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Chapter 7

Emma let the water sluice down her body, leaning her forehead against the tile wall. Every nerve in her body was screaming for release. Her nipples were tight, and her breasts felt heavy. Liam’s kiss had melted her resolve. During breakfast she’d desperately tried to concentrate on anything other than sex. But eating naked with two sexy men’s chests in your line of vision didn’t help matters.

When she’d slunk from the room to the marginal solitude of the bath, she’d hoped for a reprieve. That wasn’t how it worked though.

Apparently now that they were mated, the urge to keep up the frantic pace was worse, not better. The entire bathroom smelled like Liam and Jaden. Even the water falling on her face didn’t mask their scents. She reached between her legs to touch herself. Her pussy was sore from last night, but not enough to keep her from getting off. She needed release any way she could get it.

The moment she flicked her middle finger over her clit, she froze. She stood upright and twisted around to face the room. She had the sense she wasn’t alone. Something was…off. No one was in there with her though. Nevertheless, her arousal skyrocketed. Not from the normal, everyday touching of her clit either.

Her breathing increased. Her legs grew weak. She had to grip the door of the shower to hold herself up while a ball of need grew in the bottom of her stomach. What the hell?

Staggering under the weight of overwhelming desire, she stepped from the shower and opened the door of the bathroom. She gave no thought to the fact that she was naked and dripping wet. All she knew was the cabin was filled with sex, and she wasn’t involved in it.

Gripping the doorframe, Emma now knew why. Less than a foot from her was a scene she’d never imagined witnessing. Her pussy clenched around nothing as both men turned their faces her way.

Jaden knelt on the floor with Liam’s cock buried in his mouth. Both men had been moaning. She knew it with all certainty. In fact, their moans had been what penetrated her brain. Didn’t matter whether the sound had been real or in her head. She’d heard them all the same.

“You left me out,” she murmured.

Jaden released Liam’s cock and gripped it with his free hand. His other hand was currently wrapped around his own dick. “We didn’t want to hurt you. You must be sore.”

She shook her head.
“Never sore enough to not have sex.”

As though a magnet connected them, or a tight rubber band, she was lured forward. She kept her gaze on Liam’s cock. “Do you think you could share?” She’d never been part of a threesome before last night. Nor had she had any experience with gay men. Of course, Liam and Jaden weren’t gay. They were with her too.

Still, as she knelt alongside Jaden, she couldn’t help the shiver that traveled down her body. She was still dripping wet from the shower, but that wasn’t what gave her a chill. It was the sight of Jaden’s mouth wrapped around Liam’s girth. So erotic. So fucking sexy. She actually felt jealous of the times she hadn’t been with them when they’d obviously had sex without her over the years.

Had they felt her absence, or were they fine without her? It hurt to consider, but it also made her decision to leave easier. They would still have each other, and clearly the sex between them was electrifying, even in her absence. Although they had claimed her just last night…

Jaden released Liam’s length with a small pop. “There is plenty for both of us.”

If she took Liam into her mouth, would their bond grow stronger? She knew it would for her. Would it make it that much harder for the men when she left them? Perhaps the fewer memories she created between the three of them, the easier it would be for them to go on with life after she was gone.

On the flip side, she was drawn toward Liam’s dick as though it were her favorite ice cream cone. She needed to taste him, feel his velvety skin inside her mouth. Savor him to store in her memory for the rest of her life.

She leaned forward and licked his length from the bottom to the tip. Jaden’s mouth was inches from hers, and he kissed her cheek as close to her lips as he could while she explored. His hand lay on her lower back, the pressure reassuring and encouraging at the same time.

“Mmm.” The soft noise escaped her mouth. She tasted Jaden’s essence on Liam, mixed with the salty cum that had leaked out of the tip.

As she sucked the length into her mouth as far as she could, Jaden moved behind her. He grabbed her hips with both hands and nudged her knees wide with his thighs. She tried to concentrate on his actions, wondering what he was planning, but most of her thoughts rested on the fine cock she sucked in and out of her mouth.

Liam moaned. “God, baby. Your mouth feels like heaven.” He wrapped one hand around the base of his dick, keeping her from sucking in more than he wanted. Was he trying to avoid coming too fast? Or was he just thinking of her and not forcing her to take him deep throat?

Emma stroked Liam’s width with her tongue and then sucked firmly on the next pass. When she reached the tip, she lingered there, sensing Liam needed a moment. He held her shoulder away from his body several inches and moaned.

Jaden wrapped one arm around her waist, his fingers reaching so far she was completely encompassed against him. His cock rested against her ass, and he rubbed her with the slightest friction, perhaps even subconsciously. He tucked his free hand between her body and Liam’s and stroked a line through her lower lips.

She writhed against him, moaning onto Liam’s cock. But Jaden held her steady and began an assault on her pussy she couldn’t prevent without releasing Liam. She tried to bat Jaden’s hand away so she could concentrate.

Through her mind she heard Jaden say,
“Liam, help me out here.”

Suddenly both her wrists were encircled by Liam’s palms. He lifted them slightly and pressed her hands into the wall at his sides.

She had to lean forward and find a new balance. Liam’s cock was forced deeper into her throat, and Jaden held her tighter, stroking her pussy and circling her clit until she squirmed against his maddening hands. If he would just touch her clit…

Jaden chuckled against her ear and nibbled around her neck. “I can hear your thoughts, honey. Loud and clear. It’s too hard to block when you are this aroused.”

Fuck. What was I thinking?

“You were thinking how badly you needed me to do this…” Jaden flicked a finger over her nub.

She bucked against him, but he was ready and squeezed her middle, his cock fully engaged between her butt cheeks.

When he didn’t return to her clit, but resumed stroking between her pussy lips, she groaned.

“Jade, I’m gonna come…”
Liam’s thoughts were breathy as though spoken out loud.
“Her noises vibrate my cock and scramble my brain.”

“And this would be a bad thing?” Jaden muttered.

She had no idea if Liam heard Jaden’s small voice whispered into her ear. But it didn’t matter because, seconds later, the thought was gone. Jaden pinched her throbbing clit between two fingers and pulled outward. The pressure was intense. He used the perfect combination to push her over the edge.

As her orgasm washed over her, she sucked Liam deep into her mouth, her cheeks hollowing with a rhythm that matched the pulsing of her pussy.

“Come, Liam,” Jaden commanded just when her body began to relax.

Liam stiffened and held still.

Jaden held Emma’s hair back from her face and kissed her ear, rimming the edge with his tongue. “Swallow Liam, honey.”

At Jaden’s demanding voice, Liam’s orgasm washed over him. Emma could feel his entire body engaging in the act. His cock pulsed his essence into her mouth, and she swallowed as fast as he released his cum.

Her body warmed thinking about the noises Liam made, the way he seemed to have banged his head against the wall, the way his hands released hers and gripped her shoulders to both hold her back and pull her forward at the same time, as though he couldn’t quite decide which idea was better.

When Liam was spent, Jaden released her clit. He circled it with one damp finger again. “That was so fucking sexy, Emma. I’m never going to forget this as long as I live.”

Great. Just what she’d hoped to avoid—another memory to leave them with. Another hole she couldn’t fill again after she left them. If she’d had a moment to think, she might have cried right then at the damage she knew she was doing to them just by staying another minute.

She knew with all certainty how badly she was going to hurt them because that pain already wrapped itself around her heart and squeezed so hard she couldn’t breathe.

But Jaden didn’t give her time to ponder all this in great length. He knocked the wind out of her when he lifted her off the ground and carried her to the bed. He lay back and settled her along his side.

Liam followed right behind them. He climbed on the bed and shoved Jaden’s legs apart as he settled between them. Immediately he took Jaden’s bobbing cock into his mouth.

It took a few seconds for Emma to get her bearings. When she did, she knew she wanted to be the one to suck that girth, not Liam. Liam could do it any time. Emma’s days were numbered. She wanted this experience, both for herself and for Jaden.

She ran a hand through Liam’s hair and pulled his head back. “I believe that’s mine.”

Liam lifted an eyebrow and smiled up at her as Jaden’s length popped out of his mouth. “You didn’t get enough?”

She shook her head and released his gaze to stare at Jaden’s. Keeping that eye contact, she lowered herself along his side and licked the length of his cock. Liam’s head brushed against her as she bumped him out of the way.

She shivered as she lowered her mouth over Jaden, and Liam ran a hand down her spine. He left his palm resting over her ass, caressing first one globe and then the other. Her concentration was divided. She’d just come hard against Jaden’s hand. And, after last night, she’d lost count of orgasms. No way could she come again. And yet her body heated as Liam squeezed her cheeks, separating them with each grip of his palm.

Emma moaned around Jaden’s thickness. His hands landed on her head, his fingers burrowing into her wet hair that still dripped onto his thighs. She’d completely forgotten about the interrupted shower, the lack of a towel, the way she’d stepped from the bathroom several minutes ago as though under a spell.

Jaden tasted of Liam. The flavor was heady because Liam’s mouth had been there before hers, and Jaden’s precum leaked from the tip to tease her taste buds.

Liam lifted her body as though she were a doll and settled her straddling Jaden’s legs, never breaking her contact with his cock. Liam didn’t move from behind her though, and she felt very vulnerable with her legs spread wide and her ass in the air.

While she continued her exploration of Jaden, learning his texture and firmness, Liam stroked her spread legs with both hands, a gentle motion up and down her ass and over her thighs. Each time he got closer and closer to her center until, finally, he held her open with his thumbs.

She squirmed. His grip was tight, and he didn’t reach inside her. He just held her open. It was somehow so much worse than if he’d just pushed his fingers inside her. The intimacy was bombarding her senses.
“Oh, God. I’m gonna come. Please…”
she begged to the room at large through their connection.

Liam leaned over her. His lips landed on her back, her neck, her ear. “What do you need, baby?”

He didn’t move his hands. His thumbs held her pussy wide. She could feel the wetness collecting and threatening to drip from inside her.

“Fuck me, Liam. Please…”

Jaden gripped her head, making her realize she held his cock too tight in her mouth. She needed…so badly.

Against her ear, Liam whispered, “Not gonna happen. You have to be sore from last night. But I’ll make you feel good, baby.” He plunged two fingers into her wetness, driving her forward and dislodging her from Jaden’s length.

When Liam pulled her back toward him, she wrapped her fingers around Jaden and licked the tip like a lollypop. She knew he was close by his grip on her head. A glance at his face showed his jaw tight and firm, his eyes closed. She smiled as she watched his expression and sucked faster.

The rhythm Liam had inside her tightened the knot in her belly. He was relentless, clasping her hip with one hand and fucking her in short thrusts with his other.

“I’m gonna come…”
Jaden spoke into their heads.

Liam waited for the moment Jaden began to pulse into Emma’s mouth. She knew he was well aware of every emotion they both felt. Seconds after she began to swallow Jaden’s cum, Liam stroked her clit, sending her over the edge. Thank God he held her up, or she would have collapsed at the onslaught of sensations.

As soon as they were both spent, she did collapse, slithering down onto Jaden’s thighs, her tongue still reaching out to lick his partial erection.

Liam flopped down to one side of Jaden, heaving for breath as though he’d also been the one to come. “That was so fucking beautiful.”

Chapter 8

An hour later, Jaden opened the door to the cabin, and a waft of hot air battered his face. “It’s gonna be a hot one today.”

He glanced back at Liam and Emma. They’d all three showered again and filled two packs for the day’s work.

Emma stood naked and fidgety, her glorious body flushed with pink. When would she stop being embarrassed around them? After all, both he and Liam were naked too.

“Ready?” he asked. He adjusted his backpack and stepped out onto the porch with his mates on his heels.

When the door snicked closed behind him, he lowered himself and shifted into wolf form.

It only took a few seconds, and then he looked back in time to watch Emma and Liam shift also. Emma was smaller than the two men. Her fur was brown and wavy. She looked like chocolate next to the almost-white blond of Liam’s fur.

Jaden had perfected the art of putting his pack on before shifting so that everything he needed when he arrived at the site where they were working would be easily attached to his back. He stepped forward and nosed Liam’s bag, helping get it centered on his back so they could take off.

BOOK: Wolf Trinity
5.8Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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