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opened her mouth to say something, anything, but no sound came out, just her
harsh breathing. Clara couldn’t tear her gaze from his cock. The man looked
huge, heavily veined, thick and long, and she clenched her thighs to relieve
the instant ache in her pussy.

Clara had never actually had sex, she was no stranger to self-pleasure, and had
used a variety of vibrators on herself. None of them had been as big as
Daniel’s cock, however, and shiver of apprehension marched up her spine.

have no idea how hard it makes me to see you looking at me like that, chit.”

wrenched her gaze slowly up his body, over the dips and valleys of abdominal
muscles that would have put any twenty first century cover model to shame, the
well-defined pectorals, broad shoulders, and strong neck, until finally she
took in his clenched jaw and the burning need in his blue eyes.

reflected the building heat in her lower belly so perfectly, she had to remind
herself to keep on breathing, as her earlier arousal spiked once more.

I…” She couldn’t continue, not when he advanced on her with the long limbed
gait of a predator seemingly intent on devouring her.
Lord help her, she was ready to be ravished
any which way he wanted. The barely functioning rational side of her brain
urged her to protest, while the submissive side demanded she melt. However, she
managed a feeble objection as he climbed on the top, and slowly slid his big
body over hers.

about the letter. Shouldn’t we finish reading it, to find out what—”

rest of whatever she was going to say was lost in the kiss he gave her. This
wasn’t a gentle kiss, far from it. This was a claim, a brand of her body and soul,
as he took charge, reducing her to nothing more than a quivering mass of
needing to be fucked now woman.

the consequences. This heat building between them, the growing ache between her
thighs was all that mattered, and when he finally broke the kiss and sitting up
straddled her legs, and smiled at her, Clara was lost.

you don’t want this, tell me now. Once I worked this darn shirt, which is
spoiling my view of your luscious body off of you, I’m going to fuck you and
make you mine.”


force of his feelings surprised Daniel. Even to his own ears his voice sounded
hoarse, strained with need, and his cock would explode soon, he was sure. He
hissed through his teeth when Clara ran her fingernails slowly down his body
and then wrapped both her hands around his aching prick.

still not marrying you,
My Lord.”

intonation she put on his title made him shake his head, but as she chose that
moment to pull back his foreskin and swipe her finger through the tiny slit of
his cock head, he lost the ability to utter anything more intelligible than a

impish smile kicked up her lips at his response and she lost her rhythm when he
took the hem of his shirt and slowly lifting it, exposed her body to his view.

dropped a kiss on each one of her nipples, breathing in her scent. When he
flicked his tongue over one engorged bud, her moan in answer was music to his
ears. Her fingers tightened on his prick, eliciting a grunt from him, and she
hastily removed them.

did I hurt you?”

His Clara
looked so worried, his chest tightened with emotion. He might only just have
met her, but already she meant far too much to him, and regardless of her
protestations to the contrary he would marry her.

but you will soon ease that hurt. I want you, dear Clara.”

eyes widened and the most delightful blush spread across her impressive bosom.
Tugging at the shirt, he pulled it over her head. She arched her back to enable
him to do so. The action meant her breasts touched his chest, and Daniel grasped
the perfect globes and pushed them together, flicking his tongue over both her
nipples at the same time.

breathing sped up and she pushed herself further into his mouth as he started
to suck strongly.

god, that feels so good. Please…”

released the nipple between his teeth, scraping along the engorged bud, and
grinned at the goose flesh that peppered his girl’s skin. Her thighs bunched
underneath him, and lifting off her, he nudged her legs apart with his thigh.
The fact that she opened up willingly meant a great deal right now. It placed
the head of his cock dangerously close to her wet cunt and they both groaned
when he ran the tip of his prick through her cunt lips.

urge to push into the sweet haven to be found between her legs rode him hard,
but mindful of her innocence he teased them both by grasping the root of his
shaft, and running it through her wet slit. More of her juices gushed out of
her as she writhed underneath him, coating them both, as he bumped into her
hidden pearl just visible at the top of her hood.

I’m so close, please, oh God, yes.”

hips jerked upward and her little hole clenched, her inner lips darkening in
color as the whole area swelled with the influx of blood as her arousal built.

allowed himself one last slow drag through her cunt, before he withdrew.

close are you, sweet girl?” he asked, and Clara groaned. Eyes closed with her
glorious hair spread across his bed like a dark halo she looked a woman on the
edge, caught up in her pleasure, and his prick twitched.

would be so easy to sink his cock into her, but he needed to hear her say it.
To know that she was his, and would not regret giving him her virginity in the

close, please, just do something.”

grinned and scooting down the bed grasped her arse cheeks and lifted her cunt
up to his face. He blew across the pink flesh in front of him, and Clare
grasped the bed covers in a white knuckled grip. A keening cry escaped her as
he licked along her slit, and he groaned his approval when her sweet nectar
exploded on his taste buds. Was anything more delicious?

sweet, girl, and so very wet for me. Tell me this bounty is all mine to do with
as I please. Tell me you’re mine and want me to fuck you.”

clamped her thighs around his head, and her hips jumped under his hands, as she
ground her cunt against his face.

god, please…I’m so close…yes, yes…” The rest of her shout of completion came
out as unintelligible jumble as sweet Clara came apart under his tongue. Daniel
lapped up her juices, and kept up the gentle suckling on her hard nubbin until
he’d wrung the last aftershock out of his girl, and her thighs grew slack. Only
then did he lift his head and look up at her to see her watching him.

her eyes at half-mast and her breasts still shaking with the force of her harsh
breathing she looked sated and so beautiful it took his breath away.

there, my lady.”

giggle escaped her and her eyes grew wide when he slowly crawled up her body,
delivering little kisses along her perspiration soaked skin as he went along.
By the time he reached her face and claimed her kiss-swollen lips, she was
squirming again underneath him.

enjoyed seeing you fall apart, my love,” he said.

gasped and began a tentative exploration of his torso until she reached the
root of his cock. That organ jumped and a hiss escaped his lips, when she
wrapped her little fist around it again.

about you, My Lord? Do you want me to—?”


jumped at the terse command that came out much harsher than he’d meant it to,
but he was hanging on by a thin thread here.

make up for his brutishness he kissed her nose and smiled at her.

the thought of you taking my cock in your mouth is very appealing and we will
definitely be doing this later on, I want to feel your internal walls quiver
around my prick, while you take my seed, and lord help me, I want to spill
inside your body.”

drew in a sharp breath and he hurried on to explain before she could voice an

I shall, of course withdraw and spill outside of your body, until we are
married. It wouldn’t do to—”

slap against his chest packed as surprising punch and he blanched as she let go
of his cock and squeezed his ballocks in a grip so tight it brought tears to
his eyes.

not going to marry you. I already said that, you fool of a duke. When I marry
it will be because I’m madly in love with my groom, not because this sex on
legs gorgeous time traveller took my virginity, and thus feels he
marry me.”

mock glared at him, and dropped a kiss on his lips.

you, let me speak,” she continued in a tone that could strip paint. “This is
the twenty first century, and we don’t have to get married at all, unless we
both want to. Regardless of what any old will might say. What we do need to do,
however, is fuck. So will you please do that?” She paused and he wondered at
her blush.

is no need for you to pull out. I’ve been on the pill since I was fourteen to
regulate my cycle, so I can’t get pregnant, and I suppose we ought to use
condoms, but I dare say you have no idea what those are.”

are talking in riddles, woman. Why can you not have children? And what in the
deuce are condoms?”

giggled, and he had to smile along with her. It was such a lighthearted sound
it chased away the last of his misgivings, and she shrieked when he pushed her
back on the bed and settled himself between her legs. A moan escaped her, when
he teased her entrance with the head of his cock, and gritting his teeth, he
pushed in just enough to feel her clamping down on his prick.

sweet girl. Let me in. This might hurt at first, but it will be short lived
pain, I promise.”

know.” Clara’s breathless reply meant he pushed in a little bit more.

you’re so tight.
I will not last long,
I’m afraid. Are you ready?”

god, yes, I …ow.”

her cry of pain in his mouth Daniel pushed through the thin barrier of her
innocence in one swift move. After that first brief moment of resistance her
sweet cunt opened to him beautifully. He stopped when he was fully seated
inside her body, her internal walls quivering around his prick, and looked down
on her. Eyes shut tight, his girl whimpered as she began to move slowly.

to me, my dear.”

eyes fluttered open, and she gasped when he pulled almost all the way out, and
then slid back into her.

You expect me to talk?”

laughed at the face she pulled.

funny, just for the love of god, move….I… god yes… again….harder.”

obliged, loving the incomprehensible sounds that spilled from Clara’s lips, as
he upped his pace. Her hips rose and fell in tune with his, as they established
a rhythm and the heat built between them. Just like he feared his release built
at the bottom of his spine far too soon for his liking, and slipping a hand
between their sweat slicked bodies, he found her pearl and rubbed in tune with
the ever increasing force of his thrusts.

clamped around his cock and as the first pulses of his seed ejected, she too
reached her pinnacle once more. Closing his eyes, Daniel gave himself up to the
sheer joy of his release, as his future duchess shivered and shook underneath
him, her little sounds of joy the perfect backdrop to his own guttural shout of
completion as he made her his forever.

collapsed on top of her, and once their breathing had slowed down somewhat, and
he was fairly certain that he had regained the use of his arms and legs, he
withdrew his softening cock from the tight clasp her body still had on him. He
clucked his tongue at her wince of pain, as he rolled off her, taking her with
him and tucking her into his side. Clara snuggled into him with a sigh of
completion and his heart clenched at her whispered words.


himself up on one elbow better to see her expression, he frowned down on her.

for, my precious girl?”

making my first time so spectacular,” she said and he laughed.

is very sweet of you to say, dearest, but I fear I didn’t last much longer than
a school boy after he’s graduated to long trousers. I can do much better than
this. Just give me a few moments to recover, and I’ll show you.”

smiled and much to his surprise raised herself up until she could kiss him.
Just like before their kiss quickly turned passionate, and his cock responded
most satisfactorily.
Clara gasped in
seeming delight when he grasped her by the shoulders and held her poised above
his erect cock.

turn to ride me, if you’re not too sore that is.”

an adorable look of concentration on her face, Clara grasped the root of his
cock and slowly seated herself. Her breathing sped up in tune with his, and
grasping his shoulders to steady herself, began a slow up and down rise, that
made him grit his teeth against the urge to take over.

it my sweet girl, you set the pace.”

grinned at him, and then her brows drew together in a frown as she looked past
and to the side of him.

her gaze he saw it was the letter Kit has written to him.

we finish reading that?” She gasped as he thrust his hips upward to meet her on
the down stroke, and digging his finger into her hips, Daniel did it again.

of time for that. Besides I know what it will say.”

do?” Clara went a little cross eyed, and shrieked when he tumbled them both, as
he took charge of their coupling.

BOOK: The Dukes' Christmas Abductions
7.28Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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