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BOOK: The Starkest Truth (A Breaking Insanity Novel Book 2)
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“Spit on it, baby.”

Not yet complying with his demands, I swallowed down the remnants of my tangy taste.

He wound my hair around his fist and yanked my head back. He guided me forward, forcing me to regard him. “Do you really want me to repeat myself, Nik? If you thought this was going to be about what you wanted, you were very fucking wrong. I’m going to fist your pussy and make you come. Now, spit on my goddamned fingers, before I shove them down your fucking throat.”

I hocked up spit and aimed it in his palm. Keeping his gaze on my sex, he slipped in three…four, then folded his hand and slowly urged in his thumb. I jumped at the uncomfortable fullness. It’d been a long time since I craved pain of that magnitude. Because of Eric, it became a need I’d almost completely detached from.

He slowly withdrew his hand. With a lip-biting smile, he slid down my body. When his lips surrounded my nub and his tongue circled on the tip of my clit, I moaned and closed my eyes.

His fingers slid inside me, slowly, one by one—doing to me what he promised he would. When I felt comfortably full, something unrelenting and strong washed over my senses.

He looked up at me and began to methodically suck on my nerve center, moving his lips in a swaying motion that made me curse and shudder.

The rush reverberated up my spine and when it hit the back of my head, everything grew fuzzy.

“Nik?” Eric lightly slapped the side of my face to bring me back.

“I’m okay,” I rasped, opening my eyes to watch his form stalk up the bed like a predatory animal surrounding its prey. He removed his dress shirt, tossing it to the side of the bed.

A grin deeply rooted in deviousness took over his face. “Is that right? I actually made you come so hard, you passed out?” he asked with a sensual drawl. He lazily unbuckled his pants, without removing them. Reaching down in his boxer briefs, he pulled out his fully erect cock. He stroked it once, squeezing the head until it was slick with a bead of moisture. His grasp dug into the side of my hip as he guided the full extent of his girth to my slit. He pushed into me until he reached my end.

“Aye,” I yelped.

Grabbing my hips in both hands, he tilted my pelvis. Moving fast, he began to ride me with hard, punishing slams. His groin slapped against my sensitive, plump lips, making them sting.

Moving his hands to my waist, he slid them up my body until they reached my chest. Pulling the bodice of my dress down, he exposed my breasts. Leaning down as he pumped inside of me, making me violently jar and buck against the bed, he surrounded my nipple with his generous lips, sucking it with a painful intensity. His teeth joined his tongue, teasing the tip. My nipple hardened in his mouth, sending a trail of gooseflesh up my spine. He scraped the edge of his teeth against the tautness before sinking his teeth into it.

I involuntarily grabbed a fistful of the hotel sheets and bit into my lip. Rocking me hard, he made the mattress creak and groan with our movements. The quilted headboard knocked against the wall rapidly, barely drowning out the sounds of my wet sex and whimpered cries.

I shuddered underneath him; the friction of his cock inside my warmth rearranged my senses. My legs rattled around his lower half, signaling that my body was ready to explode. Watching me with his eyelids shuttering his honey hued eyes, he released a sensuous, throaty groan. My body awkwardly arced, seizing up as I came, gushing fluid all over his groin.

Deftly, he flipped me over until I was on all fours. Grabbing a fistful of my hair, he directed me down until my face was smashed against the white down duvet cover. With my behind up in the air, he slapped the fatty area several times, holding me firm while I jerked with every increasingly hard hit. A quiver emanated from my swollen sex, ready for him to fuck me one more time.

With one hand, he slanted my pelvis and entered me. The head of his erection rocked firmly against my elusive zone. He pumped inside of me with deep, controlled strokes to manipulate the hyper-sensitive area.

I cursed his name, screamed his name as he continued to work me over. I shook against the bed, feeling as if every nerve in body was continuously shocked with electricity. Ceasing his tease, he gave me the full extent of his girth and length, ensuring that I reached my peak in a mind-blowing way.

I fell apart. My mouth opened, unable to conjure the energy to scream. Never slowing down, he pounded me from behind; the sensation swept through every limb. It shot through me quickly, leaving my body a weak heap convulsing in ecstasy.

I slipped limply against the bed. Succumbing to the feeling of his drug-inducing thrusts, I weakly scooted up the bed away from him.

“Where the fuck do you think you’re going? You’re going to come on this cock again, baby. Come. Here.” He held my hips in both of his hands, making sure my ass bounced against his groin while he fucked me. I no longer had the will or energy to move a muscle.

He flipped me over and yanked me down until my legs dangled off the edge of the bed. He pulled my legs up, resting them against his sculpted, beautiful honey-hued form.

Reaching down, he brushed his hand up my body to rest across my slender throat. His eyes burned into me and he rocked me hard, fast, and deep.

He called for me, “Aw fuck, Nicky. This tight little cunt is gonna milk the cum from my cock. I can’t…hold it…” before falling tense. “You ready, baby?”

Barely nodding yes, I tried, unsuccessfully to keep up with his hurried pace. He held me tightly and groaned.

A small little rush took over my body, ensuring I came again with him.

THE SHOWER STEAM suffused the hotel suite. The scent of Eric’s favorite body wash wafted around my nose. Rousing awake from my position of sleeping on my stomach, I had a direct view to Eric, naked and shaving his face in the bathroom. The man had no problem being completely stark-naked. If clothes weren’t required, and the weather was moderate, he would easily go outside in the nude if he could get away with it. I hated to admit it, and I probably never would state it to him and feed his already overgrown ego, but he had every reason to be cocky. His body was hewed beautifully. The low light bounced off his just-styled short strands—hand-manipulated from curly to straight—reflecting a bluish hue.

Grinning, I watched him scrape the blade against his angular broad jawline.

“You’re going to make us late for the wedding, Nik,” he said, glancing over at me.

I sat up in bed, holding the sheet across my chest. My long, coarse, messy midnight black hair slowly whirled around my shoulders and face. As I swung my knees around to stand, the pinching throb between my legs let it be known I would be walking slightly bow-legged the entire day.

“Maybe I should stay here,” I said, trying to will myself to stand. “Last night was…” I trailed off, remembering what the woman I shared a cab with yesterday had said about Eric.

The sheet fell away from my hip, revealing a dark purple bruise set against the chestnut-toned skin on my hip bone. “You’re going to permanently damage my vagina,” I said through an exhausted sigh as I looked up at him.

He held his skin taut and scraped the blade across the last patch of untouched skin along his jaw. “Do you really think I would try to damage your pussy on purpose?” The corner of his mouth turned up into a skewed smile. “Let me rephrase that—
pussy. What good would it do me if I couldn’t fuck you senseless anymore?” He glanced at me, his smile deepening. “If I couldn’t fuck you daily, I think I might lose my goddamn mind.”

I rolled my eyes, fighting against a simper. “Like anything else, it can be permanently damaged.”

“I know what I’m doing. You’d be surprised how resilient it is. It is designed for giving birth. It will heal.”

He should’ve said designed for pleasure, but he brought up another subject.

His eyes darted to mine, gauging for a response to a topic we continuously argued about. It was something he went to great lengths to ensure would happen before I thwarted it in a way he hadn’t yet discovered. I persistently evaded the truth and hoped he believed my fib about getting off my birth control pills.

“Not today, Eric,” I retorted beneath my breath.

“Tell you what, stop pissing me off and I won’t have to fuck you so hard. Get your ass out of bed and get dressed.”

My reaction had obviously ignited his short fuse.

Glimpsing at my purse on the writing desk, I recalled taking the last of my emergency stash. “Write me a script for meds. Or use your connections, because I’m aware you have them, to get me something to calm me down. It’s the only way I can get through the day.”

He blotted his face with a white terry cloth towel and applied aftershave. Turning to me with his eyes heavy, he walked in my direction. Standing before me, he lifted my chin, preventing my distracted state induced by the sight of his perfect naked form. “You know better than to ask me for drugs you never should’ve taken in the first place.”

“Can I ask you for something else?” I queried with a toothy grin. My hand slipped down to touch the beautiful appendage hanging between his legs.

Lifting a brow in slight amusement, he caught my wrist harshly, hurting me with the intensity of his grip. He sucked his breath in a way that made my legs buckle. He reached up with his other hand and grabbed a hold of my hair. Stuck in his darkening daze, I caught a hint of mischievousness in his eyes. He loosened his grip on my wrist, slowly bringing my hand up to his lips and biting the pads of my fingertips.

“I have something for you,” he said, directing me to stand and forcing my body to crash against his. “Something I found in the middle of marching around Midtown Manhattan, in the middle of the night, looking for you. Get in the bathroom and get that round ass ready, Nik,” he ordered, yanking my hair and snapping my head back. “Fair warning. If your pussy feels sore now, it will be done for if you piss me off again.”

“Are you going to tell me what the surprise is?” I asked, straining to swallow.

He let go of my hair and snatched the sheet away from my body. “Are we ever going to get past this? Your body is beautiful.” He grabbed my waist and directed me toward the bathroom. “More beautiful now that you eat. Show it to me.” He cupped my behind before giving it a hard smack.

The twenty pounds I gained when I was at Parkland, a mental health facility, stuck with me. Eric made sure of it. He made the meals and monitored how much I ate, or set my phone with annoying reminders to make sure I didn’t forget to eat when he wasn’t around.

An hour later, my hair and makeup done, sans clothes, I stepped outside the bathroom.

In a black tuxedo that appeared to be cut specifically for him, Eric sat back on the bed, propped up by his elbows. Watching me through his dense, curly eyelashes, he frowned at the sight of the white terry cloth towel wrapped around my body. “Lose the towel, Nik,” he requested, the gravel in his voice a bit more emphasized.

I grumbled, but allowed it to unfurl, almost permitting it fall to the floor. The compulsive neat freak in him eyed me like he was going to bend me over his knee if I didn’t place it back in its proper place.

He took me in purposefully, pausing at his favorite parts of me and moistened his bottom lip.

Upon turning to hang up my towel, the black box he came in with last night caught my eye. “Is that for me?”

“It is.” His voice sent shivers up my spine as he neared me.

I slipped off the top and shifted my weight. He couldn’t possibly be serious about this.

His arms slipped around my waist, holding me tightly. Flipping my loosely curled hair to one shoulder, he sank his teeth into my neck. His palm slid against my torso, finding its way to my sex. He spread me, and thumped a finger against my slit. In a startled yet turned on reaction, a sharp gasp escaped my mouth.

“It goes there.” As he suckled my ear, his middle finger slid up and down, between the crease of my sex.

“I know where it goes.” I spun around swiftly to face him. “Why are you making me wear a butterfly strap-on to the wedding?”

BOOK: The Starkest Truth (A Breaking Insanity Novel Book 2)
6.58Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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