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"Come for me, Amelia, my
I need you to be so very wet when
I take you this first time.
I fear that I will hurt you."
There was true contrition in his voice, but she did not care.
She was not afraid.
She would bear any amount of hurt to be with
him, to be his true wife and give him the pleasure he longed for.

She threaded her fingers through
his hair and held him to her when he pressed in harder, his tongue lapping at
her very essence, drinking her in far more intimately than she had ever
imagined was possible.
Then, he slid that
maddening finger inside of her once more, followed by a second, all while his
tongue continued to stroke her to new height of pleasure.

Amelia could no longer resist the
pull of the pressure building up inside of her and with a keening cry, she let
go, wave after wave of sheer pleasure and bliss washing over her, her body
riding the crests of the waves as they rose and fell within her.

Finally spent, she felt her knees
begin to give out, her arms no longer steady enough to support her.
But, as always, David was there.

"Easy my love.
I have you.
I will always have you."
Picking her up gently, he cradled her to his chest before carrying her
the few short paces to his bed where he placed her down as if she was the most
precious thing in the world to him.

Looking at him, Amelia was left
The shadows of flames
seemed to lick at his skin, giving him the look of a god, a mythical being come
to life.
And he was hers.
All hers.

His chest was as perfectly sculpted
as she had imagined it to be, the contours of his muscles stark against the
flat plane of his stomach.
green-brown eyes watched her intently, searching her face for something she did
not understand.

She reached for him and that brought a smile to his face.

"I though you would never

As she watched, he slowly undid the
fall of his breeches, stripping away the clinging fabric to reveal tight hips
and a train of hair that led from his chest down to his waist and then farther
yet to a nest of curls at his own apex, his hard cock jutting proudly out as if
in salute.

"You see what you do to me,
love?" he asked her, a grin on his lips when he saw where her gaze fell.

"I cannot...
That is to say
There was no possible
way they would fit together.
It was not
He was too big.

"Ah, you are good for a man's
ego, my love.
He tugged his breeches
off the rest of the way to reveal strong, muscular legs that matched the rest
of his large, strong body.
I can assure you that we will be
perfect together.
I know it.
For you are made for no other but me."

Amelia sincerely doubted it, but
she did not want David to think her afraid.
She wasn't.
Not really.
She was merely uncertain.
After all, this had been a time of many
firsts for her.
And, at the moment,
this was her first time seeing a naked man.
Not that she minded.
For he was
indeed beautiful in the most masculine sense she could imagine, as if the
heavens had carved him specifically to her wishes and desires.

Then he was kneeling beside her,
his hard body looming over her much softer one.
"Let me have you, Amelia.
All of you.
Do not hide from
Slowly he began to push her
legs apart and she opened for him.

For a moment, she reached out to
touch his cock, barely brushing a finger over the velvet harness of him when he
stilled her hand.
You can explore me at length
If you touch me now, this will
be over far too fast.
I am not certain
as it is that I can last very long."

Amelia understood, at least to some
degree, what he was saying and pulled her hand back.
However, she looked up at him, a teasing glint in her eyes.
"I shall hold you to that,
For I want to know you as
intimately as you know me.
And for
that, I believe we will need much practice."

That elicited a groan from David
and he sank between her knees, the hot length of his cock pressing against her
"Forgive me, love, for I
cannot wait.
You undo me.

Then he was there, pressing inside
of her and Amelia did not resist.
Rather, she welcomed him as best she could, though her untried body was
At one point, she thought he
would not completely fit inside of her, but then he pushed through an unseen
barrier, which caused her a moment of pain but then brought her nothing but
sheer pleasure.
She could feel him
throb inside of her and she wiggled against him, seeking relief from the
pressure building inside of her once more.

At that, David began to stroke,
flexing his hips as he drove into her before withdrawing.
It took her some time to match his rhythm,
finding one that pleased them both but when they did, Amelia began to soar.

She clutched at his back, holding
him tightly to her, nipping at his shoulder as he nipped at hers, his kisses
hot and demanding along her collarbone.
When she wrapped her legs around his waist, pulling him in deeper, she
thought he might die if the groan he let out was any indication.

Then, just as in the library, she
ceased to think, her body flying with his as he rode her.
Hips pumping and arms clutching, they took each
other higher and higher until David stiffened in her arms.
At that, he reached between them, seeking
out her nub of pleasure once more.

Amelia had no choice.
She shattered, all of her desire flooding
through her as she took in David's passion, his seed filling her, marking her
as his.
His property.
His lover.
His woman.
His wife.

When she was finally able to
breathe again, she looked up into his eyes and knew that she had come home.

"I love you," she
whispered, her heart full of emotions she could not name, though she knew at
least one of them was love.
This was
the earl who loved her.
He was her
Life, she decided with a
smile, was very good indeed.
It paid to
be a lioness and not a mouse.

Reaching up, she caressed his
cheek, trailing her hands down over his torso, relishing the feel of him.
All of him.
And all hers.
"And when you
are ready, I want to do that again."

David laughed, which was not the
reaction she had expected.
"Ah, my
saucy little minx.
We will.
I assure you, we will.
But for now, we rest."
And he pulled up the covers on his bed and
settled down beside her, resting her head on his chest as he sighed

Later that night as the flames in
the hearth burned low, David marveled at his good fortune.
Three days ago, he had despaired of ever
winning Amelia's heart.
Now, she was
his wife and in his bed.
She loved
What more could he ask for?
Nothing he decided as he rolled over, ready
to wake his wife for another session of lovemaking.

Then he looked at her flat stomach
and decided that there was one more thing he could wish for - a child that was
the product of their love.
When Amelia
smiled up at him sleepily, he ran a hand over her stomach and then down to cup
her intimately.
Having a child could take
And lots of practice.
No reason not to get started straight
And so they did.


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BOOK: The Earl Who Loved Me
8.68Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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