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He shrugged. “Maybe. Let’s not fight it though.”

“Agreed.” She felt like her feet weren’t even touching the ground. At her age, she shouldn’t be having this crush-type thing going on with him. But then, she’d never met a man she had felt such a strong bond to.

Jack gave her a quick kiss on the lips then began to walk again, swinging their clasped hands. “So, what is it about small things that move and bondage?”

Rhonda sighed. “Okay, about the mice.” The memory flooded back to her full force, making her heart stutter. She drew in a deep breath. “When I was younger, about ten, I had this cat. His name was Tiger, and it suited him because he stalked everything that moved. One night, I was asleep and Tiger had been hunting. We had a little cat door cut into the kitchen door of our house so he could get in and out, you know?” She looked up at Jack.

He nodded. “Go on.”

“It was the middle of the night, and I was sound asleep. Then all of a sudden I felt something soft hit my face. I reached up to brush it away and heard a squeak. Then Tiger pounced on my chest and well, you can imagine how I felt when I woke up to his present of a half-dead mouse in my face.”

“You got
mouse slapped
?” Jack grinned.

“It wasn’t funny.” But something made her smile. She slapped at his chest. “It wasn’t funny at the time, anyway.”

Jack let out a roar of a laugh.

Rhonda joined him, giggling like a little girl.

Jack drew her into a bear hug, rubbing her back. “You are precious,” he said when he finally stopped laughing.

“I’ve never been called that before,” she said, looking up at him. “You do make me feel that way, though.”

His smiled softened as he looked into her eyes. “I’ll do my best to make you feel like the most precious woman in the world, if you’ll allow me.”

“You don’t need my permission.” Rhonda reached up and cupped the back of his head, drawing him down into a kiss. She closed her eyes, his lips soft against hers.

“Now, tell me about the fear of bondage,” Jack said, pulling back from the kiss.

Rhonda could still feel the heat of his lips against hers. “I guess it’s because I don’t like not being in control. I haven’t found anyone I could trust enough to try it.”

“You can trust me, Rhonda.” A soft smile played over his lips.

She tilted her head, gazing into his eyes. “Maybe I can.”

Her insides warmed, and suddenly she couldn’t wait to get to the playroom where they could bond even more. She pulled back and locked gazes with him. “Let’s get moving. I don’t want to be late.”

One corner of his mouth quirked up. “You’re just hot to get busy.”

Rhonda laughed. “Hot for you, yes.”

They began to walk again, Rhonda feeling even closer to Jack than before. Was this turning into a real relationship? Could it be?

They arrived at the building and headed straight for the playroom. When they entered, the deep bass of the music playing threatened to change the rhythm of Rhonda’s heart. Dim red lights glowed from their recesses in the ceiling, the black walls and ceiling making the room feel cloistered. Rhonda had been here before, but the only equipment visible had been the inflatable mattress in the center of the floor and one shiny silver chain hanging from the ceiling.

This time was different.

Not only was the mattress in place and the silvery chain dangling from the ceiling, there was something else. There was a table set up with an assortment of bindings, chains, handcuffs, and some other things she didn’t quite recognize. She swallowed, her mouth turning dry. What was this? Where they planning on using all of this on her? She knew Morgan went both ways, men and women she’d heard, and Rodgers she’d seen delve into a bisexual liaison. She glanced up at Jack. Did he swing both ways? Was it possible some of the restraints were for one of the men?

Jack squeezed her hand. “You okay?”

She nodded, licking her lips. “Yeah. As long as you’re with me.”

Morgan and Rodgers entered from the side door, talking lowly. Rodgers wore a pair of briefs and Morgan was dressed in a black silk robe. He looked up, noticing them. “I see you two made it.”

“We were enjoying the walk over. Looks like it’s going to be a great day,” Jack said, wrapping his arm around Rhonda’s shoulders.

Morgan smiled crookedly. “I think it’s about to get better right now.” He untied the sash of his robe and took it off, laying it over his arm.

Rhonda felt her face grow warm. Morgan was a stunning man, especially when naked. His long, tapered waist led to an impressive package below, and his chiseled thighs looked powerful. Not to forget about his devilish good looks with his jet-black hair and brown eyes. Rhonda almost felt like fanning herself but held back, not knowing how Jack would take her sexual attraction to Morgan. Morgan walked toward the closet and took out a hanger to hang up his robe.

Just then, Jack leaned down, next to her ear. “I can see by the look on your face that you’re attracted to Morgan. Stop trying to hide it. Remember where we are. You’re
to be attracted to the men in here.”

Rhonda breathed a sigh of relief. She placed a hand on Jack’s arm. “It doesn’t bother you?”

He shook his head. “Not as long as you’re enamored with me the most.” He grinned.

“Are you kidding?” Rhonda turned to stand in front of him, untying the sash to his robe and slipping her hands inside to wrap her arms around his waist. “I can’t wait for you to be inside me, be a part of me again.” She ran her hands over his back, feeling the taut muscles there. “And I can’t wait to taste you. I want you, Jack. Right now.”

Jack clasped his hands around her head and kissed her, crushing her lips beneath his. She felt her knees go weak with the power of it and pressed herself against him. He still tasted of coffee, the richness of it filling her mouth when she pressed her tongue between his lips. He dropped his hands to her ass, pressing her tighter against him. She could feel the stiffness of his cock through her robe, and she wished she was naked, skin to skin with him.

Someone came up behind her, placing their hands on her shoulders and pressing against her back. Jack pulled his hands from her ass and tugged at the tie of her robe without breaking the connection of their wrestling tongues.

“Well,” Morgan said from behind her. “I see we’re more than ready to get started.”

Chapter Six


Rhonda almost couldn’t breathe. Hands moved over her body, stripping her robe from her and then stroking over her skin which was quickly heating to a sweaty stage. Jack still was devouring her mouth, taking in her sighs and moans, unrelenting in his plundering of one of her orifices.

Moving together, the three of them neared the loaded table. She heard a chain rattle, and then they were moving again. Stopping a few feet away, Jack pulled back from her, his face flushed. “Damn, woman,” he said, reaching behind her for something. “You are so hot I can’t hardly handle you.”

Morgan stepped away from her back as Jack took one of her wrists and latched a handcuff around it. She quivered inside, not sure if it was from sexual tension or the thought of being too restrained.

“Don’t be scared,” Jack whispered in her ear as he snapped the other handcuff on the other wrist. He pulled her arms above her head and latched the center chain of the handcuffs to the chain dangling from the ceiling. “I’m here. I’ll take care of you. Just enjoy it.”

Rhonda felt exposed but exhilarated. She shifted her feet, getting comfortable in the position hanging from the chain.

Morgan was again behind her, lowering himself. She felt his long fingers wrap around one of her ankles. She jerked away. Jack looked around her at him. “Let me,” he said with a slight nod. “I promised I would be the one to do her restraints.”

“No problem,” Morgan said. He reached around her, handing Jack something else that jingled like metal. “Here you go.”

Jack looked into her eyes and gave her a small smile, then moved behind her. Morgan took his place in front of her and swiped his thumb over her bottom lip. “Looks like your mouth is already kiss swollen. It’s a good look for you, Rhonda.”

The sex that oozed from him was palpable. This man was pure male. She could see how Grace had fallen for him so quickly when shown the sensual side of Morgan Moss. Rhonda had never seen him in this forum before. She liked what she saw even though it was a bit intimidating.

Jack locked something around her right ankle. It was metal and seemed like a sort of handcuff. Then he slid his hand inside her thighs and urged her to widen her stance. She scooted her left foot farther away from her right. Then he latched a corresponding cuff around that ankle. She tried to bring her leg back to the position it was in before, but something stopped her, something in between her ankles.

Jack rose up behind her, putting one hand on her shoulder. “You won’t be able to close your legs. There’s a metal bar in between the cuffs I just put on your ankles that won’t allow you to bring your legs closer together. Are you okay?”

She nodded, noticing the dark glint in Morgan’s black eyes. Her nipples tightened even more, almost painful in their pebbling. She glanced at Rodgers, who was leaning against the wall, arms crossed, watching.

The next thing she knew, Morgan bent down and captured one of her nipples in his mouth. She sucked in a sharp breath, his teeth scraping over her skin. Tingles ran down her spine, the first inkling of the pleasure to come. Morgan grasped her waist and sucked at her as if he were starved for her taste.

Jack pressed against her back, one hand grasped her upper arm, the other trailing fingers over her ass. “Are you ready?” he whispered.

“Yes,” she answered, closing her eyes as Morgan’s mouth worked on her. “Oh please, Jack, please.” Her pussy was creaming, wanting attention. She could feel the wetness beginning to slip down her thigh. She tried to press her legs together, but the metal brace held her legs in place.

“Don’t worry, babe, I’ll give you exactly what you want.” Jack stepped back a moment, and in the next breath she took, his hand slipped between her legs and his fingers delved into her pussy. “Nice, very wet. I can’t wait to get inside you.”

Rhonda’s face grew so hot she felt sweat pop out on her forehead. Morgan released the nipple he had been working and switched to the other one, giving it some attention, too. Cool air wafted across the wet nipple he had just left, causing her to shiver. Jack worked his fingers in and out of her pussy, spreading her cream in the cleft of her ass. Her heart pounded against her ribcage. “Jack…”

His fingers disappeared, and then he moved in closer. She felt him rub the head of his cock against her opening and then, with one solid move, he was inside her. “Oh god.” She breathed, clenching her shackled hands into fists. The metal of her restraints jingled metallically as Jack began his rhythm, fucking her hard and deep. Her stomach jittered, her pussy quivered, and in a sudden flash of heat, she came. The orgasm blindsided her, making her body turn to pudding as she jerked, the chain above her holding her up along with Morgan’s hands at her waist and Jack’s hands gripping her hips.

“That’s it, babe,” Jack ground out behind her. Then he growled, shoving deep, and shot his seed inside her.

Morgan straightened up, taking her face in his hands and crushing her mouth beneath his lips. Warmth filled her, and she opened her lips to him, letting him inside. Jack pulled away from her, and she felt him slip a warm towel between her legs, drying the vestiges of their orgasm from her skin. Morgan pulled back, allowing her to breathe. Looking into her eyes, his gaze was dangerously dark. “My turn,” he said lowly.

Rhonda shivered, anticipation almost driving her insane. She’d never been with Morgan before, and with all of the stories she’d heard around the office, she wasn’t sure she could handle him. “Jack?”

When Morgan moved away from in front of her, Jack took his place. He smoothed his hand over the side of her face, brushing back her hair. “It’s okay, Rhonda. I’m here.” Then he kissed her gently, sliding his lips seductively over hers.

Morgan was behind her now, massaging the cheeks of her ass with his long-fingered hands. It felt delicious, and she arched her back slightly, shoving her ass toward the roaming fingers. “Ah, she likes it,” Morgan said behind her, his voice low and gravelly. “I’ll pay more attention to this succulent ass then.”

“I want in on this,” Rodgers said, coming up behind Jack.

Jack pulled out of the kiss, gave her a quick peck on the lips as he pulled away, and allowed Rodgers to take his place.

Rhonda smiled at Rodgers. Having been with him before, she wasn’t the least bit shy with him. He returned her smile and cupped her breasts, weighing them in his hands. “You look wonderful, Rhonda,” he said, tweaking her nipples with his fingers. “Just pay attention to me and let Morgan get seated.”

Rhonda frowned, not sure what he was talking about until she felt the cool, jellylike substance being smoothed into the crack of her ass and then a long finger inserted into her anus. Coated with the jelly, it slid in easily. She drew in a long, slow breath as Morgan began to work her anus, stroking it then adding another finger. He stretched her until, within a few more strokes, he could insert his cock. The head of his cock rubbed against her anus, and by now, Rhonda was breathing through parted lips, her eyes locked on Rodgers’s gaze. She wrapped her fingers around the chain above her and thrust her breasts forward.

BOOK: The Ties That Bond
7.94Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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