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Authors: Trisha Fuentes

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Unsuitable Obsession - Part One (11 page)

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Eduardo took a step backwards, exposing his backside
to the rain.

Amber chuckled again, “Eduardo isn’t your jacket

“Used to be.”

Amber tore her eyes away from his flushed gaze. On
the verge of different smile, she uttered, “Well...thanks

“You’re very welcome.”

Their eyes lock and hold, spirits diminish and
fixation washes over them. With the backdrop of raindrops pounding
on both the awning and Eduardo’s jacket, in a matter of moments,
camaraderie altered and their impatient friendship turned into
genuine yearning. Eduardo wanted to trail his mouth across her
perky chest; Amber wanted to wrap her legs around his hips and feel
him within. Simultaneously, both of them turn away, apart from each
other’s hypnotic trance.

“Well,” Amber sighed heavily, “Goodnight then.”

Eduardo took another step backwards and permitted
the raindrops to pounce sporadically on his coat.

Even though she knew he couldn’t see her waiving at
him walking away, Amber did it anyway. She waited to go inside
until she knew her brother-in-law was safely in his car.

Eduardo shut his car door then banged his head
purposely on the steering wheel. He had to stop torturing himself,
being absorbed by Amber’s irrepressible appeal was making him
crazy. Why did
have to be so Goddamn unattainable?

Her brother-in-law’s sudden examination of her body
caused emotion to swell up in her eyes and the suggestion placed
Amber in subterranean uncertainty. She did the same thing to him,
right? Appraised his physique for her own personal pleasure, why
wasn’t he allowed to inspect her? Because Amber was already in lust
with Eduardo Sanchez, and having him desire her as well would quite
dampen her marriage for months to come.

Eduardo fired up the engine and put his vehicle’s
gear in reverse, gazing over at the doorway one last time. Amber
was still there, watching his exit. Good God—he didn’t want to

In all honesty, Amber felt as if part of her soul
was retreating and driving away in the rain and glared back at the
Porsche watching it as it came to a standstill at the stoplight,
hesitate, and then slowly disappear around the corner.

Amber ran back into the house, locked her front door
and turned the porch light off. She stood silent for a moment,
wondered at the VHS and then started to grieve for the quantity of
passion her brother-in-law exposed through his green eyes.



I guess you could say I’ve lived a sheltered life.
Mama and Papa hovered over me constantly and watched my every move.
They never allowed me to go to parties or out with my friends in
fear a boy might “touch me” inappropriately.

I’m a virgin.

I’ve never been kissed further on my body other than
my neck. I’m not a prude, I’m just obedient and I love my parents
and obey them. I love my faith in Catholicism and going to church
with my parents every Sunday and twice a month on Wednesdays.
That’s never bothered me really, I just wished when I was younger I
could have spent some time out with my girlfriends, going to the
mall, movies or to school dances. Sometimes I feel I’m about to
explode, I want to do everything I’ve always dreamt of doing and
one way or the other, I will get everything I’ve always dreamed

In two more months I’ll be twenty-three. After
getting my AA at Glendale College, I enrolled into real estate
school to get my license. I love looking at houses and dreaming of
what could be, with lots of kids running around in the yard,
envisioning different painted walls and furnishings. I want to
share that dream with other folks, so I decided to pursue real
estate. I’m working for a small real estate firm in San Fernando
right now, I pay commission to them when I sell a house and they
let me use all their resources: faxes, Multi-Listing-Service,
computers, printers, telephones, advertising, they’re great. I love
my job.

I finally got the courage to move out of my parents’
home after being under their roof and guidance for so long. It’s a
good thing too, because I don’t know how much longer I could have
kept trying to hide my romance with Gregory Rodriguez. I miss him
really, and he was so bad for me! I would sneak out late at night
through my bedroom window and meet him down the street. That’s so
immature, but I had no other choice. I love kissing Greg too! But
silly me, immaculate Leticia, I still push his roaming hands away
when he tries to unhook my bra. I do have small breasts. I’ve
always wished my breasts were larger, oftentimes ogling other women
who’ve had breast implants. I could never do that.

How do I describe my ex-boyfriend? Greg was not
quite perfect for me. Always a bit on the edge, with a temper, I
don’t know why I attract those kinds of men with a dominating
presence. They always seem to think that I’m this docile woman. Or
maybe I am, being intimidated so easily.

I guess I should have given him what he wanted. All
men seem to think I’ve already done it. Can’t believe I’m still a
virgin at my age, not many women out there like me besides. Greg
tried to get me in bed, tried often, but all I kept thinking was my
parents and how they would be upset with me if I didn’t get married
first. And, there was something else about Greg, he made me feel
uncomfortable, he was sneaky; I could see it in his dark black
eyes. Since I wasn’t giving him what he wanted, he was out getting
it somewhere else. He was a cheater, and I could sense it, and
maybe I should have been stronger emotionally, should have kicked
his butt to the curb long ago; but seeing we had been dating for
nearly two years, I thought maybe, just maybe there was a proposal
just around the corner? But oh well. Greg just wasn’t the one for
me, and when he dumped me, I wasn’t surprised. But given his lame
excuse that we were getting too serious, I knew there had to be
another woman.

I know my soul mate is out there for me, and my man
is so vivid, I’ve dreamt of him so many times. When I was a little
girl, I would pray at night and ask God to send me a man who would
be kind and nice to me. He had to be arrogant and proud of whom he
was: Hispanic, intelligent, almost noble in his tall, slim, broad
body, his solid shoulders, light brown hair...and if it was
meant to eyes, the same color like mine. I
know my dream man is out there somewhere, lurking around, looking
for me. I just know he is.



A Costly Mistake


Eduardo had bought his pewter-colored Porsche just a
few months prior and decided to drive his new baby to The Beverly
Center to do some shopping. Damn but it was expensive to be
employed by a Century City law firm! Costly leather shoes,
fashionable shirts and ties, suits with famous designer labels on
the lapel. Damn but he didn’t need another tie to go with his new
navy blue suit he bought just a week ago.
Damn, damn, damn!
Shopping was demoralizing, it just wasn’t for him, he’d rather be
reading, his nose in a book. He should look into getting one of
those personal shoppers. Did those exist? He’d make a mental note
to ask his assistant when he returned to work on Monday.

Eduardo glanced around at all the various
designs—concentrated mainly on the ties inside a glass case.
Spotted, striped, plain, argyle, he didn’t know which one to start
with, initiated laughter at a display case of nearby cartoon
characters: Bugs Bunny, Porky Pig, and Road Runner. Now those would
go over well with the partners in the firm.

“That tie would look good on you,” he heard the
female say.

Eduardo turned to peek at her; she was mediocre,
slender, and brunette. He was disappointed for the moment, then
examined her further and noticed her green eyes. “You think the
guys at the office would give me any grief?” He played along with
her, bestowing one of his fabulous smiles.

A modest chuckle left her mouth. “Now there’s a

Eduardo eyed her walking away and then observed her
as she pretended to search for something in the undergarment
section of the men’s department. He would have never approached her
if she hadn’t approached him first and wasn’t remotely interested
in her and left her on her way.

Eduardo then asked the clerk to see two ties from
the glass case: the navy polka-dotted Kenneth Cole and the jade
silk Gucci. He was at the mirror switching ties around when he
heard the woman say, “I like the dark green one, it brings out your

Eduardo looked back at her, she was the same
girl—what a shock. “You think so? I like the navy one as well, I’ll
get both,” he proclaimed to the clerk, handing the clerk both ties
to ring up on the register.

“I think that’s a wise choice, they both make you
look distinguished,” she smiled at him, flipping her hair away from
her shoulders.

He didn’t dare give her anymore of his interest or
even his name. No crystal ball needed here, she would to start to
follow him around the mall; he could almost perceive it. He turned
away with his purchase and began searching for shirts to accentuate
his new ties.

A few minutes later, he heard…

“Could you help me out with something?”

Eduardo turned around, he knew it was the same girl;
it was like trying to pull gum from a shoe. “Yes?”

“My father’s about your height and I need to see if
this shirt would fit across your shoulders.”

Her expression was sweet. “Sure, go ahead,” he
relented, mistakenly presenting her with another marvelous

She blushed, turned her head away and then Eduardo
spread out his arms. The female stood behind him, draping the shirt
across his shoulders and spreading her fingers across the fabric,
freely touching every hard muscle on his back.

Her touch was slow, easy. He rolled his eyes
realizing that she was trying to seduce him. “So what’s the
verdict?” He required—his arms spread out like
Christ the

“Attorney eh?” She asked, folding his arms down.

“What gave me away?”

“Verdict, the fancy ties,” she smiled, glowing at
his sensuality.

“Yah...well are we the same size?” He asked, getting

“Definitely, I think my father’s going to like his
new shirt,” she said, suddenly sprinting away from him.

He knew she’d simply be a leisurely activity, but he
couldn’t help himself, she
nice-looking in her own way.
Latin too, diverse to what he usually dated. Her hair reminded him
of Amber’s ebony tresses and her eyes were identically compared to
his, so what could it hurt? “Hey, you can’t expect me to live down
the fact that you had me perform a perfect impression of an
airplane now do ya?”

That got her to turn around. “Want to get a cup of

Her name was Leticia Mendez, had lived in Sun
Valley, California for most of her life after moving from Brawley
when she was a baby. Brawley? Now
got him interested,
his parents were from Brawley; they had something in common and
talked about it for hours.

Leticia couldn’t believe her fate, the man sitting
across from her without a doubt was the most handsome man she had
ever seen. Having just recently split with a long-term boyfriend,
she decided to go shopping and take her mind off her woes. She
spotted him at the counter initially. His handsomeness combined
with the fact that he was Latino caused her to freeze in her
tracks. He was her Perfect Man and the husband she dreamt about
when she was a child. Women in the same department each gave him
second glances but he didn’t seem to care. He was extremely
confident and Leticia loved self-assuredness in a man, and this
particular man exuded charm in addition to poise. He was so
enticing; she couldn’t help but fall in love with him at first
sight. She had to keep him interested, no matter what.


Eduardo dated her on and off and had no intentions
of the relationship to go any further—none whatsoever. He had no
physical urges towards her and never once tried to steal a kiss.
She was merely binding his time to the next and helped fill the
void of wanting someone else.

Leticia invited Eduardo over for dinner one night
wanting to show him how much she loved to cook. Rather display her
capabilities, he thought. Was it a ploy? He knew so at the time. He
wasn’t marriage material—even mentioned it to her on their second
date. She shrugged it off, informing him that she was only
interested in him as a friend. Yah right, then why cook him dinner?
It was a losing mind game, but he’d just come from visiting his
parents an hour earlier and Amber and Victor had been at the house.
Amber walked around wearing a very tight, exceptionally curvy
sundress that he just couldn’t seem to get his mind off of! Amber
bewildered him again, attracted his every sense. He entered
Leticia’s residence that night already feeling quite aroused from
Amber’s womanly curves.

Come to think of it, it was quite stupid of him to
allow Amber to smolder him like that, but when Leticia was in the
process of serving him a second piece of chicken; Eduardo grabbed
her waist from behind and ran his hands up her body towards her
breasts. Leticia dropped the platter on the floor and immediately
turned around to receive him and his touch. Leticia moaned with
pleasure—wrapped her arms around his neck, diving in for a kiss—she
had never felt desire so strong before.

Eduardo knew Leticia wouldn’t pass that little
advance up,
no woman did.
It was his passion for Amber that
sent him into another direction. He didn’t want Leticia; she was
merely a substitute, her body simply available to satisfy whom he
really craved. She was warm, pleasing, her kisses steadfast, neat.
He tried every attempt at unhinging her bra, but she kept pushing
his roving hands away.

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