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When Cithians Attack (2 page)

BOOK: When Cithians Attack

“No, they aren’t. Don’t you realize

“Realize what? That they’re going to kill


“No. I’ve been here for four years. They
would’ve already done it by now.”Sedge said.

“Ugh! Nevermind!” I said.

A striker came towards us. It was

“It’s time for your surgery.” she

I ran to the edge of the camp. More strikers
came towards me. I hit something. The electrical surge coursed
through my veins. My chest hurt as the pain moved to my legs. I

When I awoke, I was chained to a

“Let me go!” I said. Beams of light shot out of
my hands.

Theresa appeared.

“No!” she said.

A man with a blue face came into the

“Let him go.” He said.

“Why should I !?”Theresa said. She threw a beam
of darkness pushed him back. He flew across the field. Theresa
looked at her hands, surprised by how much power she held in her
hands. I looked at her.

“You’re one too, aren’t you?” I

“Shut up, Cithian.” Theresa said.

“I can help you. Just release me

“You’ll what? Help me? Hah. I don’t need your
help.” Theresa lifted up her whistle that was tucked inside her
shirt. Strikers appeared and cuffed the man as they brought him to
her. She looked at the man.

“Who are you?”

“Furliceo Woolsley.” the man said.

“Don’t listen to that man!”I said. “He
destroyed Siraka.”

Theresa dropped her jaw.

“I am the Master of all Striker Masters. So, I
strip you of your status as Master Striker.” she said.

“Please just let me explain! I was possessed.”
Furliceo said.

“By whom?” Theresa said.

“You, if I remember right. You told me to
destroy Siraka.” Furliceo said.

“You expect me to believe you?”

“I’m bound by my word. You did possess me.”
Furliceo said. Furliceo turned into a red orb. He flew above the
strikers. Materializing, he landed on top of the strikers and
pushed Theresa towards the tent.

Furliceo unchained me. He looked at
me. Fear ran through my mind.
the man with a blue face? His face
scares me. His voice scares me half to death. What’ll he do to me?
Kill me?

Furliceo dragged me outside. He lifted me into
the air with his hands. A blue portal opened beside me; I saw it
out of the corner of my left eye. I was sucked into it.





























Chapter 3 hunted by a

I appeared in a room. A desk was in the center
with two chairs were in front of it.

I ran to the door and pulled on the doorknob.
The man looked at me. His emerald green eyes twinkled in the light
of the western Sun. His gray hair look like storm clouds; a mess.
His face was pasty white and covered with wrinkles. He was wearing
a green collared red polo shirt and jeans.

“Calm down!” he said.

“No! I need to get away from the Strikers!” I
said, pulling hard on the doorknob.

“I just saved you from them.” he

I paused.
Can I trust him?

“Who are you?” I said.

“Lester Slither. We must hurry though. The
strikers will be here any moment.” Lester said”Once they find out
you’re here.”

Just then I heard a voice from above

“Where’s the boy, Ritter?” It said.

“He’s here for sure, General.”Ritter’s voice

Fear ran through my mind. A
General was after me. How could this Lester save
me? Does he know I killed a citizen? I hope not.


“They’re here!” Lester said.

“I know! I heard the voices.” Skyrid


“I have two times the hearing of a normal

“But, Ritter must’ve ratted me out. So, talk in
a whisper tone of voice.”

“Who is this Ritter?” I said.

“He’s the boss of the Striker retrieval company
.” Lester said.

I backed up for a second;messing with my hands

“You work for the Strikers?”
“No.”Lester said. “I work for the Sayis’.”

Lester looked at me.

“Take this with you.” he said.

He handed me a pendant. It had a upside down
triangle on it.

“This is a piece of Junk!”

I placed on the desk. Lester lifted it up into
the air. He grabbed it and put it around my neck.

“This will protect you.” he said.


“It’ll prevent you from having another

You know?”

“That you killed Jaren? Are you kidding?
Everyone does.”

“What do you mean?” I said.

Lester handed me a white button.

“Here, press it.” he said.

I pressed it. A flat screen television emerged
from the wall in front of us.

A reporter dressed in nice clothing appeared on
the screen. She held a microphone in her right hand. She had black
hair and blue eyes. Her bushy eyebrows were like the quills of a
phoenix. Her face was pasty white.

“There have been reports of recent terrorist
attacks. A rocket shot into the capitol building today to protest
the Cithian Outlawing. All of the attackers were Kandriths. In
other news, a Cithian has been discovered. He was last seen in a
safe house just outside Siraka. This is him.” She said.

I saw myself in the picture. It had the same
blonde hair, green eyes. It had the same red shirt and blue jeans
on that I was wearing.

The reporter appeared on the screen

“The victim, Jaren James says he does not
remember the Cithian. He is in intensive care.”

I can’t believe my eyes. Jaren is

The door shook for a minute and fell to the
ground. A general appeared.

He was wearing a white uniform. Two yellow
ropes were hanging down from his right shoulder. Handcuffs were
buckled onto his belt. His eyes were a light brown. He was bald.
His face was milky white. He wore a green ball cap on his head that
had three silver stars on it.

“Give me the boy, Lester.” he said

“No.” Lester said

“Then a fight you shall have.” the General

The general threw a beam of darkness at
Lester;throwing him up against the wall. Lester got up. He threw a
beam of light at the General and lifted him into the

The General lifted Lester into the air.
Lester’s veins popped as his power rings came out. He screamed as
bruises burned into his skin. I waved my hand; throwing him up
against the wall. The General laid dead in front of us.

“You killed him!” Lester said.

“What you expect me to do? Let him kill
you?”Lester said.

I stood there silent. I couldn’t think of what
to say. Then it came to me.

“No. I didn’t want you to kill him though.” I

“I didn’t kill him. He’s just unconscious.”
Lester said.

Lester pressed a red button the wall. A brown
door appeared.

“What is this?”

“It’s a magical door.”Lester said. ”It’ll take
you anywhere you think of.”

“All I can think about is going home.”
“Then, open the door and that’s where you’ll go.”
I opened the door.



































Chapter 4 time to run

I appeared in front of my house. It is a white
mansion. Two white bars hold up the roof of the house. I went onto
the porch and touched the swing. The garage opened. Beside it, I
see a green window.

I went inside. My dad came towards me. He was
dressed in a blue dress shirt and jeans. His eyes were green.His
hair was dark brown. He stomped his feet as he came towards

“Meet me outside.” he said

“Why?” I said.

“Just do it.” he said.

I went back outside. I started to
He must know that I injured Jaren. I
can’t believe he’s so angry at me. He almost never acts this

A midnight blue mustang backed out
of the garage. Food wrappers and bags were thrown all over the
floor of it.
My dad stuck his head out the
driver's window.

“Get in.” he said

I got in the mustang. My dad drove up to the
stop sign. My dad glared at me.

“Skyrid, I want to know what happened.” he

“It was just a fight.”

“Just a fight? You put him in the

“You mean, he’s alive?”

“Yes. Jaren’s alive.”

The reporter was right. Jaren was
miraculously alive. I feel so relieved. Like a huge worry had been
lifted off my shoulders.

We started driving again.

“Dad, how is he?” I said.

My dad gripped the wheel hard. “The doctors say
his temperature is above normal.” he said.

“I didn’t mean to do it.” I said.

“I know. I saw the footage from the safe

“Dad, do you think I’m a freak?”

My dad pulled over.

“Skyrid, I’m a cithian too.” he said

“Why didn’t you tell me this

“I wanted to wait until you had your
malfunction so that you’d understand.”

My dad drove back onto the road. I looked
behind us. I saw a black S.U.V with a siren on top of it. A man in
a white uniform was the driver.

“Oh shoot, it’s the Strikers!” I said. I tapped
my feet nervously.

My dad better think of something. I
do not want to go back to the Striker Prison camp.

The Striker held a megaphone up to his mouth.

“Pull over, Cithians!” he said.

“Quick,Skyrid, press the red button!” My dad

I pressed the red button. A green orb came down
around us. I beat my fists against the orb. A white portal appeared
in front of us.

We were pulled into it- the car shook from side
to side as we were pulled in and the orb drained a lot of our
energy into it.

We appeared in front of a white building with
an Orange Needle on it. The green orb disappeared. We landed on the
asphalt and got our energy back.

My dad drove us into the parking
lot. It was crowded. Almost every parking spot was filled. Thoughts
ran through my mind.
We better find a
parking spot. I want to see Jaren again before he dies.

My dad parked his mustang. My dad handed me a
black survival bracelet.

“What is it?” I said.

“It’s a device that’ll cloak your true

“Here, it’s a special mirror. It’ll show you what you like to other

I looked like a officer with a white uniform
on. A medal badge was on my chest along with a nametag that said:
General Clayton, Co-Head Striker. Two yellow ropes were hanging
down from my right shoulder. Handcuffs were buckled onto my belt.
My eyes were turned into a light brown.My hair disappeared. My face
turned milky white. A green ball cap appeared on my head that had
three silver stars on it.

“Why did you choose the Co-head Striker as my
disguise instead of someone less important?”II said.

“I chose him because he’s the only other
Striker that has an appointment to see Jaren.

I was a striker. If I’m right,
everyone will see me as the Co-Head Striker.

They say this Striker is one of the most
powerful Strikers.He was once a Cithian, but he gave up his light
powers to be gifted the dark powers.

It was said that Furliceo Woolsley gave him his
powers. Furliceo is the Master Striker. He’s feared by all. He’s
our greatest enemy.

He blames the Cithians for causing his pain.
His pain is really a warrior power possession. He was possessed by
his powers and turned evil by them.

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