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Their waitress came over and took their orders, all of them deciding to start off with a glass of red wine. Lilly couldn’t help but notice the looks the waitress was aiming Ranger’s way. She felt a little of the green-eyed monster rise up, and as soon as the perky blonde left, Lilly cleared her throat. “I’m not sure this is going to work.”

“What?” Ryker asked in a panicked voice.

Before he could get himself all worked up, Lilly lifted her hand to his cheek and kissed him. “Stop thinking what you’re thinking. That’s not what I meant. This, me pretending to date only you or Ranger in public, isn’t going to work for me.”

Calmer now, Ryker kissed her nose. “What’s wrong, sweetheart?”

Crossing her arms under her breasts, Lilly huffed. “I don’t like other women thinking one of you is eligible.” She pouted and glanced toward the waitress who was still ogling Ranger from across the room. “I was an only child and I’m not used to sharing.”

Ranger grinned and leaned across the table. “Then give me a kiss, sweet thing.”

With a smile, Lilly leaned over and let Ranger tongue fuck her mouth. She felt Ryker’s hand inching up her skirt as he moaned. Breaking the kiss she looked into Ranger’s eyes and then over at the waitress who was standing with her mouth open. “Much better.” Pleased, she sat back down.

Settling back in his seat, Ranger smiled. “I would’ve never taken you for the territorial type.”

“Well get used to it,” she said. “Now, let’s eat our dinner, and get out of here.” She felt Ryker’s hand slip under her skirt and turned toward him. “We’re getting enough looks without you trying to make me writhe and moan. As nice as your hand feels, maybe we should save it for dessert.”

Ryker grinned and removed his hand. “Wow, you’re tough.”

“One of us has to keep a level head or we’re likely to be thrown out. Since I love this place, I’d like to come back sometime.”

“Okay, we’ll be good, and anytime you want to come back you just say so. It’s nice to get out of Summerville once in a while.”

Deciding it was better to talk now rather than later, Lilly took a sip of her wine. “I talked to Mom today about us.”

Ranger’s eye brows shot up, “Really? What did she say?”

Giving away only part of their conversation, Lilly unwrapped her silverware and put her napkin on her lap. “She made me promise that we’d all go to the clinic and get checked out and that I’d get on the pill.”

Ryker grabbed Lilly’s hand. “The clinic’s not a big deal, we can go this week, but I guess I’m a little surprised you aren’t already on the pill.”

Lilly felt her face heat and looked down at her lap. “I’ve been saving myself for the two of you.” Looking back up at Ranger she said, “When you told me you wanted me to live a little before you asked me out, I tried to get the courage to allow Jeff to take my virginity, but I couldn’t go through with it.”

“What? You’d let that womanizer take something as special as that?” Ryker almost shouted.

“It’s what I thought the two of you wanted.”

“No, God, no. We only wanted you to have fun with your friends and stuff. We both knew once we began dating you it would be for keeps. The last thing we wanted was for you to feel like you’d missed out on a part of your life twenty years from now. That’s all, I promise.” Ranger took her hand and continued. “And we’re honoured that you saved yourself for us. As a matter of fact, Nate was teasing me a couple of months ago about the fact that there was no way you could be a virgin at twenty-one. I wanted to kill him.”

“Wait a minute,” she narrowed her eyes and looked from Ryker to Ranger. “Why did you discuss my sex life with Nate?”

“Oh, I didn’t really. I think Nate said something about Rio not coming home from the bar, and maybe he’d gone home with that pretty waitress.” Ranger shrugged. “The thought of you going home with Rio was enough to tear me up. Little did I know, Rio was trying to avoid Nate because he was sweet on him and didn’t want to cheat on Ryan.”

Lilly grinned, “So it bothered you huh?”

“Hell yeah it bothered me. Believe it or not, it’s been hard for me and Ryker to wait for you to get older.”

Ranger stopped talking while the waitress brought their food to the table. Lilly was pleased that the sly flirting had stopped but she grinned when the waitress winked at her.
Yep, that girl knew a lucky woman when she saw one.

“Mmm,” she moaned at the look and smell of her pot roast. Lilly looked up to see both men staring at her. “Sorry, smells good.”

“Let’s just hurry and eat so we can get out of here,” Ryker said, squeezing her leg.

Chapter Seven




The closer they got to the house, the more Ryker wanted to play. He stole brief kisses and rode with his arm stretched behind Lilly, buried in the depths of Ranger’s black curls. “Will you stay the night?” he finally asked Lilly.

“Yes,” she replied, giving him a kiss.

Ryker could tell she was nervous. Smoothing his palm down her cheek, he kissed her again. “We’ll take it slow. If nothing else it would be heaven just to hold you between us while we sleep.”

“We’ll see how things go. I’ve waited so long nothing seems real.” Lilly worried her lip which Ryker was becoming accustomed to.

He licked the poor offended lip and ran his hand up under her skirt to rest on her thigh. Ryker looked up and caught Ranger watching his every move. He couldn’t tell by the look on Ranger’s face whether he was getting horny or something else. “Sweetheart, I think Ranger’s feeling left out.”

“Oh, we can’t have that,” Lilly said as she turned to kiss Ranger’s jaw. He turned his head slightly and tried to kiss her while keeping his eyes on the road. Ryker smiled when Ranger released a soft moan as they broke the kiss. Knowing Ranger was just as nervous as Lilly was somehow very endearing.

With the mood in the truck shifting into playful, Ryker moved his hand higher under Lilly’s skirt as he began kissing her neck. He smiled against her soft skin as she shifted enough to let him know his actions were welcome. Running his fingers over the lace of her panties he could already feel moisture soaking his fingers. “Mmm,” he moaned.

Ryker looked into her green eyes seeking permission to go even further. Her answer was to open completely for him, hooking one leg over Ranger’s thigh and one leg over his. Ryker rewarded her faith with a deep thrusting kiss as his fingers slipped under the leg of her panties to drag across her slit.

Lilly broke the kiss and tilted her head back as the first of his fingers worked its way inside the creamy depths of her pussy. “Oh God.”

He watched as Ranger fidgeted in his seat as he tried to keep his eyes on the smooth blacktop. “Come on,” he said to Ranger, “you can drive one handed, I know you can.”

With a sideways glance, Ranger removed one hand from the wheel. As soon as Ryker felt Ranger’s fingers slide in beside his, he withdrew and sucked one digit into his mouth. “Holy fuck, you taste good.” He held the other finger in front of Ranger’s mouth.

Ranger opened, seemingly eager for his first taste of Lilly. Ranger sucked his finger like he wanted to take the skin off. “Hey, I didn’t expect to draw back a stub,” Ryker joked.

“Sorry,” Ranger mumbled, releasing Ryker. Ranger looked down at the speedometer, “Ten more miles,” he said, pressing a little harder on the gas.

Whatever Ranger was doing with his hidden hand, seemed to be doing the trick for Lilly as she began to squirm in her seat, panting. Ranger looked over at Ryker. “Rub her clit.”

Unbuckling his seat belt, Ryker grinned. “I can do better than that.” He flipped Lilly’s skirt up as he buried his face against her partially exposed pussy. Running his tongue over the small triangle of closely cropped hair about her slit, he inhaled. “You smell good, sweetheart.”

Lilly answered by reaching down and trying to pull her panties off. Her actions were so frantic and mindless she wasn’t getting anywhere. “Off,” she cried.

Chuckling, Ryker slid her wet panties down her legs and off. He handed the garment to Ranger. “Smell.”

As Ranger inhaled the scent of Lilly’s desire, Ryker went back to her pussy. With his tongue poised at her channel, he thrust deeply into her core.

“Uhh,” Lilly stiffened and grabbed Ryker’s hair.

With his nose pressed against her clit, Ryker began torturing her pussy with his tongue, lapping every ounce of cream her body produced. When her grip tightened even more he slid his tongue up and covered her clit with his lips, sucking and biting down gently.

“Ryker,” she screamed as she came.

Moving back down, Ryker scooped cum from her body with his tongue as he unzipped his jeans. Taking his throbbing cock in hand it only took two strokes for his own orgasm to overtake him.

“Fuck,” Ranger howled.

Ryker looked up in time to see Ranger’s cock empty its seed onto the steering wheel with Lilly’s hand wrapped firmly around it. The smell of sex was so strong inside the truck cab, Ryker’s cock continued to twitch in his fist.

By the time they pulled in front of the house, and Ranger put the truck into park, the three of them were exhausted. Ranger, resting his head against the back of the seat, turned to Ryker and Lilly. “Don’t ever do that again. I could have easily wrecked and killed us all.”

Ryker leaned up across Lilly to give Ranger a kiss, sharing Lilly’s essence. “For that? I’ll take my chances.” He used the tails of his shirt to clean himself up before crawling back onto the seat and opening the door. “How about we take this inside?”

As Ranger tucked himself back in and fastened his jeans, Ryker got out of the truck. He turned back toward Lilly and scooped her out of the seat.

“I can walk,” she whined.

“Yeah, but I’d rather carry you. Ranger’s too damn big for me to carry around or else I’d carry him too.”

Ranger had the door unlocked and opened by the time Ryker made it to the top of the steps. Walking straight to the bedroom he lowered Lilly to the side of the bed. “Would you like some wine while we recuperate?”

“That sounds good.” Lilly started to undress right before his eyes.

Instead of running off to get the wine, Ryker stared in awe. As the tight tank top lifted over her breasts, his mouth began to water. “So pretty,” he groaned, falling to his knees in front of her. Just before burying his face in her cleavage, he turned to Ranger. “Would you get us some wine, please?” he asked with a boyish grin.

Ranger rolled his eyes and walked off muttering under his breath. Lilly tossed the shirt to the floor, and Ryker captured both breasts in his hands. Bringing the generous mounds together he sucked on one nipple before moving to the next, happy when they pebbled immediately. He was sure her chest would probably be dotted with hickeys the next day, but he liked the thought of marking her.

A throat clearing behind him drew his attention. He pulled off one of the generous nipples with a pop and looked behind him. Ranger was standing with a bottle of wine and three glasses. “Why don’t you give Lilly a break long enough to get undress and have a glass of wine, Mr. Greedy.”

Ryker released Lilly’s breast as she sighed. “Sorry,” he said feeling like a lecher. Standing, he walked to the bathroom and cleaned himself up from his earlier orgasm. Running a soft washcloth under the hot water, he carried it back to the bedside table, hoping they’d need it later.

Lilly was already under the covers, nestled in the centre of the bed. She looked perfect there, Ryker thought. Although he did acknowledge it would be strange not to sleep next to Ranger. They’d slept spooned together since they were babies. In the past, they’d shared women, but none of them had been invited to spend the night, this would be the first.

As he undressed he looked over at Ranger. Seeing the stunned look on Ranger’s face as he poured the wine, Ryker guessed he was thinking the same thing. Lilly must have noticed the sudden tension in the room. “Is something wrong?”

Tossing his clothes aside, Ryker got in bed and pulled Lilly into his arms. He decided to be honest with her. If this relationship would work honesty needed to come before shame. “Ranger and I have never been separated in sleep. It just hit us both, I think.”

“Well, that’s easily fixed,” she smiled and scooted over to the far side of the bed. “The two of you will just have to take turns sleeping in the middle.”

Ryker loved her more at that moment than he ever thought possible. She hadn’t questioned or made them feel ashamed. Lilly had simply come up with the perfect solution. Ryker pressed his lips to hers. “God, you’re perfect for us.”

Ranger stood over them, handing them each a glass of red wine. Ryker looked up to take his glass and met Ranger’s gaze. He knew Lilly had jumped her first hurdle in gaining Ranger’s love as well.

Getting in bed, Ranger quickly finished his glass of wine, and set it on the table. He motioned for Ryker to look at Lilly and grinned. Glancing over, Ryker saw Lilly trying her best to stay awake. Seems her orgasm combined with the nerves of their first date had worn her out. Finishing off his wine, Ryker took Lilly’s glass out of her hand and passed them both to Ranger. “Poor baby,” he crooned, pulling Lilly against his chest.

They both watched as she yawned and promptly fell asleep. “She’s just so damn cute,” Ryker said, putting his other arm around Ranger, who cuddled up against him.

BOOK: Twin Temptations
13.69Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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