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Authors: Mihaela Gheorghe

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And the humility in his voice almost pains

“Of course I do.”

Then, we both relaxed, gradually. Then of
course my mouth begins to speak for itself.

“That’s why Sky said that you also know
hunger, right?”

Dane does not pretend he did not know what I
mean. He sighs before speaking.

“Although we hate it, there were still
certain instincts which we are not supposed to have and that we are
trying to reject. You’re in less danger with Sky. Not that you
would be in danger with me.” he hastens to add.

He entangles himself in his own words. It's
for the first time when I see him abashed

“As a matter of fact, I admit that I can be a
danger to you, although this is the last thing that I’d

I am well aware that he was making a special
effort to tell me anything of the sort. It was odd, but instead of
being frightened, I am rather satisfied with his sincerity. I get
closer to him. He is surprised, but pleased.

“And... Is your whole family the same?”

He nods again, approvingly. As if he would be
ashamed. What makes me think that we might be a little alike. We
both know what shame is.

“I'm sure your family is all wonderful

And I really mean that, although I can hardly
call them people. Supernatural people, perhaps. He tightens his arm
on my waist, almost taking my breath away.

“Wow!” I joke. “That's a grip!”

I slightly withdraw. He keeps me too close
and too tight. He weakens the grip, but he doesn’t release me. My
pulse rate is slightly more hectic. I like it and I dislike it both
his closeness.

“Did I scare you?” He asks me.

“No, not at all.”

“I see…”

But I know that he understands, but half.
Because his tone is slightly disappointed now. Because what he
understood is the fact that I don't like his embraces. And it's
true, in an unrealistic way, because at the same time, I do like

It was dark already. The frost from earlier
has intensified worse. I shiver.

“You better take my jacket.” he sighs. “I am
sorry that I am not a source of heat.”

“Don't worry.” I smile at him. “What about
you? You I won't be cold?”

This time he laughs.

“Not at all.”

However, instead of accepting his coat, I

“Anyway, I got to go.”

Dane sighs, but he doesn’t insist for me to
stay longer.

“Do you want me to take you home?” he asked

“No! God forbid such a thing!”

My too vehemently answer disconcerted

“You don’t have to take me home.” I say a
little quieter. “Thanks, but I know my way with my eyes

“It's not that you do not know it, just that
... I wanted to stay with you.”

I look blank at him.

“Well... Then I guess I'll see tomorrow.” I
add a little uneasy.

Dane is clearing up again. His dimples appear

“Are you sure? Do you promise?”

“Sure I promise.”

“Then I'll see tomorrow.”

“Sure thing.”

I take my pile of clothes. I try to go away,
but he holds my arm. His eyes shine.

“I just wish you could really understand what
you mean to me…” he says slowly and hoarsely. “I really wish you
could perceive how you make me feel when you're with me, and how I
despair when you're not. Because the shortest time without you,
it’s true agony for me.”

The fire I feel his words scares me a

“Come on, Dane, as I said, we are only kids!
Things cannot be that serious!”

“It is also the reason why I try so hard to
leave you free yet.” he says again. “Because I know you're still a
child, a child, but who’s not a kid anymore. That's why I can’t
tell you more than you already know. And perhaps I'll never tell
you. For that I would prefer a thousand times that you look at me
just like at a simple comrade, no matter how hard it might be for
me, than to see that you could watch with terror, with disgust,
with hostility...”

“That will never happen!” I assure him.


/’It would have been better if I had known
back then that "never say never"! Maybe if I had not uttered the
words, then what he never wanted would not have happened... But
back then, it seemed to me that he speaks too philosophically; it
seemed to me that he speaks too serious for the age he supposes to
be. Back then it seemed to me that he speaks too deeply as a lover
of girl who actually not even wanted a boyfriend. All that girl
wanted, all I wanted back then was a friend. Because I knew that I
would be missing him as a friend. And because I knew that I would
be hurt if this would have happened.

Because maybe, just maybe, I would have had
other feelings for him, but that they were so fresh, that I was not
sufficiently aware of them. Now I can think otherwise about what I
ought to do or say. Now. But back then...’/


Then I assured this with all the certainty
that I was capable of. His eyes look at me gently. He approached me
just a little, moving very slowly. But when his lips were put on
mine, I almost winced at how quickly he did it. As if he wanted me
not to be aware of what he was doing, in order for me to not have
time to retire. My heart speeds up again. And again, I feel the
same dual feelings of revulsion and equal pleasure.

He’s not breathing. He let go of me slowly,
his eyes with golden lights that I enjoy seeing.

“See you tomorrow!”

Chapter Nine

/’Then I vaguely remember the days that
followed. I was becoming increasingly worried about my mother. I
remember her moving increasingly difficult, starting to cough
blood, she was becoming weaker. My thoughts on these things were so
bleak, that I prefer to drive them out of my mind, deliberately.
The few clothes we had, I put on her, in a pathetic attempt to warm
her up. So it's not surprising that the terrible hunger began to
torment me again. I wonder as I often wondered, how come I didn’t
get sick, how come I not died, how come I survived. And I wonder if
it would have been better to have been dead, but to be what I am

And of course I remember Dane. We met every
day. He was like a kid who enjoys every time a new toy. But I was
always the same. I do not understand why he enjoyed my presence so
much, but I was quite pleased by his reaction. He made me feel
accepted. For him, it did not matter that I was poor, shabby and
hungry. And that was for me the most beautiful gift that anybody
could give me. And then, of course, the New Year's night. I
remember clearly that night. So clearly, as though there hadn't got
it over such a long time, such bitter fights, or bitter suffering,
such many of dead people...’/


I think that I would have loved to still have
that gown from him. I wanted to look beautiful again. Not that I
would have been pretty, but because that dress could turn into a
real princess the ugliest frog. I have come pretty close to Dane
now. He's really a true comrade. And if I had not started to like
his sporadic kisses, he could have been like a brother to me.

But the truth is that Sky could have been my
brother, but not Dane. My heart starts slightly to race at this

“What is the matter?”Dane asks me.

“Nothing. Why do you ask?”

“You have your heart chop chop all of a
sudden.” He explains.

I wry smile at him with a grimace which I
hope it is very unpleasant.

“These supernatural senses of yours are not
always an advantage,” I say to him, “but rather a total
disadvantage, especially for the people around you.”

He smiles.

“Please, believe me, that they are to me as
well a great disadvantage. Even more than for you.”

He has something in his voice that makes me
feel awkward. So I prefer not to ask him what he meant. He smiles
wider, as if he knows what I think.

“There's little time left until midnight.” I
say in a tone of conversation.

“That's right.” He admits it. “Do you realize
there are just three months since we’ve met and it seems to me that
I know you like for forever?”

“And yet, there are only three months.” I
stubbornly insist.

He covers his eyes with his eyelids, so that
I wouldn’t see his expression. He does this a lot lately.

“Anyway, “he said in a cheerful tone, a bit
forced “that and the fact that it's the New Year, is worth
celebrating. I brought champagne.”


“Don't you like it?”

“I don't know. I've never tasted such a thing
in my life. But I am willing to try it.”

In my mind, I really hope it’s something I
could eat. But when he pulls an oblong bottle, I have realized that
it is in fact a drink. I'm trying to conceal my disappointment
under a small smile.

“If it's alcohol, you know I do not drink.” I
warn him.

“This thing cannot even be called alcohol!”
Dane encourages me. Oh, please, try! And if you do not like, then
don’t drink.”

I put the bottle to my mouth. Some bubbles
sting my nose. Unwillingly, I laugh.

“This drink has a personality of its own!”I

Its taste is easy pungent. Initially, it
seems to me that it’s actually quite sickening. But it also has a
peculiar sweetness after you swallow it.

“Not bad.” I admit.

And I take a sip of it occasionally. It's
good to feel that I have something in my stomach, be it even
liquid. At a certain moment I stagger a little, although I am

“Wow!” I laugh. “Note that I'm not even cold.
This drink is magical somehow?”

And I lifted the bottle to my mouth again.
Dane stretches to take the bottle away from me.

“You know, I should probably stop drinking.”
He says.

“Don't be silly! Look how little I drank from
it.? Not even half!”

And I keep drinking a little more. I wonder
now why everyone blames the drink. It is not true that it takes
your minds. I analyze myself and I realize that, apart from the
fact that my limbs are slightly gelatinous, and that I have a
pleasant feeling of warmth that starts somewhere in the stomach,
I'm perfectly aware of what I do and what I say. I might also have
my tongue in my mouth a little limp, but I can still express myself
coherently and logically.

“Patricia, come on, give me the bottle!” he
tells me. “Perhaps it wasn’t a good idea to bring champagne.”

I shake my head.

“Yes, it was a great idea.”

As he stretches decidedly after the bottle, I
quickly take it to my mouth and drank thirstily. Enough. More than
enough. Then, he takes the bottle from me swiftly.


I yell at him, pissed. But Dane pays no
attention to me. He throws the bottle. I think he threw it far
away, that I could not see how far or to hear where it fell. I lay
back, my hands under my head. Normally I would have been frozen.
But really, this potion called champagne has magic in it. Dane is
lying next to me. I think that I normally would I be standing at
his proximity. However, I have a pleasant mood of bliss and
confidence. And especially I'm feeling pleasant warmth. Actually,
I'm really hot, which is very strange. Because it's a terrible cold
outside, and yet to me, I feel like I can take off the few clothes
I have on me. I look at the sky. The stars are shinning.

“It's nice, isn’t it?”

“Very.” says Dane, although he was raised on
his elbow and looked at me.

“Do you realize that the New Year came? That
it had been a year of our lives?”

Dane does not answer my attempt to
philosophize, which is quite strange about him, because he is first
when it comes to philosophy.

“Do you want to meet my family?”

Dane’s question catches me completely off
guard. I head back toward him swiftly. Which was a mistake. For
this time I feel completely dazed. I started to sweat, which is
very strange. I take off my jacket.

“What are you doing?”

Dane is upset and he tries to put the jacket
on me again. But I laughed.

“Leave it! I’m hot! You were saying?”

“I asked you if you want to meet my

I laugh again. I laugh in one and all.

“Sure.” I say. “As long as you do not want to
meet mine, I am willing to know yours. Especially if they are all
charming like you.”

Somewhere, in a corner of my mind, I know I
talk shit and I know I would not have said that Dane's beautiful,
especially to Dane himself. He approaches me closer, and he looks
at me amused, and with some curious interest.

“Are you drunk?”

I laugh.

“Of course not!” I vehemently disagree with

Hiccups. I laugh again.

“Why ... hic ... hic .... Do you.... You
say..... Hic..... This?”

Dane puts his hands on my face. His hands are
cold, but I’m really fine. I'm very, very hot. His face is getting
closer and closer to mine.

“For that you have just told me I was
beautiful.” he tells me as he kept confidential.

“Really! I say, what an idea!... Did I tell
you that? I can't believe this! And even if I were to say, what
have I done wrong? That is what it is, you're beautiful, especially
when are you smiling and I can see those gorgeous dimples of

I get up on one elbow. I stagger again. The
ground seems spinning me, but I'm trying to stare at some steady a
point somewhere in front of him and I gaze my eyes on his. They
have orange dots again. My heart beats faster

“Are you aching?” I tease him “To what?”

His hand caresses my face and the thrill that
runs through me from head to toe makes me even warmer, and makes my
heart beat faster and faster.

“I do. I’m aching.” he whispers. “For your
lips, for you.”

I don’t say anything. Again, my mind shoots a
wake-up call, but I choose not to care. Then I hear Dane speaking

BOOK: The Huntress Book 1 Memories
8.95Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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