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Unsuitable Obsession - Part One




Part one

Trisha Fuentes

Unsuitable Obsession - Part one


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To my Father Figure, Larraine; never have I known a
woman like you, you are a true emotional survivor. I hope I’ve made
you proud; and to my Dad, Fred…I understand now, I truly do.

I love you both.


To the Rico, Lugo, Cruz, Fuentes and Nava Families:
Thank you for allowing me to step into your world of deep
adoration, family conviction, high regards and utter respect for
your kin. Thank you for all the amazing childhood memories!


To my sister’s Tamara and Monica: May you always
feel complete and loved to the fullest extent with the men in your


To my daughter, Erika: Oh how I envy you! You have
your whole life ahead of you and know exactly what you want; study
hard and keep chasing your dreams for they can come true!


To my own green-eyed monster, Lou: Thank you for the
thrills of sharing your exciting life, the ups and downs and
everything in between. Thank you for the boys and the passion you
show me daily, te amo mucho!


To my three brother-in-laws: This is only



“It started out innocent enough, playful glances, a
gentle pat on his arm, we were cordial with each other, cracked a
joke now and then—”

Dr. Hayward stopped her at that point. “No—no Amber,
I want you to explain how it happened.”

“Explain? How it happened?” She repeated.

“Yes dear, can you do that for me now?” He asked,

Amber closed her eyes. Can she do that? How could
she not? The images in her mind practically strangled her to death
she couldn’t help but think of anything else. “...I found myself
undeniably attracted to him, and that’s not an excuse for what I’ve
done, it’s the truth.”

“I don’t want you to create an excuse Amber, I want
you to tell me the truth; a truth statement,” Dr. Hayward
explained, restarting his dictating machine.

Amber felt her throat close up. She choked back
tears and tried to focus on the ceiling tiles above her. “When he
was in the same room, I couldn’t think of anything else but how to
get him to touch me.”

“That’s good Amber, keep going,” Dr. Hayward stated,

“...He was one of those men whose smile alone could
build up a woman’s appetite to gratify her. He was so incredibly
gorgeous; no woman was able to deny his charms, any woman who was
around him was instantly mesmerized, and not just me, he had that
deep affect on the opposite sex. He was charming, affectionate and
considerate...conceited, spoiled, intelligent, fashionable—Good
Lord—he was perfect. He was my...he was my...” Amber could hardly
mouth out the word, bent over in anguish as tears bit against her
eyes again.

“Amber, you need to say it now, he was what? You can
you know, you’re safe here; no one else is going to hear you. We’re
not in front of a group like you’ve requested, you’re with me,” he
calmly noted, clicking off his dictating machine once again. “Now,
tell me how it happened, let’s go back to the day when you felt you
needed to end the relationship.” He then restarted the device.

Amber stared up at the wall and wiped away the
moisture from her face. End it? Yes, to put it quite bluntly, she
did end her despair. Cut it so severely she would have a scar for
the rest of her life.


A Scar for the Rest of Her Life


Amber’s life was intertwined with her husband’s
family. Rather, her husband’s family ruled her entire existence. It
was what she always wanted, a real family with lots of relatives
unlike her own. The tight knot that was the Sanchez Family was a
far cry from the Fitzgerald’s.

“The Family”, was what she called it, with all its
deep-rooted Latin-American traditions. The drama a clan that size
would unfold! She always craved relatives like them and relished in
the fact that she was part of their exclusive unit.

Her father, Sam Fitzgerald was a mere teenager when
he had Amber. He didn’t know how or want to know how to be a
father; he’d rather explore the world on his motorcycle than learn
to be a parent of any kind. Giving up the challenge to Amber’s
mother, Sheila, Sam walked away from Amber and her sister when they
were very young and Amber never truly understood why her father
thought it was so effortless to just leave like that, and, after
the divorce, Amber never understood why her Daddy never picked them
up on scheduled days to see him. How can a parent just do that?
What on earth would possess a parent to just ride away from that
kind of responsibility? That deep horrific consideration was now
hers to swallow. She
leave her husband and kids for
the man she now loved, if only he’d do the same. Good Lord, could
this be the same exact reason why her own father left her


“...Are you going to calm down now?” He asked
exasperated, arms still around her body in a tight grasp. He wasn’t
going to let her take off yet, not until he gained his way.

Amber was breathing heavily, she wanted to compose
herself, she did, but relaxing would only mean to continue the
misery. “Please leave her,” she asked, one last time.

He was worn out with the subject and closed his eyes
in disappointment.

His silence only fed her decision. She could either
go on through life the way she was living, or she could end it, no
longer feel the pain.

With all her might she pulled away from him and
pushed his unreceptive body into the wall. Amber ran out of the
doorway and hiked down the narrow hallway—ignoring his calls for
her return from the staircase above.

Don’t look back Amber, don’t look back!

She ignored his demands. In the corner of her eye,
she caught a glimpse of the pool nearby. Kids splashed in the
water—a big, fleshy man did a belly flop off the diving board. She
hid her face from their view, her failed attempt at being decent.
Yah decent…I don’t feel decent, I feel like trash…
down the staircase, reached her car, pressed the keyless entry and
unlocked the door, flung her body into the driver’s seat and pulled
down the vanity mirror.
Why do they call it a vanity mirror
All she saw lately when she looked in the mirror was a
cheater—an adulterer—a woman deceiving her husband with another
man, excessive rather, a woman cheating on her husband with her

She screeched away from the motel and tears flowed
down her face, warm, frightening tears. How could she continue on
with this charade? It was so hard and tiresome to keep up with all
the lies. But he was so magnetic, so elusive, the man she always
wanted, but didn’t settle for. He was the opposite of Victor
Sanchez, contrary in every way. Oh she knew it was vile, immoral
and insincere, every wicked word you could think of and heck, she
even liked her sister-in-law! Leticia Sanchez (her sister-in-law)
was everything her in-laws cherished. That dedicated Latin woman
with strong Catholic beliefs, amazing morals with similar family
history (salt of the Earth) who cooked a fantastic Mexican meal;
from the top of her enchiladas right down to her perfect pinto
beans. Amber couldn’t cook, nope, not one little bit. All she was
skillful at was getting the timing just right on a Lean Cuisine.
Damn, she had that down to a science! Amber was just the opposite
of Leticia. Leticia was a long leggy brunette; with gorgeous green
eyes she inherited from her mother and grandmother. That respected
trait that The Family always spoke about, like she was some patron
saint that no one else could tarnish. Amber was always fighting her
feeling of being envious of Leticia—even though she shouldn’t be,
Leticia was allowed to build a life with the man that Amber now
loved. Leticia got to eat breakfast with him, watch him shower, go
away with him, and create a daughter.

Amber drove herself to the nearest drug store,
bought what she required and then drove to another motel. Once in
the parking lot, she sat in her car sobbing.
Oh how could they
do it?
All those years of lying, deceiving the people that they
truly loved, swallowing her pride, hiding their secret affair, face
to face with the family that she admired, loved.

He doesn’t want me enough to leave her…I can never
leave my husband…If nobody can leave…then no one will win…

Amber got out of the car and stumbled to the front
office and checked herself in. She reached the motel room, fudged
with the keys for a moment then opened up the door. So, so
despondent, she tossed her purse onto a chair next to the window
and plopped herself onto the bed with a thud. Amber then rolled
over on the mattress and spread her arms out wide, feeling the
length of it and cried.

She would teach him a lesson. Send him a message
that he would never forget. All she wanted from him now was to show
her how much he cared, that’s all...just
her. Prove it
to her. He said he would never leave Leticia, yelled at her when
she asked him to. Said he would never put his family through that
sort of shame. Said, “It would be a scandal” and that the Family
would never allow him to go anywhere without the humiliation, it
would be far worse for him than it would be for her. So why
continue on with the affair? Why be such a willing participant?

Amber continued to cry in anguish on top of the
sheets. It was the bed they used to make love on, the one she
prayed to forget. She wished there was still some scent of him, but
all she smelled was starch and bleach.

Amber started when her cell phone rang and believed
it was her mother calling and pulled herself up from the bed,

“Amber you OK? Where the hell are you?”

It was Eduardo. She didn’t want to speak to him and
never wanted to hear or see him again! She hung up the phone and
threw the cell clear across the room in defeat. The bell continued
to ring…That relentless Van Halen “Jamie’s Cryin” cell phone
jingle, over and over and over again.

Amber continued to bawl, her heart ached for some
sort of relief. Screaming off the top of her lungs, she went to the
cell phone and yelled, “You son-of-a-bitch! Who the hell do you
think I am? I’m not some bimbo of yours! I’m your fuckin’
sister-in-law for crissakes! You need to show some respect!” She
then twirled herself around and threw herself on the bed and the
phone still continued to ring. She couldn’t take it anymore and ran
over to it this time and answered the damn thing. “What?

“Amber where are you? Come back, let’s talk—”

Amber cleared her throat. “No Eduardo, its over,

“NO! Wait!”

“No Eduardo, you’ve said all you had to say, all I
care to hear...I wanted you to leave Leticia but you can’t...It’s
over! I’m done with this...someone has to teach you a lesson!”

“What? Amber please—”

Amber was distraught, desperate and beside herself;
she wanted to distance herself from all her sorrow and ripped open
the back of the cell phone this time and removed the battery. No
more rings, no more calls, no more interruptions!

Amber dragged herself over to the writing desk.
Opened up the drawer and pulled out the writing paper and pen the
motel had provided and eyed the Bible sitting neatly in the corner.
It doesn’t faze her…not one little bit.

She began the first letter, one to her husband,
Victor. Oh how she believed she had loved him! He was her rock, her
sponge and her confidant. She would thank him for allowing her to
feel so at ease with his family. Thank him for introducing her to
relatives so full of love and passion for one another. Thank him
for Adrian and Valentina (her son and little girl) and apologize to
him about his brother.

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