The Cowboy's Kink (The Billionaire Bachelors Series) (5 page)

BOOK: The Cowboy's Kink (The Billionaire Bachelors Series)

He grimaced. Fuck poetry. He wasn’t any good at it. He was good at taking charge. He should announce his presence and claim her before she had a chance to get away. He should chain her to the wall in his bedroom and bury his face between her legs until she was willing to agree to anything.

Slow down.

What the hell was she doing to him?

She reached up with her eyes still closed for something on the edge near her towel. Music drifted softly up to him…an mp3 player? Her phone? Wherever it was coming from, the beat and the bluesy melody sounded like slow, satisfying sex to his ears. As the song washed over her along with the churning water, Tracy couldn’t help but grip the wooden railing so hard he thought it might splinter in his hands.

He listened while memorizing every inch of her body he could see. The freckles on her shoulders. The hollow at the base of her neck. The gentle curve of her small hips. He could see what he’d felt when he was touching her. She was more petite and slender than the women he usually enjoyed. Not since he was too young and stupid to know better had he gotten involved with someone he could carry in his pocket. Someone he could hurt.

But there was no going back now. He was just going to have to be patient to get what he wanted. To make sure she could take all of him, that she wanted to take all of him, and everything he planned to do to her.

Until tonight, he was actually known for his patience. Loved and hated for it by the women who frequented the same clubs. Alicia Bell was the first one to truly test him and she hadn’t even had to try.

She dragged her body onto the corner seat of the hot tub and lifted her legs until they were bent over the rounded rim. One hand reached back behind her head and the other lowered between her legs.

Fuck me.

Sweet Jesus, he knew exactly what she was about to do. Knew before she slid her soaking panties to one side and pressed closer to the large jet that was powerful enough to ease his stubborn back aches. Powerful enough to make her feel as if she were being well and truly fucked.

In hotel Jacuzzis, with water toys and showerheads, he’d done this to women before. Guided a hard stream of pulsing water between their legs and brought them to climax without actually touching them. But he’d never seen anything as erotic as Alicia by moonlight.

Good girl
, he thought, as heartened by her actions as he was turned on. She
a natural. Passionate. She wanted and needed release, enough to risk a late night encounter to seek it out. There was at least a slender thread of wild rebellion inside her, begging to be released.

He could do things with that slender thread that would make her scream.

It would be easy to let himself imagine she knew he was there. That this was an invitation, an opening for him to take what he wanted. To join her in the water and enjoy exploring his brand new obsession. But she wasn’t that manipulative, and he wasn’t that lucky. Not tonight.

She moaned softly, so softly it almost merged with the music and he knew that was what she intended. Clever. The muscles in her legs worked as she rocked back and forth against the massaging jet, her fingers spreading the lips of her sex…for him. Begging him to come closer and taste.

His jeans were tight against his cock and he hissed, swiftly undoing the buckle and sliding the zipper carefully down over his shaft. He gripped his erection tight as she pressed her sex on top of the jet’s short nozzle and pumped her hips against it, riding it, her mouth opening on a silent cry as she closed in on her climax.

ready…but not for him. Not yet.

Tracy stroked himself in time to her thrusts, thinking about what he would do to get her ready. It wasn’t ego to think she would need to be prepared before he could take her. He would stretch her sweet little ass with a smaller plug at first, and bind her wrists and ankles to get her used to being restrained while he filled the pussy he couldn’t take his eyes off of. He would see how much she could take. What she liked. He would have her begging for his cock by the time he was through. Just thinking about how good she’d feel around him brought him to the brink of orgasm in a shamefully short amount of time.

When he thought he couldn’t take it anymore, her softly gasped, “
” sent him over the edge.

He backed away from the railing, his teeth bared as he came in his own hand. He shuddered at the intensity of it. Too hot. Too fast. Too out of control. He took a deep breath and turned, scooping up his shirt to wipe himself off as he went back inside and headed for the empty guest room upstairs. 

It had been unexpected, she had been unexpected, but he was going to need a hell of a lot more restraint than that over the next few weeks. He was a grown man, for God sake, not an adolescent with his first hard on. Alicia was a sweet temptation, but he knew that regaining his control would be the only way to guarantee her pleasure.

She’d said his name.

He wanted to hear it again. As he stripped and threw off the covers he knew he wouldn’t need, he made a promise to himself. Before Alicia Antonia Bell got in her car and went back to her life in the city, she would know what it was like to scream his name while he was inside her. She would learn to crave his touch and know what it meant to submit to him completely.

He would give the freckle-faced teacher a lesson she would never forget and himself the satisfaction he knew he would find in her body. When she left, he would turn his mind back to the task of settling down. But tonight
was all he could think about.

The morning was too far away.


“Oh, God.” Alicia muttered raggedly, letting the waves of her orgasm ripple through her even as the need for another built inside her. What was wrong with her?

Tracy Reyes. The answer was immediate and set off a new rush of shivering sensation. She’d tried to sleep, tossing and turning for two hours before she’d decided a relaxing soak in the hot tub might help relieve her tension.

All of her tension.

It wouldn’t be the first time. A few days ago she’d discovered, almost by accident, another use for the massaging jets that covered the heated pool. It had been exciting and a little taboo then, experimenting with the different sizes and power levels, but tonight? It was mandatory. She desperately needed relief and her hand wasn’t enough.

His hands… She could still feel his strong fingers on her back and the weight of his hand on her braid. Still smell his clean spice and leather scent all around her. When she wasn’t thinking about what would have happened if he hadn’t said goodnight when he did, she was thinking about the way she’d reacted to him.

Alicia could have been sixteen again, letting her boyfriend stick his hand inside her panties as they made out against the lockers at a school dance. She hadn’t been able to say no to Robbie, despite the danger of being caught or her mother’s lectures about self-respect. There’d been something about him that made her want to be bad. Made her want for the first time.

Tracy Reyes made her want.  But there was no comparison. The chemistry she’d experienced in his office crushed the memory of her innocent high school rebellion. It wasn’t just sex, though she couldn’t help but wonder what it would feel like to be with someone that big and muscular. He really was a beautiful beast of a man. But there was something else that drew her to him.

It was the way she’d responded when he’d taken control, massaging her without asking permission, because she needed it. It hadn’t felt invasive or aggressive to Alicia. She’d felt pampered. Cared for. The way he could read her… She had a feeling he would be the same in the bedroom. Devastating. Her previous lovers were considerate, gentle, even skilled, but they didn’t know what she craved.

Would Tracy? Would he be rough in his passion? Forgetting to treat her like a breakable doll and making her feel like a woman instead? Would he grip her wrists the way he had in the living room and hold them over her head so she couldn’t push him away?

Alicia moaned and started to rock against the powerful jet again, feeling the pounding pressure on her clit. She knew he would. A man like that would know exactly what he was doing. Would know what she needed before she did. Would make her do things she never would have dared to before. Make her come so hard…

.” She ducked her head under the water to muffle her cries as her second climax hit her. It had never happened that fast. Never without a detailed fantasy and a long, slow build. Never twice in a row.

If just the thought of him could get to her like this, how would she survive the real thing?

She lifted her head, gasping for breath as she dropped her shaking legs back down into the water. “Enough.”

Tomorrow when the sun came up and sanity prevailed, she would remember that she didn’t know him a few hours ago. That she was here for her sister and the baby. That she didn’t lose her head like this for anyone, but especially not a man who’d done nothing more than rub a kink out of her neck. She was too smart for that.

Alicia pulled her body out of the water and reached for her towel, drying herself off with shaky hands, turning off the music on her iPod and slipping on her pajama bottoms before walking back toward the house.

When she reached the top of the stairs, she opened the door to the master bedroom quietly, checking on her sister and reminding herself about her priorities. Jinny had thrown off the covers and was curled up tight with the body pillow Alicia had bought for her on the trip here. She looked so young and peaceful, reminding Alicia of the months after their mother had brought her home from the hospital. They used to lie on the floor beside her crib, talking softly and watching little Jinny sleep, planning all the tea parties they would have and games they would play when she was older.

A baby. Jinny was having a baby. Alicia closed the door and turned to her room with tears in her eyes. Mom would have been so excited at the prospect of being a grandmother, but Alicia had only been able to focus on protecting her. Keeping her safe. She’d been doing it for so long, worrying and trying to make up for their parents’ absence by being the voice of reason that she wasn’t sure she remembered how to be anything else for Jinny. How to be a sister. But she had to try.

Mr. Reyes was right about that. She needed to be here for Jinny without pressuring her. She wouldn’t say another word about leaving or getting a divorce, no matter how much Miguel’s behavior tempted her. Jinny didn’t need the extra stress so close to her pregnancy and Alicia didn’t want to chase her away again.

She missed her family. She just had to trust that Jinny would make the right decisions on her own.

Damn it.

Alicia stripped naked and fell into the bed with a sigh. Tomorrow she would find a nearby bed and breakfast for them to stay at until the baby came. She would miss the hot tub, but the mountain getaway was no longer a place of serenity.

Tracy Reyes and his larger than life presence had taken over and changed everything.



Chapter Four


Her sister was gone.

Alicia had gone into Jinny’s bedroom—a little late since she’d showered, primped and put on her favorite sundress due to last night’s new arrival—to see what she wanted for breakfast. It was the same thing she’d done every morning since they arrived. Only today, her bed was stripped and her body pillow was gone. Jinny wasn’t there.

She ran down the stairs, calling her name and opening every closed door in the house. Had she gone into labor? Had she been taken? Had the sexually charismatic man claiming to be Mr. Reyes actually—she couldn’t finish the thought, feeling sick to her stomach and imagining the worst.

Flinging open the front door she barreled down the steps and straight into an old man with a thick mustache and wide grin. “Are you the sister?”

The sister.

“Yes?” She gripped his arms. “Jinny is my sister. Do you know where she is? Is she in the hospital?”

He nodded, his smile turning to a concerned frown. “No, no. And of course I know where she is. Are you okay, Miss?”

Tracy’s amused voice made her turn her head toward the barn to see him walking slowly in their direction. “She’s from the city, Luca. They’re a skittish people and notoriously late risers. She slept the morning away and missed all the excitement. Good morning, Alicia Bell. Don’t you look pretty?”

The man nodded in understanding and Alicia let him go, putting her hands on her hips as she turned to her host with a glare. Slept the morning away? It was only nine o’clock. “Where is Jinny?”

Tracy pushed his hat back, his smile still firmly in place. “She went down a few hours ago with her mother-in-law and Miguel. I gave him the day off so they could pay a visit to the Doc, but by now they’re at the main house for the small baby shower being thrown in your sister’s honor.”

Luca chuckled. “Small, he says. I can’t believe how many Reyes have already descended on the ranch and it’s not even noon. Your aunt sent me with a list of supplies to get in town after I dropped off Old Man. She also wants to make sure you and Miss Bell will be there so Jinny won’t feel overwhelmed by her new family.”

“We’ll be there eventually,” Tracy affirmed. “I have some business to attend to.”

Alicia stood frozen, eyes wide when Luca nodded respectfully and walked to his truck without another word. Jinny was safe and the baby wasn’t coming early. Tracy wasn’t a murderer. Instead, he’d introduced her sister to her husband’s mother, gotten her a doctor appointment and put together a party for her in less than twelve hours. And Jinny had let him instead of brushing his ideas off the way she did Alicia’s.

The truck disappeared and she still hadn’t moved. It wasn’t until Tracy put his hands on her shoulders that she started to shake. “What’s this? Why are you trembling, Alicia? What is it?”

She shook her head and pulled away from him, walking blindly. “I’m fine. I was just surprised.”

Tracy was following her. “If you’re fine, why are you about to walk into the barn wall?”

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