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“It wasn’t just a malfunction, Skyrid! It’s not
a trick that many first years can do! There’s only one person in
the history of Gailems who could do it. And the only person who
could do it was Maser Jenkins, the founder of the Dragons of light.
Maser spent half of her first year trying to do it. Then one night,
she did it. But she drained a big amount of her energy, which was
what made her fall down on the ground. Not even your father, Alex
could do it until his third year in this school.”

“How in the world do you know all of this?” I
asked, while being puzzled at what Chaser had just said.

“My Father, Pedro Jerricus told me about them.
But, it doesn’t matter. The point of the matter here is Maser died
about a thousand years ago. Maybe you’re related to her somewhere
on your family tree, Slyer.”

“I don’t think so Chaser. It may be possible.
But it’s highly unlikely.”I said, while doubting what Chaser had
just said.

“No it’s not unlikely, Skyrid! You did a trick
which can only be done by Maser. No first year expect for her ever
made an orb of power, Slyer!” Chaser shouted.

“Yes, Chaser, it may be true that Maser was
once the only person who could ever make an orb of power in the
history of Gailems. But now there is one more name added to the
list of people who can make an orb of power and the name is Skyrid
Crop, son of Alex Crop.”I said, while being excited about being a
part of the History of Gailems one day. The door beside us then
swung open and Kaiser appeared.

“What are you doing out here? You’re supposed
to be in the classroom to do warrior training.”

“I was just having a private conversation with
Skyrid, Sir.”

“Well, Chaser Jerricus, you may think you and
Skyrid can just wander out of my class without me knowing about it.
But you can’t do what you just did. You can’t just walk out of my
class, without getting in trouble. After class you will stay with
me in my classroom and you, Skyrid and, I will have a nice long
talk about what you and Skyrid have done!”Kaiser shouted. Kaiser
then pulled us by the collar of our shirts and pulled us through
the doorway and into his classroom. When me, and Chaser, were
pulled into the classroom by Kaiser, Kaiser dropped us on the

“The next battle will be between…” Kaiser
paused for a moment.

Kaiser pointed his finger at

“You there; what’s your name?”

“You mean me? My name is Caitlyn

“You’re the Headmaster’s daughter. You will go
against…” Kaiser paused again

“You there in the blue shirt, what’s your name?

“My name is Parser Jerricus, sir.”

“This battle will be very interesting. The son
of Pedro Jerricus, Parser Jerricus will go against the Headmaster’s
daughter, Caitlyn Jerricus. I do not know which side they will
choose to be on. But, hopefully they will make a choice which might
make Kursta proud of them for their choice to make it at
all.”Kaiser said, while being eager to let the second battle

Parser and Caitlyn took their positions on the
battlefield. The Headmaster’s daughter was standing on the right
side of the battlefield. The son of Pedro Jerricus was standing
right across from the Headmaster’s daughter. Their right hands rose
up into the air, a yellow power beam shot out of each of the palms
of each of their hands. Their armor started to form around their
bodies. The armor started forming around their heads and it put
yellow helmets with blue lines all over them on their heads. Then
the armor formed around their shoulders.

The armor around their shoulders had the same
features as their helmets, but their shoulder armor also had the
color of the ocean on it. Armor then started to shape itself around
their elbows, arms and hands. The armor around their hands was the
color of the sun, the color of a red moon with little light blue
lines on them. Outlining itself around their chests, knees, legs
and feet, the armor was the color of the sun with the color of the
ocean blended into it.

“Stop the battle! Two warriors on the same side
can’t fight! It is against the rules of the Warrior Council. And I
for one do not want me or anyone else to get in trouble with

Parser and Caitlyn stopped their power beams by
putting their right hands on their sides.

“You in the sea blue cloak; what is your

“Do you mean me, sir? My name is Nester

“Aren’t you the kid who froze their enemy right
where they were standing?”Kaiser asked, fastening his

“I am. I froze him with some ice beams.”Nester
said, with glee in his eyes.

“Well, Nester, let’s see who your opponent

“You with the green grass cloak; I want to know
your name.”

“You’re talking to me, Mister Kaiser?
I’m…Chaser …Jerricus.”Chaser said, anxiously.

“You’re the third son of the Headmaster,
Chaser. Be proud of who you are and be thankful you even have a
Father, because some kids don’t even have a one to hang around
with, Chaser. This should be an exciting match. It will be brains
against skill in this warrior brawl. This will be a battle between
a first year and a third year. They are both in the same group.
But, let’s see if they are with each other or against each
other.”Kaiser said, with an eagerness to know how the battle would
go down.

The third son of the Headmaster rose his right
hand up into the air with the palm of his right hand facing the
ceiling and, then while draining his energy he shot a beam which
was the color of the sun into the air. The person with the cloak
which was the color of the ocean threw his right hand up into the
air in addition to bending his right hand back to make one fourth
of a circle. A beam which was the color of darkness shot out of the
palm of his right hand which was the hand he had been holding up
into the air above him for exactly six seconds now. Nester’s armor
started to form around his body and just before all of it could
form itself around his body, William lowered his hand down to the
front of him and, his power beam made itself head right towards
Nester’s side of the room. Nester lowered his hand to the front of
his chest and his power beam threw itself against Chaser’s power

The power beams waged war against each other.
Each of their power beams were hitting against each other and
pushing each other back and forth until the beam which was shot out
of the palm of the right hand which belonged to the third son of
the Headmaster pushed with all its might and, it finally pushed the
other power beam out of its way and it headed towards the person
with the cloak which was the color of the sea.

The power beam threw itself against Nester and
he was thrown back up against the wall. Falling down onto his knees
he rose up from his knees by bending over and putting his hands on
the ground, his left leg slowly moved itself to move his left knee
in front of his chest, pushed with his hands with all his strength,
and slowly started to move his right leg to the point that made him
looked like he was squatting while using his hands to balance
himself so he would not fall over onto his back.

Rising up from his squatting position until the
point that he was standing, he laughed, jumped into the air and
grew the orange wings of a phoenix. After the wings had grown out
of his back, a few of the quills from his orange wings untangled
themselves from his wings and threw themselves towards William’s
side of the field. Chaser shot a beam of light out of each of his
hands hit each other, which made a orb of light and the quills from
the phoenix wings shot themselves into it and then the orb
shattered and ashes were thrown all over the room.

We all scratched our heads until all the ashes
had fallen out of our hair. Nester then bent over and got into a
position which made him look like he was going to start crawling. I
screamed as his clothes ripped, and then his body started to make
itself sprout big pieces of hair on his body and around his head.
Then his hands turned into a set of feet with long sharp claws, his
back legs start growing claws, his head turned into a mane,
whiskers grew straight out of his face, his back grew into a coat
of hair and he started to look like a lion. We all screamed as
Nester roared loudly and ran right towards Chaser. Once he appeared
in the presence of Chaser, he flew into the air and jumped up into
the air, slashed his claws through Chaser’s face, and he made face
bones appear.

Chaser was then pushed towards the ground by
Nester’s paws. His head hit the ground and blood started to pour
blood of itself. We all feared what could happen next as I ran
towards him. I stood in front of Nester as I put my hands on
Chaser’s bony face. As soon as I touched his face, his skin started
reappearing until all of his bones had disappeared from my sight
and his chest started to rise as air came out of his

“You saved me, Skyrid. Thank you for not
leaving me to die.” Chaser said, while noticing I had just saved
him from a terrible fate.

“You are very welcome, my friend, Chaser. I
would never leave you to die and I hope you will do the same as I
just have done to you one day, Chaser. You’re not a friend I would
give up for anything and you’re more than that. You’re a true
friend. You and I became friends the minute we met each other and,
from that moment you have always defended me.” I said.

Skyrid, I only did those things to
show you I’m a good friend. Now you’re saying I’m a true friend too
are you?You always stick by me even though you don’t have to do it
all. I wish I too could give you thanks for all of things you have
done for me. I have no friends except for my family and you decided
to take a risk on becoming my friend.” Chaser said, crying tears of

I turned around and I said that I would not let
Nester harm anyone else. I shot a power beam up into the air. The
power beam was the color of the sun. My armor formed around me. I
shot one power beam out of each of my hands and a power orb started
to form. At first the orb was half of a globe, but, as I got
angrier it turned itself into a big globe like orb which was the
color of the sun. The orb threw itself towards Nester.

He obviously didn’t see it coming. The orb hit
him in the face, and he was tossed towards the back of the room. He
was up against the wall and he started to turn back into himself.
Kaiser made everyone leave the room as Nester’s head switched back
into his regular self. Nester had hair that was as brown as the
bark on a tree. His eyes were the color of grass. His shoulders
were as naked as a jaybird.

We all start to wonder if we were dreaming.
Nester turned into a creature that was half lion and half phoenix.
According to the book of many secrets, the creature was called a
Lionix. We all talked among ourselves. I talked to

“I can’t believe you defeated a Lionix, Slyer.
A Lionix was one of the most powerful creatures in

“They lived at one time, Chaser?” I asked,
while being befuddled at what Chaser had just said.

“Yes, Slyer, they did. They lived during the
age of the Lionix. There were no people on the planet Hiton during
the age of the Lionix. The Lionix was a pleasant species. They
lived gracefully among each other, until the night when asteroid
hit and turned it into an earth with volcanoes. The temperature of
the planet at the time was too hot for the creatures.

So one by one they died off and disappeared
from existence. No one on the planet has ever seen a Lionix until
now. Nester is the first person I have seen turn into a Lionix. It
is not something anyone can do. As my Father always said, the
powers choose the warrior.

And it has been that way ever since the first
Light Warrior and Dark warrior were created."

I don’t know what was taking Kaiser so long,
but at this moment he opened the door and let us all back into the
classroom. It was a good thing Nester was in clothes again because
I had never thought I would ever see someone turn into a

Kaiser told us Nester was going to be in big
trouble for what he had done to Chaser Jerricus. Nester had gotten
detention from Kaiser. After class had gotten over, everybody
except for Chaser, myself and Nester raced out of the classroom and
Kaiser made him sit down in his desk while he talked to Chaser and

I don’t know what was taking Kaiser so long,
but at this moment he opened the door and let us all back into the
classroom. It was a good thing Nester was in clothes again because
I had never thought I would ever see someone turn into a

Kaiser told us Nester was going to be in big
trouble for what he had done to Chaser Jerricus. Nester had gotten
detention from Kaiser. After class had gotten over, everybody
except for Nester, Chaser and myself raced out of the classroom and
Kaiser made us sit down in his desk while he talked to Chaser and

“It was very rude for you two to walk out of my
class. So as punishment, you’ll spend the next two hours in
detention with me. Now, sit down.”

Thoughts ran through my mind.
This is not my fault. It was Chaser who pulled me
out of the classroom. So he should be the only one getting punished
for this; not me and him.

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