Victor Deus (Heritage of the Blood Book 1) (48 page)

  If you managed to make it this far I would like to thank you again for taking your time to learn a little bit more about me and how much I love and appreciate this thing we call Fantasy.

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  Alright, so, you read the book, and loved it, hated it, or some mix in between and want to tell me about it. The most direct way is to send me an e-mail [email protected]

  You can also find my author page on facebook by searching Brent Lee Markee, I'm the only one so it should be easy. ;)

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  Lastly, I have purchased the rights to so you will be able to find information and forums there, I currently have people working on getting that up and running, and it should be ready to go in the next few months. I will probably make the occasional blog post(depending on if anyone cares to hear from me or not, and maybe still even if no one does).

  Thank you once again for purchasing my book, if you liked it please leave a review and tell your friends about it. If you found something terribly annoying or didn't like it you can always e-mail me to tell me what you think, I'm always glad to get constructive criticism.

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