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She was on the verge of saying something, but she was also blissfully close to another orgasm. The third hard spanking began to enhance the sensations of his cock driving into her. The slight sting surprisingly worked well with the pleasure bubbling inside her.

She was painfully close now. Only a few stern lashings of Cody’s stiff cock would be enough to shatter her. He swatted her ass again, and the jolt tingled along her spine to radiate through her nipples. Could he actually spank her into an orgasm? Was something like this even possible?

She yearned to feel the slap against her bottom again as her hips shook uncontrollably against Cody’s cock. His hand delivered another strike, and he grunted the words again.

“You’re my daddy,” she found herself saying. “You are, Cody.” Unbelievably she answered his silly question, but she didn’t care anymore. She was almost to the point of tears from being on the brink for so long.

One last time a hand smacked her rump, and her pussy sucked Cody in to hold him captive as she creamed the hell out of his cock. He emptied, and her silken walls milked him. This was the longest orgasm and the hardest she ever came, and for a second she thought she tore off Cody’s penis.

He finally went limp inside her and lost all of his strength, then sagged over her back. “God, I love you so much,” he reiterated in her ear.

She was certain her ass was bright-red because it still stung a little. But it was a good sting. “Where did you learn that spanking thing?” she asked.

“Sorry if I hurt you. Vander told me to do it.”

“He did, did he?” She knew exactly why he told Cody to do it. Vander probably believed that she would take offense to it and dismiss him. Skye put on her best smile for Cody. “To be honest I was shocked by it at first, but you tell Vander it worked and I never had a more fulfilling orgasm.”

They both heard some movement behind the transparent display panels. Two large shadows were silhouetted there. “Will, Vander?” she called out as Cody stood.

“We thought we heard zombies,” Will said from their hiding spot.

“Were you two spying on us?”

“No—no not at all. We heard some very strange sounds and thought you two might be in trouble is all.”

It was bullshit, and Skye knew it. There was little doubt that it killed Will and Vander because of her moment with Cody. Were they really that jealous about it or just plain greedy? “Right. Time for you two to disappear,” she told them. “Tonight I am sleeping with Cody, alone.”

She finally found the strength to rise from the bench that was quickly becoming one of her most favorite pieces of furniture ever. When she did, a rush of warm fluids spilled down the sides of her inner thighs. Cody must have pumped everything he had into her.

Her legs were unstable, and Cody had to catch her from completely falling over. He laid her down gently on the floor and removed her high heels. Within moments he constructed a makeshift bed. Cody watched as she toweled herself off and rolled down her thigh-high stockings.

She then settled in the nest he made, and Cody wrapped a protective arm around her stomach. He spooned in behind her and held her close.

“That is better than I ever dreamed it would be,” he said, nibbling on the lobe of her ear.

“I am normally not this way,” she said.

“What? Perfect?”

“No, so…so easy, I guess the term would be. Normally I wouldn’t even consider kissing you until after a second or third date at least.”

Cody chuckled. “I would like to think that we have been dating for months in a roundabout way.”

“Good point.”

“Sweet dreams, Skye.”

“Sweet dreams, Cody.

Chapter 6

The sky was crystal clear, and the sun was blazing when they started out, leaving the sex shop far behind. Each one of her men brought something from the shop with them. She would investigate their bags later. The only thing she took was that small chrome bench that she grew very fond of in a short time.

They had traveled for hours bypassing large sections of the highway due to a sea of abandoned cars blocking access. They were running on fumes and were forced to syphon what gas they could from deserted vehicles. It was slow going but beat the hell out of walking.

They were trying to reach a place, a sanctuary that other non-infected inhabited, but deep down, Skye didn’t believe that place existed. But Will was optimistic. Vander held to her convictions and believed more and more that a large community of survivors was unlikely.

To Skye’s surprise Will and Vander never spoke of the night she had with Cody, and they seemed accepting of it. Maybe they were going to act like adults after all.

From the distance through the heat fog, a monstrosity came barreling down the highway toward them. It was a full-size bus with steel plates welded over all the windows and barbed wire coiled around the top.

Will maneuvered the Jeep around it expertly, but the fumes they were driving on evaporated, and they came to a stop in the middle of the road.

Vander took up both his shotguns, and Will zeroed in on the driver with his long rifle. The giant, armored bus eased to a standstill about thirty yards away. At least a dozen well-armed men shuffled out wearing crazy-looking attire. Some wore football helmets and shoulder pads while others wore what appeared to be armor from a medieval time period. A tarp was removed from the roof of the bus exposing a mini-gun turret with twin 50-caliber machine guns.

Will lowered his rifle. “Put down your shotguns, Vander, they have us outgunned and outnumbered. Those fifty cals will turn us into mulch in seconds.”

Six men slowly marched forward with all types of different firearms raised, pointed at their chests.

The tall one spoke first. “I will require all of your weaponry, and unfortunately I will need to check for any marks on all of your bodies—namely bite marks. These days you can never be too careful.”

They were trapped, but to Skye’s delight. The tall man spoke with affluence and seemed to be civilized. Not like his barbarian counterparts that were hastily relinquishing them of all their handguns.

“My name is Dr. Archibald Nemitz,” he introduced himself. “I am the one in charge here.”

Will, Vander, and Cody were already naked as Dr. Nemitz walked slow circles around them. Skye was more reluctant to shed off her garments since she wore nothing under her first layer of clothing.

“I am a doctor,” he assured her.

“What about everyone else? Are they all physicians as well?” she argued.

“Solely for my protection, young lady. We must be certain that no one among you is infected.”

Begrudgingly she slid off her shirt and yanked down her pants, then threw up here arms. “There—satisfied?” Everyone’s eyes were glued to her naked body, and Dr. Nemitz actually blushed. She was certain that a few of the younger guards close to her were sprouting erections.

After a brief inspection he turned away. “You may all dress and follow me.”

Their Jeep was refueled as they were taken to the bus. Will and Vander both moved cautiously and did not appear to be at ease about their current situation.

A thirty-minute bus ride saw them to a compound that was layered with security fencing. Their Jeep, she noted was parked on the opposite side of the barracks next to a few other military vehicles.

They were introduced to the facility and taken to a large tent at the center of the innermost security line. Oil lanterns lit the interior, and trays of food were brought in with pitchers of fresh water.

The doctor joined them, his face beaming with delight, and sat next to Will and Cody. “This is positively wonderful,” he said.

“What is?” Will asked wearily.

“We actually found more uninfected,” Dr. Nemitz explained. “We had searched for weeks and found nothing for miles.” He raised his glass of water to toast his new arrivals. “Welcome, my friends, to your new home.”

“Home?” Vander queried with a mouthful of canned fruit sloshing in his jaws.

“We may quite possibly be the only survivors left untainted upon the Earth.”

“How many survivors do you have in your…fort?” Skye asked.

He shifted in his seat to regard her. “Twenty-four males, six females, and only seven children. The children are the most important thing, you see. They will be our future and the ones ultimately responsible to repopulate the Earth. With the addition of you, Skye, we have a restored hope for humanity. Our chances of success have risen considerably.”

“I don’t believe I am following you.”

“Don’t you see? We need you to make strong, healthy babies for us for repopulation. All of the other women of childbearing age are already with child. I will have a breeding schedule to you by morning.”

“Breeding schedule?” she echoed, slack jawed.

“And how does this work exactly?” Will asked between gritted teeth. Vander and Cody adjusted in their seats.

“There is a method behind it,” Dr. Nemitz said assuredly. “Only the brightest and most talented males will have the opportunity to breed with the women.”

“At least Vander is out,” Will chided.

“What if we disagree with this absurd arrangement?” Skye asked, rising from her chair.

“My dear,” Nemitz said softly. “Please take a seat and try to settle your temper. This is what is best for the human race. Over time you will come to understand the need for such things. You are young enough and strong enough to give our community at least twenty children, and those children will have twenty of their own one day. It is a cycle of life.”

“I refuse to be a part of this absurdity,” Skye said defiantly.

“You can’t refuse. It is your destiny—your duty to our new society.

“Bullshit!” Vander snapped. “Let’s get the hell out of here. The good doctor is obviously mad.”

All of them stood to make their leave, but six well-armed guards poured in through the canvas-covered exits and surrounded them.

They were no longer guests, but prisoners of the mad doctor.

* * * *

Will had about enough of this shit, and his stomach tightened in knots every time he thought about what Dr. Nemitz was doing to or with Skye. The last three days had gone by at a snail’s pace, but it gave him time to formulate a plan of action. There was no other option for him but to escape this crazy colony with Skye intact. Each one of them had been taken to separate cells the first night they arrived, and he hadn’t seen Cody or Vander.

He had already given Dr. Nemitz a sample of his semen and a vial of blood. Now he was looking down at a proficiency test. It was all nonsense, and he tossed the papers to the side. Looking out the barred window, he cursed under his breath.

His escape plan was nearly ready. The weapon he constructed from cardboard and a metal hanger was hidden beneath his thin mattress. It was sort of a rudimentary shank he learned from his law enforcement days. Whenever the doctor returned to take his blood again, he would be ready.

The sun was fading, and the only exterior lights that shone were across the way, surrounding a dome-shaped building. He was certain Skye had been taken there.

The steel door behind him swung open, and to his chagrin, Vander was staring at him. “Come on,” he said, “we don’t have all flippin’ night for you to look all googly eyed at me.”

“Aren’t you a sight for sore eyes. How did you manage to get out the cell?”

“When they came to collect my sperm deposit, I knocked out the two guards that assisted Dr. Insane. All of them are hog-tied in my cell.”

BOOK: Undead Tango
7.2Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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