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What. Oh no, nothing why?” she lied.


re a terrible liar” he smirked.

I know, yeah I heard. Please by all means go she

s gorgeous, sounds like you would have more with her and her friend then hanging out with me”

I don

t want to”

Sure you do, why wouldn

t you I cant even kiss you let alone sleep with you and here you are getting calls offering you sex on a plate”

Amelia, don

t be silly. I

m here aint I, I said no.”

Why though I cant give you what you want”

Sex is not everything”

For you Lucas sex is everything, you

ve been at Cal High for what five months n you

ve already screwed around with at least half the girls and your trying to say you would rather stay here with me. I

m not buying it” she shook her head, she wanted so much to kiss him to give him what he wanted but she could not let herself go like that, if he truly wanted to be around she would try but not yet, not now.

I aint selling. I

m staying ok so if you got a problem tough shit its my apartment n I aint leaving”

Fine.” They smiled at each other.


Chapter Nine


d gotten the call about an hour ago, he was now driving down West Blvd Street, not the nicest of areas, full of late afternoon hookers, boozed up tramps and store front drug deals. He pulled up in front of 163, numerous boarded up windows full of offensive graffiti, teenage girls hangout bedroom windows smoking dope and teenage boys with fierce looking dogs shouting up at them. This was too crowded, there

s no way he could park up right in front of the apartment block were he would soon enter to kill and get out without anyone seeing him, he thought for a while whilst scanning his surroundings, he saw a parking lot at the side of one of the shops and parked his car there, this would do that way no one would identify his car being as being at the scene of a crime.

He walked his way up West Blvd, the hookers were asking if he wanted to have fun, the drug dealers asking if he needed a little light relief and the tramps were asking for money, this street was defiantly a dive. He stood in front of the block and looked up eight floors high, Andonetti and Cowter were on the third floor. He made his way past the thug wannabes and entered the apartment. Andonetti and Cowter had probably already been informed by the O


s of the Valentino on the West rumour they had been hearing and were more then likely concocting a plan to put into action.

Flat 3B was sandwiched between two other apartments, these were boarded up which was good, there would be no chance of any worried neighbours barging in uninvited, though this area did not seem to be one that had neighbourhood watch. The apartments door was ajar, Lucas stood close by to see if he could hear anyone.

That was O

Doud he wants us to find out if the Valentino

s have someone on this side of the country” one voice said.

No kidding, they think that. So what they think were gonna find out, if we start trying to find info on the Valentino

s then were gonna be seeing a coffin sooner then we hoped.” another voice replied.

Ah calm yourself aint no Valentino

s on the west” Lucas walked into the room, both men turned and starred.

Wanna bet” Lucas snarled.

Oh shit” the second man said. Lucas looked around the room there was just the two men and he, he saw a clever knife on the side picked it up in one hand, took out his gun with the other and closed the door.


Amelia was alone in Lucas

s apartment she felt more at home here then she did at her own house, there was something about his apartment that felt safe to her. She put down her school books, got to her feet and starting snooping around his apartment. It was fairly basic nothing out of place everything new and clean, she opened his bedroom door to look around. His room was a good size it had a huge bed, a walk in wardrobe and its own bathroom, she stepped into his wardrobe it was full of clothes and differed types of footwear from kickers to vans to dress shoes, his clothes were the same all designer all immaculate not one piece of clothing was torn, faded or dirty. After the wardrobe she walked over to his bed, she

d felt so comfy in it the night before she just wished she could have Lucas in it with her tonight but if she asked him she thought he would think she was weak wanting a guy to spend the night in her bed just to cuddle, he was a guy that she could not picture cuddling in bed. She pulled open his bedside table drawer; a bible, pen, paper, an empty envelope package, some cd

s and condoms lots of condoms. She wondered how experienced he was, how many girls he had been with, she knew of the girls in school but other then them he

d only been here five months. Had he been with anyone before. She

d heard girls talking about him, how good he was, how big he was, how his skin was soft to touch, how he was strong and masterful with them, how he was cute, a badass, he

d not called them back, a player. Amelia could not see why he would want to hang out with her instead of doing his usual antics. His book shelves were filled with gangster books, porno mag

s and blank spine books. She reached up to pull one of them off the shelf and flicked through it, it was full of his writings, his poems, she stopped a page and read it out loud,


ll draw you a picture, I

ll draw it with a twist, I

ll draw it with a razor blade, I

ll draw it on my wrist and if I draw it correctly a red fountain will appear washing away my sorrows, washing away my fears” Amelia felt as if she was being watched when a loud coughing noise came from behind her she spun round and noticed Lucas propped up in the bedroom doorway, she hadn

t noticed the time he

d been gone about three hours.

Snooping, were you? ” he asked.

Err no I was… I…. I was just looking for a book for English that

s all” Lucas lent back to look at the books on the sofa and flipped one over.

You have your Math book still open” Amelia

s face went crimson red with embarrassment “It

s ok find anything interesting” he walked over took the book out her hand and put it back on the shelf and sat on his bed.

Sorry, I guess you caught me”

Ah ha looks like I did” he smiled.

I didn

t know you wrote poetry?”

I don


You do the book its full of your”

I don

t” he interrupted her. She nodded and sat next to him on the bed, she looked him in the eyes, his heart skipped a beat, hers to.


ve you been?” she asked.

No where” he fell back on the bed his arms stretched out length ways Amelia laid down next to him, her hand grazed his arm, he sat upright as if been struck by lightening, she too sat up, he touched her face ever so gently in case she would break. He kept her gaze, it was a look soft and pure, one of fear and excite, he inched forward slightly then stopped, her eyes were still on him, they drew him to her, his lips hovered over her

s just for a second before touching. He kissed her softly but he pulled away. “No it

s not fair on you, your not ready” he rubbed his forehead.


s ok” she said touching his hand, he kissed her again soft and passionately, she kissed him back, he ran his hands through her hair and carried on kissing her, edging her backwards onto the bed, he moved his hand down her thigh and back up again till he reached her top, he put his hand under the rim of his shirt but she pulled his hand away and he pulled himself up off her. “I

m sorry. I…”

Baby its ok, I was going too far” she nodded “I

m sorry but wow, I

ve never had a girl kiss me like that before. I like it. Can I kiss you again” he asked, she nodded again and he kissed her a second time, a passionate kiss, a kiss full of romance, a good kiss, a pure kiss. “Wow”

Yup. I

m sorry I cant go further for you”


t apologize I understand but I am gonna go on the balcony for a smoke, to you know calm down a bit” he smiled hopped off the bed but not before pulling her up with him so he could kiss her a third time, she put her hands on the top of his neck and his went to the base of her spine she lifted herself up on to her tip toes to reach up to his lips. “Yeah, I may be out there a while.” he laughed and went out onto the balcony. Lucas ran his hands through his hair and breathed out, he

d wanted so much to have kissed her more but he knew that if he had he

d of wanted to fuck, he wanted to fuck her now but if they kissed for much longer he wouldn

t of had much strength to and he did not want Amelia to do something that she would regret and she would of done, she was not ready to take the next step with a guy, yeah she had before but it was different now, she

d been raped and that just spoils sex, it takes the fun, the love, the emotion out of it and leave it as a bad taste in your mouth and a nightmare. He wanted to wait to because he didn

t want to fuck her as much anymore he wanted to make love to her.

Jesus Christ Lucas you cut his fucking head off, you are one sick fuck you know that.” Valentino yelled as Lucas answered his phone.

How did you know?”

How did I know its on the news.”


m sorry father”

Your sorry” he yelled again “Don

t be I like it makes you sound psychotic and dangerous a good combination” he laughed.

Thanks I think. Is it on the news really, shit that

s not good”

Its fine don

t worry pigs have no leads, no witnesses, no finger prints and no MO. it

s a dead end case before it begins. Now tell me why in the hell would you wanna cut his head off? And what did you do to the other one?”

He talked to much that

s why and the other I just shot he didn

t look like he could have been fun to butcher, the other though, he was”

I got some info on them boys you were asking about you want me to send it to your phone?”

Yeah please. Gimmie the jist though”

Not much really, Jono Bury he

s just a junkie, did a stint in jouvie for possession nothing major and Danny King he

s a nasty, he

s done time because he likes raping pretty girls, he got sent down coz one girl testified against him, she was meant to be lucky to be alive, he left her chained to a tree with barbed wire when she was found she had nasty gaping wounds. Now as much as I like the sound of death by barbed wire I don

t like it done to pretty girls and I sure as hell don

t fucking like rapists so if you planning on doing something to these guys make sure this King kid he dies slow and in a lot of pain. Now take care I

ll send some info through to you.” Amelia was lucky, very lucky he could of killed her or hurt her worse, did he though? she did have that deep scar on her face, did he do that to her, he had to ask her.

Hey you what you doing?” he asked coming through the doors.

Nothing, just flicking through seeing if anything goods on” she smiled up at him holding the TV remote.

You look real pretty today. Not that you don

t always but you look real pretty with no make up on and that little sprinkling of freckles over your nose” he bent down and kissed her head.

BOOK: Wrong Kind of Love
3.09Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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