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Authors: Lynn Richards

Under His Control (3 page)

You’re thinking too much,

he whispered at her ear.

He moved in front of her and
her hardened – damn
her betraying body
– nipples through he
r shirt. The well washed cotton
bra offered little
. His finger
nail drew ever widening circl
es around the tips until he cam
the edge of her
. How he knew where they stopped she didn’t know. They had never seen each other naked. He’d stroked and caressed her breasts but always
through her clothing. H
e had taken the ends in his mouth and sucked them through
the fabric. Hell, if he
her with his mouth
now, she’d
probably come.

You are so damn
I don’t know where to begin.

She knew where s
he wanted him to begin. Her breasts. Oh, please let him touch her breasts.

First we need to get these clothes off.

You first,

she demanded.


His easy agreement startled
her. He
unzipped his pants
the rest of the way
letting them fall to the floor, naturally he wore no underwear. His
was one of the biggest she had ever seen
. A more than satisfying length and a width that would stretch a woman almost to the point of pain. Moisture flooded her pussy just thinking about how he would feel.

Now you.

He placed his hands on her waist, squeezing her love handles. Yeah, she had issues abo
ut her body, didn’t all women?
But with him it wasn’t so important. With him
nothing was
getting him inside her

Well, we seem to have
little problem here don’t we? I can’t remove your shirt without
you. Now you don’t want that
do you
” His fingers dug into her sides
. “Do you, Rebecca?”

His gaze was
. He was giving her a way out. She knew if
he just said the word he would untie her and let her go.

As if he read her mind, he shook his head.

No, I won’t let you go. I’ll untie you, but I’ll do my
to convince you to stay.

Rebecca wanted him to take the choice
out of her hands.
She wanted him to take complete control of her. To take complete
for her pleasure.

He was not an extreme dominate
, he didn’t get off
inflicting pain, but he sure as hell enjoyed mastering a woman. Making them learn
all the delightful responses their bodies could give.
Teaching them what
he wanted and how he wanted it.

And God did he want this woman. In every position of the
Sutra and a few he’d dreamed up this last month away from her
When she looked up the word
in the dictionary, he wanted her to see his name. In big bold letters.

cock hardened and
he had to move away before he shot his load all over her belly.
His control was slipping fast, not a good thing for a
dom. Control of himself,
his woman
and the situation was of the essence for a pleasurable experience.

The first time he came tonight he wanted
her screaming his name as he rammed that tight little pussy and branded
her with his seed.

scissors he’d placed on his desk earlier
, he stepped in front of her, letting the cool steel of the blade
rest against her stomach. Her beautiful, soft
rounded stomach. Rebecca had the perfect body. Large breasts, wide hips, and long legs. A woman a man could hold, a woman a man could fuck
and not be afraid he’d break

Pulling the t-shirt away
from her body, he cut it off
She bit her lip
as he worked.
He knew if her hands were
free she’d be biting her finger
. That was a bad habi
t he was going
to delight in breaking
. If she wanted something in her mouth to chew on, he’d give her s
omething to chew on alright. A nice
hard bone

This is one of my favorite shirts,

she protested.

I’ll buy you another.
I’ll buy you a
damn dozen.”
His breathing increased as he sliced through the c
otton. He pulled her bra away from her b
ody and snapped it in half
. The cups caught on her nipples.
He flipped the material away with the end of the sc
issors, making sure to touch her
ened nipples

you are beautiful,

he groaned as her breasts were revealed. He bent his head.

Rebecca moaned.
only took the
rosy tip but the whol
e end of her breast into his warm, moist mouth.
He pressed her nipple
to the roof of h
is mouth, sucking so hard it
felt like he was giving a blow job to her breast.

When he released her,
the skin
was reddened, almost purple in places,
her nipples
to the point of disfigurement.


he murmured before moving to the other. Again, he tortured her with his mouth and tongue.

felt the first pulses
of pleasure low in her stomach.
Good God
the man cause her come just by sucking on her breasts? She’d always been sensitive
enjoying the sensation when she’d pinched or pulled them herself. But it was different when someone else touched you. There was
ing of the unknown, the unexpected. That’s what drew her to this way of life. Yeah, y
ou kne
w – if the man was any good – he’d touch your clit, thrust his fingers inside,
suck on your tits,
but y
ou didn’t know when or how hard, how deep or how long
he would touch you

Quinton could smell her arousal but it wasn’t time for that yet. He pulled back
admiring his handiwork.


he murmured again.
He had marked both her breasts.
He was going to
love continuing to do that in t
he years to come. He’d use the marks
to remind her who
controlled her
, controlled her
body, controlled her responses.

swiftly cut
her shirt
and the t-shirt fe
ll to the ground. He put the sc
issors back on his desk and stepped around her.

He yanked her shorts down, taking her cotton panties with them. This time w
hen his body pressed against her
there was no barrier between them.

He pumped against her, the head of his dick sliding between the top of h
er thighs. She couldn’t help her
involuntary motion backward, meeting his thrusts.

That’s a good
show me you want this, baby. Show me how much you
want the feel of my cock
inside you.”

thrust harder and s
lapped her left butt cheek. “Oh, wait, we never got that far did we, sweetheart
. You ran way from me. You fucking ran away from me.”

roared the words making her flinch. His fury
evident in th
of his body
Rebecca had had no other
e had gotten too close,
learned too much about her. She’d kno
if she fell down that rabbit hole
, giving into his dominance
before she was ready
, she might never have gotten out again
with her spirit intact

“What were you afraid of Becky? Were you afraid I wouldn’t like the little ‘kink’ in your personality?”

Placing his hands on her shoulder blades, he pushed he
r forward, the angle straining her arms, but not hurting her. She knew he w
ould always be careful with

“Does it make

He licked the side of her throat, taking the soft skin
between his teeth a
d biting until he marked her again. By the end of the night she knew she’d hav
e places on the most sensitive
parts of her body. Or at last she hoped so.

“Because I want to dominate you, Becky,” hi
s voice was dark and seductive.

And I know you want to be dominated.”







Spread your legs.”

When she didn’t respond
enough, he slapped her butt
Harder and heavier.
She jerked in surprise and moved
her feet.

“Good girl,” he praised whe
n she widened her
stance. Her body was still pressed fo
rward and
the new position made her hips arch up and backward.

placed his hands on the globes of her ass, squeezing firmly. His hand print still lingered on both cheeks, delighting him. He took his thumbs and spread her flesh. Her cunt lips glistened with moisture, giving him
undeniable proof
she was enjoying this as much as he was. He cupped her
with the palm of his hand
, the heat she was giving off
making him groan
as he imaged
the lush feminine flesh
encircling his dick, squeezing him tight.

Moving his middle
finger along her slit
, he rubbed back and forth
, barely bumping her clit with each stroke.

“You are so damn wet and smell so damn good.”

Evening had fallen over the city, turning the glass windows into reflective surfaces. Rebecca watched as
raised his hand to his face. He closed his eyes and inhaled her scent. She had never seen anything so erotic in her life.

Realizing she
could see him in the window, he smiled. “I wonder if you taste as good as you smell.”

He crouched behind her, his face even with her pussy.
She came at the first stroke of his tongue
on her engorged flesh
, so suddenly and so unexpected
ly that
she cried out. “That’s it
, sweetheart,” he
, his breath wafting across the wet surface of her pussy. “Let me taste your come.”

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