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Your Exception

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Your Exception


Bria Starr


All rights reserved.

Published December 2013.


Please note:


‘Your Exception’ is a work of fiction. Any and all names, characters, places and/or events described in this book are works of fiction. Any similarity between this and real persons, living or dead, events, establishments or location are purely coincidental and not intended by the author. Please do not take offense to the content included as it is fiction.


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Copyright ©2013 Bria Starr.


All rights reserved.



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To my husband
Thank you for being who you are. You make me so happy and don’t know what I would do without you.

Chapter 1

I’m not perfect.

Everyone thinks I am because I don’t drink alcohol or sleep around, but I’m not. I have my faults. I want to fall in love, and I want to be loved in return. I want to be happy.

I’ve had one boyfriend whom I was with for three years and thought I would one day marry, but shit happens. It’s hard when you’ve given someone a piece of your life, of your soul, and they throw it away. It
’s turned me bitter and cold; a shell of the person I used to be.

I try to block out my never-ending thoughts as I pull into the parking lot of The Edge Bar and Grill. My friend Cassidy talked me into waitressing here. I really didn't need a second job since I’ve worked at Summers’ Auto Shop for seven years. It is my dad’s shop, so the day I turned fifteen, he made me, along with my brothers, start helping with odds and ends, but I’m the only one who stayed full time. Getting some extra money in tips will be great for the new house Cassidy and I were going to be renting in the small town of Elmwood, Minnesota, which is where we both grew up.

After the first and only breakup I've ever experienced, the last thing I wanted to do was move back in with my parents. They're great, but all three of my brothers are living there right now. My older brother, Connor, moved back in recently after his own breakup so he could try to go back to school and get his life together. The younger two, Wesley and Mark, still live there and who knows how long until they decide to leave the nest. After two long months of planning and saving, I can’t wait to get out of there.

I walk through the parking lot, feeling the warm May sun on my skin as I head towards the front doors of the bar. As I head to the back, I glance around to see how busy it is. I notice it’s empty except for the two guys in the corner playing pool. The bar up the ste
ps with several round tables as well as the open dining area on the floor covered in square tables where customers eat are empty. The large room off of the dining area that holds the stage, dance floor, and about ten tables towards the back are also empty.

I walk into the small prep area attached to the kitchen where Cassidy is filling up ketchup bottles and wrapping silverware in napkins.

Cassidy is the complete opposite of me with her pale blonde hair, light blue eyes, and extremely long legs. I'm about seven inches shorter than her, standing at five foot two inches. I have long curly brown hair and big brown eyes, but I'm not beautiful. I'm often called cute or adorable; never gorgeous or sexy like Cassidy.

"Hey, bitch. You didn't call me back last night. We're supposed to go pick up the key to the new house tomorrow morning,” Cassidy greets me, never taking her eyes off the ketchup as she fills the bottle.

"Ugh. Stop calling me bitch all the time," I say, rolling my eyes.

Cassidy scowls. "Why don't they fill these during the afternoon shift? It's not like they're
that busy, and you never answered me about tomorrow morning. Are you going to be able to make it?”

"You know I can’t. I work at eight, and I'm not off until four. Could we swing over and get the key after?"

"I guess that will work, or I can just go by myself in the morning and get a head start bringing some loads over. I'm so excited to move this weekend!" She does a little happy dance.

I smile. "Yeah, me too. I'm just glad tomorrow is Friday, and we both took the next three days off to get all our stuff moved in."

Cassidy and I have been friends since Middle School. We both had a crush on the popular boy and hated his girlfriend out of pure jealousy. I mean, who has a relationship in the sixth grade? Hating her was a solid ground for a friendship. We were inseparable after that, and moved on to bigger and better things, like celebrities, book boyfriends, and giving random nicknames to anyone we come across. But our true friendship has always been built on books; we both read way too much if that’s possible. She's the sister I never had, but always wanted.

She was there for me, right by my side, during my breakup with Alec. She’s been through plenty of them herself, so she understood what I was going through, even when I didn’t. It has been two months since I was forced to make a decision and leave him. It somewhat disturbs me to hear that he's already moved on—several times. I should be over it by now.

I poke my head around the corner into the kitchen. My brother, Connor, is the cook, and my Aunt Jen is one of the main bartenders, so when Cassidy said they were struggling to find good help, how could I say no?

"Hello, brother!" I happily shout above the sound of the loud exhaust fans. He has blue eyes and dirty blond hair that meets his shoulders when it’s not pulled back. He and I don’t look too much alike. He’s tall and has a thin build while I’m short and curvy.

"What's up, Wren? It's been dead all day. Hopefully, it stays that way. I don't feel like cooking today, and I'd like to get out of here early if I can," he says as he scrubs the grill clean.
"Why? Do you have a hot date?" I tease.

"No, but I did just buy every season of
Sons of Anarchy

I smile and shake my head as I tie on my apron and walk out past the tables and chairs and climb the few stairs leading to the bar area where Jen is cleaning pilsner glasses. As usual, her huge boobs are practically hanging out of her shirt. She has dirty blonde hair like Connor’s but a boisterous personality, so the guys flock to her. She used to live with us for a time, so I know her quite well and get along with her great for the most part as she is only ten years older than me.

It's nice having my loved ones work together in this place that’s always busy and fun. I notice music equipment sitting near the stage as I reach her. "Hi, Jen. Is there a band playing tonight?" I ask, nodding towards the pile.

"Sure is. I think they're called Distort.
They're a new rock band around here, so we’re having them play on a Thursday night to see how big of a crowd they can bring in before we hire them for weekends."

That’ll help get me through the night until the weekend."

"I’ll bet you’re excited to get out of your mom’s, huh? Do you think you can handle living with Cassidy’s crazy ass, though?"

"I've been putting up with Cassidy for almost ten years. I think I'll be fine."

I walk over to grab some menus for a couple just sitting down. Cassidy is fun, but she also drinks and parties a lot. Not to mention how friendly she is with the male species. I’m not looking forward to running into half naked male strangers around our new house.

After a couple hours of serving, I glance up to see five guys on the stage setting up their gear. The two guys I had seen playing pool earlier are hanging up the sign that says Distort on the wall above the drum kit.

"I heard they play rock music," Cassidy says, frowning as we cross paths. She and I have never agreed in the music category.

"I’m happy.” I smirk. I’ve never been a fan of the popular dance music. Give me rock or classic rock any day.

“Of course you are.”

I walk over to a new group of people who have been seated in the reserved area for friends and family of the band. A few girls dressed in short black skirts and stilettos—and showing off way too much skin—order Cosmopolitans.
So cliché
. I nod and start to head over to Jen with their order when I suddenly feel a warm hand on my shoulder. I turn around to look into the coolest looking eyes I've ever seen. Blue. Clear blue with green specks around the pupils. It's surprising I notice them with the horrible lighting in this place, but I do.

"Hey, sorry. Can I get a Coors Light please?"

I’m immediately overwhelmed with the most amazing scent I’ve ever smelled. Soap mixed with the smell of clean laundry. He has full lips and a scruffy jaw to go with those gorgeous eyes of his. His messy spiked brown hair is the icing on the delectable cake.

He is sexy

"Oh. Sure, no problem. It'll be just a minute because I have four Cosmos to be made," I say, nodding towards the girls as I try to regain my composure.

"Cool, thanks,” Blue Eyes says as he turns and jumps back up on the stage. I notice one of the girls at the reserved table is giving me a dirty look.
What the fuck did I do?

Cassidy is at the bar when
I walk up. "Holy hell, those guys are hot, especially the blond one! But the rest of them are doable too."

"Yeah, I'm sure they are..."

I'm secretly counting on Blond Boy accompanying her to bed that evening. It doesn’t take much to get a guy back to her room.

As I'm bringing the drinks back to the groupies, I hear the band doing their sound checks. Blonde Bitch is still glaring at me. She's kind of pretty with her green eyes and long platinum hair that looks way too soft, but she'd be a lot prettier if she didn't have that stink-eye look stuck on her face.

I bring the beer over to Blue Eyes as he's tuning his guitar. He takes it from me, his fingers brushing mine briefly as he thanks me and tells me to add it to the band's tab. His little half smile could probably drop any girl's panties.

But not mine.

I nod and walk away. There is no way I’m going to stand there and ogle the guy. I'm sure he is very used to having such an effect on most women.

But not on me.

As I make my rounds, I hear the band introducing the members. Jack is the singer—Blond Boy. Logan is the lead guitarist—Blue Eyes. My guy. Okay, not mine per se, but the one with the hair...and the eyes...and the lips...and the scruffiness...

BOOK: Your Exception
3.48Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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