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Baby, what’s wrong? Am I hurting you?” I shook my head. I didn’t want to talk or think at that moment. I just wanted to enjoy myself with him, to embrace what we had and not worry. I pulled his face down to mine, kissing him hungrily. We kissed each other for what seemed like hours, with him motionless inside me and my legs wrapped around him. He unwillingly pulled his lips from mine to take a breath.

I moved my lips to his ear and whispered, “Don’t hold back with me Damien. I want to feel all of you.”

He turned my head to look at me and sighed, “Catalina, I’m holding back for a reason. I don’t want to hurt you. I want to make sure you get use to my size first.”

“I’m fine. I can handle it. Please, Damien.”

“You’re making it harder for me to hold back when you say my name like that,” he groaned.

“Then don’t.” With one last sigh of resolve he pushed into me deeper wi
th a slow pace at first. I pushed my pelvis up to meet him thrust for thrust. Everywhere his hands touched made my skin tingled. He lifted his upper body slightly from mine, making me loosen my leg grip around him. His hands squeezed my breast and slid down to my stomach to end at my clit. His thumb made small circles over it, increasing my inner sensations.

“Damien, I’m going to cum!”

“I know baby.” He started moving faster inside me. The increased movement pushed me over the edge.

He pulled me closer to him, wrapping his arms tightly around me. I could feel his body getting tense and his breathing became shallow. He softly moaned my name in my ear as we both road out our climax in each other’s arms.





















Chapter Four

I woke up feeling so refreshed and well fucked. My body felt so sore but I couldn’t help but smile because it wa
s a soreness I could get use to. I wanted to spend the day laying in his bed but I knew I had to get back home. Being that I our relationship was a secret, our time together was limited and I hated that. I knew I had the power to change that. All I had to do was talk to my father about us. I’m a grown ass woman, getting my father’s approval wasn’t necessary but it was wanted. In truth though I was a grown woman but when it came to my father I felt like a child. I didn’t have the relationship I wanted with my father and that crippled me in many ways. Sooner or later I needed to deal with it. But in that moment I was comfortable in my denial.

Carefully slipping out of bed so as not to wake up Damien, I grabbed my clothes and went to freshen up in the bathroom. Like his bedroom his bathroom was masculine and bold. The dark grey marble floor and sink top
complemented Damien’s taste perfectly. I found it interesting that he had a double sink bathroom being that he lived alone. Thoughts of other women spending the night unpleasantly invaded my mind. I knew there was no way I was his first and nor was he mine, but the thought of other woman touching him made my stomach turn. I couldn’t control what was but I could embrace what is. I was in his life now and hopefully I would be in his future.

I looked through the cabinets trying to find a toothbrush and wash cloth. Not noticing before, I realized Damien had left fresh towels and a new toothbrush out for me
. He knew I had every intention of staying the night and made sure everything I needed was available to me. Quickly washing up and putting on my clothes, I crept back into the room finding Damien sitting up in bed. Sleepiness glazed over his eyes but I could see his hunger pushing through. He got out of bed gloriously naked and pulled me to him.

“Where are you going?”

“I have to get home. I have a business meeting later. I wish I could stay.”

He groaned, “At least stay for breakfast. I can show you some more of my expertise in the kitchen.”

“I bet you can,” I smiled. “But if I stay I’m sure your other expertise will make me not want to leave.” He chuckled knowing I was right. His cock pushed against my belly getting harder by the minute. I wanted to just say fuck the meeting and just stay with Damien, but business needed to be taken care of.

“I want to be inside you Catalina. Last night wasn’t enough, I want more
of you.” I moaned at his words. It was crazy how fast I got aroused when I was around him. He distracted me so easily.

“I have to go Damien

“I want you.” He placed my hand on his hard cock. “Do you want my cock inside you Catalina?”

I looked straight into his eyes, knowing if I looked down I was done for. “You know I do but I have to go baby.” Not liking my answer, he pushed me up against the wall and wrapped my legs around him.

“You rather leave t
han let me make love to you? I know you’re already wet for me.”

“Damien, you’re not playing fair.”

“I would do anything to have you. And if that means that I don’t play fair then so be it.” I knew from his tone that he wasn’t going to give up. There was no way I was going to leave without Damien getting what he wanted. I needed to think of something quick.

“Okay you win. Just put me on my feet first.” He looked at me suspiciously but did what I asked. As soon as my feet hit the ground I dropped to my knees and placed Damien’s cock into my mouth. It was hot and smooth against my tongue. This was the first time I tasted him so I wanted to take my time, savoring his sweet yet musty flavor. I let my tongue play with the head of his cock as m
y hand stroked up and down his shaft gently squeezing it every few seconds. My mouth opened wider so I could take in all of him. His hand gripped my hair as his cock touched the back of my throat. Feeling his enthusiasm I began to move his shaft faster in and out my mouth sucking hard. One hand moved up and down the back of his thigh as my other hand softly caressed his balls.

“Catalina you’re torturing me.”

“I want you to come in my mouth Damien.” He groaned loudly as his cock twitched in my mouth. My hand and mouth moved together on him with the eagerness of wanting him to come. I could feel his thigh muscles tighten up. I knew he was almost there. I let my teeth softly graze against the ridge of his head and pumped his shaft until I tasted the first spurt of come in my mouth. It was so thick and salty yet sweet; it was almost hard to swallow. He came so much I thought it would never end and I didn’t want it to.

“Fuck. You make me come so hard.” After I licked and sucked every drop
, I stood on shaky legs wanting to experience the release Damien did. The whole point of this plan was to give Damien what he wanted and leave in time to make my meeting. But seeing him come the way he did made me so horny, it made my plan backfire on myself. His semi hard cock stood at attention poking me in the tummy.

“Stay,” he whispered
. The hunger in his voice made it hard for me to say no.

“Baby you know I want to but I really have to go. We will see each other at the Charity Ball tomorrow night. After the ball we can pick up where we left off. I promise.” I shoved my lips hard against his tryi
ng to make him see that I desired him just as bad as he desired me. My tongue entered his mouth gliding roughly against his. Once again I wasn’t helping my cause. The more I kissed him the more I wanted him deep inside me. I put my hands on his chest moving him slightly away from me to put some distance between us.

I grabbed my purse, fixed my dress, and starting walking downstairs.
I was losing my self control fast so I needed to leave now. I turned to say goodbye to Damien and found him looking at me with a mixture of sadness and anger. He hated the fact that we had a secret relationship. It was something we argued about on a regular basis. Every day he wanted to tell my father about us, but I was always against it. In the end he would give in to my pouting and agree that we wait a little more. But we both knew things would have been easier if our relationship was known. He could have taken me to my meeting or taken me out to lunch. But instead we were left with stolen glances in public and secret meetings in private. I knew he wanted more. He hated having to hide me, having to hide his feelings in public. He would reach his breaking point soon and I needed to prevent that from happening.

“I’m all yours tomorrow night baby.”

“Damn straight. I’m going to fuck the shit out of you until you can’t walk.”
It was definitely time for my exit. I quickly kissed him and walked out the door needing a cold shower asap. This wasn’t getting any easier.


I looked at myself one last time in the mirror. I decided to wear a yellow chiffon dress. The halter top dress fit tightly around my beast and curves, while leaving my back comp
letely exposed. The opening ended right above my lower back, as the skirt flowed loosely to my feet. I had picked that specific dress with Damien in mind. The split up the front that reached an inch above my knee would give him the perfect invitation. I fixed a couple of loose strands of hair that fell from my bun and headed out the door.

Arriving at the Cancer Research Gala
with the anticipation of seeing Damien left me feeling giddy. Every year I attended the Gala with a feeling of dread. I went in honor of my mother but with my father never in attendance I faced the burden and sadness of my mother’s passing on my own. Now, I had Damien to lessen that burden. I was no longer alone.

I got into the regular swing of things by taking pictures and doing interviews. I put on my “public face” as I greeted people I didn’t really know and some I didn’t like.
But it was part of being in the public eye. I knew how to play my part well. Once I was finally able to walk around and find Damien, Heather stopped me in mid stride.

Lina! OMG you look awesome in that dress. Letting some skin show I see. I like,” she said in her bubbly voice. I tried my best not to roll my eyes at her comment. So I plastered a fake smile on my face, thanking her. She continued to go on about how she spent all day looking for a dress. I tuned her out doing subtle “ohs” and “uh huhs” while I continued to scan the room for Damien. As Heather moved on to talking about matching the dress with the right shoes, I spotted Damien and we locked eyes instantly. His gaze widened and darkened as he looked at me. Politely excusing himself from the group of men he was talking to; he walked out to the balcony. Two seconds later I got a text from him saying:


I quickly found a reason to excuse myself and left Heather to mingle with the other attendees, while I swiftly moved through the crowd to join Damien outside. Reaching the threshold of the balcony doorway, I found him standing gracefully looking out into the night with a glass of champagne in hand. I smiled because this was exactly how we first met each other but the roles were in reverse. I walked up and stood right beside him mimicking his stance, trying my hardest to fight the urge to touch him as I could feel his warmth radiating off him.

“I don’t think it’s a good idea for you to be so clos
e to me right now,” he said hoarsely.

“You called me out here, remember?” I said teasingly.

“Yes. I wanted to get you to myself for a few minutes.”

“I’m all yours,” I said seductively. He turned to me and looked at me from head to toe. I felt naked as he slowly undressed me with his eyes. My core tightened
with wanting.

“You look gorgeous
. That dress was made for you. I’m so hard for you right now, Catalina.” My heart began to pound rapidly in my chest. The desire he felt matched my own. The yearning I had for him created a boldness inside me. I didn’t care where we were. All that mattered to me was being with him.

“I’m already wet
,” I whispered. His jaw tensed as his hands gripped the railing. He looked out at the maze garden with a pensive expression. I knew he was piecing together a plan.

can’t go long seeing you in that dress and not have you.” The longing in his voice pulled at my core. The dampness in my panties was a growing reminder of my arousal. I needed to feel him, to feel his warmth. I took a step closer to him but stopped myself from touching when I heard someone clear their throat. I turned to see one of the event coordinators standing in the doorway.

“Ms. Frederick we’re ready for your speech.”
Damn it!

“Thank you. I’ll be there in a second.” She quickly walked inside leaving Damien and I alone again. The sexual tension between us was unbearable. The feelings that
enveloped me made me wonder. Was it just about sex? No. My feelings for him were deeper than that. But was I ready for this? It had been so long since I was in a relationship. I didn’t know how to go about this. The fear of doing something or saying things too soon made me put up an emotional wall. I didn’t want to mess things up so I was just going to have to improvise.

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