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“How’s your leg?” Jaden pushed the sheet aside and stroked his hand down her thigh, reaching for her ankle. He picked it up without looking her in the eye and turned it back and forth to examine it.

Emma held her breath, watching as his strong hand held her shin, his fingers grazing her skin and raising goose bumps. She could hardly remember why he might find her foot interesting right then.

“It looks good.” Jaden released her leg and let his hand drag back up her now bare skin until he settled his palm on her thigh.

She watched his movement, mesmerized as though in a trance. Any thoughts she’d ever had of escaping this mating were long gone. There was no avoiding it now. She couldn’t stop this from happening even if an earthquake shook the cabin at that precise moment.

Liam took her chin in his hand and lifted her face from the spot she had focused on where Jaden gripped her thigh. When her gaze met Liam’s, she inhaled sharply. His eyes were clouded over with the same lust she felt. “We need you, baby. We can’t go another night without claiming you. We wanted to wait until your ankle felt better, but it’s quite healed now, isn’t it?”

She nodded, even though a part of her wanted to shout “no”. There was no going back from this. She would be theirs in every way imaginable after they had sex. Would she still be able to leave? It was a chance she would have to take. It wasn’t even a choice anymore.

After several days of living in the same small space, Emma noticed the scents of all three of them had woven themselves together in a way that filled the cabin with a new, united scent. If anyone walked in the door at that moment, they might even mistakenly believe they had already mated just from the juxtaposition of pheromones alone.

It seemed as though their souls had already mingled in an unbreakable connection. Sealing their fate was now only a formality.

Liam’s hand landed on Emma’s other thigh, and both men leaned in closer to her until all three of them bumped foreheads in a close-knit triangle, breathing the same air, heaving together in unison.

She was only minutely surprised when Liam and Jaden turned to each other and kissed just inches from her own lips. She watched them closely, licking her lips again as their kiss heated. When their tongues reached out and tangled together, their mouths open and pleading for more, she stiffened.

For a fraction of a second she wondered if what she was witnessing so closely made her uncomfortable. Was it simply unexpected? Did it bother her for her two men to engage in such an intimate melding of tongues and lips because it was unconventional? No, the reality hit her in the face. She was jealous. She wanted to be a part of their joining, not a witness.

Grasping both men’s arms, she used the leverage to pull herself into the mixture. She flicked her tongue over the spot where her mates’ lips met.

Was she interrupting something personal? She knew better, but still she hesitated just a fraction at what their reaction would be. They wanted her, and she them. Of that there was no doubt. In fact, they’d just verbalized their intentions moments ago.

Liam moaned, or maybe it was Jaden. Hell, probably both. But Liam was the first to turn toward her, and he took her mouth in a kiss that would have knocked her socks off if she’d had any on. His lips held an urgency, his tongue delving into her mouth to stroke against hers. He tipped his face to one side and dueled with her until she leaned back an inch to gasp for breath.

Liam didn’t just kiss her senseless; he sucked her life force out into the evening air. “You taste like heaven, Emma. I could kiss you all night.” He turned to Jaden. “Taste her, Jade.”

Jaden smiled as he zoned in on her swollen lips. He grasped her chin with one hand and gently covered her mouth with his. This kiss was slower, though not less intense. Jaden moved at a more relaxed pace than Liam, in life and apparently in kissing too.

They kissed nothing alike, but they both tasted of passion and desire…and home.

When Jaden broke free, he was breathing hard. She watched his glazed eyes as he pulled back. His voice was raspy. “I need to see you.”

Both men still had a hand on her thighs. As though in silent agreement, they stroked her with their fingers, making her squirm beneath their touch. God, she was such an easy target. She’d never in her life been this aroused this fast. Hell, who was she kidding? She’d never in her life been this aroused period.

Liam stood next to the bed and pulled his shirt over his head. Jaden did the same on the other side. When both men popped the buttons on their jeans and lowered their zippers, she couldn’t focus. Her head whipped back and forth, afraid she was missing something on the other side of her each time she switched her glance.

Two phenomenal cocks popped out as jeans were lowered and tossed away.

Both were huge. Liam’s darker skin extended beyond biceps and forearms. His entire body was tanned. Did he sunbathe nude? His bronzed dick jutted out from his body as though it had its own sense of aim and wanted to direct itself toward her.

Jaden was fairer than Liam. His cock was no less impressive, buried under the blond curls that matched those on its owner’s head. The tip dripped with precum, and Emma longed to have both men inside her.

Jaden moved first. He knelt before her and pulled the T-shirt she still wore over her head. His gaze trailed languidly down her body until she felt self-conscious. She was too skinny. She’d always been too small, but now she was even more so after running for days on end without enough fuel. She crossed her arms over her chest to hide her nipples.

“You’re a beautiful woman, Emma. Don’t cover yourself. We want to see you.” Jaden pulled her hands down and then pressed her shoulders until she lay back against the mattress.

He kept his gaze on hers as his fingers trailed down her cheek, her neck, and across her collarbone. If he’d been the only man in the room, she’d have had trouble concentrating, but her brain was completely scrambled when another hand, belonging to Liam, stroked her belly.

“So soft,” Liam murmured. “Smooth.”

She glanced down at what the men were doing when both hands wandered toward her breasts. They each stroked the underside and then swirled their fingers in circles around the small globes that had flattened to almost nothing in this position on her back.

Would they find her tiny frame attractive? How could they?

“Perfect,” Jaden whispered. “I love how your nipples harden when I circle them. They are calling for my attention.” He let one finger graze over the tip, and she bucked.

“So responsive.” Liam did the same to the other nipple, and she moaned, gripping the sheet on both sides of her body with her fists.

“Too small,” she managed to squeak.

“Nah.” Liam tweaked the nipple on his side, making her squirm beneath his touch. “All that matters is that you react so passionately when we stroke them.” He cupped her breast. “Perfect, Emma. You are so gorgeous. Size is just a number.”

He made her feel like a princess. When she looked at his face, she knew he was serious. Through his eyes, she was wonderful. She relaxed under his ministrations, all worries about her small stature out the window beneath his look of awe.

Jaden leaned in to suck her nipple into his mouth, flicking his tongue over the distended tip until she gasped.

Liam wiggled his way down the bed and pushed her legs apart. “Spread farther for me, Emma. I want to see your sweet pussy.”

She shook as she did as he commanded. His palms landed on her thighs and pressed her open farther anyway, and when Jaden lifted up out of her line of sight, she saw Liam examining her most private parts. She squirmed again, straining to press her knees together while her face flushed under his perusal.

“So sexy.” Liam’s words came out on a breath that wafted over her sex and made her flinch. “Your pussy is so wet already even without either of us touching you.” He blew a breath against her, intentionally making her wetter.

Jaden circled her nipples leisurely with one finger, seeming to stay out of her line of sight so she could see Liam’s face as he lowered his mouth to her pussy.

She squeezed her fists tighter when his tongue stroked through her lower lips and up across her clit.

She was so sensitive. Every nerve was demanding more contact. All of her body’s blood supply had relocated to her pussy. Well, not quite all.

She bucked her chest again when Jaden pinched a nipple. “That’s it, honey, just relax.”

Was he kidding? Who could relax with two men fondling her so intimately?

She’d had sex before with occasional men, but no one had ever gotten her this aroused in this short amount of time without even penetrating her. To be honest, no man had ever gotten her this aroused even inside her body.

Jaden switched from one nipple to the other, alternating between grazing his fingertips over the distended tips and pinching them until she writhed under his touch.

She grabbed his forearm and squeezed his muscles until she was sure she must be leaving marks from her nails on his arm. She couldn’t help it.

“So sexy, Emma.” Jaden watched her face as he spoke, his words somehow demanding she make eye contact with him.

When Liam pushed two fingers into her sex, she moaned. Her eyes glazed over, and she let her head roll to one side, breaking the almost unbearable eye contact with Jaden. His gaze had seemed to reach into her soul.

Liam stroked inside her while he licked across her clit.

“Come for us, Emma. Let me watch you come,” Jaden demanded.

As though that were her cue, Emma did as he said. A powerful orgasm ripped through her body, making her pussy grip Liam’s fingers in a pulsing rhythm while her entire frame convulsed under his relentless stroking.

When the tremors finally subsided, she relaxed her legs in their open position, somehow feeling less modest than moments ago.

Liam gentled his strokes until he sensed the exact moment she needed him to stop. “You are so fucking hot.” He climbed up her body and took her mouth in a heated kiss, his frame nestled between her legs, his cock resting at her entrance.

Emma moaned around his lips. He tasted of her, salty and surprisingly somewhat sweet. She wanted more. She needed him inside her. Even though she’d just come, she wanted his cock to press forward and stretch her pussy. The work of his fingers hadn’t been enough.

He didn’t move though, as though he were in no particular hurry to appease her.

Her body was limp, but she finally regained the use of her hands and reached around with one to grasp Liam’s firm butt cheek. With her other hand, she grabbed at Jaden and found his thigh.

While Liam continued his assault on her mouth, her fingers worked their way up to Jaden’s cock, and she wrapped her palm around his length.

Jaden moaned and leaned into her touch. At his tone, Liam broke the kiss and glanced toward Jaden. “That’s right, baby. Stroke his cock.” His voice was breathy, and he watched the spot he spoke of while he talked.

When he leaned over and licked the tip of Jaden’s dick, she should have been surprised, but it seemed so natural.

Jaden brushed her hair from her face as he crawled closer to her head on his knees. “Do you like that, honey? Do you like to watch Liam suck me?” His words died when Liam did just that and sucked Jaden’s length into his mouth.

Emma didn’t release her grip but smoothed her palm down Jaden’s shaft to allow room to share the cock with Liam.

It was so sensual the way they all three shared, as though they’d done it all their lives…as though it were fated.

When Jaden leaned even closer toward her, Emma was forced to release her grip. He pressed his cock out, and she lifted her head to lick the shaft below Liam’s mouth.

Liam released Jaden with a pop. “Give me another pillow, Jade.” He quickly stuffed the second pillow under Emma’s head, lifting her enough that she could lick Jaden’s shaft in tandem with Liam.

Jaden groaned loud enough to shake the cabin as the two of them worked his cock with their lips and tongues.

As though unable to hold himself up by his knees any longer, Jaden leaned over Emma’s head and let his hands hold him up on the other side of her body. His delicious cock bobbed in front of her mouth. She stroked the length of it from the bottom to the tip with her tongue while Liam did the same on the other side, his head nestled against Jaden’s tight stomach.

Liam’s own cock burned a hole in her thigh where he lay between her legs.

She wanted him inside her. She wanted both men inside her at once. And she instinctively knew it was necessary for their mating.

“Please,” she managed to utter between licks. “Liam, I need you.”

“Not yet, baby. Not yet.” His voice was rough with his own desire. Why was he waiting? He ground his cock into her mound, but didn’t let the tip fall low enough to press inside her.

Suddenly both men pulled back. Her mouth was wet from their kisses. She licked her lips and tasted Jaden’s cum. She wasn’t finished.

Before she could even think, Jaden flopped down on his back next to her, and Liam lifted her over his body, settling her on all fours over Jaden’s chest. She glanced down to see her nipples hanging between them, the tips raw from so much stroking, but still angling to press against the light sprinkling of brown hair on Jaden’s pecs. Lower still she looked until she saw Jaden’s fine cock jutting upward near the entrance to her pussy.

She lowered herself toward him, her body demanding he enter her.

Jaden gripped her waist and held her steady. “Hold on, little nymph. Slow down.”

She lifted her gaze to his grinning face. “What are we waiting for? I’m so fucking horny.”

He chuckled. “We have to take you together, Emma. It’s the only way for the claiming to be complete.”

“Isn’t that what we were about to do?” She narrowed her gaze, not getting his meaning. She’d had one of them in her mouth and the other resting at her pussy just moments ago. Why the switch?

Jaden sobered, and he stroked her cheek with one hand. “Not by mouth, hon.”

As he spoke, Emma stiffened. Liam smoothed his palms down her back and stroked her butt cheeks. He kneaded them and pulled them apart as it dawned on her what Jaden was trying to say.

BOOK: Wolf Trinity
4.95Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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