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melted chocolate in the center. Go ahead. Take a bite,” Gabe said and lifted
the spoon to her lips.

Sibyl wanted
to turn her head away, but his voice was almost like a lullaby. She closed her
lips around the spoon and sighed. Sinfully delicious, just like everything
else. “Mmm. It’s wonderful.”

He swiped
his thumb over her mouth and little shocks of pleasure rocked through her
being. How could just a simple touch arouse her like that?

“Yes,” Gabe
said, and his voice rumbled through her bones. “I’ll be back in a moment.”

watched him leave and took another hearty bite of the cake. The chocolate sauce
spilled over the edge, mixing with the raspberry, and she licked the cream from
her lips.

yourself?” a man asked from the doorway, starting Sibyl from her dessert.

She stared
at him. It was probably Adrian, but he looked younger than Sibyl, Gabe and
Jonathan – maybe only in his early twenties. He was shirtless, and the
jeans he wore hung low on his hips, displaying his huge bulge for all the world
to see. His stomach was flat and defined with muscles, and his hair was jet
black and it hung in his eyes and brushed the edge of his shoulders.

“You must be
Adrian,” she said and swallowed the lump in her throat.

He snorted
and stepped into the candle light. “Yeah. And you’re Sibyl. The one Gabe won’t
shut up about. Guess I can see why,” he said and turned her face in his hands.

She pulled
back and raised a hand. “Hey!”

leaned forward. He smelled like freshly fallen snow and musk. “What? You’ll let
him manhandle you but not me? That’s not fair, girlie.”

Girlie? No
one called her that since she was in high school! “I’m thirty-two!” she said.

“So? Why
should your age matter to me?”

Sibyl gaped
at that. It mattered to most men, just like her size mattered.

eyes wandered down to her breasts, and she pulled the robe tight around her
chest. He caught her hand. “Oh no. I want to see what you’re hiding under
there. I might’ve missed dinner, but I got here just in time for dessert.”

“This?” she
asked and pointed at the cake, half-eaten.

His teeth
seemed to sharped in the candlelight. “No. I want you for dessert, girlie.”

Sibyl leaned
back in her chair, and it toppled over. Adrian didn’t seem phased by her sudden
clumsiness. He leaned over her, running a calloused hand up her thick thigh.

Sibyl breathed and backed up, but every time she moved the robe slipped open
further. She was totally naked beneath it. Shit!

fingers dug into her flesh, squeezing it. Then he pulled at the tie holding the
robe closed, and she held the material to her chest. If he saw her, what would
he think?

“Come on.
You know you want it. I can smell it on you.”

“What?” she
muttered, eyes wide. What the hell did he smell?

“I can smell
your heat, girlie. It’s enough to drive a man insane.”

fingers wrapped around hers, yanking her hands free. Adrian pulled the robe
open and a smirk slipped over his lips as his golden eyes wandered over her
exposed body. They lingered on her breasts and stomach, moving lower to her
full thighs and her weeping pussy aching between them.

Maybe if she
called for Gabe he’d come help her, but he’d never be able to hear her outside
in the middle of a blizzard. Plus, Adrian was right. Her body did ache for a man’s
touch, but that didn’t mean she wanted this man!

“Get away
from me!” she cried and kicked at him, but Adrian caught her feet in his strong
hands. He held her still without the slightest strain to his muscles at all.

“Why would I
want to do that? Look at how tasty you look,” he said and spread her thighs.

She squeezed
her eyes shut. This wasn’t happening. This sort of thing happened to other
women, not her. Men didn’t lose control around fat Sibyl – not ever.

she gasped and tried to wiggle out of his grip.

clamped on her thighs and he pulled her closer, his muscular body looming over
hers. She raised a hand and slapped him in the cheek, but his head didn’t even
move. Though she did catch the slight flush of color that seeped over his face
at the blow.

“Feisty. I
like it. Gabe said you’d be perfect for us.”

Perfect? She
wasn’t perfect for anything. “Who’s us?”

But Adrian
didn’t answer. One hand stayed clamped on her thigh with an iron-like grip. The
other wandered over her full breasts. Her nipples hardened at the touch –
the rough edge of his calloused hands flicking them into arousal.

She bit her
bottom lip and grabbed for his wrist, but he took Sibyl’s instead. His fingers
dug into her flesh, and he dipped his mouth over her heaving chest. The tip of
his tongue lapped at the hardened nub. Round and round. Then the sharp points
of his teeth pulled at it until she moaned.

“See? I knew
you’d like it. How fast can I make you cum, girlie.”

Sibyl shook
her head and tried to scoot away again. The wooden floor was smooth and cold
against her bare ass. “Gabe and Jonathan could come in at any moment,” she said
in a breathy whisper.

smirked. “Good. They can see what a real man does with a woman like you.”

His mouth
suckled on her other breast as fingers dipped inside her eager cunt. She
squeezed her walls around them, but he didn’t relent. Deeper and deeper, he
shoved the two digits inside while his thumb stroked her clit.

stopped fighting. The pleasure of his touch jolted through ever nerve in her
body. She gripped onto his strong, bare shoulders and moaned. Why was he doing
this? She wasn’t worthy of someone so young and hot.

Lips burned
across her flesh, and she sucked in her stomach. Then Adrian kissed her neck,
biting at the skin until she squirmed. His free hand groped at her hips,
lifting her onto his lap.

She felt the
rock hard bulge of his cock against her thigh, and a wave of fear ran through
her. What if he tried to fuck her right on the floor? If Gabe walked in. . . .

“He’s my
boss,” she gasped. “I can’t.”

The orgasm
slammed into her body like a wave. It rolled over her, and she moaned and
trembled. Her arms and legs felt like jelly. Adrian didn’t remove his fingers
right away, he pushed them inside, like he wanted to feel her grasping onto
him. When he finally pulled them free, he brought them to his lips and licked
them clean.

he said. “Now it’s my turn to taste you with something else.”

grasped at the robe and shook her head. “I could get fired.”

snorted and reached for his zipper, but large hands wrapped around his
shoulders from behind.

Looking up,
she saw Jonathan towering over Adrian. There was a strange look on the blond
haired man’s face. His blue eyes shone, and he licked his seductive lips slowly.

“You started
without us,” he growled.

shrugged. “So? What took you two so long? I thought the fun would be underway
when I got here.”

Sibyl shook
her head and scrambled to her feet. “What fun? What are you talking about?” she
asked, though her voice shook. The earlier pleasure drained away and was
replaced by a surge of danger. What the hell was going on?

didn’t answer her. “Gabe won’t be pleased.”

“Think I
give a fuck what Gabe thinks?” Adrian snarled.

“You should,”
Gabe answered and stepped next to Sibyl.

practically jumped out of her skin. How did he get behind her all of a sudden?

His hair and
shoulders were dusted with snow, and he glared at Adrian. The young man stood
up straight and scowled back. Both of their eyes glowed in the dim light.

Sibyl tried
to melt into the darkness, gripping the robe around her like it was the only
thing that could keep her safe.

“Didn’t fix
the generator?” Adrian asked.

“A fuse
blew. We need a new part for it. We’ll get it tomorrow after the storm blows
over,” Jonathan said.

Gabe smiled
and looked at Sibyl. “Then it looks like we’ll have to do this by firelight.
Much more romantic, don’t you think?”

“Do what?”
Sibyl demanded and backed to the other side of the table. She picked up a steak
knife and wished her damn hand would stop shaking.

All three
men looked at her. Their eyes reflected the light, and when they smiled their
white teeth were sharp.

“I think you
can guess,” Gabe growled. “Adrian already gave the game away, didn’t he?”

Were they
vampires? No! That was stupid. Vampires didn’t exist!

“Stay the
hell away from me!” she cried. The door was so close. If she ran, she might be
able to make it outside. Her car was the only escape, but where were her keys?
Maybe if she got to the road she could get help.

“We can’t do
that,” Jonathan said. “Your body is too ripe to ignore. We need you.”

Sibyl shook
her head. They were crazy! And she had to get away from them now!

“I won’t let
you kill me,” she said. “Come near me and I’ll stab you!”

snorted. “We don’t want to kill you. We’re going to claim you, girlie. And
you’ll like it.”

Claim her?
That didn’t make any sense. Claim her as what?

Gabe nodded,
and they all moved closer. Their feet didn’t even squeak on the floorboards.
“You’re the missing piece of our pack, Sibyl. Why else would I bring you here?
You’re the one – you’re our mate.”

They were
definitely crazy. She gripped the knife tightly and fought the cold dread
seeping over her body. Claim? Mate? Were they some kind of weird cult? She
didn’t want to stick around and find out.

As they drew
near, Sibyl bolted for the door. She flew through it and swung it closed, the
knife still clutched in her hands. Hopefully, she wouldn’t fall on it and kill
herself. Feet pounded behind her, but she didn’t turn to look. She headed
straight outside and into the blizzard.

The cold hit
Sibyl like a wave. It knocked the breath from her lungs, freezing her bare
feet. She could hardly see into the swirling flakes of snow, but if she went
back into the house she didn’t know what Gabe and his friends might do to her.
It wouldn’t be good.

Her breath
blew out in thick clouds as she charged passed her car. The snow swallowed her
feet, and she ran into the woods on the side of the house. The road was to the left!
If she just ran left, she’d find someone who could help her!

A howl broke
through the air and Sibyl froze in place. Wolves? Lake Tahoe had wolves?

She shook
the flakes from her hair and bolted forward. Footsteps pounded behind her.
Something sniffed the air. She could hear it in the strange silence of the snowstorm.

Another howl
and a snarl. How many wolves were there?

She got the
edge of an incline and looked up. The road! It must be at the top of the hill.
She plunged her hands into the snow and climbed. Her numb feet slipped, unable
to grasp a thing, and her fingers felt like they were about to fall off at any
moment. She still held the steak knife somehow, like it was glued to her hand,
and she fought the tears that pricked at her eyes.

Suddenly, a
great black wolf lunged at her from the right. She rolled to the ground with
the beast, the snow cushioning her fall. It sniffed her face and she brought
the knife down right in the animal’s shoulder.

It howled in
pain and jumped back, growling.

scrambled to her feet. Her entire body shook so violently she didn’t know if
she’d ever be warm again. Then another wolf jumped out of the snowy white. This
one had dark fur with a red tinge, it snarled and leaped forward.

She kicked
at the beast, but it grabbed her foot in its great mouth. Fangs bit into her
flesh, pulling her off balance. Another wolf joined them. It turned its large
white head to her and snapped at her hands as she tried to push it away.

With a
growl, it grasped the robe in its mouth and they both pulled.

Instead of
freeing herself from Gabe and his friends, now a pack of wolves was going to
eat her! She tried to fight, but her muscles seemed to be frozen. She shivered
down to her bones, and the wolf dragging her through the snow didn’t help in
the least.

Sibyl’s eyes
slid shut.

When she
blinked, the heat of fire warmed her flesh. The ache in her leg made her sit
upright. Three wolves sat over her, but she was back inside the bed and

The black
wolf licked his shoulder wound while the reddish wolf licked her wound.

The white
wolf leaned into her face. Its bright blue eyes reflected the light back into
her face, and it ran its rough tongue down her chest. Its fur was damp with
snow, like her hair, and its touch sent a jolt of desire right to her pussy.

BOOK: TrappedbytheWolfPackARe
5.89Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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