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When Cithians Attack (8 page)

BOOK: When Cithians Attack

“Why you say that?” Chaser said.

“Because the guardians would never let somebody
evil past them, It’d have to be one of them or a good guy.” I

“What about me? I thought I was going to get my
powers back from Pedro.”Kevin said.

“Kevin, you can’t get your powers back until we
rescue them.” I said.

“Fine. I’ll just go back to prison.” Kevin

Kevin made my hand touch the pedestal beside
the bed, in front of the dresser. It was painted tan with a blue
orb carved into it. A purple portal appeared again. Kevin jumped
into it as it disappeared. I looked at Parser.

“Parse, do you think we have a chance against
these guys?” I said.

“I don’t know. A Cithian is ten times stronger
when it’s possessed. So, we have as much a chance of doing that as
we do getting world peace.” Parser said.

“Basically, we don’t have a chance, do we?” I

“Nope.” Parser said.

A voice came over the intercom.

“All students report to the Hall of Sayis
Dragons.” It said. Nester touched the blue orb. A yellow portal
appeared as we all turned into white orbs. Our vision was blinded.
When we materialized, we were in the Hall of Sayis

Four tables were in front of us. Classes 2 and
4 were already sitting at their assigned tables. Behind the tables
was the Teachers’ Table. 6 people were sitting there with two empty
chairs in between them. One of them stood up.

He had a milky white face. His grassy green
eyes glowed. He was wearing a green cloak. He put his hood down.
Gray hair covered the top of his head.

“My name is Kaiser Jaymes. Last night, Pedro
and Kodyack were kidnapped. According to the camera footage, there
were two captors.” he said. I stood up.

“Did your camera see the note on Kodyack’s
dresser?” I said.

“No. The camera is above the bed. So we could
only see the bed. “ Kaiser said.

“Well, in that note it said that if I fight
against the main captor and win, they would release Kodyack and
Pedro.” I said.

“No. We cannot risk it.” Kaiser

Chaser stood up.

“But, Skyrid’s dad won so he does have a
chance.” he said.

“Not if he doesn’t have the same power mastery
training as his dad. We can’t risk Skyrid losing because, he’ll get
imprisoned. So, my solution is to train every student to fight in
this war.” Kaiser said. I stood there silent. Kaiser looked at the

“Now that everything is sorted out, let the
feast begin.” he said. Kaiser shot orbs of light at the tables.
They turned into food. There was steak, dragon meat, Phoenix meat
(which is not actually form a phoenix but it’s flamin’ spicy and
that’s why it’s called Phoenix meat) and sausage. Everybody filled
their plates.

I filled my plate with steak and sausage.
Someone tapped my shoulder. I turned around. He was sitting at
class 3’s table. His green eyes shimmered. His red cloak glowed.
His face was pasty white. His hair was dark brown.

“Did Pedro and Kodyack really get kidnapped?”
he said.

“Yes. Who are you?” I said.

“I’m Tucker Meyers.” he said.

“Who do you think did the kidnapping, Tucker?”
I said.

“One of the guardians and Furliceo Woolsley.”
Tucker said.

“Why’d you think that? The guardians are good
people.” I said.

“How else would they get past the guardians?”
Tucker said.

“I don’t know.” I said.

“Exactly. The captors are a guardian and
someone else.” Tucker said.

“I’m pretty sure it’s Jaren’s dad, Jakin
James.” I said.

“You better be! You can’t freakin’ accuse
people like that.” Tucker said.

“I’m not! The note was in his handwriting!” I
said. I turned back around. I ate all my food. Chaser nudged

“Hiya, Skyrid. I’m a Costa blood. My dad’s a
Cithian. And, my Mom is normal. What about you?” he

“What are the types of bloods?” I

“There’s a costa blood, which means that only
one of your parents is a Cithian. Then, there’s the other: a Rasta
Blood, which means both of your parents are Cithians.” Chaser

“Alright, I guess I’m a Rasta blood.” I said.
Tucker nudged me.

“I’m a Rasta blood too. What was your
malfunction like?” he said.

“White orbs went into my hands and beams of
light shot out of them. What about yours?” I said.

“If you must know, I frickin’ had a warrior
power possession.”

“That sucks. What was it like though?” I

“I heard voices telling me to do bad things
like to kill people. Then I rose into the air as beams of darkness
shot out of my hands. I fell down to the ground unconscious.”
Tucker said.

“Wow. That’s pretty bad. I didn’t think it was
going to be though.” I said. Kaiser stood up. We all looked at

“Now, I shall introduce your teachers. On my
left, we have: Jared Riker, your referee for Warrior power Battles,
and on my left is Kama Fraizer, The Weapons Master and Jamie
Jacobs, the teacher for the History of the Sayis. Finally, we have
myself. I am the Teacher for the training of the future Sayis’.” he
said. Kaiser sat down. Everyone else finished their plates. Kaiser
stood up again.

“Now that the feast is over, I would like the
Dragons of Light to follow Jamie and the Servants of the Sayis’ to
follow me.” We all stood up. The Servants of the Sayis’ went with
Kaiser and the Dragons of Light went with Jamie.


Jamie lead us out the double doors. A hall of
pedestals with orbs carved into them was shown to us. Jamie touched
one of them. It was painted sky blue with a golden orb carved into

We all turned into clear white orbs. Our vision
was in tunnels. A green portal appeared. We all were sucked into
it.When we materialized, we appeared in a room with a bunch of
desks in front of us and each one had a big book on it. In front of
the desks was Jamie’s desk. Beside it was a bronze pedestal with a
blue orb carved into it. We all took our seats.

Jamie stood up.

“Students, please turn your books to page five.
Skyrid, you will be our first reader.” she said.

We all flipped our books to page

“The Sayis’ were made during the
interdimensional war of 1885. They were made to put more structure
into the Cithian race and to right the wrongs done by Cithian
malfunctions.” I read.

“Caitlyn, you can read next.” Jamie

“The reason why this structure was
needed was because massive betrayals of people that were good
started happening. I’ll give you this example: Imagine ten people
that are good.

Nine out of ten people turned
Caitlyn put her head up.

“Karrithea, you read next.” Jamie

“It was a strange time back then.
The Warrior Council didn’t enforce the rules good enough. They
needed a person who can take powers away. The Sayis Council was
founded by Kasey Williams.

The Sayis Council is a group of 4
representatives for each side and one Hecticmaker. It is comprised
of Richard Markson the Hecticmaker, Vogler Brixen the Sedro Sayis
representative, Adagar Markson the Gator Sayis representative,
Viraces Woolsley the Light Sayis representative, \the Minotaur
Sayis representative, Kasey Williams the Darkness Sayis
representative, Trace Woolsley the Hydra Sayis representative,
Tovar row Simmons IV

the Cerberus Sayis representative,
and Blade Woolsley the Qysterio Sayis representative.”
Karrithea looked up.

“Parser, you may read now.” Jamie

“The second structural thing was the
Sayis’ themselves. There are two sides to the Sayis’. The Servants
of Light and the Warriors of Darkness. Elwoods Bolto was the first
Alien to become a Cithian. He is Sedro Sayis and the Leader of the
Servants of Light. The second Sayis is Gator Sayis, which used to
be Gadrid Markson but since he died in the war of Darkomega, Alex
Crop is the new Gator Sayis. Pedro Jerricus is Light Sayis. Bradley
Greenson is Minotaur Sayis.

The Warriors of Darkness’ leader is
Darkness Sayis, which is Furliceo Woolsley. Hydra Sayis is Gaze
Woolsley. Cerberus Sayis is Klade Woolsley. Qysterio Sayis is Blaze
Woolsley.” Parser read.

“And that’s the end of the lesson. Any
questions?” Jamie said.

“Yeah. What’s the Warrior Council?” I

“The Warrior Council is a group of 5
people who handle misdemeanor crimes. It is comprised of Crystal
Crop the head, Gaser Woolsley, Curlicea Woolsley, Elmer Books,
Baser Woolsley.” Jamie said.

“Why do you teach about the Sayis’?” I

“I teach about the Sayis in the hope that their
example will invoke strong enough messages to bring to pass more
Good Sayis’ in the near future. Class dismissed.” Jamie said.
Jamie’s classroom door opened. Kaiser stood in the

“It’s time for us to switch. I get the Dragons
of Light and you get the Servants of the Sayis.”

Kaiser lead us to a door with two swords in the
form of an x carved nicely into it, and turned around to the front
of us. As we all gathered around him, an orb appeared. Kaiser
grabbed the key out of it. He put it in the keyhole. Kaiser
positioned himself enough to where he was in front of the doorway
and marched us into his classroom.

Kaiser’s classroom didn’t have any desks with
books on them. But it did have a huge battlefield in the center of
the room. I started to get very excited. Kaiser turned around to
the front of us.Letters and packages moved in the air all over the
room. The mail didn’t have wings, but it did move by itself,
without anyone touching it. A few of the pieces of mail dropped
beside me. I bent over and picked them up.

One of them was from my parents and, the last
piece of mail I had gotten was a package from an anonymous sender.
Tearing the packing off the package, I found a dragon harness. The
letter taped to the package said this:

If you're
receiving this letter, it means I passed on to Kursta. Please, take
good care of Lance, my dragon, for me. The harness will aid you in
training with him.

"Wow, that dragon's Lance?"

I blinked at Chaser, surprised he recognized
the name. "You know him?"

"I know about him. He's famous."


"He's a legendary dragon from some mysterious

Kaiser looked at all of us.

“The first fight will be Jaren VS Skyrid.
Today, we will be learning how to turn into our warrior forms.” he
said. Jaren and I went onto the battlefield. Kaiser looked at

“To turn into your warrior form you must lift
your hand into the air and shoot either a beam of light or a beam
of Darkness into the air. The beam of light is for a light warrior.
The beam of darkness is for a dark warrior.”

I shot a beam of light into the air and Jaren
shot a beam of darkness into the air. Armor started to appear on us
piece by piece. Helmets started to form around our heads. Then
armor started forming around our shoulders, arms and, hands. The
armor then formed around our chests, legs, knees, and feet. Once
all of our armor had formed itself onto both of our bodies, we
looked down at our armor and found out my armor was color of the
sun while Jaren’s armor was the color of darkness.


“Now when I say five, I want you to shoot your
individual beams at each other. One, two, three, four and, five;
now shoot your power beams at your opponent.”

Lowering our power beams by moving our hands
down to the front of us, we shot our power beams at each other. The
power beams hit against each other in the center of the
battlefield, we both moved our hands back a few inches and two
individual orbs formed and shot themselves towards Jaren and I.
Before the orbs could come within a few inches of us, Kaiser shot
an orb made of light and dark towards the center of the
battlefield. The two individual orbs turned themselves around and
headed towards the orb made of light and dark, which was in the
center of the battlefield. When the two individual orbs hit the orb
in the center of the battlefield, all three of the orbs formed
together into one orb and then the orb started getting bigger; then
once it had gotten big enough it started to spread itself to try to
make itself bigger and, then the orb made itself

Then the orb disappeared from our sight. Chaser
then grabbed my shirt, pulled me to the front of the doorway, and
closed the door behind us as he pulled me out into the

“You never told me you could make an orb of
light, Slyer.” Chaser said.

“I didn’t think I could do it; which is why I
never told you I could. And it was just a malfunction.”I

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