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Authors: Scarlet Hyacinth

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The Seahorse Who Loved the Wrong Lynx

BOOK: The Seahorse Who Loved the Wrong Lynx
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Mate or Meal 8

The Seahorse Who Loved the Wrong


Best friend or beloved? All his life, seahorse Layton believed he

loved lynx shifter Corbin. But when his body and heart reach out

to Corbin's brother, Preston, instead, he is left in absolute

confusion, humiliated and afraid of his own emotions.

For years, Preston has known Layton is his mate. The only thing

more painful than his mate choosing his brother over him is the

knowledge of Layton's pain at Corbin's rejection. But then, his

friendship with Layton suddenly becomes more. The knowledge

that it could still be a one-time thing hurts more than Layton's

platonic affection ever did.

When, as a result of their passionate encounter, Layton becomes

pregnant, erratic emotions explode. What will happen when the

reason behind Layton's confusion is revealed? Can Preston and

Layton overcome the threat on their hearts, lives, and families?

Alternative (M/M or F/F), Paranormal, Shape-shifter

37,834 words



Mate or Meal 8

Scarlet Hyacinth



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IMPRINT: Erotic Romance ManLove


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Thank you to all the supportive readers who’ve waited for this

book. I know some of you wanted a different pairing, but not to

worry. Corbin will get his book as well.



Mate or Meal 8


Copyright © 2012


Layton and Morgan slipped through the house unseen and

unheard. Supposedly, they were visiting with their father’s best

friend, Garth, but at present, Garth was distracted with their dad. So, Layton and Morgan had taken the opportunity to explore a bit, or

better said, spy.

Layton knew exactly what he wanted to see, or rather who. He’d

been hunting for a chance to get close to Garth’s older son, Corbin, for a while now. Okay, so Corbin was ten years older than him, and

realistically, Layton knew Corbin would never pay him any attention, at least not now. But Layton wouldn’t be a teenager forever, and he

wanted Corbin to understand that.

Voices reached Layton’s ears. At first, Layton couldn’t discern

what was said, but that was only a temporary problem. Soon, the

words became clear.

“Oh…Oh, yes. Harder. Please harder.”

Layton’s eyes widened as he heard the moans and pleas. Morgan

arched a brow at him, wordlessly inquiring if they should go on with their spying. Layton just glowered at his twin. They wouldn’t give up now when they were so close.

The Seahorse Who Loved the Wrong Lynx


They advanced a little more and saw Corbin’s quarters straight

ahead. The door to Corbin’s room was cracked open, and Layton

peeked inside. Layton nearly choked at the sight that met his eyes.

Two bodies writhed on the bed, one male, the other female. Layton

couldn’t have cared less about the woman, but the man was the same

one who inhabited his dreams and desires. Corbin’s muscles shone

with sweat, his delicious ass clenching as he fucked the bitch under him. Layton’s hand clenched around that of his brother as a mix of

pain and arousal assaulted him. Merely watching Corbin set his body

aflame, but at the same time, the bitter taste of betrayal filled his mouth. He wanted to burst inside the room and pull Corbin off his

damn whore. He wanted to punch her in her stupid face and tell

Corbin that the two of them were meant to be together.

Before he could do either of those things, a familiar presence

appeared behind them. Corbin’s brother, Preston, grabbed his arm and forced him to turn around. “You shouldn’t be here,” Preston


Layton glowered at Preston. “And he shouldn’t be doing that,” he

fumed. “He shouldn’t be fucking anyone but me.”

“Lay, stop it,” Morgan chastised him. “Preston’s right. We need to


Layton shook his head stubbornly. “I don’t need to go anywhere

but inside that room. Can’t you see how wrong this is?”

“Lower your voice,” Preston told him. “He’ll hear you.”

Layton didn’t care. He wanted Corbin to hear. The damn lynx had

been too focused on his fucking to sense Layton and Morgan’s

approach, but Layton needed to face him, to tell him what was on his mind.

As it turned out, he got his wish. The door opened, and Corbin

stepped into the hallway, half-dressed. “What the hell are you doing here, kid?” Corbin looked pissed. “Are you spying on me again?”

Faced with Corbin’s anger, the certainty Layton felt melted into

apprehension. But he’d never been one to back down and he


Scarlet Hyacinth

straightened his spine, meeting Corbin’s gaze. “I’m not a kid. And

we’re guests in your house, remember?”

“Guests don’t sneak by private rooms and get off on their hosts

having sex.”

Layton felt his face flame with anger and embarrassment. He

really couldn’t find a reply to that, but thankfully, Preston answered in his stead. “And you shouldn’t be having sex when you well know Dad

invited the Cunninghams here.” There was reproach in Preston’s tone.

“You know better.”

Corbin crossed his arms over his massive chest. “Whatever,

Preston. So I got a little carried away. I was going to come greet them after I finished here.”

“That’s no excuse,” Preston shot back. “You were rude, and

you’re embarrassing Dad.”

“Christ, Preston, get over yourself. We’re not children anymore.

And just so you know, I’m moving next week. Then, I won’t have to

worry about stupid little voyeurs and pesky brothers who can’t mind

their own business.”

And just like that, Corbin closed the door in their faces. Layton

suppressed the urge to burst into tears. He would not cry. He refused to cry. No matter what Corbin said, he wasn’t a kid, and he would

prove it. He could satisfy Corbin as well as any whore he picked.

He reached for the door, but Preston caught his hand. “No. Leave

him alone now. He’s upset and doesn’t know what he’s saying.”

Layton took another look toward the door then allowed Preston to

drag him off. Morgan followed silently behind them, and Layton

could feel his twin’s anxiety. They’d always had a strong mind bond, and Layton hated that he’d dragged Morgan into this.

Preston took them into the library and gestured for them to sit

down on a couch. He took Layton’s hand and squeezed it. “It’s all

right,” he said. “For the moment, you’re just too young for him. You have to be patient.”

The Seahorse Who Loved the Wrong Lynx


“It’s not fair,” Layton cried. “I know I pester him a lot, but we’re mates. Mates should be there for each other, right?”

Preston hugged him tightly. “You’ll get it right eventually,” he

said as he caressed Layton’s hair.

Layton leaned against Preston. He was warm and smelled so

comforting, like home. A distant thought passed through his mind.

Why couldn’t Corbin be more like Preston? Sure, Preston wasn’t as

wild and untamed as Corbin, but who cared? He’d always been a

great friend to Layton.

Unfortunately, Layton remembered all too well the earlier

argument, and he didn’t want the two lynx brothers to get into other conflicts because of him. For once, he’d listen to Corbin and get out of their hair.

BOOK: The Seahorse Who Loved the Wrong Lynx
12.83Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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