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ll think differently of me if I tell you, you might not like me after you know.”

That wont happen I promise you, you can tell me anything it wont leave this room.”

Ok I

ll tell you but you got to promise not to say anything until I

ve finished”

I promise.” Amelia shifted her gaze from Lucas to a spot on the wall, her posture was hunched like a wilting rose.

It was a couple of years ago when I was fourteen, I used to knock around with some bad people, took drugs and the whole thing, like you and your crew I guess” Lucas looked surprised “Yeah I know, shocker. Anyway I had just split up with my boyfriend, we

d slept together and I knew it wasn

t right so I told him I didn

t want to be with him anymore. I

d been out with some friends, Kady and I were walking Hedi home through a local park. Kady said she was gonna stay at the bottom of the hill I forget why so I walked Hedi up the hill we were pretty wasted so falling all over the place, I walked her to the top and watched her through like a short wood until I saw that she was on the lit road and then I started walking back down the hill, half way down my ex

s best friend saw me and came over to me he said that Kady had gone home and that he would walk me home, I had no reason to doubt him he seemed ok but I guess I was naive. I carried on walking back down the hill but he said to go up instead as my ex was pilling at the bottom, I agreed, I had no reason not to really. So we walked up the hill and then we sat on a bricked fence in the short wood and we both had a smoke, he was asking why I had split up with Jono my ex I told him and he said that it was his loss. I stood up to carry on walking but he grabbed my arm hard and pushed me face up to the fence. I…” she paused, her eyes were pooled up and Lucas could sense what was coming he wanted to reach out and hold her or say something but she had asked him not to so he waited out of respect for her to carry on “He hiked up my skirt, I tried to push him off but he was to strong and he forced himself inside me from behind then when he

d had enough of forcing himself up my ass he pushed me to the floor he put both my hands above my head and pinned them down with his hand, with his other hand he used to force himself onto me again. I tried to scream but nothing came out. I kept saying no but he wasn

t listening. He was so heavy on top of me that I couldn

t push him off so in the end I closed my eyes and prayed that it would be over soon. It felt like a life time but he eventually finished and got off me. It seemed so surreal, when he had pushed me down one of my shoes had fell off he picked it up for me and passed it back. He told me that if I told anyone he would kill me then he ran off and left me there, I tried to call my friends but no one answered when one did it was were we had all been before I asked her to come and meet me but she wouldn

t. Lolly I guess took the phone of Jo and told me to walk down and she would meet me I didn

t tell her what had happened but she knew something was wrong. I walked down the hill and as Lolly was walking up Danny, Jono

s mate shouted out the window

now you know how Jono felt
she paused again her tears were streaming by now. Lucas wanted to punch something or someone how could anyone do this to her. “Lolly took me back to the house where Kady and Jo were and she told them what had happened. They were all like in shock, Jo ran me a bath I must of sat in it for an hour or so, the water was hot and burnt my skin when I sat in it but it didn

t bother me I just sat there in it scratching my skin but I couldn

t get clean I felt dirty, I just wanted to rub him off me. A few days later Jono was waiting outside the school gates and he wanted to talk to me but my friends wouldn

t let him near me, they just shouted at him saying he was scum for what he had done to me he claimed he wasn

t a part of it and that he loved me and would not of let Danny do that to me. He said that he knew Danny wanted to fuck me and fuck me off because that

s what they thought I did to Jono but he never agreed to him forcing himself on me I didn

t believe it though. Sad thing I did really care about Jono and didn

t want to hurt him, it was complicated. That

s why I don

t like to be noticed, that

s why I don

t date and that

s why when you go to touch me or kiss me I pull away.” Lucas was speechless he didn

t know what to say, he had originally thought that she might have been a virgin or never been kissed but not this, this was just wrong it explained why she was the way she was. “I guess if I had said no one more time or tried a little harder then I maybe would of got away or saying no louder and more times he may of stopped. I know it was my fault.”

No Amelia don

t say that it wasn

t your fault none of it, don

t even think that you didn

t deserve it no one does I cant believe someone did this to you I

m so sorry” he shuffled along the sofa to sit closer to her. He wanted to hug her but he was not sure as to how she would react. He stretched his arms out to hug her but he did not need to Amelia just flopped in his arms and cried. “Shush baby it

s ok I

ll not let anything happen to you like that I promise” he stroked her head. “What were their full names” he asked he wanted to kill them, he was going to kill them.

Why do you want to know?” she sniffed.

Please Amelia”

Jono Bury and Danny King but please I

m begging you don

t do anything or say anything please Lucas”

I wont I promise” he lied. He carried on stroking her head he was unsure of what to say or do. He wanted to take Amelia

s pain away but he did not know how. ”I want to make it all alright for you but I

m not sure how to”


s ok. I

m sorry”

What for?”

For telling you, you asked but I shouldn

t of told you I

m sorry.” she sat up away from him and wiped tears from her eyes “Do you still like me?” she asked her lips quivered as she spoke.

Oh baby no never I promised you and I meant it. I like you I like you more now for telling me, for trusting me. You let me know when your ready there

s no rush, I want to kiss you but I respect you more and I wanna wait till your ready”

Thank you.”

No problem” he kissed her forehead making her feel safe again.

Is it ok if we forget about it now, pretend I never told you”

If that

s what you want .It

s forgot.” He would not forget he

d seek his revenge, no one hurts Amelia and gets away with it. No one.

Lucas made drinks for him and Amelia, gave one to her and went out onto the balcony, he dialled his fathers number.


ve not had any info on Cowter and Andonetti yet son” Valentino answered the phone.

I know I

m not calling about that. I need you to find me some information out on two guys can you do that?” Lucas asked.

May I ask why?”

You can but I wont say. If you cant that

s fine I

ll find it out.”

No son it

s fine I can find it out for you, what are their names” Lucas glanced back at Amelia to see if she were listening, she did not appear to be.

Jono Bury and Danny King.”

Ok I

ll get the commission on to it for you right after they find out about the other two. Is that ok?”


s fine thank you, just send me info on them as soon as you can”

What do you want to know about them?”

Everything.” Amelia opened the balcony doors “I have to, I

ll speak with you later” Lucas cut his father off before he had a chance to speak. He turned to face Amelia she looked less pained now. “Hey you, what

s up?”

Nothing. Just bored, you wanna do anything?”

I gotta pop out at some point just waiting for a call first.”

Oh ok, well I

m gonna start on some school work then if you don

t mind.”

No sure go for it, what ya doing?” he asked.

Just some equations for math. I hate them they make no sense to me, I

m a little dumb”


t be down on yourself I

ll bet you

re a right smart ass. Show me I

m not half bad at math.” he sat down on the sofa and picked up one of Amelia

s math work books “Come on show me I

ll help you.”

Really? thanks” she sat down next to him and took her book ciphered through the pages until she came to the right page “Here” she pointed to the equation on the page and passed it back to Lucas who scanned the question and grinned.

There so tame with these questions. If Sally-Anne had 12 pebbles, George had 16, Rita had 7 and Kylie had ten percent of two times the amount Sally-Anne and George had combined how many pebbles are there. Do you think this is math code for drugs he laughed.” He talked Amelia through the equation explaining all the best options to work it out and helped her on several others for a good few hours.

Your really smart”

You say that as if it

s a shock. I aint just a drink n drugs guy you know, I may not go to class a lot but I know shit. I was home schooled before I came here”

Oh sorry I wasn

t implying you were stupid, sorry. Where did you live previously?”

You saying sorry again?” the pair smiled, Lucas avoided her question hearing his fathers voice in his head


t let anyone get too close to ask questions

You know if your wanting to hook up with Kesha or hang out with your friends, I can go if you like, I don

t wanna spoil your weekend.”

Where did that come from? I

d tell you if I wanted you to go n I told you your good to stay” his phone rang in his pocket, the caller display said Flick, he answered “Hey”

Hey stud wanna come out and play?” Flick asked “I

ve made a new friend. She

s a hottie, fucking got a body to die for too, bitch” she laughed “Anyhow we were wondering if you wanted to play with us” he looked over at Amelia she had her head back in her books. He wanted to go but he wanted to stay too he was torn between sex which he loved and spending time with Amelia which he was loving too.

I can

t I

m busy. Sorry”

Really, damn Lucas you gone gay or somet.”

Fuck no. I

m just in the middle of something.” Amelia looked up she went to speak but decided against it.


s so important that you cant tear yourself away for a little ménage a trois?”

Flick I cant ok. I

ll see you Monday”

Your dissing us the whole weekend too. You better be doing somet fun. I

ll catch you later stud” she hung up, he looked at Amelia, she was looking away so to appear that she had not heard all the call. Flick was a loud girl you could hear her clear as day even if you was not holding the phone to your ear. “Did you hear that?”

BOOK: Wrong Kind of Love
4.16Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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