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When Cithians Attack (21 page)

BOOK: When Cithians Attack

“Skyrid Crop; because of his courageous
sacrifice for Chaser. Voyage, go.”

“Mitchell Crop; because of his selfless act on
saving us all. Kiraces?”

“Well, I’ve chosen Parser Jerricus for his
effort in trying to protect his dorm. Tovar?”
“Jaren James; because of his effort to resist becoming

Richard put his hands to his sides.

“Will the nominees please come forward

Mitchell, Jaren, Parser, and I walked up to the
front of everyone and turned around to face them. Richard came
between us.

“The First Round of Voting will happen now.
Vogler will be first. “He said

“Skyrid’s mine. Kiraces?”
“Jaren is my vote. Adagar?”

“Mitchell Crop. Tovar, you’re the final

“Mitchell Crop.”

I know Tovar can’t vote for his own
nominee. Mitchell saved us from a possible extinction though. So, I
believe he was the better choice than Jaren. I am glad with his

Richard narrowed his eyes.

“Tovar! Mitchell killed thousands of aliens! He
should be put in chains, not given Sayis Powers!”
“He saved us all though.”

Richard rolled his eyes.

“Parser and Jaren, since you both had the
lowest number of votes you are eliminated. Please go back to your

Parser and Jaren walked back to their

“Now for the last round. Mitchell and Skyrid,
would you like to say anything before we proceed?”

I glared at Richard.
Why’d he yell at Tovar? He is right. Mitchell did
save us.

“Alright. Skyrid, you’ll go first.”

“Chaser died as a Martyr for all Cithians. He
embodied someone who was friendly, courteous, someone who cared
about me and a trustworthy human being. He’s gone, but his example
lives inside us all. I was the one who tried to save him and had to
move on with my life. Or, I would be stuck in the past. The Council
Members should choose the person who embodies Chaser’s soul the

Tears streamed down my cheeks. Mitchell patted
me on the back and put his hands back to his sides.

“I don’t want to face my Brother, but I know
that these people will choose the right person. So, may the best
Warrior Win.”

Richard looked left and right as the members
nodded and Kiraces stepped forward.

“Skyrid is my vote. Vogler?”

“Mine is Skyrid. Tovar?”

“Skyrid’s mine. Adagar?”


Richard stepped in front of us.

“Mitchell with one vote, you have been
eliminated and Skyrid is the new Gator Sayis.”
Everyone cheered.

“Silence!”Richard said.

We all went silent.

“Michael Crop was running for President last
year. Today, which is January 8th, 2053, he has won his spot in the
Red Mansion. He’ll be moving into his new home with the rest of his
family while Brian Gunderson (the old President) moves

We all cheered Michael on. My dad came forward
and raised his hand in the air.

“Say your last goodbyes. It’s time for everyone
to go home.”

Jaren came up to me.

“Thank you, Skyrid. At least you tried to save

“No problem. Chaser was a great

“Have a good time being the Gator

“Will do.”

Parser came up to me.

“Congrats. You definitely embody chaser more
than anyone in this room.”he said.

“Thanks. I was just trying to do the right
thing though.”I said

Crystal came up to me along with my

“Skyrid, thank you for freeing me. Nancy was a

“You are very welcome! I fear there is even
more to come than this though.”

I walked up to Michael.

“Hey Bro! Or, should I say President! You did
“I did! Now, I can overrule the Cithian Outlawing.”

“That would be nice. So, good luck.”

“You too. You’ll do a great job as a

Kodyack walked up to me.

“It is just like I thought. You decided to take
control of powers! How does it feel?”
“Good. We won the War.”

“True. Unlike last time.”

Mitchell, Michael and I held hands. My parents
and Crystal held our hands. We all turned into crystal white orbs.
We all flew into a green portal.

































Chapter 27 time to move

We appeared in front of our home.Two moving
trucks from Madrid's moving company were parked in the front.
Movers had already packed everything but the furniture. My dad and
I got into the first moving truck. Crystal took the mustang along
with my three brothers.

My mom got in the second moving truck. We
follow the dirt road as police followed behind us. On the way, we
passed Siraka and saw it in all its rubble. We could hear the cries
of thousands of innocent people. We could see it all in our

The Strikers were trying to mislead
everyone by destroying my hometown along with two cithians; Drayer
and Furliceo. They wanted everyone to believe that Cithians are bad
news and must be destroyed. But, they are just misunderstood
people. Some of them have malfunctions that possess them; making
them do evil things like destroying hometowns. Others are killed by
their own powers or kill people during their

This event changed my whole
perspective to think that:
Cithians are
just everyday people but with powers and I know that now I used to
hate the Cithians because I didn’t understand them. But now, I
sympathize with them.

“They’re right about everything, Dad. There
shouldn’t be any ranks. People should be able to live without being
criticized of who they are whether they have powers or

“You know, you’re right. People shouldn’t have
to live with that stuff.”

“Exactly. Maybe Michael will change all of


When we got to Jay City, we parked outside the
red mansion. We all got out and stood behind Michael as he stood on
the podium. A Striker came forward and placed the Secret book of
Aliens (The Alien Bible) on the podium. Michael put his left hand
on the book and raised his right hand to the sky.

“I swear to uphold the duties of a president. I
swear to protect the constitution. I swear to treat every person as
they act.” Michael said. The Striker took away the book. Michael
looked towards the crowd.

“Today, all the ranks will be abolished and the
Cithians will live in peace in with all of us.”

The crowd booed.

Sure they destroyed our homes;but
consider this: Put yourselves in their shoes for a moment. Imagine
you had power that was beyond your control. The Cithians that
destroyed your homes were possessed.

I have told you since the day I began my
campaign that I was a Cithian. I don’t know what you were thinking
when you voted me in, but maybe you thought I was different. I
assure you’re all right. I want peace between the ranks more than

I want everyone to be treated as who they are
and what they do with their lives. We shouldn’t have to be judged
just because we’re different. No two humans are alike. We all think
and breathe differently.” he said.

The crowd cheered as we all walked into the red
mansion. I walked up to Michael.

“You handle criticism well, Mike.”

“I know. But, I fear one day that Nancy will be


“Witchcraft, maybe. But, more than likely
they’ll use the revival necklace.”

“What’s that?”

“It’s a pendant that can bring people back from
the dead.”

“How’s it supposed to be activated?”

“By the healer’s diamond.”

“Then we must destroy it.”

Michael laid the parts on the table in the
dining room. They all turned into the healer’s diamond.
“Adagar told me another way to destroy it.” he said.

“How exactly?” I said.

“It was created by a Sayis and his
representative. So, it can be destroyed the same way.”

Adagar came into the room. His dreads hung
loosely down by his ears. He had a trimmed beard that you could
only see if you looked at him really closely. His bright green eyes
twinkled like the stars. A red cloak dragged on the ground from all
around him as he walked up to me.

“Kawthar!” He said as he lifted the parts into
the air. I shot a beam of green light at them. They all









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