To Catch A Warrior [Unearthly World Book 5]

BOOK: To Catch A Warrior [Unearthly World Book 5]
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C.L. Scholey


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This is one married couple whose appetites for each other grow ever stronger with each passing year. They thoroughly enjoy discovering new ways to keep the spark alive and thriving. Allowing another couple to share in their fun only seems to increase the possibilities. Keeping the love alive is certainly not a problem for Mac and Jenney, which makes their escapades deliciously fun to read.

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Abri is a strong female heroine. She didn't let deafness define who she is. Raiden is a likeable guy. Why? Even though Abri is deaf, Raiden picked her for his female.

C.L. Scholey has done a terrific job of creating this futuristic romance series. We have action, romance, adventure & mystery all in 102 pages.

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The Brethren of Tavish is a wonderfully written book. The characters are well rounded and bring you into the story as if you were really there. The story flows smoothly tying one part to the next. The plot is well thought out, giving you plenty of action…

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This story is dedicated to those who not only think outside the box, but do so because
there is no

Chapter 1

How hard can it be to find a single lone female—in space?

Fucking impossible.

Titus smashed his fist down on the large, rectangular console in the massive space vessel he commanded. Zargonnii vessels were built to handle a warrior’s wrath. He hadn’t done any damage to the equipment; the lights flickered amidst the black panel, but steadied with alternate blips and bleeps humming in the background. A few growls from other warriors on deck echoed Titus’s grumbling. Every male was on edge.

Empty space stared back at Titus through the oblong window past the console and he could see his reflection. His red eyes were blazing with the intensity of his thoughts surrounded by his one long white eyebrow that went from one side of his neck, over his high cheek bones near his ears, across his forehead and down the other side of his neck to taper to the fur on his shoulders. His ass-long white hair whipped around him while in battle mode. His broad chest was bare except for the generous amount of white, thick fur covering it; he wore no shirt. Titus’s full blue lips were slightly parted as his breath came faster with his anger. He was over seven feet tall, heavily muscled and scary as hell. Or so human females told him.

For weeks, Titus and a few of his men had searched the skies and other planets whenever there was a calm during the war that raged between the galaxies. There was one lone female in particular he was intent on finding.


“Did you just shudder, Titus?”

“I was thinking about Bertha,” Titus said to Cy who came to stand beside him.

Cy noticeably shuddered. “Oh,

Cy was almost as tall as Titus. Two reflections were now mirrored against the darkness of space and the console’s flickering lights. Both looked irritated.

“Yeah, that. She’s fucking disappeared. No sightings, no speculation, not a hint or a whisper in the galaxy.
particular female would cause a stir. Whoever has or had her would know I want her and would be happy to oblige by handing her over—even the fucking enemy. There isn’t anything coming in on her. You know the only reason I can think of? She must have gone to a different plane of existence. Finn and his human mate Bethany claim there are worlds within worlds. We’ve been looking for a long time—too long. There’s no trace of the little human.”

“Too bad she couldn’t yell for us. Her mouth is big enough,” Cy grumbled.

Titus agreed. Big mouth Bertha had been a thorn in his side since Finn and Blu had found six human females living in an igloo on the dying planet Earth. The female had been in Titus’s care for a mere week, but he felt responsible for her. Thanks to their healer, Finn, who was the one to hand her over.
Damn the warrior.
The human females were transferred from the planet onto another of Titus’s vessels—a vessel now blown to pieces. After the space battle with the rogue Tonan and the mind-fighting Gorgano, Titus’s warriors and the females they saved from water logged Earth were scattered into the universe. His last ship was annihilated. All but one human was accounted for, and she was driving Titus crazy.

“Fuck me,” Titus bellowed. “I have no clue how to search into different dimensions. Finn said the water warrior Arax sent him and Bethany through a water hole to the dark warriors’ plane of existence. I understand the water warriors’ reasoning; our water sources are too dangerous for human females because of the flesh-eating pond scum. Because the dark warriors have Finn’s DNA we can connect with them if we have to. But their leader has sworn Bertha isn’t there, I believe him. With the water warriors there’s virtually no way to get to them. If Bertha ended up there, she’s as good as dead from the landing. Even our shuttles, as strong as they are, apparently can’t take the beating of the pounding waters.

“With the war raging against the Gorgano and rogue Tonan and now the damned flying Angano, we need all of our warriors. I can’t afford any to get lost or stranded. Our allies have searched when possible but have no time for a lone female. I’m at a loss. All I can think about is that poor little shrew out there alone, somewhere.”


“Titus.” Cy placed a hand onto his shoulder. “No one could have tried harder to find the missing human, but it’s been months. Bertha’s gone. You need to give her up. I know you had no affection for her. I know it’s your honor driving you. There isn’t a single warrior Zargonnii, or otherwise, who would say you failed. She must be dead. Stop looking for a ghost, we need you in the land of the living.”

“Her loss breaks my heart. She spent years trying to survive on Earth and was almost killed. I thought, in my arrogance, she should be happy we saved her, grateful. Bertha was so scared. She was always so scared, she hid behind a mouthy façade. That last space battle was horrific even by my standards. The ship was about to explode, I had to make certain my warriors were safe.

“She was screaming when I got to her, flames licking the walls of her room. We were the last to leave. Fire was everywhere. The shuttle I put her in could only hold one safely. I know I punched in the right return code for home. I don’t understand what went wrong. Even if mangled, the shuttle should return, unless there’s nothing left of it. Which would mean there’s nothing left of her.

“When I watched her leave and climbed into the remaining broken shuttle, I was so grateful my last thoughts would be she escaped. I honestly thought I’d die. I thought I was saving her. She said I was abandoning her like everyone else. There was something in her eyes, Cy. Something so sad. I don’t know of a creature that needs to start with a clean slate as much as she. I was hoping we could give it to her, a second chance. I believed a warrior could give her renewed life.”

“Your warriors terrified her.”

“I know. Bertha terrified my warriors. Seemed a fair trade.”

Both males smiled. A blip on the console came to life. Titus growled. He punched in new coordinates. The Gorgano space vessel was trolling. There were no human females on the Zargonnii ship Titus commanded. When dealing with the Gorgano a human female was the best weapon. Most of the female humans on his planet were with child or had given birth. No Zargonnii would risk his mate. As he shouldn’t. Avoiding the Gorgano irked the powerful leader, but it couldn’t be helped. His warriors fought with brute strength, not their minds. The Zargonnii were strategic, but strategic mind battling went deeper with the Gorgano. The deadly Gorgano could blow up a warrior with their thoughts.

Titus set the shield to reconfigure at random intervals. If a Gorgano boarded, there was no telling what damage it could do before they destroyed it. Blu, a warrior of Titus’s, was mated to a very special female, Adan. Circumstances led the female to be very adept when dealing with the enemy. The human female programmed Titus’s new vessel with the ability to change shield tactics randomly. She called it a fire wall. It must work because normally the Gorgano would have boarded by the time they came into sight. Titus would have to remember to give Adan something special when she gave birth.

“I have no time for these maggots,” Titus said and growled.

“Ugly bastards,” Cy said snarling. His gaze was fixed on the approaching Gorgano vessel.

“Not a handsome race,” Titus agreed.

“Butt-fuck nasty, too.”

They entered a worm hole taking them light years from the space zone they vacated. The worm hole split into a number of holes, the Gorgano would have no clue what direction Titus took if they followed. The blackness was encompassing. The dials on the console spun forward then back. Lighting on the ship dimmed. Cy flicked a few buttons on the console and ran his hand across the screen that appeared above them.

“Where next, Captain?” Cy asked.

From his longing gaze, Titus knew the warrior was wishing Titus would say home. In his heart, Titus knew he’d lost Bertha. She haunted his thoughts. The last image of her saddened face woke him in the morning and sent him into his dreams at night. There was something broken in that female. She was alive but she didn’t live when on the ship. Her body went through the actions of movement, but her brain and emotions were bitter and lost. Something told Titus she had been beaten. If he raised his hand too fast when around her, she cowered back, eyes wide, terrified he meant to hit her. Her jaw quivered if his voice rose. She never ran from him. In many creatures there was fight or flight. Bertha seemed in possession of neither. Perhaps both choices had been taken from her at a young age. If he didn’t find her, he would never know.

BOOK: To Catch A Warrior [Unearthly World Book 5]
10.48Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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