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Virgin Honeymoon (The Honeymoon Diaries) (3 page)

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Sean closes his lips over one of my nipples and he suckles hard while his hands urge my hips onto his with ever-quickening motion, the thrusts gaining in force. All I can do is follow his lead and hold onto Sean’s shoulders and neck, letting him use my body any way he pleases because the pain is long gone and now it’s all pleasing.

I think it’s my imagination at first but I dazedly remember reading something about how a man’s cock grows when he’s ready to spend.
I now know that’s true.

Sean swells even more inside me. I feel him expand and get bigger, and I almost come again. But just when I vaguely think a second climax might be a possibility, Sean groans and bounces me against his hips, emptying himself inside me with several more thrusts before lowering me back to the bed and burying his head in my neck.

I cuddle him close, my body hot and tingly and, truth be told, slightly achy and twitchy from the near-second orgasm.

“I love you, wife.”

Smiling, I kiss my husband. “I love you, too.”

“Come on. Shower time. Then sleep.”

I pout. “Can’t we sleep first?” I’m not sure I’d sleep at all but I’m nog ready to move just yet.

Sean flashes a gorgeous, sex-rumpled smile at me, like he knows something I don’t, but before I can ask him about it, he rolls off the bed to his feet and swings me up into his arms.

“I guess that’s a no,” I complain, wondering if Sean has any clue how close I’d come to climaxing a second time, and this was his way of making up for it.

Is it possible?

I wrap my arms around his neck and let him carry me into the bathroom. I’d left a virgin but here I am returning as a wife.

Whatever Sean wants... I’m not going to say no.

The Morning After ;)

Sean strips me of my heels and stockings and joins me in the glass enclosure, kissing me repeatedly while he washes my hair. Once that’s done he has me sit on the built-in seat and proceeds to bathe me, taking his dear sweet time soaping my breasts before slipping his slick fingers lower, rubbing them into me until I’m gasping.

Sean notices I’m turned on and spreads my legs wider, adjusting one of the many shower heads so that it sprays me right
. Then... he watches me try to fight off my climax and fail, aiding the jet stream by stroking me senseless until I’m a shuddering, gasping heap he has to dry off and carry to our bed.

I think I’m
asleep before my head hits the pillow. But then... Well, let’s just say I wake up first. I’ve waited for God to send the right man into my life, and I’m more than a little curious about Sean and the body denied me until now.

The hotel room is dark but there is enough light leaking in from the top of the covered balcony windows near the bed that I can see Sean perfectly. He’s asleep on his back, one hand at his side, the other over his head. His chest is bare, the sheet we used during the night draped at his waist. I can see his tight little curls, and the flaccid length of him laying on his thigh.

Biting my lip, I very lightly traced my nails down his upper thigh atop the sheet. Like I hoped, Sean moves his leg in response and the sheet slides down until it barely hits mid-thigh. I know my eyes widen because, honestly, I’m face-to-crotch with Sean while I look him over.

Even soft, Sean is long. And he grows longer when I tentatively touch him with my finger.

It’s so soft! Not soft as in
but soft as in texture. I slide my finger over the length of him, up and around the ridge. A few more light strokes and I watch in awe as Sean’s cock lengthens even more. I can’t hold back the urge to thumb the drop of moisture forming on the tip.

It’s salty. Tangy. Definitely something I can handle, if not get used to, with time. And since there’s no time like the present...

I glance at Sean’s face but he’s still asleep, his breathing smooth and even. Scooting down, I wonder how I will go about doing what I want to do?

Because I want to suck it. Seriously. It’s not a thought I’ve ever had before but after Sean loved me that way last night, I really want to return the favor and give that experience back to him.

Another first for me. Soo many firsts on this trip. But I have some catching up to do, don’t you think?

Just the thought of what I’m about to do makes me warm and I shift on the bed. I’m
on my belly, my head propped up on one hand and level with Sean’s hips. I can’t help but squirm, loving the feel of the bunched sheet tangled between my legs. I circle my hips against it, just once, because it feels so good.

I wet my lips, peek at Sean’s face again and lean over him, opening my mouth and sticking my tongue out to lick him like my favorite lollipop. Sean’s cock jerks in response, startling me. Who knew it can move like that?

So I do it again, and, yeah, same response.

I lick him a few more times, flattening my tongue and learning the shape of the head and the opening at the very tip. The more I lick the bigger he grows and I can’t deny myself any longer. I wrap my lips around Sean’s cock and gently take him inside my mouth, swirling my tongue around and around, mimicking Sean’s moves until I figure out a few of my own. But what really surprises me about doing it is that it turns me on. For real. I keep pressing my hips harder against the mattress, against the sheet, trying to find relief for myself even as I take Sean as deep as I can.

His groan fills the room and even though I know Sean can’t be sleeping through what I’m doing to him, I’m
a little embarrassed at being caught with my mouth around his cock. When I look up at him Sean just grins and grabs a few pillows, shoving them
behind his head so he can watch.

“Are you sore today?”

I can’t speak with him in my mouth so I hum a response, noticing the immediate effect it has on him.

“Come here.”

Sean rearranges me on the large bed, positioning me so that he can slide one of his big hands between my legs to where I ache.

“I love that you’re wet for me and we haven’t even started.”

Yeah, that isn’t embarrassing at all. But I don’t let it stop me. I go down on him again and again, knowing Sean watches me, knowing he’s aware it’s
the first time I’ve ever done anything like this. And the more I do it the heavier his breathing becomes, the harder his cock gets, and the more his thumb strokes me. I flinch when he strays too low, though, and he murmurs an apology.

“Come here, love. Up you go,” he orders, pulling me over him.

“Sean,” I gasp.

“Trust me.”

It’s not that I don’t trust him but that I’m now straddling him--backwards-- with my... my lady parts over his face.

But one stroke of his tongue and I forget all about the indignity of the position and moan, my mouth full of cock and my body on fire for my husband’s.

“Don’t stop,” he says, his tone husky.

I keep getting distracted, because Sean is way better, and I find myself resting my forehead on his thigh just trying to breathe while he swirls his tongue around my clitoris and leaves me trembling, licking me with slow, drawn-out strokes, teasing my entry with a well-moistened thumb.

His arms are around my hips, holding me in position. He licks and sucks and nuzzles me, bringing me to a screaming climax.

Here comes the bride. Again.

Not that I’m complaining.

The sight and sound of me orgasming sends Sean to the edge. I can feel him growing, and since my senses are returning, I treat him to the best newbie blow-job a virgin bride can give. I can’t hold him in my mouth so I concentrate on the tip of him, sucking and licking, flicking my tongue into the ridge, until Sean shifts and pulls out of my mouth just before semen splashes my neck and breasts and belly.

I’ve never, ever, considered something like this a turn-on but it honestly is because I have that power over him, the ability to make Sean lose control.

still floating and tingling and relishing every sensation when Sean moves us both, swinging me around so that he can snuggle me close and kiss my forehead.


“Hmm?” My entire body tingles, every nerve ending quaking from little aftershocks. I can’t move. Not after that.

Thankfully I don’t have to. Sean rolls to face me, forehead to forehead, and begins to pray aloud, giving thanks for our safe journey to Aruba, for bringing me into his life, for our friends and family who have flown down for our wedding, and the intimacy we’ve just shared because sex is so important for a happy marriage.

When he finishes I press a soft kiss to his lips. “Amen.”

Cabana Love

Sean and I sleep for a bit then shower and get dressed for the day. A part of me is perfectly willing to stay in bed with my husband but Sean has a point in that my body needs a break, and it can have it if we spend some time on the beach.

Sean has seen me in a bathing suit on numerous occasions while we dated, but for some reason putting one on now seems different. Maybe because Sean knows what I look like without it.

We walk hand in hand out of the hotel. Along the way, we stop by one of the restaurants for breakfast before meandering toward the ocean to locate the private cabana that matches our suite number.

The sand leading to the ocean is fabulous. Soft and clean, it’s white in comparison to the dark gray sand of the Carolinas where my family usually vacationed during my younger years.

I’m going to miss this place when we leave. The water looks like blue gems sparkling in the sunlight, clear and so clean you can see all the way to the ocean floor.

“This is us. What do you think?” Sean asks.

The cabana has tented drapes on all four sides, with a thick waterproof mattress layered with fresh linens and big fluffy pillows. “Oh, it’s fabulous!”

I can so imagine napping there. Now that my stomach is full, I’m all about the sun and heat and sleep. I’ve brought a book to read but suddenly all I want to do is stare at the ocean and take in the majesty of it. When I think of God creating each fish and mammal, the unbelievable colors surrounding us in this tropical paradise... I’m just in awe. Who wouldn’t be?

Sean and I get comfortable on the mattress and while he listens to music with his earbuds, I watch some children play on the sand. It’s all too easy to imagine the smallest toddler as our own, with Sean’s dark hair and penchant for mischief.

We want kids some day but neither of us are in a rush. We desire some time to ourselves first. Time to get used to being married, and... well, just alone time. I’m fine with that, because as a teacher I have my hands full with my kindergarteners most of the year. And with Sean traveling so much...

I force my mind off Sean leaving me in Cincinnati once we return to the real world. I don’t want to think about that. It was hard enough being apart from him when we weren’t intimate. I can only imagine how hard it will be now that we are.

I get sleepy when the sun shifts position and coats my body with rays. I think I drift off but I open my eyes when I hear Sean ordering drinks for us and asking our cabana attendant to close the drapes when he returns so we can sleep in peace. I definitely nod off then, comfortable in our hideaway with the surf in my ears.

I wake up to the feel of Sean’s hand slipping beneath the midsection of my bathing suit.

“Don’t move,” Sean orders.

I have an idea of what he is up to but I’m not so sure. “Sean... This is public,” I tell him.

“The drapes are closed and the attendant said he won’t return until I open one of them.”

Good to know.

My bathing suit is a two-piece tankini, modest and modern at the same time. The lower half of the top gives Sean free access he takes advantage of. “I thought my body needed to rest,” I say, barely able to keep a straight face.

“Looks to me like you could use a massage.”

In quick order the lower half of my suit is gone, slipped over my legs with startling efficiency. Sean unfastens the halter top next, tugging the lose material of the tankini over my head.

“Much better.”

I give him what I hope is a flirtatious look. I know my body and while I am a bit sore this morning, I can handle whatever tenderness is left behind from our wedding night and morning adventures. Besides, the drapes
closed. “Well, I’m not sure about that. I’m naked, but what about you?”

“In due time,” he says.

Sean grins at me in such a way my pulse picks up speed and I feel my body begin to respond. I’m embarrassed by the moisture flooding my core because that happens so easily when Sean looks at me that way. But when I see his cock prodding at the opening of his swim trunks, I don’t feel so bad. Apparently Sean has the same problem I do.

Sean grabs my beach bag and digs inside for the jar of coconut oil I prefer to use for tanning lotion. It’s new, purchased just for this trip.

“The sun is stronger here,” he says. “ I didn’t want you to burn, so I read up on the effects and uses of coconut oil.”

“Oh?” I ask, knowing it can also be used as massage oil and personal lubricant as well as a slew of other things.


I bite back my smile and listen as Sean opens the jar. I lay there, trying to look confident about being naked when the sunlight leaves nothing to the imagination. I lift one leg and close my thighs discreetly, then also cross my arms over my front.

BOOK: Virgin Honeymoon (The Honeymoon Diaries)
11.15Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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