The Wizard's Apprentice (The Apprentice) (20 page)

BOOK: The Wizard's Apprentice (The Apprentice)
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“Are you cold?” he asked in concern. “Here, let me keep you warm.” It was the perfect opportunity to draw her close. She melted into his arms this time and as he lowered his head she raised her face to him. He brought his lips to hers, tasting the sweetness of her lips. 

The moment long awaited, was short-lived for suddenly there was a thump beside them as a small animal fell from a nearby branch. Yelena sank to the ground and burst into a fit of emotional giggling. Brock crouched down beside her and despite himself, began laughing. They clung to each other not really knowing what was so funny while the indig
little beast hurried off into the darkness.

This end result was unexpected but at least they had had their first kiss, however brief. The
incident had swept away tensions and once they had laughed themselves into a state of stupidity and exhaustion, they were ready to return home for a well deserved rest.

Arm in arm they walked. Little was said but there was no awkwardness in the silence. Brock knew with a new confidence that they had moved from friendship to something much deeper. Yelena quickly responded to a short goodnight kiss.

Of all the powerful experiences of the last couple of years which had propelled Brock to maturity, none was so significant as that one fleeting kiss and the unspoken acceptance that he and Yelena had stepped through the door from childhood to adulthood, together. She, though older had lived a more protected life than he, therefore he was equal to her. Brock was sure in his heart that Yelena was the love of his life. But, in all his happiness, he knew that way back in his mind was a lurking restlessness which the beauty of the day had not totally subdued. Still, Brock
his uneasiness with the belief that whatever may follow, this day was theirs.



BOOK: The Wizard's Apprentice (The Apprentice)
6.24Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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