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Just then Cody and Vander busted out a side door of the complex and sprinted toward them. “See, I told you everything was fine,” Will said amicably.

“Why are they running like their asses caught fire?”

Then they both saw the reason. Nearly twenty gangly zombies were swaying behind them, limping after them like a deranged mob of insane people.

“Start the Jeep,” Will ordered Skye as he laid the rifle across the hood and took up a stable firing position. Will fired, and two muted echoes cut the air, ending with a distinct thud. He grounded two of the nearest zombies.

Cody was the first to reach them, huffing and puffing. “We must have…have stirred up a whole hornet’s nest of them.”

“No shit,” Will barked. “Get in, boy.”

Vander hurled his massive frame into the back of the Jeep, red-faced and huffing like some overworked dog. The undead were closing in as Skye connected the two wires below the steering column.

“I don’t see an exit,” she said while throwing the Jeep in gear.

“Ummm—Skye,” Cody whined. “They are extremely close.”

One had latched onto the side roll bar, and Vander caved in its head with the butt of his shotgun. It fell away.

“Go, go, go, go,” Vander prompted. “Let’s get our asses out of Dodge.”

“Shit, hold on.” She spun the Jeep around, clobbering two undead with the front bumper, their bodies scattered. She then backed over one, crunching bone, and peeled out. She crashed through the front gate and tore down the main street like a bat out of hell, weaving around disabled vehicles and other obstructions. They left the city heading due west.

Chapter 3

After nearly six hours on the highway, Will veered onto a frontage road.

“Where are you taking us?” Vander queried from the rear seat. Skye was next to him half-asleep, and Cody was flipping through the pages of a torn pocketbook map.

“There is a lake down this road a ways, and you smell like the south end of a dead horse.”

The big man chuckled, lifted his arm, and smelled deeply. “Yep, I am pretty dang ripe.”

“Jesus,” Skye cut in, waving her hand across her nose. “Put those big arms back down.”

“Hey now,” he playfully pushed her shoulder. “We all reek of death—even your pretty, little ass doesn’t smell like a bed of roses.”

“How would you know? I bet my ass always smells like roses.”

“And I bet your shit don’t stink neither,” he said with a roll of the eyes.

Skye was aware of her own stench, but at least she wasn’t alone. Days without fresh water and soap would do that to a person, especially in this heat. The only problem was that Vander’s male scent, his sweat and natural musk didn’t bother her. In fact it almost smelled of sex, and damn it to hell if it didn’t make her pussy clench just a little. She would have to keep Vander’s man odor a secret. What could she say anyway?
“Hi there, Vander, your natural stink is turning me on.”
I seriously need some help.

Shoving that thought to the side, she watched as Vander divided the small catch of munitions he found. He loaded all the weapons to capacity, even the new Benelli shotgun he scavenged somehow.

He smiled at her. “I think this should last us a while.”

“God, I hope so, unless of course, we face an entire army of infected. Then I think we will be screwed.”

“If that happens I’ll be sure to save the last round for myself. Count on that.” The man was serious, and it caused Skye to shiver. What a depressing thought, but there was sense in what he said. No one wanted to become a zombie, mindless and flesh eating.

* * * *

Will killed the engine about ten yards from the lake. The sun was on its descent, and Will began setting up camp with the help of Cody.

Vander watched in complete fascination as Skye stood alone at the edge of the blue water. She had allowed her holsters to drop and slid off her shirt. Next she wiggled out of her shorts, and the sunlight glinted from her supple flesh as she stood naked in all of her glory.

Sure, he had seen her naked before due to bite checks and living together in sometimes close quarters. But every time he saw her in this way it was impossible to keep his cock at bay and his mind from very deviant thoughts. The type of thoughts that almost made him blush.

Skye was perfectly formed from head to toe. Her breasts were not huge but were perky and well rounded. Her toned legs were sculpted beautifully, and she had a teardrop-shaped ass to die for. But what really drove Vander to the brink of madness were her large, green eyes that could melt the resolve of the wildest beasts and, when things were good, a full voluptuous smile that was entrancing.

He was well aware that Will Archer had a thing for Skye and suspected they might secretly be a couple. He also heard about the bargain Cody struck with her. He had no intentions of interfering with that agreement. The kid deserved a little happiness, and he knew Skye could provide that for the young man. But he deserved something, or so he thought, and he had to find a way to steal a piece of this woman. Even a sliver of this amazing creature would do just fine.

He knew he was no angel, even considered bad in some circles. So he rode with the wrong motorcycle gang and knocked off a few small banks. He knew there was some good in him somewhere.

In some demented, obscure way this whole plague thing and the undead rising from the graves was a second chance for him. Without these unfortunate circumstances taking place he would still be rotting in prison, probably for the next twenty-five years.

Skye waded in and submerged herself completely. She broke the surface seconds later, and rivulets of water trickled over her mocha-colored flesh. He gripped the front of his jeans and held his cock down. It wanted to jump right out and nudge her. If she only knew how much her nakedness tortured him, how much he wanted to taste those plump lips, she would probably die. Cody was going to be one lucky son of a bitch real soon.

Then a strong hand brought him out of a wonderful fantasy. “Enjoying the view of the lake?” Will asked.

“Absolutely. I was always a nature lover.”

“I bet you are. Keep a close eye on Skye. Cody and I are going to scout around.”

“That won’t be any problem at all.”

“Somehow I didn’t think it would be.” A knowing smile crossed Will’s lips.

After Will and Cody were well out of sight, Vander quickly rummaged through his backpack and grabbed a small bottle of bodywash he managed to obtain when he went hunting for Hershey’s bars. He tore off his clothes and slowly crept into the water. Skye was floating on her back, weightless with eyes closed. This gave him a wickedly fun idea. Sneaking below the surface, he swam beneath her and took hold of her ankles to yank her under the water. She swiftly responded with a knee to his face, and she came up cursing.

So then he stood there holding a bloody nose as Skye punched his midsection for good measure. Quite possibly not one of his best ideas.

“What the freakin’ hell, Vander?” she fumed. “You scared the bejesus out of me.”

“Sorry,” he said while handing her the bodywash. “Thought you could use some soap.”

They were maybe in four feet of water, and she stood firmly on two feet. “Let me see that,” she said, reaching for his face. She pushed away his hands and looked up at him. “Lucky you. I don’t believe it’s broken.”

“Sure in the hell feels broken.”

“Serves you right for sneaking up on me. I thought for a second the damned zombies learned how to swim.”

“No zombies, just me.”

“Here,” she said, urging him down to her eye level. Tilt your head back, and pinch the nose right here.” She showed him where to apply the pressure.

God help him, her full, wet breasts were barely brushing against him. He could feel his cock pulsating to life beneath the water. What would she do if he just leaned down a tiny bit and sucked one of those fat nipples into his mouth? She had to know he was interested in her. But then again he hadn’t been with a woman in five years due to his incarceration, and some women may take offense to a man latching onto their nipples unexpectedly.

Five years without feeling the touch of a woman and there was this dazzling beauty right in front of him—so unbearably close he could taste it.

Fuck it. He was going to do it. Dropping down a few inches lower, he encircled his arms around her dainty waist and went in, his mouth capturing and devouring the ripe bud that had been taunting him. It sprang upward into his mouth and hardened instantly. Skye went stock-still in his arms and not a sound was heard. Without looking up at her expression he teased the nipple until it stood erect between his teeth. His hands ventured lower to the bubbled rounds of her ass as his lips surrounded her areola, pulling and licking.

There was no resistance, and his heart leapt for a moment.
Could this actually be working?
Then a sharp pain tugged the top of his scalp, and the reddened nipple popped from his mouth.

He finally gazed down at Skye and saw her face was shriveled, her jaw set tight, and she looked extremely pissed.

“What do you think you are doing?” she asked with disdain. “I can’t believe you just sucked my tit.”

He gulped. “Is it not obvious that I favor you, Skye? For months I have been holding back trying to find the right moment to tell you.”

“Were you raised by barbarians or something? I am so sure. Is this how you pick up all the women you meet? Neanderthal Vander here. I like you. I think I will suck your breast a while then club you over the head and drag you back to the cave. I mean—really?”

“Point taken. I am learning, but you are absolutely right,” he conceded. “Will you accept my wholehearted apology? I have not been this close to a woman in five long years, and I choked. I don’t know how to handle women anymore.”

“That’s pretty damned obvious.”

“When I see you, Skye, I can think of only one thing.”

“And that is?”

“Making love to you—holding you and kissing you all night, and tasting your lips, your flesh, and your entire body.”

She glared at him, scowled, and said nothing. He could not tell if she still held onto the anger. He had to take another chance. Lowering, he wrapped his lips around hers, and there was no response. They kissed close lipped at first, and eventually her jaw slacked open and her tongue raked over his in a velvety connection. He pulled her deeper into a seductive kiss and forced her lithe body against his.

She released a sweet sigh across his tongue as his swollen cock thudded against her belly. He thrust against her stomach, mimicking the act of sex, as their tongues swirled in a heated delight.

Her lips tasted of pure sunshine, and if this continued much longer, he could easily come right there in the water, all over her slim belly. Suddenly she shoved his jaw away, stole a breath, and turned from him. She took up the bodywash and began washing herself as if nothing at all had happened. Holy shit! This woman was killing him.

“Well…” he coughed out. “Was that, ahh—better?”

She lathered her hair then submerged herself, and cleaned all the excess soap from her silky strands. “Better,” she agreed. She tossed him the plastic bottle and removed herself from the water. After toweling herself off with one of their thin blankets, she sat on the hood of the Jeep and gazed his way in the fading light. He really couldn’t tell if she was interested or disgusted with him at this point. Someway he had to find out, and it had to be soon.

* * * *

After an abysmal meal of heated Spam over an open fire they cleaned all their weapons and recounted and divided the munitions accordingly.

BOOK: Undead Tango
7.17Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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