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Authors: Patrick Lewis,Christopher Denise

Tugg and Teeny (2 page)

BOOK: Tugg and Teeny

Soon the jungle went to sleep each night to the soothing sounds from Teeny's stick.

One morning Teeny and Tugg were awakened by loud noises. They ran outside.

“Surprise!” the whole neighborhood shouted. “We want to make beautiful music, too. Will you teach us?”

After hearing Teeny practice on her stick each night, all the animals had decided to take music lessons. Even Tugg joined in.

And that is how beautiful music came to the jungle.

What's in a Picture?

“Look!” said Tugg.

“What is it?” asked Teeny.

“Paintings,” said Tugg.

“Painting is for the birds,” said Teeny.

“Yes, painting
for the birds. And for the reptiles, the big cats, the …”

“I hope it is not boring,” Teeny grumbled.

Teeny stopped at the first two pictures.

Her mouth fell open.

“They are fabulous!” she said. “And look at this one, Tugg. Can you believe it?” Teeny shouted. “It is
Violet painted us.”

“That was very nice of her,” said the gorilla.

Teeny ran into the Jungle Visitors' Shop and bought paint and art supplies.

“We must hurry home, Tuggboat,” said Teeny.

Teeny set up her easel and started to work.

She had been painting for a whole week when Chuckie Cheetah ran by.

“What does this painting look like?” the monkey asked him.

“A swamp,” said Chuckie.

Teeny frowned.

Zig and Zag, the wacky Zebra brothers, trotted over.

“What am I painting?” Teeny asked them.

“Purple weeds,” said Zig.

“Grouchy Zig waking up,” said Zag.

Teeny groaned.

A month had gone by when Margie Barge waddled over.

“Since you are an art expert, Margie,” said Teeny, “tell me what I am painting.”

Margie Barge stared at the picture for a long time. “Ah yes,” she said. “Five divided by twelve.”

Teeny was almost in tears.

“What is wrong, Teeny?” Tugg asked.

“No one can guess what my painting is!”

“I know what it is, Monkeyface,” said Tugg, “and I think it is beautiful. But we should ask Violet her opinion. She is an artist too, remember.”

Teeny and Tugg had already thanked Violet for her “Best Friends” painting in the Animal Art Show.

“Of course,” said Teeny, “Violet will know right away.”

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