The Cowboy's Kink (The Billionaire Bachelors Series) (6 page)

BOOK: The Cowboy's Kink (The Billionaire Bachelors Series)

She stopped and looked up in surprise at the wooden slats in front of her. Shit. She turned to find him closer than she’d expected. “She’s never up before I am. And she’s had a rough time with the baby. When she was gone and the bed was stripped I thought…” Horrible things, she shrugged. “I was worried.”

Tracy swore again, dragging her close and wrapping his arms around her shivering body. “Jesus, I’m a thoughtless bastard. The last thing I wanted to do was scare you. My intention was an intimate welcome to the family for your sister, but once the aunts found out about her, it took on a life of its own.”

He was rocking slightly on his heels, soothing her. He really smelled fantastic. She sniffled and buried her face in his white short-sleeved shirt. “That was very nice of you. I wish she’d woken me up to let me know.”

She felt his sigh on the top of her head. “She planned to. I suggested letting you sleep and bringing you down myself when you were ready. She was so excited to be meeting Miguel’s mother I think she might have agreed to anything.”

Alicia could imagine. She lifted her head and took a step back. She really needed some distance from this man. “Thank you, Mr. Reyes. You didn’t have to go to so much trouble but I know Jinny is over the moon. The least I can do is give you back your privacy. I’ll just throw my bags in the trunk of my car and go see if they need any help putting the party together.”

He stared at her with something in his eyes that made her heart start racing again. “What? Did she take my car?”

She started to look but he shook his head. “She didn’t take it. But I just got off the phone with a mechanic who’s on the way to pick it up. I poked around under the hood and kicked the tires this morning, and frankly I’m not sure how you got here in one piece. I’m tempted to take it out back and shoot it.”

Alicia frowned in consternation. “How long have you been awake? Because
not sure I’ve ever met anyone who could get into so much business that wasn’t his this early in the morning. Thank you for helping Jinny out, but I’m fine. My car is

Tracy crossed his arms across his broad chest, his biceps doing their best to distract her. “Your car is a fifteen year old heap of junk on wheels. The windows don’t work, you have one taillight, you may have fixed one tire but two others are bald and you’re leaking oil all over my driveway. Doesn’t sound like you know what ‘fine’ means.”

Before she could respond he turned and headed into the barn.

“Wait a second,” she called as she followed him in, fuming. “I may have given you the wrong impression last night. Just because I listened to your advice about Jinny and accepted your invitation to stay until morning doesn’t mean I enjoy being bossed around.”

“Too bad.”

His back was to her and he was in hidden in the shadows of the dimly lit barn. She moved closer. “Excuse me?”

He turned, gripping her hips and lifting her until her back was against a wooden stall before she had time to shout her surprise.

“I said,” he murmured close enough that she could feel his breath against her cheek. “That’s too bad. Because I think you need a little bossing around. In fact, just between you and me, I think you’d love it.”

“Wh-what?” His words sunk in and she felt something wholly feminine flutter inside her stomach. “You’re not talking about the car anymore.”

“No, I’m not.”

“Are all cowboys this forward, Mr. Reyes?” If they were she was moving here immediately, but she wasn’t going to say that out loud.

“Not if they’re gentlemen.” He pressed his forehead to hers, his grip tightening on her hips. “I didn’t mean to scare you, and I was planning on approaching you differently, but you kept me up all night, Alicia Bell. The least you can do is call me Tracy.”

“I did?” Alicia sounded breathless because she was. He was so close it was hard to think. “You didn’t scare me.”

“Yes, I did.” He nodded against her head, his hands splaying so his thumbs pressed against her lower belly over her green sundress. “But I kept you up too and there’s no use denying it. For the same reason, I’m guessing. I usually have more patience than this, but I’m not a man who likes to waste time, Alicia. When I see something I want, I go after it. And I see something I want.”

He looked into her eyes for one tense heartbeat. Then another. Waiting. The hands she’d placed on his chest flexed and she licked her lips. Tracy groaned. “I think I’m going to take that as a yes.”

The first brush of his lips against hers was light. Teasing. He waited until she moved closer before deepening the kiss. Alicia’s bones turned to butter and she melted into him, loving how his body felt against hers.

He pulled back, just enough so their lips were barely touching as he spoke. “You haven’t asked me what I want. Wouldn’t you like to know? I do have something specific in mind.”

“What, specifically, do you want?” Other than to kiss her brainless.

His fingers tightened in reaction. “You’re in town until the baby is born, right? Well, as long as you are, I want you to stay here, in my house. With me.”

She whimpered when he pressed one thickly muscled thigh between her legs, rocking her sex against the rough fabric of his jeans. He bit her lower lip gently. “Your body is already agreeing to it and you wouldn’t even have to unpack, so this is where you say ‘Yes, Tracy’.”

“I don’t want to cause any trouble,” she moaned, her hips moving instinctively against him, unable to help herself. “We shouldn’t have been here in the first place.”

“Stay with me.”

“Yes,” she gasped, unable to deny the command.

He stopped her movements with a bruising grip. “Yes, Tracy,” he repeated in that voice that made her start to tremble.

This wasn’t fair. It was coercion. But she couldn’t find a single reason to deny him. What harm would staying at his house do? Especially if he was going to keep doing what he was doing. “Yes, Tracy.”

He kissed her in approval, the passionate kiss she’d been longing for, his tongue stroking hers as one hand left her hip and slipped beneath her dress. His knuckles pressed against her clit through her panties and she moaned into his mouth.

Yes. Touch me.

He lifted his mouth again. “Good girl. But I want more. I want you to give me permission to do whatever I want to this body…” He paused and did something to her clit with his fingers that made her jerk against him and gasp. “Whenever I want it, as long as you like it and don’t tell me to stop.”

“Don’t stop,” she whispered, more turned on than she’d ever been before. Ready to burst. Ready to come right now. She lowered her hand to cover his and pressed it harder against her. “Please.”

“I like that word,” he growled. “But that isn’t what I need to hear. Say it.”

He stopped his caresses and lowered his thigh and she groaned, raising her hand to land with a frustrated thud on his chest. “We hardly know each other. I can’t just—why are you playing with me like this?”

Tracy released her and stepped back, his expression enigmatic, his bronze cheeks flushed with the same need she was feeling. “I do want to play with you, Alicia Bell. But it isn’t a game. So let’s get to know each other. I’ll tell you a little bit about me. I suppose you could call me a kinky bastard. I spent the night imagining you tied to my bed while I spanked your pussy until you came for me. Hours picturing you on your knees, letting me have you in ways that you never dreamed were possible. That’s who I am. What I want.”

Holy—she took a shaky breath and lifted her chin, knowing he was expecting to shock her. And succeeding a little more than she wanted him to know. “You mean like BDSM?”

He reached out with one hand and hooked his fingers around her bodice, tugging her closer. “An apple for the teacher. What do you know about this subject, Ms. Bell?”

She licked her lips, amazed she was having this conversation at all. It was surreal. Unexpected. Exciting. “I’ve read about it.”

“Textbooks? Psychology papers?” His knuckles were brushing against her skin.

She shook her head, swallowing. “Erotic fiction. There’s one author whose books are very detailed named Eden Brad—”

“Did you like it?” he interrupted softly. “The details? Did they make you wet?”

Oh God. “Yes.”

She’d loved it. It was her guilty secret. While other teachers at her school were reading young adult to connect with their students or sweet romance to escape them, Alicia was reading about dungeons and dominant men who craved submission and love.

“Tell me your favorite—” Tracy’s jaw clenched and he inhaled sharply. “Damn it.” He let her go and lifted his hat long enough to run a hand through his hair. “There’s a truck coming up the drive. Probably for your car. Stay here and I’ll deal with it.”

Oh my God.

Alicia covered her face with shaking hands. Was this actually happening? Making out in a barn with a man she hardly knew? Having a conversation about kinky sex?

She wanted to say yes. It was almost frightening how badly she wanted to agree to this proposition from a man she hardly knew. She’d never felt anything like this. Like they were two magnets drawing closer together. She could feel the pull in her stomach. In her sex.

As long as she was in town, he’d said.

There were rules to this kind of thing, she knew. Safe words and limits. She would have to let him know if she wasn’t okay with any of the things he mentioned. Being tied up. Being spanked. Being taken whenever and wherever he wanted her. Her rule would be that her sister could never find out what was going on, which wouldn’t be easy when they were all under the same roof.

Or that would be her rule…if she were saying yes. Which she would only do if the idea of Tracy spanking her until she came turned her on.

Which would be crazy.

Alicia jumped when she heard a whinny in the stall beside her. “Oh lord, when did you get here?”

A horse. A large white and brown speckled horse was eyeing her with a resigned air. She laughed. “So what do you think I should do?”

Tracy’s chuckle made her close her eyes in embarrassment without turning around. “I see you met Old Man. He’s going to be our transportation for the day.”

That got her attention. She whirled around. “He’s going to what? I’m skittish city folk, remember? I’ve never been on a horse in my life. If my car were still here I’d just meet you and save Old Man the aggravation. It isn’t that far right? I could probably walk.”

Tracy was leaning against the door, his lips tilted. “Your car is still here, Alicia Bell. You told me to stop sticking my nose in where it doesn’t belong, but your car is a death trap so I’m compromising. I asked my guy to come back in a few days and do any work that needs to be done in my driveway instead of towing it out of your sight.”

“You did?” Her voice rose in genuine shock.

He nodded. “I want to control your pleasure, Alicia, not your life. Despite evidence to contrary, I’m not an asshole.”

I want to control your pleasure.

Oh God.

“Tracy I think—”

He held up his hand. “We should wait on making any firm decisions for the moment. You know what I want and you’ve admitted to more than a passing interest in the topic. Neither one of us can deny our mutual attraction without lying. Do you agree?”

“Yes, Tracy.” It slipped out and his eyes narrowed.

“Good,” he responded with a rasp. “That’s good. Then let’s do an experiment. While you’re thinking, you’re going to ride down to the party with me. It will take a little time, and we’ll be all alone on a private road. Until we reach the front gates of Reyes ranch, you’ll do what I ask and let me do what I want to your body. Just a taste of what’s coming, to see if you want the main course.”

She bit her lip, wondering how they could do anything but cling for dear life to the big animal’s back. “Okay.”

He raised one eyebrow and she corrected herself. “I mean, yes, Tracy.”

He strode toward her and kissed her forehead before pushing her toward the door. “Let me get him saddled while you go inside and take off your underwear.”

She laughed. “What?” He stared at her. He wasn’t kidding. “But I’m going to meet your family. Jinny’s in-laws. I can’t do that in a skirt with no…”

He’d already started the experiment, she realized. If she wanted this, wanted to see what it was like, she had to follow his instructions. Going commando would be embarrassing, but only for her, as long as she was careful and there were no sudden breezes.

Did she really want to do this?

A little experiment? A little excitement? She

It only took her fifteen minutes to freshen up, make sure her braided bun was secure and slip off her underwear before returning to the patio. Tracy was waiting beside the giant, but thankfully serene looking animal, a thoughtful expression on his face.

“Are you ready, Alicia Bell?”

She nodded and started down the steps, loving the way he said her name.

“Show me.”

She froze, her cheeks heating. “Now?”


God he had a sexy voice. She reached for the knee-length hem of her sundress and pulled it up slowly, her heart pounding in her ears when it finally revealed her bare sex to his gaze.

She heard him growl. “You’re a beautiful woman. I could look at you for hours but then we’d never make it to the party. Are you ready to go for a ride?”

Yes. But not the kind he was referring to. “I’m ready.”

“You can drop your skirt now and come down.”

Shit. She let go of her skirt, still blushing. When she reached him he picked her up with one arm and got up on the horse in a move so smooth she had to smile. Such a cowboy. There was only one problem.

“I think I’m facing the wrong way,” she said with a laugh.

He reached around her and took the reins, looping them on the saddle horn. “No, you’re not. Put your legs over my thighs and hold onto me.”

“Oh God.” She obeyed nervously as the horse began to stroll in an unhurried gait down the driveway. Her hands tightened on his shoulders. She was so close she could see every long dark lash that framed his eyes and the small, barely visible scar on his strong jaw. “Are you sure this is safe? Shouldn’t you be steering?”

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