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“I was. Super tired. I thought you said you didn’t do bondage.”

She swallowed. She’d never considered the idea before. It wasn’t as though she could argue his point.

“Suddenly I’m not so tired anymore.” Jaden sniffed the air. “I wouldn’t be able to sleep with your pussy leaking like that. It would be rude.”

Her nipples pebbled and rubbed against the cotton of her shirt as she wiggled beneath two intense gazes.

Liam grazed his fingers across her belly and around the edges of her breasts. “We did expect to sleep, Emma. Neither of us considered how aroused you might get if we restrained you. But…since you seem rather…needy…would you be in favor of exploring this avenue?” His gaze landed on hers, hot and serious.

If she said no, he would back off. There was no doubt.

“Why do you even have handcuffs?”

Jaden chuckled. His fingers danced around the edge of her sex, stroking her inner thigh. “We use them on each other sometimes.”

“Really?” Her eyes shot open wide. She licked her lips. She tried to avoid the images slamming through her brain like a movie reel. She couldn’t stop the imaginary freeze frames her mind conjured as though they were real. Liam on his knees facing the wall while Jaden cuffed him to the door and fucked him from behind. Jaden sprawled out in this very spot on his stomach, attached to the bedframe just as she was…

She shook her head.

Liam laughed now. “All we have to do is grab the rest of our ideas straight from your open mind as they spill out, and life will be very interesting.”

Emma squeezed her eyes shut. Damn them for delving into her thoughts. She seriously needed to be more careful.

Jaden’s voice sounded close to her ear. “Some shifters are just more open than others.” He nibbled her neck, letting his fingers graze the edge of her lower lips at the same time. “Now, about this bondage surprise, wanna play?”

She nodded. No way in hell could she sleep with them pawing her to death until she was about to come completely unassisted.

Jaden leaned back. He dragged his hand up and stroked the outside edge of her breast while Liam did the same on the other side.

Her breathing increased. Neither man moved another muscle, just those maddeningly gentle caresses that made her chest swell with need. Their gazes didn’t move from hers. She glanced back and forth between them, willing them to do something else. Anything else. Her nipples ached to be pinched, plucked, bitten even.

Her pussy grew wetter, moisture gathering between her legs and running down toward her ass.

Seconds passed, or minutes, or was it an hour? Time seemed slow. Or stalled.

Finally, she released a long breath and spoke. “Please. Oh God, please. Touch me.”

“Where, honey?” Jaden’s voice was gravelly. He wasn’t unaffected.

“My…nipples.” It made her even more aroused to state that out loud, and she bucked her hips into the air.

In silent agreement, Jaden and Liam pulled her shirt up, tapping her sides to get her cooperation lifting the material over her chest and then over her head. It remained balled around her forearms.

They both looked at her body, seeming to examine every square inch of her. Together they circled one finger around each nipple, spiraling until they reached the tip and then backing off until she moaned.

She tucked her chin and saw her beaded nipples, firmer than she’d ever felt, her breasts swollen and larger than usual. They did this to her.

“Here?” Liam asked as he smoothed one finger over her nipple. “Like this?”

She writhed toward him and then back the other way when Jaden did the same on his side.

“Oh God…” Her eyes rolled back. It didn’t matter. She couldn’t see anything anyway with the glaze over her vision.

Both men pinched and pulled at the same time, making her buck her chest at the sudden unexpected move.

How were they so in sync with each other? She imagined they must be communicating silently and she was too involved in her ridiculous state of urgency to hear them.

They continued to torture her nipples for long minutes until she realized they would go no further if she didn’t demand it. The thought made her flush. Asking for what she needed in bed had never been one of her strong suits. She’d usually just taken what she got and pretended to like it when the need arose.

That was then. These mates of hers were too in tune with her body to accept that. They would know everything about her. She’d never be able to fake anything again.

They were 100 percent aware of her throbbing clit and aching pussy. And they were intentionally pushing her to ask for the next step.

Emma licked her dry lips and opened her eyes. “Somebody please fuck me. My pussy…fill it.”

Jaden smiled. “Okay. Since you asked.” The devil.

Again in sync, they both stroked down her belly, through her curls, and across the edges of her pussy. They each pushed one finger inside her at the same time, and she had to hold her breath to avoid coming on the spot.

With their thumbs, they dragged her moisture up to her clit and pinched it between each one, rolling it back and forth as though both those thumbs were attached to the same man.

“More,” she croaked.

They separated. She didn’t know who did what with her head tipped back, but one man flicked her clit while the other one dove into her pussy with three fingers and pumped.

Emma’s orgasm slammed into her. She braced her ankles on the mattress and stiffened her body as she enjoyed the long line of pulses coming from her pussy, milking the fingers deep inside.

Before she could come down from the rush, she peered between tiny slits in her eyes to see Liam scramble between her legs. In less than the time it took to pull his fingers away from her pussy, he’d pressed his cock into her.

She moaned loud.

“Scream as loud as you want, baby. No one can hear you out here but us.” Liam’s words were clipped as he started a rhythm pumping into her and splaying her legs wider.

When he paused, her brow furrowed, and she watched Jaden climb behind Liam to kneel between his legs.

Thank God Emma was limber. Her thighs were as wide as possible to accommodate both men. She wondered how Jaden was going to be able to enter her ass from there until she saw the lube in his hand and watched him spread it on Liam’s rear.

Oh. How fucking hot is that?

When Jaden pushed into Liam’s ass, she reached a new high. This was even sexier than both men inside her. She felt connected on a new level. They knew what to do to make her want like never before too. Their movements in and out of her and each other were choreographed to perfection.

In moments she was on the edge again, knowing this next orgasm would be even harder than the last. With Liam’s huge cock in her pussy and Jaden staring into her eyes from above, she crashed over the edge. She screamed loud enough to startle herself. Liam and Jaden came right behind her, filling each respective orifice with their seed.

So intimate. So fucking sexy.

As they all three slowed their breathing and returned to earth, a deep tired overcame her. They’d worn her out. Completely. And she’d loved every second of it.

Chapter 10

Dawn filtered through the window on the east side of the cabin. Liam whipped eggs as quietly as possible. When he and Jaden had left the bed, they’d removed the handcuffs. Emma had curled up into a ball and gone back to sleep. She looked so peaceful.

Jaden rubbed the back of Liam’s neck, and he turned toward his partner for a long, firm kiss. The love in Jaden’s eyes was almost enough to make up for the fact that Liam knew the man would have trouble saying the words out loud. He’d never wanted to pressure Jaden, but soon. Soon they would have to be spoken out loud. And what if Jaden couldn’t reciprocate?

Liam had to bite his lip to keep his emotions in check as Jaden turned around to pluck the toast out of the toaster.

Emma squirmed when the coffee percolated. She lifted one eye open. “Coffee…mmm.” Her smile lit the room. “Oh, bless you guys.” She leaned up on one elbow, ignoring the exposed breasts Liam had the privilege of ogling.

“At your service, ma’am,” Jaden teased.

Liam almost dropped the bowl he was holding when Emma stood and stretched her arms high over her head, leaning both ways to work out the kinks. She winked at both men and turned toward the bathroom. “Now who’s aroused? Be careful, boys. I can play dirty. Don’t think I’m going to forget the handcuffs any time soon.”

Liam gulped as she disappeared behind the door and shut it behind her. Had she actually swayed her ass as she walked? Intentionally?

He was in so much trouble.

It wasn’t until she came back out, still stark naked, that he realized he hadn’t moved an inch. The bowl of scrambled eggs still rested in his palm, his other hand gripping the fork as though it might escape otherwise.

“Are those eggs going to cook themselves?” Emma was so pleased with herself she smirked.

She reached around Liam to grab a cup and pour some coffee, letting her nipple brush his bare arm. When she took the bowl out of his hand and poured the contents in the hot pan behind him, he groaned.

“A T-shirt?” Liam asked.

“Why? I thought you said you liked me naked.”

Oh, the payback was definitely a bitch. This cocky Emma was very different from the timid one who’d covered her chest with her arms just yesterday morning. Had that been only yesterday?

Her ass drew his gaze as she turned back to the eggs, stirring them leisurely as though nothing was amiss. “What time did you want to go into town? Am I to ride naked in the back seat cuffed to the door handle?”

The brat. Liam grabbed her hips and pressed his cock into the crack of her ass.

The imp bucked into him, nudging him away from her. “Baby,” she drawled, “I’m so hungry. Can it wait?” She batted her eyelashes at him and then kissed the air toward Jaden, who stood nearby not moving a muscle.

Liam turned his gaze toward Jaden’s cock and found his boxers as tented as Liam’s.

Jaden stepped forward. “You do realize Liam and I have been together for years, right?”

“Uh-huh.” She hesitated only a pause, almost unnoticeable.

“Do you think two men who travel to the woods for three months with a pair of handcuffs don’t have any other tricks up their sleeves?”

Now she froze, her stirring stopping mid stroke. “You wouldn’t dare,” she growled in Jaden’s general direction.

“Dare what, honey? I haven’t said a word.” Jaden took control, grabbing the spatula and finishing the eggs.

As they all sat down to eat, Emma still naked but her shoulders not quite as drawn back, she struggled with Jaden’s threat. Her ass wiggled on the seat. Her gaze lowered to her plate. Jaden had deflated her game just a bit.

Liam cleared his throat. “If you want to ride in the back seat naked, that’s fine, but we were going to let you wear a shirt. Your choice on that one. The handcuffs are still up in the air.” He turned to Jaden. “Did we bring the entire toy bag, Jade?”




“Plenty of batteries?”

“Yep.” Jaden’s grin was priceless.

And Emma’s arousal spiked to match the men’s.

Table turned. Job well done

* * * *

Emma stared out the window of Jaden’s four-door sedan, hoping more than ever not to be noticed before the men returned from the SuperMart with bags of clothes, toiletries, and everything else on her list of heart’s desires, as Liam had called it.

She’d been reasonable. After all, what did she really need out in the wild? And since she wasn’t planning to stay long, there was no reason to buy things she couldn’t take with her. But she’d nearly moaned at the idea of some feminine shampoo and deodorant, her own razor, a toothbrush.

They’d left the car locked and running. It was too hot outside to leave her in the vehicle sweltering, even though she was mostly naked.

A rap at the window made her jump in her seat. She looked up to find Liam grinning down at her.

She popped the locks, and Liam climbed into the front passenger side while Jaden opened the trunk. She’d insisted on slinking down in the back seat for the trip, hoping no one would see her, not just because she was sparsely clothed but also because she was extremely cautious.

Liam handed her several bags.

“Lord, what all did you buy?”

“Your list,” he insisted, “and maybe a few extras we found as we wandered the aisles.”

She peered into each bag, nearly moaning at the pile of shorts and shirts. She’d never been so glad to see clothes. She’d also never had an entire wardrobe purchased by men armed with nothing other than her sizes written on a piece of paper. How bad could it be? She wasn’t in a fashion show any time soon. No one but Liam and Jaden would see her at the cabin. So what if the styles they picked might not have been her first choices?

But, they’d done well on first glance. Jean shorts, tank tops, even camisoles with their own built-in shelf bras. Perfect.

She almost cried when she spotted tampons and minipads. Her eyes filled with tears as she turned to Liam.

“We thought you might need a few feminine products at some point. Weren’t sure what you liked, so we got a variety.” Liam blushed. It would have been cute or even comical if he weren’t so serious and considerate.

Jaden joined them in the driver’s seat. “So glum in here.”

“You guys are so thoughtful. Thank you,” she muttered. When she looked back at the bag, she flinched. “Shit.” She lifted her gaze. “We haven’t been using protection.” What was the matter with her? She’d never been so stupid.

Liam furrowed his brow in confusion. “You aren’t fertile right now. We can scent that, baby.”

“Oh.” What else did she not know about wolves? “I guess if you move in with humans at age eight, you miss a few wolf details along the way,” she muttered.

She wanted to dress immediately. It had been so long since she’d worn clothes. Almost a month now. Dragging a pair of shorts out of the bag and then a camisole, she dug farther and then looked up. “Panties? Bras?”

Her men grinned. “What for?”

BOOK: Wolf Trinity
4.97Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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