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“Thank you,” I replied deeply moved by his words. “Did you get a chance to look at the community college brochure that I gave you?” I asked. “Summer will come and go before we know it, and I was wondering if you had made a decision on whether or not I could go.”

“You’re 18 now. Why are ya askin’ my permission to get some more schoolin’?” He asked in between bites.

“Well, Sir, I hadn’t forgot the promise that I made ya when Momma took off and left us,” I began sheepishly. “I agreed to take care of the house and do your cooking and cleaning for you. You have given me the only real home that I ever had, so I wanted to ask your permission and get your blessing before I make a big decision like that. Besides, the school’s in town. I could still take care of things around here and go to community college too.”

His intense blue eyes looked me up and down, and he smiled. “Thank ya, Austin. It means a lot to hear you say that to me. I suppose you could do both, but I figure on studyin’ on it a little more.” Hank paused. “I’ll let ya know tonight when I give you your birthday present.”

Birthday present?

Since I had been 13, my step dad had never given me any birthday or Christmas gifts. I wondered why he had chosen this occasion to give me my first real gift. I was speechless for a moment.

“Uh, sure, Sir, that sounds real good,” I replied utterly shocked by the fact that he had actually gotten me a present.

“To get your present, there is something ya gotta do before hand,” Hank said, looking up from his plate.

“Sir, I hope ya know that I would do anything that you asked me to do.”

Hank smiled. “That’s what I’m counting on, boy.”

“What is it?”

“After ya get home from school, I want you to shave off every strand of hair growing on ya from the neck down,” Hank stated. “And make sure you are wearing them tight white briefs of yours.”

My mouth dropped open. I was not sure what to say. All I could manage was.... “Why?”

“It ain’t your place to be askin’ why, boy,” Hank said with his deep voice rising a little. “If you want your present, you will do as I say! If ya don’t shave it all off, I’ll know that you don’t want what I am plannin’ to give you.”

What the hell was he talking about? What was this...some sort of riddle?

I managed to nod compliantly. “Yes, Sir....”

“Good boy,” Hank replied with an ever-so-slight sideways grin. “Oh, and I’ll be home a little early from work tonight at 5:00, so make sure it’s all gone by the time I get home. I took tomorrow off too, so I can celebrate your birthday with ya, so we got all weekend...just you and me.”

I gave him a bright smile. “That sounds great, Sir.” I hesitated still trying to wrap my head around the shaving thing. “But what....”

“No buts!” My step dad said authoritatively. “You do as your told and don’t ask no more questions about it! You will find out everything tonight, Austin....”


Hank’s strict words and instructions stayed in my thoughts all day long. And what a long-ass day it was. I sat through class after class...hopelessly preoccupied.

My contemplation continuously led back to several key facts.

Hank’s been my step-dad for almost 5 years, and it’s just been me and him for almost 2 of those years. He has never bought me an actual present before. Unless ya count that he kept a roof over my head, food in my stomach and clothes on my back.... That man has done more for me than anyone else has ever done. Truly, he is the only person in my whole eighteen years that has ever...loved me.

That realization had rocked me to my inner core. 

And I suppose I love him too. Washing his clothes, keeping his house and cooking his food is not a chore to me. I want to do it. I find great pleasure in taking care of Hank. Always have....

I had used to watch my momma grudgingly take care of Hank. She had seemed put out or forced. She growled and moaned and rolled her eyes a lot. I had thought that she was a selfish fool. Momma had no idea how lucky she had been to have a good man like Hank. Luckily for me, she had left, and that job had fallen to me. Now, I took care of all of his needs...except for one big one.

Back before she had left, I had used to hear Hank and Momma’s headboard banging my wall from the other side. I remembered thinking about how lucky she was to be able to take care of a hot man like Hank’s sexual needs. I had always been very jealous. So many nights I had dreamed of being the one with my legs over Hank’s broad shoulders while he banged me and made the headboard hit the wall.

Hank is hetero from the word go, so I don’t need to be thinking about all that. But what is this gift? And why in the hell did he want me to shave all the hair off of my body? 


I got off of the school bus and rushed into the door of our home at exactly 3:30 as usual. Immediately, I went into the bathroom and began Hank’s instructions.

I had a small amount of brown hair in my pubic region above my cock, a little on my lower legs around the calves, my arms and a little under my armpits. Hank had said that he wanted it all gone, so I lathered myself up and began.

It ended up taking about 45 minutes, but I shaved off every single hair that I could find on my mostly smooth body. Afterwards, I made sure to scrub and rinse out the tub. Over the last two years, I had kept a spotless house for my step dad, and I wasn’t gonna let this unusual chore break my winning streak.

After I had shaved, I dressed only in my white Hanes briefs and started his dinner early, so his supper would be ready for him when he walked in the house at 5:00 pm instead of 630.

As I prepared our usual Friday night meal of burgers in the George Foreman and a side sour cream and onion potato chips, my thoughts still swirled around what was going to be happening in just a few minutes.

Hank has bought me some special gift for my 18th birthday. And he is knocking off work tomorrow, so we can have the whole weekend together? What on Earth does he have planned? A weekend around the house watching TV? That’s fine, and I would be content with that. It has to be something out of the norm though. That man has not missed a day of work in five years. What does Hank have planned?

I didn’t have to wonder long, because at 5:00 on the dot, I heard Hank’s truck rumble up the driveway in front of our little house.

I was confused. I was nervous. I was excited.

Regardless of what surprise Hank had planned for my birthday, I had the distinct feeling that it was going to be something unexpected and amazing. After all this build-up and all these years of living with him, it had to be....

When he came through the door, I was sitting Hank’s plate down on the small kitchen table.

I looked up at him and smiled. Hank had an anxious and studied look on his face...unlike his usual look of cool indifference.

“How was work today, Sir?” I asked brightly.

“Good...real good,” he replied gruffly. He paused for a moment, looked me up and down and began scratching his goatee. “You did just as I asked....” He had noticed my now smooth legs and arms and that I had worn my tighty whities just like he had asked me.

“Yes, Sir,” I replied. “I wanted to get my present.”

Hank shot me a cautious smile.

“Austin, son, why don’t ya come over here and set down on my lap? I want to talk to you about somethin’ you’ve been asking me about,” Hank said as he quickly scooted over to one of the dining room chairs and sat down. His two brawny hands slapped the thighs of his jeans.

My heart began to beat faster. I had never sat on his lap or had any other significant physical contact with Hank. So, this was also a first.

As my ass sat on his lap for the first time, I instantly noticed that Hank, my stepdad, had a massive hard-on. I felt his apparently very thick and long cock throb under the denim of his jeans. I wiggled my ass into a good position and felt his bulge rest against the left cheek of my bubble butt.

My eyes looked up into his. He nodded his head at me. Hank began breathing heavily through his nostrils. “Put your arms around my neck, Austin.”

Hypnotically, I obeyed and put my small arms around his broad shoulders.

“Is this about me going to college?” I asked cautiously.

“Yeah, sort of,” he began as he put his arms down around my lean waist.

I could not help but let out a little gasp as his prodigious hands closed around me. His hands were so rough, and he touched and began to rub my tender flesh as if I were some treasured possession.

“I want to put up an alternative to you gettin’ any more schooling,” Hank began.

“So, you’re talking about a job for me? I could do that. I would definitely not mind helping you out with the bills, if that’s it.”

“No,” Hank said as lifted up his right hand and gently covered my mouth.

His putting his hand over my mouth made me unexpectedly squirm a little into his lap.

“Let me get this out, boy, and all I want you to do is listen. Will ya keep your mouth closed and do as I say, Austin?”

I nodded my head as his rough hand continued to keep me quiet.

He released his hand from over my mouth and put it back down around my waist. “Austin, I want to put somethin’ else on the table for you,” Hank began. “I want you to think about staying on here full time. I make enough money for the both of us. You do a damn good job of taking care of me, and this house...better than any of my three wives ever did. All except in one very important area, but all that can change now....”

I blushed with a confused look on my face.

“These last two years with it being just me and you and have been the happiest of my life, boy. So, what I want to do is make you a real and firm offer, Austin. Now, that you’re 18 and not jailbait anymore.”

I could feel his heart pounding in his chest. He averted his eyes from me. I knew that he was nervous. Maybe that was why he was talking around his main point.

“Huh?” I asked shaking my head definitely confused.

“I’m asking you for your hand in marriage, Austin. I want you to be my...uh...wife.”

I was momentarily dumbstruck. My lips trembled, and I was at a loss for words.

“If you say yes, we’re drivin’ tomorrow over the state line, and I am gonna marry ya for real and proper. You’re gonna take my last name, not as my son, but as my wife.... You won’t be Austin Smith no more.... You’ll be Austin Conroy.”

“Really?” Is all I could manage.  

Hank began again. “But things are gonna be on my terms! I am the man. I am the bread-winner. You will do as I say. You will answer to me and obey me. I will make all decisions for both of us. You will be the submissive one in this marriage a hundred percent of the time. This won’t ever change.”

I nodded, taking all of this in.

“That means, in addition to doing my cooking, cleaning our house, washing my clothes, you will be takin’ care of my real, important needs. You understand what I’m tellin you, don’t ya, Austin?”

I nodded.

“You’ll be sucking my cock, and giving up your ass to me like a pussy anytime I want. You won’t have no choice in that. I will take you whenever I want you. I will force ya if need be, so understand that, boy.”

My 5 inches throbbed in my briefs. I nodded again.  “You want to sort of own me.”

“Sort of,” Hank began again. “Let’s say I’m traditional. I am the man. You will be submissive to me, but you’ll be loved, protected, fed, cared for by a strong man and a good provider. I done thought long term on this. I will have you as my beneficiary on all my funds and insurances. I wanna make sure, if something happened to me where I could no longer provide for you, that you will be taken care of for as long as you live. I’ll leave ya this house, my retirement and maybe eventually the US government will let me leave ya my social security. So, instead of you going off to school learnin’ a trade, be my stay-at-home wife.... Your job will be taking care of me, and I will continue to provide for you.”

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