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“Good boy. At least you’re a fast learner.”

“Where you going in such a hurry?”

“I have a job to do and sleeping men to protect.”

He leaned back on the rock and held the base of his thick cock. “The taste of you is on my lips, and I inhaled your scent. Sure you want to leave?” He naughtily stroked the length of his shaft once and smacked the head against his stomach a few times.

The offer was extremely tempting, but she had the watch and could not neglect her duties. She owed it to Will and Cody to remain diligent.

“Guess you’ll have to take matters in your own hands, Vander.” Turning on her heels, she marched into the darkness.

Just out of his sight she stopped and watched Vander for a moment. Was he really going to masturbate to her womanly scent? She had to witness this if he did.

He moved two fingers that had been deep inside her up to his nose and gripped himself firmly with the free hand. She watched intently as his hand moved from the tip of his dick to the root in one smooth motion. His cock was still slick from a mixture of his pre-cum and her saliva. He glided back and forth in fluid motions. The hold so tight around his erection his fingers lost all color and the head looked like it was going to burst. He inhaled her essence and pumped himself harder and harder with increased intensity.

Skye’s clit reacted to the scene, and she felt it once again swelling. She had never watched a man masturbate before, and it was thrilling to watch especially because it was to her scent.

His hand moved rapidly, and his muscles appeared to tense. With a soft grunt he ejaculated. The thick emulsion erupted from the tip of his cock like a geyser to spill onto his well-defined torso and to rope across his knuckles.

She could see the power she had over these three men now. If her scent alone could drive men to do this, then she was in total control. She grinned and walked away.

Chapter 4

The afternoon sky swirled with angry, gray clouds that moved swiftly from the distant peaks of the mountains, bringing with it the promise of rain.

They already used one spare tire and were running low on fuel. The weary group had been through one small town already with no sign of life—everyone was infected or so it seemed.

Each day that passed without finding other survivors only added to the hopelessness. More and more Skye believed this was the end of humanity. The thought was a depressing one, but she had seen nothing in the past weeks to make her believe any differently.

Cody’s innocence was one thing that lifted her heart and raised her spirits. She glanced at him in the backseat. He was staring at her with a shy smile once again. He had been furtively glancing at her all day.

Then it dawned on her, today was Cody’s birthday. She remembered her promise to him, and she panicked for an instant.

It was a bleak day, and she was filthy with old sweat and a coat of dust. It was hard to stay clean for long on these extremely uncomfortable days.

She wasn’t nervous about her agreement with Cody. She looked forward to it, but how could she make his first time memorable or romantic in a place as this where death was lying in wait around every corner. Okay—so romance was obviously out the window, but she at least wanted to do something special for him and at the bare minimum be clean.

She tapped Will on the shoulder and whispered into his ear. “Find the next decent-sized town for the night.”

He cocked his head and looked at her curiously. “The plan was—”

“I know the plan. Did you forget that it’s Cody’s birthday today?”

“Ahhh, now I see,” he emphasized with a grin. “Anxious to deliver the birthday gift to him?”

She smacked his shoulder. “Maybe I am. I need a bath and a soft bed.”

“Whatever. You’re the boss apparently,” he replied miserably.

She could tell Will was more than a little jealous, but a deal was a deal. Skye was never one to break a promise, so Will would have to get over it.

* * * *

Twenty miles down the dusty road and they happened upon an adult boutique store. The parking lot was deserted except for a windowless van near the front of the store.

Vander hopped out of the Jeep with two shotguns at the ready. This was not one of their planned stops, but everyone had to use the restroom and a misting rain made the drive uncomfortable.

Will opened the rear van door as Vander held his twin shotguns out to deliver anything that moved into hell.

The van was void of zombies, but what it did contain were boxes upon boxes of hard liquor—mainly whiskey and rum.

Vander heaved two boxes to the back of the Jeep and popped the top of a bottle of Jack Daniel’s. He took a long draw and sighed. “Ahh, I feel human again.” It had been a long time since he felt the sweet burn of whiskey.

He handed the bottle to Cody. “Happy birthday, man.”

He sniffed the top and made a face. “I never drank before,” he admitted.

“Now is a perfect time to start.”

Before Cody could bring the bottle to his lips, Will took it from his hands. “He is too young,” he said sternly, “and we all need to stay frosty. I don’t need anyone shit faced.”

“You have to be joking,” Vander said contritely. “We are in the middle of nowhere, could be the only ones left alive, and you are still acting like a lawman. We could all be dead by tomorrow, walking the earth as zombies.”

“If so,” he said coldly. “It won’t be because we were all tanked on hard liquor.”

Vander spread his hands wide. “You need to learn to live a little. One drink is harmless.”

“Not to someone that has never tasted it before.”

Vander shook his head and walked away before the argument turned into an all-out brawl. If Will wanted to be an uptight, prude cop, and unreasonable, it was fine by him.

If things escalated into fists, he was certain he could kick his ass. Will was nowhere near his size, and the extra weight alone would be enough to pulverize him. Then again Will knew those sneaky cop moves, ground-fighting techniques that a SWAT team leader could only know. But today wasn’t a good one for fighting anyway. The rain had picked up, and the wind was swirling, plus they were standing in front of a sex shop.

“I’m going in,” he declared.

“Yeah, no sense in getting soaked out here,” Skye agreed. “We should wait out this monsoon.”

“Don’t get too comfortable yet,” Will warned. “We need to clear the entire building first.”

The group went inside the open door with their weapons locked and loaded, ready to put holes through any undead stragglers. After the initial sweep, they broke off into pairs. Cody teamed up with Vander, Skye with Will.

Vander audibly sighed with the matchup once again. Just one time he wanted to disappear with Skye for a few minutes. But the kid took a shine to him, and Cody was always good company.

He noticed a nervousness to the young man that had not always been there. “Looks like there’s a corncob stuck up your ass, boy. What’s wrong with you today?”

“I don’t know really.”

“Bullshit, what’s up, man?”

“What is sex like?”

“I see. This is obviously about Skye and that ummm…arrangement.”

Cody nodded. “She is awesome, and beautiful, and nice, and—”

“I get it, kid. I get it. You like her.”

“She is the most amazing woman in the whole world, and I don’t want to disappoint her.”

“She could be the only woman in the world,” he huffed under his breath.

“What?” Cody asked.

“Nothing—never mind.” Vander couldn’t help but feel a twinge of jealousy with the situation. He had strong feelings for Skye, and now she was going to have sex with Cody, who was little more than an inexperienced child.

He looked both ways and rubbed his face then patted Cody on the shoulder. “So you never been with a woman, eh?”

“What should I say to her? I don’t want to come across as an inept idiot.”

“The first thing you need to understand about women is that there is no understanding them.”

Cody gave him an awkward stare. “That makes no sense—at all.”

“Exactly,” Vander said with a large grin.

“I’m not following you.”

“One day I hope you have a real opportunity to understand it. Women are strange creatures. One second they are sincere and loving, then the next they wouldn’t hesitate to drive a knife through your arm.” He pointed to the deep scar on his forearm. “Well, that is my take on it anyway.”

“What about the act itself? You know, sex,” he probed.

Vander kept his voice low. “Women like Skye are more attracted to confident men, men that know how to take charge if you catch my drift.” He cupped his own bulge and shook it. “A cock should always rule the roost, boy.”

“What if I don’t have that type of personality? I really want her to like me, Vander. I don’t want to fail her or us.”

“I have no doubt you will be timid at first. It is only natural for someone in an alien environment. But you can be shy for only so long then you have to act and take control. Slide in behind her when the chance presents itself and hang on to her hips as tight as you can. At the right moment I want you to swat her ass with an open hand while you yell, ‘Who’s your daddy?’”

“Are you serious? No bull crap?” His jaw fell open.

“If you can do that, just keep swattin’ her ass while you give her the pipe then she will be yours forever. No bullshit.”

The young man’s smile broadened. “I will do it the second I get the chance to. Thanks. Who’s your daddy—ha-ha. I never would have guessed that.”

“It’s okay, kid. It’s why I’m here.” Vander could hardly contain a laugh. He didn’t realize Cody was so damn gullible. He almost hated giving the kid bad advice, but then again he really did not want Cody’s encounter with Skye to be a very successful endeavor. He highly suspected that Skye would turn around and smack him back and the little rendezvous would be all over with.

It was awfully dark in the sex shop since the few windows that circled the building where covered with posters of naked babes. Vander collected an assortment of adult magazines and handed them to Cody. “You need to study these,” he told him. “And take notice of all the different positions—maybe try them out on Skye. You see here,” he said tapping a finger to the center picture inside the
Horny Bitches in Heat
magazine. “You see this upside down move where you have her on her head and she is fully spread. If I were a gambling man, I bet Skye would love you to throw her on her head and do that to her.”

“Yeah…maybe she would.” He took the magazines and went to where a sliver of light peeked through a partially covered window.

Good night, this boy was something else. Vander was pretty sure Skye would go running from the young man once things started to happen.

“It’s all clear,” Will shouted as he joined them with Skye at his side.

Skye waltzed over to Cody and looked over his shoulder. “Whatcha lookin’ at, Cody?”

“Vander gave me these magazines,” he explained. “Told me to study them for some ideas.”

“He did, did he? Well, it looks as if Vander is a terrible influence on you. First he tries to make you drink hard liquor, and now he is trying to corrupt your innocent, young mind.” She scowled at the big man.

BOOK: Undead Tango
5.38Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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