me over to
his bed.

            “Lie down.”  I did as I was
told as a blindfold covered my eyes. 
This is new.
  All of my other
senses were heightened when my sight was temporarily blocked.  I was surprised
at how much I liked the added suspense.  I could sense Joshua walking around
the bed but I wasn’t quite sure where he was.  Suddenly, I felt the bed give a
little as he joined me there.

            “Knees up.”

            I put my knees up only to feel
fingers run down my thigh towards my essence.  His fingers delved and slid in
between my sensitive folds as I raised my hips off the bed, begging him to
touch me more.

            I heard him chuckle.  “What do
you want my pet?  Do you want me to go deep like this?”  He thrust two fingers
inside of me and I cried out, my body suffused with desire.  “Do you want
more?”  His fingers manipulated my inner walls as I writhed around on the bed.

            “Yes, sir.  Please, sir.” 

            “Do you belong to me?”  His
fingers continued their manipulation.

            “Yes, sir.”  My hips rotated
against his fingers.

            “Will you allow another man to
touch you intimately?”  His fingers went even deeper.

            I cried out with pleasure. 
“No, sir.”  My breath was coming in short gasps.

            Suddenly I felt his tongue
licking the sensitive bud between my legs.  He applied more pressure as he made
long, slow movements with his tongue.  He then quickened his pace with his
tongue, deftly moving his fingers in and out of me.  I let out a loud cry as I
felt my orgasm rocket to the surface, my body exploding with sensation.  I lay
there, basking in the sensation as my body shuddered against his fingers.

            Without saying a word,
Joshua’s lips closed around one nipple while pinching the other between his
thumb and forefinger.  My already sensitive body responded to his touch as I
felt him climb on top of me.  I felt the tip of his cock slowly enter my tender
opening.  I quickly wrapped my legs around him, gripping him with my thighs,
pulling him in deeper.  My need was raw, and wanted to be satisfied.  I wound
my arms around his neck and his lips came crashing down on mine with pure
passion.  His tongue found my own, desperate, yearning, and needing.  He ripped
off the blindfold, put his arm under my knee, pulling it up, allowing him
deeper access.  I arched my body toward him as our haggard breaths permeated
the still air.  He began to thrust inside me, slow and deep, at first.  His
other hand slid up my body to my hardened nipple, pinching it between his
fingers.  My eyes were closed as I reveled in all of the sensations.

            “Look at me.”    

            My eyes flew open and I looked
into his beautiful, intense eyes.  His gorgeous face hovered above me. 
are so very beautiful
.  My hands traveled over his perfect chest, lines of
well-developed muscle proudly exhibited.  He started to quicken his thrusts. 
My fingers grabbed his shoulders, using them for leverage, as I arched my hips
to meet his thrusts.  Each word was accentuated by a thrust. 

            “You. Belong. To. Me.  Say

            “I belong to you.”  The words
barely audible as my breath came in gasps.

            “Again!  You! Belong! To!
Me!”  His thrusts were faster and harder now.

            “I belong to you!”  I cried
out as our hips moved together, his cock repeatedly hitting me deep inside. 

            He leaned down to my ear. 
“Come for me.”  His sexy whisper was the catalyst that pushed me over the
edge.  Waves of sensation washed over me as my orgasm rose to meet me for the
second time.  My body shuddered uncontrollably underneath him as his eyes noted
my every movement.  His pace quickened, his thrusts shorter and faster, as he
hurled himself toward his release.  A loud grunt escaped his lips, as his body,
hard as an iron rod, quivered as he came.  He collapsed on top of me, his
breathing coming in ragged gasps, his weight a welcome comfort.  I held him
close for a while, basking in the afterglow, until he rolled off of me. 

            He turned on his side, and
propped himself up to look at me, gently moving my hair out of my eyes.  His
eyes earnestly searched mine, some sort of emotion written all over his face. 
are you thinking Joshua?  What do you need?
     He leaned in to give me a
gentle kiss. 

            “Sarah, Sarah…”  His voice
came in whispers as it trailed off.

            I lay there silent, not
knowing what he wanted from me.  He entwined his fingers in mine and searched
my eyes once again.  Finally, he spoke but it wasn’t what I wanted to hear.

            “We should get some sleep.  We
leave tomorrow.”

            “Oh no!  I haven’t packed a

            He chuckled.  “Don’t worry. 
That was taken care of while we were at the charity ball.”

            I sighed with relief.  “Oh,
right.  I forgot that you told me that would be taken care of.”  Somehow I
mustered the courage to ask the next question. 

            “Shall I go back to my room?” 
My heart was pounding as I waited for the answer. 
Oh how I wish I could
feel your arms around me all night.

            “It probably would be best.  I
will walk you to your door.”

            We got dressed and when we
arrived at my door, he leaned down to kiss me on the cheek.  “Thank you for a
wonderful evening.”  Butterflies fluttered in my stomach.  “Sleep well.  The
car will pick us up at 10:00 a.m. to go to the airport.  I will see you then.”

            I walked into my room and
leaned against the door as it closed.  I took a deep breath and thought about
the night’s events.  My feelings for Joshua had escalated beyond anything I
expected.  A feeling of sadness fell over me as reality began to settle in.  We
were going home the next day and my private time with Joshua was probably
over.  Feeling blue, I changed into pajamas, curled up on the bed and drifted
off to sleep.



            The following morning I met
Joshua in the lobby at 10:00.  I decided to wear a beautiful, yet comfortable,
Gucci dress for the long flight.  I wanted to look nice for him.  If this was
going to be our final time alone together, I wanted him to remember how good I
looked.  Joshua gave me an approving look as his eyes roamed over my dress. 
When we stepped outside I noticed two cars waiting for us.

            “We’re not riding in the same
Was everything between us over so quickly that he couldn’t stand to
be in the same car with me?

            “Of course we are.  The other
car is for Jake and Vivienne.  They will be flying back with us on the jet.” 
Relief washed over me, and then happiness as I realized I would get to see Jake
again.  It was comforting to know that I would have a friend to chat with on
the flight home.

            All of our belongings were
already loaded on the plane when we boarded.  I was amazed that every bit of my
new wardrobe had been dry-cleaned, and was packed and taken care of for me. 
The past 30 days had been a fantasy life for me, minus the difficult and long
working days.  I didn’t know that I would ever have the chance to experience
anything like that again.  I wanted to thank Joshua for all that he had done
for me.  I just had to find the right time to do it.

            We were about an hour into the
flight and Jake and I were chatting in our seats like two long lost friends. 
Vivienne was napping and Joshua was working in the conference room.

            “Sarah, I want to thank you for
the talk that we had.  You gave me a lot to think about.”

            “I only want what’s best for
you Jake.  But I understand that you need to do everything in your own time.”

            “I do.  And trust me, I will.”

            Just then Joshua called me in
to the conference room.  He wanted to go over part of the Donnelly file, one of
our older clients.

            “This is what you will be
working on when we get back to New York.”  He handed me a brown accordion

            “Joshua, I want to tell you

            He stopped what he was doing
and looked at me.

            “I want to thank you for this
incredible, life-changing opportunity that you gave me.  I learned so much in
Dubai.  I will be eternally grateful to you.  Your generosity while I was
here…I mean the clothes, the shoes, the beautiful hotel…everything…thank you.”

            He seemed a bit caught off
guard and uncomfortable with my gratitude and just gave me a curt, “You’re

One of these days you are
going to open up to me.  And not just when we are in the bedroom.
  I was
shocked by my confidence that we would be together again, but there was
something between us.  I couldn’t just let him get away.  I decided to accept
his curt reply without pressing him for more.  He knew that I was grateful and
that is what mattered. 

            “Well, if that’s all, I am
going to take this file back to my chair and have a look at it there.  I am
assuming we will have a meeting on this first thing Monday morning?”  I was all
business again.

            “We actually are all making a
quick detour for a few days.”

            This completely shocked me.  I
felt a nervousness in my belly that I hadn’t experienced since first meeting

            “A detour?  Where are we

            He held my gaze and I saw a
hint of mischief in his eyes.  “It’s a surprise.” 


The final
part of Joshua and Sarah’s story coming soon!

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