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When Cithians Attack (7 page)

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“Oh, come on. If your dad won this Competition,
then you can too.” Jaren said.

“You really think so?” I said.

“Yeah, I do. Your dad won it when he was 12
just like you will if you keep your spirits up.” Jaren

“What about you, Chase? You think I have a

“Heck, yeah I do. If your Father can do it, so
can you.” Chaser said.

“I think you have a chance too.” Michael

“Thanks, bro.” I said.

“You’re welcome.” Michael said.

“I think we should go out exploring again.”
Mitchell said.

“Yeah, it was pretty fun. Plus, I would like to
see what’s behind those doors with the Sayis Symbols.” Parser

“I agree . I cannot wait until Senior year to
find out what’s behind those doors.” William said.

“Neither can I.” Nester said.

Nester got up. He touched the silver orb. A
light purple portal appeared. We all walked into it. We appeared
back in the hall with eight doors in it.

I opened the door with the Gator Sayis symbol
on it. We all walked into the room it revealed. It had a wooden bed
with a light green pillow and blanket on it that was so nicely made
it looked like it had never been touched. In front of us, was a big
wooden dresser. It had 6 drawers and was painted light

Beside us was a picture of my Father. On top of
his head was dark brown hair. He had baby blue eyes. He was wearing
dark gray armor. A silver sword was in his right hand and it was
pointed upward. A black pedestal was in front of it.

I touched it. A purple portal appeared. We all
walked into it. We appeared in a room with a yellow dragon caged up
next to us. I shot a beam of light at the lock; it burned into
ashes as the door opened.

The dragon crawled out. I approached it. I
touched it; scratching its ears. It whimpered in delight. The floor
beneath us cracked as it fell apart .

Plummeting down onto the ground, I discovered
that I was in the basement. I looked towards the place a hole in
the wall. When I went out into the outside of the Castle, an alarm
sounded. I didn’t know what to do at the time, but, then I had this
feeling to climb onto the yellow and golden dragon’s back. Climbing
onto the back of the dragon, I had made it start flying into the
sky. The dragon whimpered.

“Be calm. I don’t want to hurt you,

Flying into the sky, the Dragon started to fly
towards the front of the Castle really fast as everyone else
followed behind us.”

I tried to make him stop by yanking his neck
that had the same likeness of a snake, but he flapped his wings
faster and still tried with all of his might to fly to the front of
the Castle. I knew what this event meant; it meant that I was going
to be caught again. But on second thought, I think I might be
underestimating this dragon. We finally landed in front of the door
and the dragon blew fire at the door. The doors then turned to
ashes, I jumped off the dragon and, the dragon and I walked
gracefully into the Castle.

At the moment that we got inside the Castle,
twenty guards appeared along with Pedro being in front of

You just don’t give up, Slyer. And, I’m not
afraid of your pet. ”

I know you aren’t . But if you
want to punish me, you’ll have to get through my dragon first.”I
said, fearlessly.

“Skyrid, be reasonable. You can’t beat a Sayis.
So if you’ll just let me take all of you... ”

“No! I will not let you take us back to our

“Then you leave me no choice. I will fight you!
Pedro said, chuckling slightly as his gray wrist rings glowed.
Moving both of his arms to the front of his chest, Pedro threw his
left hand into the air and shot a half-orange, half-yellow, beam of
power at the ceiling. Small orange orbs gathered around him as he
moved his arms to his side and his armor started to form onto his

First, an orange helmet with a golden beak
carved into each side of it appeared on his head. Second, some red
Pauldrons with yellow orbs carved into them appeared on his
shoulders, Rerebraces appeared on each arm and orange gauntlets
appeared on his hands. Lastly, a brown and white plate of armor
appeared on his chest and arylide yellow Tuiles and brass Greaves
appeared on his legs.

Shooting a beam at Pedro, I threw him across
the hall and saw his wrist rings glow brighter. Hearing a loud
roar, I felt this urge to run, but for some reason my body wouldn’t
budge. I smelt smoke coming from the left side of the hallway and
touched my dragon as Pedro’s came forward. Seeing the dragon, I
shot a beam at it’s yellow armor. Melting, the holes in the armor
showed it’s gray chest.

Pedro then moved his arms back to the front of
his chest. But before he could move his arms back to his side, my
dragon blew fire at him. Interrupted by my Dragon’s fire, Pikia
blew ice at him and he dodged it as the ice flew towards

Before the ice could hurt us, I hit it with a
firebeam. Smoke started rising up from the floor and up to the
sealing. The Guards started putting oxygen masks on all of us and
themselves. Pedro and I put an oxygen mask on the dragons’ heads.
At the time that my dragon finally stopped struggling against me, I
finally put the air mask over his head. And all of the guards,
Pedro and, everybody in the Dragons of light including me rushed
out to the outside of the Castle.

Finally getting outside, me, my dragon, Pedro,
all of the guards and the rest of the Dragons of light took off
each other’s oxygen masks. I took off the dragon’s oxygen mask off
of his head while one of the guards dressed in armor took off my
oxygen mask and we all ran to the left side of the Castle, went
through the hole in the left side of the basement.

Appearing in the basement of it, we looked
around the place and, Chaser and I found the door to the cabinet
under the stairs. Finding dynamite, we rushed up the stairs, lit
the dynamite, backed away a few feet and threw the dynamite at the

We covered our faces and put on our oxygen
masks as soon as the smoke appeared and noticed that when the smoke
cleared, a hole appeared in the ceiling above us. Taking each
other’s gas masks off again, including the dragon’s gas mask,
Pedro, Chaser, all of the guards, who were dressed in full armor
and all of the Dragons of Light including myself climbed through
the hole with our oxygen masks clipped to our pants.

Then once me, Pedro and everyone else climbed
onto the right side of the hole in the floor, I shot a beam of
light at the floor and made the hole in the floor bigger, because I
didn’t want to leave the dragon all alone where it could be harmed
without me knowing about it. The dragon then flew up through the
hole while flapping his wings gracefully. The dragon stopped
flapping his golden wings, and landed on the side across from our
side of the hole in the floor.

While looking around the room from the left
side of the big hole in the floor, Chaser and I had made, we found
a bed with Kodyack resting his head on a pillow with his eyes
closed as he tossed and turn. Feeling the right side of the room
for a switch, I bumped into something. The right side of my body
started to hurt I found a switch, flipped it and the light turned

Seeing a silver orb shining brightly, I saw
that the sliver’s orb’s light came from small holes, which were on
the outside of the room. The silver orb was being held up in the
air by a whole line of about five chain links that were attached to
each other; the fifth chain was attached to a metal hoop, which was
dangling from the top of the wall by a partial metal

Kodyack opened his eyes, put his right elbow on
his white pillow cover, rested his head slightly on top of his
right hand, started to yawn and asked us, while

“What are you doing in here?! Can’t you see I’m
trying to sleep in peace with no noise?! And what in the world
happened to my floor?!”

“We came into here through the
basement. Chaser and I lit dynamite sticks and threw them at the
can see that you’re sleeping, but before be we came in here; Chaser
and I blew a hole in the floor, so we could get back into the
Castle, Kodyack.” I explained.

“Okay. I was going to get a tougher floor
anyways.” Kodyack said, shrugging.

“Can Chaser and I help you fix the hole in your
floor?” I asked, looking down at the floor.

“Thanks for the offer. But the answer is no,
because I am supposed to have some carpenters come over to make a
tougher floor for me. And all of you can sleep in here for the

Once Pedro, Kodyack, all of the guards and my
dragon went to sleep, me and the rest of the Dragons of Light
headed out the door to Kodyack’s bedroom.

“I wonder how we’re going to get back to the
doors with the symbols of the Servants of Light on them.” I

“Why do we need to go back there, Slyer?”
Chaser asked as his forehead wrinkled.

“We need to go back there, because I’m pretty
sure that everyone is curious about what the other three doors lead
to. ” I said, pondering in my mind what the other three doors could
lead to.

“Well, I’m not curious about what those three
doors lead to. But I am curious about what Pedro did with Kevin.”
Chaser said.

“He probably locked him up in Jail again. But
why does it matter?”

“Because he has information on your

“You’re right. He does, but I can’t release him
again without getting caught by the guards.”

I saw a silver pedestal with a black orb carved
into it. I touched it. A milky white portal opened. We all walked
into it. We appeared back in the room with Kevin and the rest of
the prisoners in it again.

“Maybe I should beat you up,

“What for, Kevin?”

“Getting me locked up in here

“Will you now?”

“Yes, I’ll pound you and make you wish you were
never born!”

“Really? You know, I could just shoot you with
a power beam again.”

”Of course I do. But if you do that, I won’t
give you your Sister’s location.”

“Fine, What’d you want?”

“It’s very simple. You help me escape this
rotten place again and I’ll tell you where she’s

“Just touch that pedestal and we’ll be out of
here again.”

Kevin walked over to the silver pedestal and
touched the orb on top of it. Nothing happened.

“How come it didn’t work?” I said.

“Because only Cithians with powers can activate
pedestals, dummies.” Nester said.

Nester touched the orb. A light purple portal
appeared again. We all walked into it. We appeared in front of
Kodyack’s door. The doorknob looked it was jammed open.

I heard my dragon roar.





Chapter 13 the disturbing

I opened the door. Smoke was all over the room.
I shot a orb of light in the air. The smoke cleared. Shattered
glass was all over the floor. My dragon was trapped in a black

I shot a beam of light at the orb. I directed
it towards the forcefield and it crashed into it as it disappeared.
I looked around the room. Pedro and Kodyack were gone along with
the guards. We all jumped onto Kodyack’s bed.

My dragon looked at me.

“Master, I tried to stop them.” My dragon

“You can talk?” I said.

“Yes.” My dragon said.

“Can you tell me what happened?”

“Sure. Two figures in black cloaks with green
stripes on them appeared. They broke the window with an orb of
darkness. They crawled in through the window. They trapped me in
the black forcefield. They grabbed Pedro and Kodyack as they flung
them over their shoulders. A black portal appeared. They left a
note on top of the dresser. They walked into it. It disappeared as
smoke filled the room.” My dragon said.

Jaren leaned over, placing his hand on top of
the dresser. Jaren grabbed the note.


I have kidnapped Pedro and Kodyack.
To get them back you must fight me in Warrior Power Battle
Competition and win it all together. You do that, and I’ll release
them. I’ll see you at the fight.”
read. Jaren looked at me.

“The note is in my dad’s handwriting.” he

“Are you sure?” I said.

“Yes.” Jaren said.

“He must’ve been possessed then.” I

“You think?” Jaren said.

“It’s the only plausible explanation.” I
“Possessed? My dad’s been possessed?” Jaren said.

“Apparently so.” I said.

“Now, it all makes sense. One minute he’s all
nice and the next he’s all evil. A possession seems possible.”
Jaren said.

“Exactly. But, it’s probably a guardian or
someone that’s good friends with the guardians.” I said.

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