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Their Ex's Redrock Twilight (Texas Alpha) (Texas Alpha Series Book 4) (5 page)

BOOK: Their Ex's Redrock Twilight (Texas Alpha) (Texas Alpha Series Book 4)

“Want you five ways,” he muttered, with his voice so deep it shuddered between her thighs. “You’re going to like it, bella. But you’re going to do it

“Deek, show me, please,” she pleaded, bouncing her big bare breasts at him. “Show me.”

He growled deep in his chest, thrilling and hot. He was readying—

Oh my Lord ...

The first time Finn entered her, she was holding the thick heat of his hard cock. He insisted she guide it inside her and demanded she look at him while doing it. He’d gotten her so wet with his fingers that everything was slick, and she kept wondering if she’d missed something about sex being bossy ... but then she didn’t care.

She was a grown woman who’d never had passion in her life.

She needed to be taught.

Thank the Lord he wanted to teach her.

“Slow, bella. You take that cock slow,” he growled.

She whimpered as he impossibly held her over him, straddling his hips, facing him while they both sat. She had to feel for the connection, because he’d demanded her eyes.

“Sugar,” she moaned, feeling the searing-hot head move into her as her hand slipped lower on his huge shaft.

His irises burned with lust, scorching hers, and she could see their hot, snug connection on his hard-angled face. Every push, every tightness that was loosened just enough, every slickness heating to allow entry she could see.

Then, without warning, he thrust into her fully.

She cried out, her head falling back, her hand losing his shaft, and her breasts lifting and falling with the strike. Nothing in her life had prepared her for such a big cock entering her so fully, while she faced a man like that. But she forced herself to woman up. She grabbed his muscle-packed shoulders and she started bouncing.

“Fucking beautiful,” he growled, and his hips lifted as they started a fantastic rhythm.

Hours later, Finn ground between the cheeks of Coco’s lush ass. He’d put pillows under her hips and he was lying over her, going slow, deep, and full. He just made her climax minutes before up on her knees with her ass tilted up in the air and him licking her from behind.

So this slow fucking pussy grind was all for him. Each deep drive plumped her luscious ass up on his hips, and he thought through the pleasure spasm in his brain that it was his favorite position yet.

“Oh Lord yes, Deek. Sugar, fuck me deep.

Her ass moved up and she rolled her hips, making him groan. Exquisite Miss Coco Maxwell had an increasingly dirty mouth on her, and he just encouraged it.

“Tell me more, baby. Tell me how you want it.”

He rose up, locking his arms so he could fuck her a little faster.

“Your cock’s
big,” she gasped. “Lord help me, I want it deep, sugar. Fuck me harder.”

Then she crazy-moaned through a few solid thrusts he gave her as he watched her ass cheeks bounce against him and he saw his cock sinking, coming back, and sinking again.


His head pointed to the ceiling with the tendons in his neck snapping, and the burn started deep.

“Harder, Deek. Fuck me harder, sugar.”

“Fuck,” he roared, with pleasure blinding him, making him shudder, and slam home to hold.

He growled through it as it rolled over him, and he filled his hot-blooded woman with his come. He shook his head with sweat spraying as he looked at the lusciousness sprawled out beneath him.

“Oh Lord, yes, baby,” she whispered. “Lord, yes.”

his mind thundered. Then he unlocked his body and pulled out of her. He fell onto his side, while he grabbed her to pull her on top of him. Her ass was to his limp cock, her back damp across his chest, while her head rested against his neck.

He took a few deep breaths and then he hooked her inner ankles, spreading his legs and bringing hers along as he took her wrists and made her spread-eagle on top of him.

“This is not the only time we’re doing this, bella. Get that in your head,” he ordered deeply. She tried to move, but he held her open, captive. “
the only time.”

“Deek,” she whispered, trying to move again, and he stopped holding her wrists, to grab her breasts and between her legs. He held her that way, hard and tight to him. Her pussy hot and wet from where he’d fucked it.

“Tell me you heard me,” he demanded.

“We do this again, Deek,” she answered, in that soft Southern drawl she had.

He found her ear where her head lay against his neck.

“You’re not getting much choice in bed, Coco. Outta bed is regular back and forth between a man and woman. In bed, you’re all mine. You want that, you’ll get up when I release you, go wash that sweet pussy I fucked hard, and then come back so I can eat you out, then we’ll shower again, maybe talk. You don’t want that, you keep walking, get a taxi, I’ll send another officer in to handle you.”

Finn felt her shaking the more he talked. He didn’t know when he’d decided it and he didn’t know when he’d decided to add the get-out-free part, because he didn’t want to let her go. But he needed this shit like air to breathe.

He fucking had to have it.

special agent. No other.” Her lips kissed his hard jaw. “Teach me, Finn,” she whispered, and his chest loosened and his hopes soared.

Five] It Burned In His Crystal Green Eyes


oco cried over Finn’s face, him doing her. She climaxed, and the tears came. Not hard, just a few, but it was so beautiful, so perfect. She’d never felt a man wanted her more. Especially because he could have picked anything and she would have done it. That was what going, washing, coming back, and obediently crawling over him meant.

I accept ... I’ll do it. Anything

He knew it, and it burned in his crystal green eyes. But to pick doing her pussy. To pick her over him like that, as he held her open and he licked her.





It was so possessive, it filled her up, and that part where he’d held her on top of him open and spread, while he’d told her how it was going to be?


She should be worried about things, such as giving up her independence to a man she barely knew. But she freaking wasn’t. She should be upset that she was doing this and still married. But she
wasn’t. She should be aghast that she barely knew him and they’d just fucked five different ways. But she wasn’t.

“I’m a slut,” she cried.


Finn lifted her off his face where she’d just come, cried, and declared herself a slut, and he rolled and came up behind where she knelt facing the headboard. Finn latched his arm under her big breasts.

“Slut in bed is exactly what I want, baby. Hoping you want that too. Thinking you do; you came back to bed. I need a beautiful little slut who’ll obey me.”

Coco moaned with her head falling back to his shoulder.

“I’ve never been a slut before,” she whispered to him.

“You’re a natural,” he told her.

She looked at the side of his goatee.

“’Kay,” she murmured. If he was happy, she was, because Finn was very generous in bed.

He rubbed her belly. “I know we don’t know each other and I know we got this shit with unfaithful spouses going on. But we’re not keeping them, so we don’t need to let them ruin us. The rest ... we’ll get to know each other, while you’re doing your naughty slut things in bed for me.” Right there she instantly got wet and achy again. “Doing these dirty things together should bring us closer really quick for the other shit. You think?”

She purred. Lord, she was in heaven.

“I think it will, Deek,” she murmured.

“Good. You do the shower my way, once you get out, we’re back to give and take, yeah.”

“If that’s what you want.”

He squeezed her. “Perfect, baby.”

Coco smiled; she didn’t have to worry about the woman-up thing, because he was in control.
she had never contemplated finding in her wildest dreams.


So showering Finn’s way was erotically, smolderingly hot. He washed her, from kneeling at her toes, to her hair, with special attention paid to her pussy. Which had gotten her hot

Impossible, but she was, and shoot, she’d had years of pent-up passion, so maybe it wasn’t surprising. But Finn had told her that he knew her pussy was needy and she’d have to keep it that way all day now for him, because she wasn’t getting any more.

That made her pout, but he just kissed her pouting lips with water spraying over them, then he did that really deep voice thing he did and ordered her to wash him. Slowly. When she’d finished and was all but panting, he motioned her down onto her knees and he pushed his thick cock down from his belly and toward her mouth.

“Eyes on me, cock between those pretty, full lips, bella.”

Coco’s eyes widened. She’d tried to get Gordon to let her do this, but he wouldn’t, so she never had. Her first thought was that Finn was so big—how could she? But then the really, really hot head was pushed against her lips.

“I never—” she squeaked, her eyes wide.

Finn frowned down at her with the water spraying his back. Coco had never felt the thing she felt seeing that frown, knowing she was disappointing him. It was massive and tight in her chest.

“Never sucked cock?” he asked.

She couldn’t even shake her head; that huge thing in her chest wouldn’t let her.

Then his lips lifted and his eyes beneath his spiky eyelashes lit with a force of arousal she could feel.

“Virgin mouth,” he rumbled.

That huge thing inside her disintegrated. He
it. Her virgin mouth. Then she knew what to do, kneeling at his feet.

“Teach me,” she whispered.

“Just the head this time, baby. You use your hands on the shaft. We’ll work you into to taking more of it over time, yeah.”

“Yeah,” she mumbled, over the hot head of his cock, once again pressed to her lips.

Then Finn taught her how to suck the head and pump his shaft at the same time, while her pussy throbbed over it. She would later daydream about how big he was and how much he stretched her mouth.

It was smoking hot.

Then when the time came, Finn arched and she could see all of his muscles etched by water tense as his cream jetted over her breasts. His gaze turned down to watch, as she moaned, feeling something moving through her pussy in tiny ripples of pleasure.

Did she climax?

Then, five minutes later, Coco was bent over, drying off when Finn’s voice rumbled behind her. “I know I said we’d be back to give and take after the shower, but damn, woman, you got an ass on you.
” he ordered sharply.

Coco went statuelike, bent over. Finn had seen her ass in many ways that morning into afternoon.

“You got to think about letting me have it,” he muttered. Coco looked over her shoulder at him; his eyes were all over her bottom—a bottom, she might add, that Gordon thought was too large. “I won’t demand that of you, bella, but you gotta think about giving it to me, yeah.”

If only he knew the quivers of arousal rushing through her. That was in her fantasies, fantasies she had yet to share with anyone. She licked her lips slowly, and Finn watched her do every inch of it while bent over for him.

“’Kay, Deek,” she whispered.

He moved up to her with his big hand cupping one cheek of her behind. “What I won’t compromise on is spanking your beautiful bare ass.”

Her eyes widened. He rubbed. Then he smiled quite arrogantly. “You’re going to like it.” He grabbed her waist and lifted her upright. “It’ll make you wet.”

She shook her head. “It will,” he promised, running his fingers lightly over her ass. “This beautiful ass was made for it, bella. Be a sin to waste it.”

She turned to him and opened her mouth, but then he was kissing her and her words were lost. They were plastered together for a long time, before he lifted his lips and murmured, “I release you for now, little bella.”


Coco tried to get her mind back into the mode of asserting some kind of authority over herself. But she was kind of lost; it was as if it was just too hard to click one’s fingers and suddenly be back in charge of oneself.

So she simply filled up the jumbled space in her head by looking at Finn. Oh boy, that was enough, because there would never be enough of watching him do the masculine things he did. She scooted to get one of his dress shirts to throw on, and then she sat on the end of the bed, watching Finn’s incredibly hot and masculine body moving.

He stayed nude to comb his hair, trim around his goatee, and brush his teeth. She saw every flex of his butt as he did it.

Then he got dressed, and even that was so wonderfully masculine. Those tight black boxers he put on, she’d never seen any like them. Gordon wore loose, baggy ones, but Finn’s were so hot. They cupped the bulge of his cock in front and the hard globes of his butt from behind.

She licked her lips.

When he put his jeans on, it was so sexy, up his long, muscular legs, then zipping them over that big bulge in the front. He grabbed a dark dress shirt, which he left open so her eyes could trace the mounded sinew on his chest.

She could spend hours just watching him, while being achy and wet the entire time.

He was talking about something, and she kept muttering, “Yes.”

But she had no clue what his rumbled voice was saying. It was if she was starved for man, and now that she had some man, she couldn’t do anything but drink him up.

“Baby, you listening?”

“Yes,” she whispered.

Then the mounded muscle of Finn’s chest was right in front of her nose and she felt his big, warm hand cup her cheek. He lifted, so her eyes traveled up his chest.

His green eyes pinned hers.

“Not a word, have you?” His thumb caressed her cheek. “You haven’t heard a word.”

Coco opened her mouth to lie, but it was Finn, and even though she’d lied many times to Gordon, she couldn’t lie to Finn, who was now the keeper of her
mazing orgasms.

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