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She pulled away, gently, and gave a shaky laugh. ‘Is this really happening?’ she asked, her eyes misty as she gazed into his rugged open face.

‘We’ve waited long enough, haven’t we?’ Harry said, pulling her towards him again. ‘But do you think we could wait a little longer? I’d feel better if we sorted everything out first – you know?’

Ellie nodded, smiling. ‘I want things to be just right this time,’ she said.

‘Are you really sure this is what you want?’ Harry kissed her again.

Ellie returned his kiss. ‘I’m sure,’ she said simply.

‘And you don’t have any regrets about leaving that lovely house and your studio and everything?’

‘No regrets at all.’ She gave a little giggle. ‘Who needs a studio? I can paint anywhere – a garden shed will do me.’

‘So – you mean to keep up this painting lark then, being a famous designer and all?’

Ellie’s smile faded. Surely he wasn’t going to be like Alex, denying her the right to a career of her own? ‘You don’t mind, do you?’ she asked.

‘Well, I do have one condition.’ He tried to keep his face straight but she realized he was teasing. He wagged his finger sternly. ‘You’ve got to change your trademark. It’s not
, it’s “Ellen”. You know we Londoners don’t sound our aitches. And just because we’ve moved out to Essex doesn’t mean we have to abandon our roots.’

‘Anything you say, my love,’ she said, going back into his arms.

As she clung to him, breathing in his dear familiar scent, at last she knew she’d really come home. And there would be no more running away.

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© Roberta Grieve 2010
First published in Great Britain 2010
This edition 2013


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ISBN 978 0 7198 1092 3 (mobi)
ISBN 978 0 7198 1093 0 (pdf)
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BOOK: Threads of Silk
13.93Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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