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Vander dressed quickly and threw a lab coat around Skye. “Ready to leave this house of horrors, babe?” he asked.

“I’ll go wherever you carry me.”

* * * *

Cody was nervous for Skye and Vander. It had been nearly one hour. He shot a quick glance over to William Archer, and the man had a grim expression on his face, also obviously worried for Skye and Vander. Cody had watched in bewilderment as Will expertly made his way to the Jeep. He had subdued two sentries silently, sneaking up on them like a wraith. Cody was more than a little impressed with his ghost-like tactics.

The Jeep still contained most of their provisions, but a few of the weapons were missing. Cody’s head lifted suddenly to see a giant of a man carrying something over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes. In the fading sun it was difficult to make out, yet Cody was certain it had to be Vander. The big man set Skye in the backseat then jumped up front with Will. The two discussed an exit strategy in low whispers, but Cody had trouble keeping his attention off of Skye. The lab coat she wore had completely fallen open in the front, and she was fully exposed to him. He reached over to cover her, and Skye kissed him on the cheek. “I missed you,” she said.

“Glad you’re okay, but I missed you even more.” Her lips fastened to his, and he had difficulty speaking. “I was sooo worried about you,” he continued. “These people are flippin’ nuts around here.”

The Jeep coasted for a few meters down the hill, then Will floored the gas. “Everyone down!” he ordered.

Cody held onto Skye and protected her with his body as they crashed through the gates. Dim searchlights flickered on, and an alarm sounded in the distance with dark silhouettes giving chase on foot. They hit the main road which was littered with debris and escaped Crazyville.

The drive settled Cody, and he felt himself relax with every mile that was taken. There was a cooling breeze in his face, and the woman of his dreams was leaning against him in the backseat almost completely naked. If the place wasn’t infested with zombies and crazy people, this would have been perfect.

Skye reached for Cody’s hand and pulled it to her until his palm met her crotch. “Could you help me out?” she whispered in a throaty voice. “It still tingles and burns down here.”

“What did they do to you?”

“A shot or something—just rub it a while.”

He could absolutely help her with that. He reached farther between her shaking thighs and swept two fingers over her labia and clit in slow sweeps. Her inner thighs were greasy, and Cody was shocked how saturated she was. “Like this?”

“Faster, babe. Use those fingers inside me.” She gripped his arm and squeezed. In turn he fondled her with more intensity, sliding two fingers into her heated pussy. She began panting. “Right fucking there, Cody. Right there!”

She was soft and warm, and her pussy was dousing his two fingers with a thick coating of womanly cream. She raised her hips into his hand. “I need more!” she gasped.

He slid a third finger into her cunt, and her hips bucked into him. He was rock hard for this amazing woman, his cock springing against his pants. She lost her lab coat completely and began rubbing her own clit as Cody drove his fingers into her, faster and faster.

Her moans became stronger, more guttural, and the heat from her inner depths was scorching. “Take off your fucking pants!” she demanded.

He kept his fluid strokes inside her with one hand while he partially removed his pants with the other. Skye yanked his pants from his hips and freed his burgeoning erection.

She straddled him before he could utter one word. Her sweltering pussy settled over him, accepted him, and encased him in hot lava. She sank down on him completely, and her clit settled against his pubic hairs. She held onto his shoulders and sighed after a deep breath. “There, much better.”

Better? It was fucking awesome
. Her full breasts were waving at his face, and he took an alert nipple into his mouth, sucking the tip.

“Suck me hard, Cody!” she encouraged. He palmed her waist and tugged hard at the rigid nipple, taking it between his tongue and lips.

She ground into him, slamming her pussy against the stiffness of his cock. It was hard and desperate, but Cody enjoyed every second of her hammering punishment. He held firmly to her dainty hips as she used him how she wanted.

He moaned along with her in mutual harmony as her silken net of heat seemed to suck the cum from his balls. He grunted a climax, yet she did not slow on him. The forcefulness of her arching thrusts produced another mountainous orgasm, the eruption even fiercer than the first one. Then there was a series of contractions that massaged the length of his shaft like tiny pulses of pure energy kneading him into another orgasm.

Skye lay motionless on him when the ride was over, their chests rapidly rising and falling. She nibbled on his ear playfully and hugged him tightly. “Mmmmmm,” she sighed. “You just put out the fire, honey.”

It was then that Cody noticed the Jeep had stopped moving and the slack-jawed faces of Will and Vander staring right at them from the front seat as if they all had been abducted by aliens.

“What in the hell is going on back there?” Will huffed.

“It must have been the booster,” Vander lipped between clenched teeth.


“A shot the so-called scientists gave her from the breeding program,” explained Vander.

“Did anyone else touch her before you got there?”

“No…I was the first the…first,” Vander voiced weakly.

“Was she in this condition when you found her?” Will’s eyes narrowed, and Cody believed a fist was going to follow. He and Skye remained silent and listened.

“Yes—Will. The shot had already been administered before I arrived.”

“And did you take advantage of her in this condition?”

“I did what you would have done in that situation. I eased her pain.”

“Son of a bitch. I knew it!” Will faced Vander nose to nose, and Cody could feel the tension in the air.

“Guys, guys,” Skye said in a sleepy state. “No one took advantage of me. Vander and Cody both helped is all. The burning was so intense inside me I needed some relief and could barely stand it. Now quit the old lady, grandma bickering ’cause I am going to sleep.” She settled her head on Cody’s lap and was snoring in seconds. Cody covered her with the lab coat and felt as content as ever.

Then Will spoke. “Clean your mess off of Skye, and pull your bleedin’ pants up. No one wants to see your little Jimmy waving around back there like a Smurf flagpole.” Will glanced at him then to Vander almost menacingly. “Oh, and remind me to kill both of you later.”

Chapter 8

Skye woke refreshed but a little sore in strange places. All she had around her was an old lab coat. Cody was sleeping at an awkward angle beside her.
How long have I been out?

“Have I been sleeping long?” she presented the question to the men up front.

“’Bout twelve hours,” Vander answered.

“Shit! Did I miss anything exciting?”

“We passed about a thousand angry zombies along the main roads, and right now we are dangerously low on fuel reserves.”

She pulled the lab coat taut around her shoulders and shivered. Things were on the bleak and bleary side once again. The only uninfected humans they found turned out to be complete lunatics, and there were no signs of intelligent life anywhere. There were no survival camps or outposts—only the walking dead, the infected.

They passed four zombies on the side of the road that stood in place and stared at them ominously as if they were the brunt of a cruel joke. Skye shuddered.

The only high point, the only beacon of light was her three men. They lived to be with her, and all three would kill and die for her if needed. She loved them more than words could ever express for their devotion and unconditional friendship.

Realizing her normal attire was missing, she rummaged around in the back bed for something to wear. Of course the bags didn’t have anything practical because they were all items Cody, Vander, and Will selected from the sex shop.

God! She was going to look like renegade slut from planet 69 with these obscene costumes, but it was all that she had. The men certainly had peculiar taste in lingerie or the lack thereof.

Cody woke while she changed, and his wide eyes were glued to her. She donned a lacy, see-through, black top, tight miniskirt, and shiny, black platform heels. Then she strapped on her guns and almost laughed at herself. “You guys have issues. I look ridiculous.”

“What?” Cody questioned. “It’s a good look for you. It’s like a badass-babes-meet-Dirty-Harry kinda thing going on, and if the world wasn’t on the brink of ending, I am certain it would have been a blockbuster at the box office.”

“Very funny…Not! We need to stop somewhere so I can get some decent clothes,” she commanded from the backseat.

Both Will and Vander glanced back. “Not a chance,” Will chided. “I think you finally found some proper fighting attire.”

Vander chuckled heartily then smiled coyly. “Will has a good point, Skye. The ensemble suits you.”

Skye huffed. “You all have gone bonkers. I can’t run in these heels, and my breasts are on display.”

“Who said anything about running anywhere,” Vander retorted. “On your back with your feet in the air is the perfect place for you.”

“I don’t think so.” She stuck her tongue out and slapped the back of his head.

Vander faked that it didn’t hurt. “I think a fly landed on my head.”

“Cut the horseplay,” Will interrupted. “Food, gas, and a long rest is what we all need. And it would be a nice change if Vander kept his mind out of the gutter for once.”

* * * *

All the so-called big cities had been desolate, cold landscapes of concrete and mortar, void of life. The only things stirring were pale faced, red-eyed zombies.

They avoided the mega-cities, and their voyage continued south.

Will would have bet his life they would have run into some survivors that were normal by now. Unfortunately he would have been dead wrong. He tried everything to stay focused and remain strong, but as the days passed so did his dwindling hopes of finding civilization. Then a faint idea passed his sometimes erroneous thoughts. Many years ago he had trained at a small air force base in Arizona for six months. It was touted to be a secret location—more so than Area 51. He had no idea at the time, but he did recall small aircraft and mid-sized helicopters, state-of-the-art stuff with high maneuverability. He knew helicopters, and if there was ample fuel at the base, then their chances improved. But the base was far away, and he doubted they could last that long. Something else would have to work, anything to give them some smidgen of hope.

* * * *

The four weary travelers came upon a luxury hotel in the next city. They meticulously swept every floor of the building then sealed all of the main doors. They were all in agreement that the upper penthouse was the best viable option to rest for a few nights. Everyone was tired of searching.

Will Archer and Vander Lungren moved to the rooftop. Will scanned the distance with a set of high-powered binoculars. Only a half mile away was a large hospital, and upon the roof was a landing pad with a helicopter in the center. It was just what they needed, like a gift from heaven.

“What have you been gawking at for so long?” Vander asked impatiently.

“Our salvation.” Will tossed him the binoculars, and Vander peered at the hospital.

“Salvation hell! All I see is death out there. The place is crawling with infected. I’ve never seen so many in one place.”

BOOK: Undead Tango
13.18Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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