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Authors: E.r.o. Scott

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The Pilgrims Progress (3 page)

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Traci started to answer, “It’s… Ahhh!”

Tim had sucked one of her nipples and areola
into his mouth and was tonguing and sucking on it firmly. He had
her other nipple between the thumb and forefinger of his left hand
and was pinching it gently.

“What were you saying,” Tim lifted his mouth
off his sister’s tit to ask, then grinned at her.

“I’ll give you an hour to stop that,” Traci

As Tim went back to sucking on his sister’s
tit, Traci continued.

“It’s 3:45 now and Mom has to stay until
six…. Oh, Tim, Mmm!” Traci pulled her brother’s mouth firmly down
onto her breast. Tim’s mouth felt good on her tit, as did the firm
and almost painful tweaking her other nipple was receiving.

“Ah, yessss,” she hissed, then continued
with what she had been saying. “If she leaves right away and
doesn’t have to see a client, then she’ll be home by 6:30, but
she’ll call if has to see a client. Mmm! That feels so good,

He lifted his mouth off of Traci’s breast.
“Great, we have plenty of time then.”

“You like my ‘piggy snouts’?”

Tim lifted his head again with a bemused
look on his face. “Piggy snouts?”

“Well,” Traci shrugged and grinned. “Look at
them, their shape. Don’t you think….”

“Traci, my dear beautiful sister, I think
you have perfectly wonderful tits.”

Traci lowered her eyes and would have
blushed except that her brother and she were both totally naked and
had been making out like crazy, getting ready to fuck until just a
minute ago. “Thanks, Tim, that means a lot to me. I’m always kind
of self-conscious about them. I mean they are not, you know, all
nicely rounded like Mom’s, or other girls that I have seen.”

“Sis, you have beautiful tits. I had a
girlfriend with tits almost exactly like them, only smaller.”

Traci kissed her brother sweetly. “Thanks
again. Sooo, why don’t you put a little suck-time on the right one
now.” She giggled as she pulled Tim’s head down to her other breast
where he began to lick lightly, then bite gently before he sucked
the end of her lovely pointy “piggy snout” into his mouth.

“Oh, Tim!” Traci sighed. “That’s good.” She
held her brother’s head with both hands.

“Okay,” she continued. “So here’s what I was
thinking. Why don’t we fuck right now. Then we can take a shower,
then come back here where you can lick my pussy and make me come
that way, then we can fuck again. What do you think?” Traci said as
she pressed her brother’s head—and mouth—firmly against her

“Mff!” was Tim’s first response. Then, when
Traci took her hand off the back of his head and he had lifted his
mouth off her breast, he said: “I like it. I like it a lot.
Especially the fucking now, licking you later then fucking you
again part. Oof!” He added as Traci punched him in the ribs.

“Smart ass,” she said, but then leaned back
in for another long, sweet kiss.

Tim pulled away after a few seconds. “I’ve
got to go into my room to get some condoms.”

He started to get up, but Traci pulled him
back down. “No you don’t. I’ve got, possibly, the best IUD in me.
So, unless you have a disease, we don’t need any condoms.” She
smiled sweetly at him.

“Oo! I like that. And, no sis, I don’t have
any diseases. When I broke up with my girl friend, about two months
before moving here, she told me that she had caught something from…
well, from one of my friends. I was pretty sure she was just saying
that to mess with my head. But I waited until I got enrolled in
school here and then, after another couple of weeks, I went to the
clinic and got checked out. I’ve got a clean bill of health.

“So, cool, no condoms!” Tim continued. “Like
I said, I like that. I get to actually feel you inside. No latex
barrier between me and the real you”

“I like that too,” Traci said as she pulled
her brother down on top of her. “It excites me.”

With a lot of giggling and laughing and a
small struggle to get positioned, along with some kissing, Tim
ended up between his sisters legs. She had her arms under his arms
and around his back. Tim’s cock was lying firmly in her wet sexual
cleft. He shifted his hips and Traci shifted hers until the head of
his cock had slid right up to Traci’s vaginal opening.

Traci’s heart was beating hard in her chest.
She inhaled deeply a couple of times, letting the air out slowly.
Her pale blue eyes were wide open and staring directly into her
brother’s bright blue ones. She noticed that he also seemed to be
breathing deeply.

“Slide your beautiful hard cock into me,
brother,” she said in a hoarse whisper, “and fuck me.”

Tim nodded then shifted his hips and his
cock slid into his sister’s very tight, very wet pussy.

They both gasped “Ahhh!” at the same time
with the incredible feeling of it, and with the incredible
knowledge that they were officially committing the act of

Traci giggled. Tim chuckled.

“How does it feel, Traci,” Tim asked as he
fucked his sister with long, slow strokes.

“It feels wonderful.” She answered. Nodding
her head as if in assurance. “How does it feel to you?”

“Incredible,” Tim answered. “God Traci,
we’re fucking. You and me. Brother and sister. Twins, no less. This
is fucking fantastic!”

“Oh yes, Tim, my twin! You’re so right.
Fucking fantastic and fantastic fucking. I love it! I love it! I
love it! Now fuck me harder. Fuck me harder brother and make me

“I’d be a fool not to,” he said.

And so he did. And so they did. Their
love-making became almost frantic. Traci met every thrust of her
brother’s with an equal thrust of her own, wanting to take him in
as deep as she could, wanting to feel his thickness slipping in and
out past her tight vaginal muscles, feeling his hard cock filling
her again and again. They kissed. They bit each other on the neck
and shoulders. They encouraged each other on with breathless
whispers in each other’s ears. They began sweating and panting.

And then….

“Oh yes! Tim! Tim! I’m coming!” Traci
shouted. She hugged her brother tightly, her fingers digging into
the muscles of his back. Her hips slammed up against him, her body
arched up and then she was still except for the tremors that pulsed
through her whole being.

Traci took in a large shuddering breath as
her body relaxed under her brother’s hot and sweaty body. Tim had
stopped moving when he realized that Traci was in the middle of
what was obviously a very strong orgasm.

After a several heartbeats, Traci began
laughing. She pulled her brother’s head down for a long kiss. “Keep
fucking me, Tim. God! That was a great orgasm. Fuck me, Tim. Fuck
me. I want to feel you come inside me.”

“You’re amazing,” Tim said. He was grinning
ear-to-ear as he began to fuck his sister again. He had been close
when Traci went off. The power of her orgasm pleased him; hoping,
believing, that he was, in large part, responsible for it.

Now the tip of Traci’s tongue was exploring
his ear and she began whispering to him. “Come in my pussy, Tim. I
want to feel you shoot your cum inside me, deep inside me. Fill me
up with your cum,” Traci implored her brother.

What could a brother do? He came. He came
hard and long. He shouted out his pleasure, head and neck arched
back, skin red, veins protruding, as his cock shot out his thick,
hot semen in several wonderful body shaking spasms, and maybe a
couple more lesser ones.

And then Tim was done, the strong pleasure
of his orgasm was fading away. He began laughing, too, as Traci had
done, filled with the incredible joy of existence and the sure
knowledge that he was falling in love with his sister. He knew that
he should be shocked, but he wasn’t and he didn’t care. He was
happy. Those thoughts energized him as he held his body up off of
Traci. He was covered with a sheen of sweat and he noticed that his
sister was too.

Traci gently placed her hands on either side
of Tim’s head and looked him right in the eyes. She had a big grin
on her face. Her eyes were gleaming with pleasure, amusement,
mischievousness? She kissed him sweetly. He kissed her back, over
and over again, ending it with one long, tongue twisting,
passionate kiss.

He pulled his head back to look Traci in the
eyes. “God, Traci, I love kissing you. It feels so good, so

“Yes, it does. It surely does,” she
answered, then pulled his head down for another sweet, loving

Tim rolled off his sister to lay beside her.
He searched for her hand and found it. He squeezed it twice. Traci
squeezed his in return.

“Damn, Traci! That was a good fuck… a really
good fuck.”

Traci propped herself up on her side. She
ran her hand over his sweaty chest. “Yeah. It really was, wasn’t
it. I think this could be the start of something very, very

“I second that motion,” Tim answered.

“You ready for a shower,” Traci asked while
she placed little kisses on and around her brother’s lips.

“Sounds like a plan,” Tim responded. He
pulled his sister down for one more big kiss.

In the shower they took turns lathering and
washing each other thoroughly, between hugs and kisses and giggles
and chuckles. They got out of the shower and toweled off next to
each other in front of a big mirror, checking each other out. When
they left the bathroom they were both refreshed and ready for more
hot sex.

As Traci was climbing onto the bed, Tim
caressed her bottom with both of his hands. “Wait a sec’, Traci,”
he said. She paused, on her hands and knees, and looked back at him
over her shoulder.

“Spread your legs a bit more,” Tim said.
Traci did, then Tim leaned forward and began to kiss his sister’s
buttocks. As he was kissing and caressing the baby-soft skin of her
firm ass he asked: “Do you like sucking cock, Traci?”

By now, Traci had lowered her head and
shoulders to the bed, leaving her ass high in the air. She was
enjoying what her brother was doing. “Yeah, I like sucking cock,”
she answered.

“But do you like sucking cock in and of
itself… for the act of having a hard cock in your mouth, in your
hand, giving pleasure to your man… of the man you happen to be with
at the moment?”

Traci gasped with pleasure as Tim, now
kneeling on the floor, spread her butt cheeks with his nose nudging
her squeaky clean asshole and his mouth grazing her pussy lips,
still slightly damp from the shower, and oh so warm to his lips.
His tongue came out and gently began to probe the wetness beginning
to form there, her natural vaginal lubrication. He loved the
feeling of the moist heat of her, partly from being fresh from the
shower, partly from the heat of her body. He inhaled the scent of
her, partly from the soap, but mostly of her freshly washed,
clean-woman-sex scent. He loved it. His cock became fully erect

Traci moaned with pleasure, then answered.
“Yes, Tim. I love sucking cock just for the sake of sucking cock. I
told you I was a very sexual girl.”

“That’s good. Because, I like licking pussy
just for the sake of licking pussy. No need to ask me. I relish it
and do it almost automatically.”

Tim pulled his face back from his sister’s
exposed ass and vagina. He gave her a gentle bite on her right ass
cheek, then stood up. “So move on up and get on your back woman. I
want to lick your pussy. I want to suck up your juices. I want to
make you come. Then I want to fuck you some more and make you come

“Oh, Tim, I loved it when you talk like
that,” Traci said with a giggle.

Traci positioned herself at the top of the
bed, in the middle, leaning back on her pillows, and spread her
legs wide for her brother.

Tim climb up next to her, on his hands and
knees. He bent down to kiss his sister sweetly on the mouth, once,
twice, three times. Their tongues touched, tasted, pressed against
each other. Their lips sucked gently at each other’s mouths. Then
Tim moved down Traci’s body, giving both nipples a little suction,
some tongue and a gentle nibble. He kissed and nibbled down and
across her flat belly. Finally he placed himself squarely between
his sister’s legs, lying on his stomach with his face just an inch
away from her most sensitive flesh

Tim gently breathed hot, moist air over
Traci’s clitoris and labia.

“Ohhh, yessss,” Traci sighed. Then she
gasped loudly as her brother’s tongue began to dredge between her
labia from bottom to top, again and again. His tongue would flick
her clit every so often, sending a jolt of pleasure through her
body. He carefully worked two fingers into her vagina and began to
finger-fuck her while he was licking her.

Traci knew that she was super wet. She never
had a problem with getting wet and staying wet. But she was so
turned on by what her brother was doing—by the fact that it was her
brother doing it—that she could have sworn her juices were leaking
out of her pussy, down over her ass hole and soaking her bedspread.
She watched her brother for several moments. It excited her to see
his mouth working her pussy over. Then she lay her head back on the
pillows and closed her eyes. She gave herself over to the pleasure
that her brother’s mouth, tongue, and fingers were giving her.

Tim’s finger-fucked his sister’s pussy
diligently for several minute while his tongue did marvelous things
to her clit. Then he sucked her clitoris into his mouth teasing it
with his teeth before biting down on it firmly but carefully
several times. And then it was all over.

“Oh, God, Tim! I’m coming! I’m
commmmminnnnggggg!” Traci squealed. Her hands clenched her
bedspread so tightly her knuckles turned white. She pushed her
pussy up hard against his mouth and fingers and held it there while
the climax pulsed through her body. Then, it was too much. Her
clitoris was too sensitive. She pushed his head, his mouth away
from her pussy. And, for many, many beats of her heart, nothing but
the warm, intense pleasurable glow of the orgasm was real.

BOOK: The Pilgrims Progress
8.42Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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