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Nico remained silent for a beat. Guess she’d been right about the loaded statement. “Forget it, alright?” he said, avoiding eye contact.

She daringly draped her leg over his. “I don’t want your cousin,” she said, forcing him to look at her. They stared each other down.

you want?” His voice had a husky timbre to it.

. She wouldn’t drop that on him. Not until he could handle it. Kayla ruffled his spikes. “You need a haircut. Why don’t you let me do it?”

“What? Cut my hair?” Are-you-kidding-me etched his face.

“You asked what I want.” She laughed at his horrified expression. “Don’t worry. I know what I’m doing.”

One brow arched up. He wasn’t convinced. “Do you?”

There were plenty of things he didn’t know about her. He had no idea who he was dealing with. “Yeah. Sofia is a stylist.”

“Then maybe your sister should cut my hair.”

She laughed hard. “I learned from the best. And anyway, it’s just a trim. I won’t mess it up.”

He lifted his hand and patted his spikes. “I’m very picky about my hair.”

“Just your hair?”

“Fine,” he croaked. “I’ll let you
it. But if you leave any bald spots…”

She loved how he tried to intimidate her. Sparring with him felt like foreplay. It got her all warm and sticky. “You’ll what?”

Nico shook his head. “Just don’t leave any bald spots,” he gritted out.

She tried not to laugh at his grim face. “Please. By the time I get done with you, you’ll be begging me to do it again.”

A hint of a smile threatened his lips. He opened his mouth to say something, but must have decided against it. Nico stood. He polished off the rest of his beer. She watched him, her eyes riveted on his throat. “Give it to me,” she said, removing the empty bottle from his grip. “You have a decent pair of scissors?” She went to the kitchen and set their empties on the countertop.

“Yeah,” he replied with one hand jammed in his front pocket. “Where do you want to do it?”

Her gaze slid to his. The question had rolled off his lips, his tone thick with sexual undercurrents. At least, that’s what she’d heard. “The bathroom?”

“Fine. Let’s use the one in my bedroom.”

. She liked the idea. A lot. “Lead the way.”

Nico went to his dresser and retrieved a pair of scissors from the top drawer. “Anything else?” He handed them to her.

She inspected the blades. Perfect. “Go sit on the bowl,” she said, indicating the adjoining bathroom. Kayla swiped a comb off the top of the dresser.

Nico put down the toilet seat and plopped on it. His bathroom wasn’t huge, but then, older houses didn’t offer the spa-like square footage of modern homes. The intimate environment served her well, since she planned to give him a whole new barbershop experience. “Can I use this towel?” she asked, to which he nodded with approval. “Let’s get you out of that shirt.”

Without protest, he lifted the hem of his tee and worked it upward with one hand. She assisted, slipping it past his cast and over his head. With Nico bare-chested, it took everything not to stare or drool. She did both anyway. Little did he know, the cast added to his sexiness. It gave his tough persona vulnerability, which made him even more attractive. “I love your tattoo. What is it?” His artwork covered the round part of his shoulder and his entire upper arm. It stopped just past the bulkiest part of his bicep.

Nico inspected his arm. “It’s just a tribal design I had customized to fit around the word.”

“What word?”

” He showed her with his finger.

Kayla took a closer look. Oh. Now she saw it. She’d been so preoccupied with his ripped muscles… Black patterns and swirls surrounded the letters. Splashes of red designs framed the dark text. Sexy. Badass. The tattoo artist had done a fabulous job.

She didn’t mind a well-placed tattoo, but some men took it to the extreme. Not Nico. The one tattoo complemented his physique. So did the meaning behind it.
. Kayla could relate. She too, put family on a pedestal. “When did you get it done?”

“Got the lettering when I turned eighteen.” He looked at his arm again. “I added the design a few years ago.”

“They did a great job. It’s beautiful.”

He grinned. “Thanks. I’m happy with it.”

Her gaze swept his upper body one more time. Shame she had to cover it up. Kayla pulled the towel off the rack. She folded it in half, length-wise, and draped it around his shoulders. “So, are you ready for me?” With her fingers, she measured his hair. She wouldn’t categorize it as long. The sides weren’t too shabby, just the top needed attention.

“Don’t mess with the sideburns. I’ll do them.”

“Got it,” Kayla said. “Can you spread your legs a little more?”

Looking up at her, he complied. Kayla inched forward between his thighs. His face practically touched her chest, an added bonus–one he seemed to enjoy. She considered his hair carefully before making the first cut.

“You’re not gonna wet it?”

“Wet hair looks longer. If we keep it dry, I’ll cut off less.”

“Keep it dry,” he quickly agreed.

She grabbed the scissors and comb off the vanity and went to work. “Do you have any other tattoos?” Kayla snipped his hair. “Like on your ass?”

“Maybe we shouldn’t talk right now.”

She laughed. “Relax. I can chew bubblegum and walk at the same time.”

“No other tattoos.” He kept his answer short.

“Cool. A special one is all you need.”

“Do you have any?”

“Maybe.” As a tribute to her profession, she had a medical symbol on the right side of her pelvis just above her bikini line. It had a yellow staff entwined by two small green snakes and pretty blue wings at the top of the rod.


“That’s for me to know and you to find out,” she said, keeping an air of mystery. Not everyone got to see her tattoo. Though, when the time came, she’d gladly show it off to Nico.


She loved getting a rise out of him. “If you behave, maybe I’ll let you see it later.”

“Oh, I’ve been behaving. You on the other hand…”

Listen to him. If her memory served her correctly,
initiated those kisses. “Whatever. Quit acting like a Boy Scout.”

“I’m not the instigator.”

Partially true. She’d baited him. Kayla found the whole thing thoroughly amusing. She laughed to herself. “Is that a complaint?”

“You’re cutting too much. I can hear it.”

“Oops. I’m sorry,” she said, yanking his chain. Bet she could rile him real good in bed.

Nico leaned back so fast he almost fell off the toilet. “What the hell is that supposed to mean?”

“The bald spot you were so worried about…”

“What?” He shot up and looked in the mirror. “Where is it?” He searched his head, bending his neck, tucking his chin, looking everywhere for damage.

“Kidding,” she said, laughing at him in the mirror.

Glaring at her, he ran his hand all over his hair. Satisfied there weren’t any bald spots, he sat down again. “Ha-ha, real funny.”

She made a cutting sound with the scissors. “You’re so gullible.”

“I told you I have a thing about my hair.”


“You’re such a smartass.”

Tell her something she didn’t already know. “So am I doing a good job?” She already knew the answer.

“I’m still here, right?”

She stepped back and hooked a hand on her hip. “Your tone didn’t sound very appreciative.”

“It looks good. Okay?” he grumbled.

“Really? Thank you so much.”

“Anyone ever tell you you’re a royal pain in the ass?”

“Me? Never!”

Nico slapped her butt. “Are we done?”

“And he says I’m a pain in the ass.”

“You are.”

Propped between his legs, his warm breath on her chest, she didn’t feel like rushing. She let him have the last word, refocused her attention on the task. Her fingers stroked his baby-soft hair more intimately than his stylist’s probably ever did. Kayla measured her work, snipping stray pieces and ensuring everything came out even. Mr. Meticulous wouldn’t accept anything less. Neither would she.

She leaned in for a closer inspection, used her hand to shake off loose clippings. Kayla caught their reflection in the mirror. She could see the widest part of his back, how his lats bunched with strength. Taut muscles shaped him into a beautiful V.

Just looking at him filled her with an aching need. Her nipples tightened. What if she sat on his lap and did him right here in the bathroom? God, she couldn’t think of a better scenario, except maybe doing it on his bed. She had no qualms straddling him, taking what she’d been wanting all these years. Making love with Nico had been a recurring dream. Time to make it a reality.



Chapter 8


Getting a haircut had never given Nico a hard-on. He needed to fire his hairstylist and hire Kayla on permanently. She had skills, but it wasn’t the only reason he wanted her for the job.

Her sexy breasts were in his face. He only had to open his mouth, poke out his tongue. She had bangin’ proportions, with a waist-to-hip ratio coveted by most women, cherished by all men. Skinny jeans accentuated lean legs, and her bare feet were pretty, toes nicely aligned and painted in bright pink.

Her arms were lifted above his head. The dangling gold pendant around her neck glistened. Every so often, it gave off a flash of light that shined in his eyes. Nico liked what he saw, what he felt. Whenever her fingers stroked his hair, his skin prickled all over. He wet his lips, closed his eyes and relished the mesmerizing sensations. Pent-up with fierce desire, he’d give anything to savor her tempting body.

“Perfect,” Kayla said. She set her tools on the vanity. “I think you’ll be happy.” She deftly lifted the towel from his shoulders.

The feeling he had right now left
in the dust. He set it aside and came to his feet. “No bald spots?”

“See for yourself.”

He looked in the mirror. “Nice,” he said, patting his spikes. “Now I just need to wash it.” He started to feel human again. His usual good grooming had taken a backseat to the accident, not to mention a lack of interest. He only wore cologne today because his mom had sprayed it on him. Good thing she had.

“I’ll wash it for you.”

Music to his ears. Two hands were better than one, especially hers. “The shampoo is over there,” he said, pointing at the tub.

Kayla folded up the towel and propped it on the counter. She slid the shower curtain to the side and turned on the water. “Let’s just wash it here. I’m gonna go get a cup. Be right back.”

Nico knelt on the floor mat and positioned himself over the bathtub. He kept his cast tucked close to his body. Kayla returned in a flash and sat on the ledge. She guided his head, poured lukewarm water over his hair. Dark clippings rained down on the white porcelain. He felt a spurt of cool liquid on his scalp. Kayla massaged it into his hair. He closed his eyes because her fingers were so fucking amazing. She leaned over him, and he felt the weight of her breast resting against his side. His erection got even harder.

Kayla never said a word. She washed his hair twice, melting his bones in the process. Rinsing him one last time, she squeezed the excess water out, shut off the faucet. “There you go.” She slipped the other towel off the rack and dried his hair while he just stood there, staring at her with his mouth open.

She’d rendered him useless, and it took a moment to come back to Earth. Kayla watched him with total amusement on her face.

He pretended not to notice and went about brushing his hair. Maybe he should do his sideburns. He opened the medicine cabinet and grabbed his razor.

“Don’t shave.” She touched his face. “I like a little scruff.”

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